I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 48

Under another piece of time and space.

Zhou Yiqing finally found Lu Ji.

After using the medical cabin for a period of time, most of Lu Ji’s injuries have recovered. It’s just that the biological mecha has suffered heavy damage and can’t recover in a short time.

Lu Ji glanced at the half eye that was firmly held down and waited for the pirates.

Then he looked at Zhou Yiqing: “how did general Zhou come?”

Zhou Yiqing said directly, “tell me, what did you find near the wormhole?”

“What does admiral Zhou mean?”

“You have been missing for several days, which is very unusual. I have to think that you have explored the wormhole in private and found something. You don’t intend to share it with hols and me.”


“I’m here to find you, no one else knows.” Zhou Yiqing almost made it clear.

Is telling Lu Ji —

We can still work together to keep hors out.

Lu Ji: “Oh. But it’s no use telling me… I have a partner.”

Zhou Yiqing turned his head.

He glanced half an eye and waited for someone: “I don’t remember that your men are like this. But these people are a little familiar… It was the pirates who accidentally appeared last time when they competed for a mine on the unknown planet? At that time, Qin Yi was in their hands. The backbone of their leadership was a man named Mr. Yi. Yi?”

Zhou Yiqing is worthy of being an imperial general. He reacted quickly.

But even so, when he spoke, he still had an unbelievable smell: “is that man Zheng Yi’an of the alliance?”

Lu Ji was so clever because of Zhou Yiqing that now he has to find Qin Yi in advance, so he is very, very unhappy.

But after hearing the name of “Zheng Yian”, he strangely showed a little smile.

It’s like gloating.

It’s like anyway, as long as it’s not my own pain, but everyone’s pain, the pain will not be too painful.

So Lu Ji nodded and said softly, “yes, he met Qin Yi and hors together. He is also interested in Qin Yi.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

In this way, Zheng Yi’an’s performance will be justified when Mr. Jing appears.

Zhou Yiqing pressed his forehead and had an unspeakable headache.

His knowledge of Omega is still too single.

Unlike Jiyang’s Omega, his Omega will quarrel because of their busy work. In fact, Qin Yi is busier than him. I’m so busy that I can get to know more alpha wherever I go.

But Zhou Yiqing soon calmed down.

While Lu Jixin was disappointed, he also had a bad hunch.

At this time, Zhou Yiqing slowly raised his eyes: “well, there’s one thing, because you’ve been missing for a few days, you probably don’t know yet.”

“What’s the matter?” Lu Ji smiled. “You don’t want to say, who else ran out and claimed that Qin Yi was his wife for no reason?”

I don’t think so.

It can’t be true.

There are already four!

Lu Ji’s mentality still remains a trace of optimism.

“Do you know the king of the keabi family?”


“He came to the wormhole. He said he would wait here for Qin Yi to come back.”


For a moment, two people stared at each other.

Each other was very unhappy, and their faces seemed to say “come on, hurt each other”.

Such a stagnant and bad atmosphere was finally broken by Ji Yang.

Ji Yang ran to inform Zhou Yiqing: “general, the alliance has an action.”

Zhou Yiqing: “hmm?”

“Civil strife,” Ji Yang whispered, “the Presbyterian is sending a crazy letter calling you to go back. Once the alliance changes, the separatist regimes of the whole universe have to change.”

Lu Ji heard the sound and said that the feeling was good.

You’d better all get out of here.

Zhou Yiqing slowly got up: “what exactly does Zheng Yian want to do?”

Only Zheng Yian knows what he wants to do.

The alliance representatives have been unable to hold their anger in front of him several times, and the apparent harmony can hardly be maintained.

Only because Zheng Yian is alone in their siege, they don’t do it easily. Otherwise, once you start, you will be guilty of “treating meritorious officials harshly”.

Because he wouldn’t pierce that layer of window paper.

The League representative could only hint again weakly: “Sir, do you know that some people in the league have betrayed recently?”

Zheng Yi’an answered faintly, “yes.”

Not following the words of the alliance representative.

The representative was gnashing his teeth and racking his brains, but he heard Zheng Yian say calmly: “for the public, death is the thing that will be remembered forever.”

The representative shivered unconsciously.


You want me to die? Or who died?

This is August 14, 3386.

They have been near the wormhole for a month.

Outside the military station, the arrival of a large number of tour groups made the nearby desolate planet lively.

Countless reporters constantly monitor the movements near the wormhole.

At such a high-profile moment.

A spaceship flew straight towards the wormhole.

“Who is that?”

“Don’t you want to die!”

The mark of the alliance on the ship is shining.

All of a sudden, everyone burst into a pot: “are they crazy?! is that Zheng Yian’s spaceship? The alliance really let him go?”

