I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 49

Facing the wonder of tearing a big black hole in the sky again.

The first one to panic is not Qin Yi.

But the people of the divine court.

They looked at the starship in front of them.

It’s tearing apart their perception of the world.

In a trance, they had a kind of, as if they were the mole ants on the ground, but the mole ants were involved in another level of struggle.

Their new God officials have the power that may be comparable to the gods

At this time, someone hissed, “God’s court is urgent! God’s court is urgent!”

“The king of Pali led the crowd into the twelve temples!”

“Come on, come back!”

As soon as these voices were shouted out in panic, the originally fierce team immediately dispersed again.

Qin Yi sat in the Starship and brought the outside sound into his ears clearly through the external receiver.

“Quite fast,” he said in surprise

Kong Jiaxiang was also stunned.

He said in a sour voice, “this king can do this for you…”

Qin Yi: “well, isn’t it? Unlike just asking you to block the gods for me, you can’t stop it.”

The expression on Kong Jiaxiang’s face suddenly turned red and green.

“Goodbye.” Qin Yi lowered his eyes and said softly.

Although Pali city states are very interesting, other city states are really not very good.

He’d better go back.

If I could go back

Qin Yi tilted his head and whispered, “I suddenly feel that being chased, surrounded and suppressed by others is not as terrible as I thought.”

The big man was stunned.

Yes, really?

Probably only you would think so.

Kong Jiaxiang suddenly raised his head.

He always felt that Qin Yi’s words seemed to mean something… What was he going to do?

The big black hole in the sky suddenly tore big in an instant.

Just as Qin Yi intended to put all his eggs in one basket to try.

The unknown “God” also plans to use up all his strength. He has to respect himself because he has little food and face. You have to respect yourself in full view of the people in the divine court.

This is not the divine court.

Even if it dug a hole here, Mr. Wu, who really controls the world, will not control him.

Now, it’s not just going to dig a hole here.

It’s going to swallow everything it can!

Cut your fucking ass!

It thought fiercely, and then tore the hole bigger.

Qin Yi: “go, bye.”

The voice fell, and the Starship he was driving immediately put away all the external taxiways and elevators and soared into the air. As soon as the behemoth took off, it covered the world in an instant.

Only then did the personnel of the divine court know that the giant was not terrible enough just to be placed there.

What is really terrible is that when it floats above their heads, the sky is compressed in an instant

It seems that the next moment, this thing will fall down and crush them into meat mud.

It’s probably like an ant seeing an elephant.

The fear of the collapse of the world outlook firmly occupied each of them.



At this time, the divine court staff only hated that they were too close to each other. It was so difficult to get out of the shadow area of the behemoth for a time.

Their new God.

The bride of the king of Pali city states.

… so terrible!

Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t help turning pale.

He’s never been on a starship.

Don’t talk about him. Even his own father doesn’t have a chance to take this kind of thing!

He looked at the distance from the ground rapidly, and his feet seemed to shake: “Qin Yi… Can you really drive… This thing?”

As soon as Kong Jiaxiang’s voice fell, he felt a surge in his chest.

This huge thing is incredibly light.

Of course, its speed has exceeded the speed of sound, perhaps close to the speed of light? Kong Jiaxiang doesn’t know.

But only in the blink of an eye.

He felt as if his body had been distorted by the rapid force.

Then look around, it’s all black.

Kong Jiaxiang was so frightened that his eyes were almost out of their sockets.

“Hole… That big black hole! We’re already near the hole?!”

People are always afraid of the unknown.

Even if he is an alpha that has been determined to be genetically excellent from birth.

Kong Jiaxiang wants to stop Qin Yi’s actions, but he can’t fucking drive a starship! He was afraid that as soon as he went up, it would crash!

Kong Jiaxiang was so anxious that he went crazy on the spot.

But then the Starship stopped.

The “God” outside the cave also lived in Bengbu.

Because I got to the hole, I found it.

It tore the hole. It was not big enough.

This fucking starship, bare ass, is bigger than its hole!

Qin Yi was also speechless.

The wormhole looks not big, but in fact it can swallow things a hundred times bigger than it.

As long as that thing gets close to it.

And this thing doesn’t look like a black hole.

Qin Yi said unhappily, “waste your feelings.”

Wu Hong suddenly felt a little cute.

So the robot really gave a low smile.

The sound of the robot made Kong Jiaxiang feel goose bumps with laughter.

Kong Jiaxiang’s fear had just dispersed. At the moment, he was feeling relieved. He couldn’t help turning back and biting his teeth and scolding: “what are you laughing at?”

Wu Hong certainly ignored him.

Kong Jiaxiang can’t hang on.

Qin Yi has changed. Now he will ridicule him. That’s OK.

But he can make a robot look down on???

Kong Jiaxiang clenched his teeth and said, “where did you pick up this junk?”

Wu Hong: “ah.”

He is the treasure assembled by Qin Yi!

Qin Yi:?

Is it his illusion?

Why did he seem to hear a gloomy sarcasm from the mouth of the robot?

The big man also felt a little confused.

Artificial intelligence… Is it so intelligent?

Qin Yi said slowly, “it’s more precious than you, Kong Jiaxiang.”

Kong Jiaxiang choked in his throat.

“It cost a total of 830000 general currency. Do you know how many interstellar coins are equivalent to 800000 in this era? More than 8 million.”

Kong Jiaxiang clenched his teeth.

I’m not even worth eight million?

Wu Hong is in a good mood.

“I’m worth 830000,” said Wu Hong.

The interstellar age is more than 8 million.

No one has ever dared to try to price Wu Hong.

But Wu Hong thought it tasted good.

Qin Yi suddenly felt that his robot was a little cute.

So Qin Yi smiled.

The stalemate suddenly changed at this moment.

It’s close!

As long as you reach out

I don’t care so much.

The “God” outside the cave can hardly restrain its greed.

A pair of hands stretched out of the big hole.

The hands were shining, and the strong light almost made the outline of its hands unclear.

Just like two light sticks, they suddenly entered the world.

A huge invisible pressure suddenly pressed down from the head.

Suddenly the earth shook and the mountains shook.

The faint blue light floating in the sky fell down.

It’s going to squeeze in?

Qin Yifei quickly turned his head and pressed the console in front of him again.

Since this thing is not a wormhole… Then he can keep running and run away.

If it has the ability, it will completely squeeze in to catch him and completely collapse the world.

In Kong Jiaxiang’s eyes, this scene is almost like a doomsday horror film.

He roared, “Qin Yi!”

Qin Yi only said to the big man lightly, “if he interferes with us, you’ll throw him down with number two.”

Kong Jiaxiang: ”

He looked at Qin Yi in horror. Qin Yi once again refreshed his image in his mind!

What a gentle wife and mother!

He is a proud and ruthless Omega with endless means.

The starship is fast.

But it is not the product of an era after all.

The hands still grabbed the Starship’s tail.

By this time, the hole was crumbling.

The white light on his hands quickly turned into light spots and spread around.

Kong Jiaxiang looked at the scene and wanted to shout but did not dare to shout.

Qin Yi whispered, “I haven’t tried axial guns and two side guns yet…”

There was a loud bang.

The gun bomb exploded at the entrance of the cave and scattered the white light a little more. Countless light spots fell from the air. Kong Jiaxiang could clearly feel the tremor of the Starship.

But the shock of that moment.

Nothing like the next scene.

Those white hands seemed to be scalded by something. It quickly curled back, but it was in vain. The black substance invades the white light and quickly wraps and pulls it.

A human figure was pulled out and completely appeared at the hole.

The figure glowed white all over.

This may be the noumenon of the “God” called by the divine court.

It’s a human figure.

But the next second, it was like dough, folded up by an invisible force.

Its limbs and head were all folded together, and a roar came from it.

No one noticed.

All this is done under the gaze of the robot.

Countless white lights scattered.

It was completely folded into a ball.

The ball exploded at the hole, and Shengsheng tore the original hole into a larger, boundless black abyss.

In a trance, it seemed that a door was opened by this explosion.

God will die, too.

Before he died, the last impression he left in his mind was… The Supreme God was standing next to the human and watching it all the time. All the time.

Wu Hong killed it with his own consciousness.

And with the huge energy it exploded when it died, Shengsheng tore out a new wormhole.

At this time, a huge suction came.

The Starship was instantly swallowed by the black abyss.

At that moment, Qin Yi heard a clear “bang Dang”.

Just like I lost my arm before.

His robot suddenly fell apart completely.

Qin Yi was stunned: “… Number two?”

But in the dark, there was no response.

Wu Hong’s consciousness was forced to be recycled.

The carrier of his sojourn could not bear the power and fell apart in an instant.

Wu Hong opened his eyes again.

What I saw was Josephine.

Josephine wanted to ask what happened to his nude – body painting.

But when he looked into the boundless darkness in Wu Hong’s eyes, he stopped talking.

Mr. Wu Hong looks unhappy at the moment.

Oh, it seems normal.