The ship entered the wormhole.

Its exterior was quickly scorched and peeled, gradually revealing its skeleton until it was completely exposed inside.

For the first time, Zheng Yi’an took out his mecha openly and frankly.

Top biological mecha.

It is almost a shape that the public has never seen before.

“What’s that…”


Before they could make such a sound, they saw the mecha fully stretched out.

The snake’s body seems to fill the whole hole.

Desperate madness.

This is what Zheng Yi’an never tried to do before he met Qin Yi.

He always calculated steadily and thought about the future, so even if he had become the backbone of the alliance, he still didn’t seize power.

Let me try.

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes are scarlet.

Then it fell completely into the vortex.

So far. The big pot on the league’s head was completely and firmly fastened.

This move caused an uproar.

The two empires sent more letters to their generals and crown princes.

Ask them to return home and preside over the war that may come next.

The alliance is in a mess.

A month ago, no one thought about it. Just because of a man named “Qin Yi”, he fell into a wormhole. So it led to such a big wave today.


Mr. whale has just opened his eyes.

Lin Leng asked, “Wang, why are you crying?”

Did I cry?

Mr. whale raised his hand and touched his hand.

It’s a little wet.

He just saw him. After the fierce battle with several major city states, he hurried to the divine court.

But only the collapsed temple and the God court personnel facing great enemies were seen.

Their gods have been here.

In the eyes of the gods.

The divine court personnel pressed Qin Yi. Is it because he was determined not to draw a clear line with the Pali city-state and the Pali king?

Qin Yi said, “what if I say yes?”

Then the gods were angry.

Qin Yi suffered the harshest punishment.

He will oppose the gods.

Wherever he goes, he will be hanged by the divine court.

When the young king heard this, he was stunned and shed tears.

Tens of thousands of years later, Mr. whale felt a similar shock at that moment.

Even if there is only one point of preference from Qin Yi, it turns out to be so moving.

That’s why so many people gather here.

Mr. whale’s heart sank.

But can Qin Yi really come back alive against a higher dimension of civilization?

Where do they know.

What “the gods are angry” and what “suffered severe punishment” are just the divine court’s respect for itself.

Can’t you fucking say that the God of war we summoned turned into a big hole, sucked a few shenting personnel, and then disappeared?

Where is my son?!

And in that space-time at this time.

In fact, it’s not just the son of the divine court, but it’s gone.

The God who just projected his consciousness on ah Fei also felt that his son was about to disappear.

He sternly rejected the proposal to cut off his ass.

Then, while swearing “why did damn humans invent Zhen Cao Ku”, he rushed to Qin Yi’s starship according to ah Fei’s memory.

People in this era don’t know what it is.

He did.

It was a product of at least the third civilization.

This God official comes from the third civilization!

His world may not have gods.

That’s the best.

He will touch it and eat the world, and no one will trouble him.

He thinks very well.

Qin Yi of this head found Kong Jiaxiang at the foot of the Starship.

Kong Jiaxiang looked at him in shock: “I heard people in Pali city say… You were kidnapped…”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Kong Jiaxiang said complicatedly, “so the king of Pali city-state can’t protect you at all.”

After he knew that Qin Yi had lost his mind, he came here to wait.

I don’t know how many days I waited.

Qin Yi: “hmm? What? Are you going to protect me?”

He is so different from before.

The tone is casual.

It seems that alpha can be trampled under his feet.

Kong Jiaxiang took a deep breath and said, “well.”

Qin Yi: “well, then there are gods chasing me. Go.”

Kong Jiaxiang:???

Qin Yi goes inside the Starship.

Kong Jiaxiang gritted his teeth and followed up.

Qin Yi didn’t throw him down.

After all, Qin Yi is ready to leave here. Although Kong Jiaxiang’s evil pen is annoying, he will not die. It’s best to take it back and throw it back to Kong’s house.

“Is what you just said… True?” Kong Jiaxiang asked in a trembling voice, “is there really a God in this world?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Kong Jiaxiang’s eyes widened.

What else can Qin Yi provoke? This… This is almost beyond people’s fucking cognition.

A Fei, who was possessed, took the divine court personnel all the way.

Finally, after spending a day, he arrived at the front of the Starship.

God soon abandoned ah Fei’s body, and it tore a hole in the sky again.

If you look carefully, you will find that the hole is much smaller than before.

But this scene is still enough to shock Kong Jiaxiang.

Really… There are gods?!

Qin Yi just raised his hand and said lightly, “see? Now we’re going to drive a starship to try it.”

Kong Jiaxiang wished he could kneel down on the spot.

Are you really Omega?!

How dare you contend with the gods of the world?


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