After all, Mr. Wu Hong has never been happy.

No one has seen his smile.

Only the shadow forever printed on the surface.

At this time, the God of war came trembling.

He looked at Wu Hong’s handsome but gloomy face and said, “I, I have not been summoned by the divine court.” when he saw that something was wrong, he slipped quickly!

Rui said blankly, “what’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, sir, just killed a God.” fortunately, I didn’t die. He said in his heart.

Rui also looked at Wu Hong in horror.

But Wu Hong didn’t even give them any attention.

Josephine had to go quietly.

In less than half a minute, he came back and couldn’t help losing his voice: “Sir, the God of dawn is dead. There will be no dawn in this world!!!”

Wu Hong: “Oh.”




Josephine wept silently.

Decided not to ask about nude painting again.

It’s good to be naked.

Recently, his followers have increased significantly. It can be seen that he likes his flesh body very much.


This is the 36th day that everyone stays near the wormhole.

Zheng Yian entered the wormhole.

So much so that there is chaos around the wormhole.

At this time, the people on panda looked up in horror and saw a huge hole suddenly appear in the sky.

The hole may be a long way from them.

But even so, it’s enough to make people feel terrible

“Is that a wormhole, too?”

“Come on! Report to the Empire!”

Before their voice fell, everyone saw that a huge starship rushed out of the hole with great momentum.

blot out the sky and cover the sun.

It’s approaching panda.

All defenses on panda are ineffective against it.

Just a blink.

It came to Panda at an extremely high speed.

“Alarm! Alarm!”

“Contact the supreme officer!”

Qin Yi blinked.

He thought it was strange.

He just thought about Pan Daxing when he entered the cave. Unexpectedly, the exit was really opened in Pan Daxing.

That’s really… Wonderful!

“What happened?” several families also walked out of the mansion.

The students of the first college raised their heads and stretched their necks in shock and curiosity.

“Is it a terrorist attack?”

“Invasion of other countries?”


Kong Jiaxiang slowly opened his eyes and looked down. Unexpectedly, all he saw were familiar scenery.

“Back to pandaxing?… so back?” he was stunned.

But in a twinkling of an eye, he suddenly found that Qin Yi started the axial gun again.

He has seen the power of this thing once.

Kong Jiaxiang stared: “what are you doing?!”

After the muzzle was calibrated, it finally aligned with the buildings of the Qin family.

This large area belongs to the Qin family.

Qin Yi thought for a while, but he still couldn’t hurt innocent people.

So most of the people in Panda heard the rumbling sound from the sky.

One word after another fell into my ears, like thunder exploding.

“I’m Qin Yi.”

“I’m going to blow up the Qin family. I’ll count down ten. I hope you can run faster when you run away.”

The voice of young Omega is slow and understated.

This is the voice of Qin Yi they have never heard.

“Qin, Qin Yi?”

“Qin Yi of the Qin family?”

“That fell into the wormhole, which attracted general Zhou, the crown prince of the enemy country, King Yabi and Mr. Lu Ji… All rushed to the wormhole for him to save Qin Yi?!”

Qin Jianlin also heard the sound at this time.

But first he was shocked, then he felt ridiculous.

How is that possible?

How could Qin Yi appear here? How could you blow up your home?

“Ridiculous!” Qin Jianlin said gnashing his teeth.

If he really runs out, the Qin family will become a joke!

On the contrary, his wife felt that Qin Yi could really do such a thing, so she couldn’t help organizing people to run out immediately.



The boy’s beautiful voice exploded unsteadily in the sky.



“Qin Yi, are you crazy?” Kong Jiaxiang squeezed his voice out of his throat.

Why can Qin Yi refresh his cognition again?

Qin Yi was unmoved.

“Three, two, one.”

Qin Yi did the boldest thing he wanted to do for a long time, but he couldn’t do it because he didn’t have enough strength.

“Boom –”

A loud noise.

The Qin family was blown up.


All childhood sufferings, grievances and unhappiness.

It’s all in heaven.


Zheng Yi’an opened his eyes, and the pain from all over was enough to ignore.

What kind of world is this?

Boundless darkness.

Countless people ran frantically with fear on their faces.

They wore ancient robes, like the dress of “clergy” recorded in history books.

Zheng Yi’an grabbed a man at will and asked, “what just happened here?”

“God… God is dead. The statue exploded. There is also a huge thing sucked in by the hole.” the man looked at him with blood and said in a trembling voice.

Ah Fei, who was attached to his back, woke up at this time. Soon, he wandered around and shed more painful tears: “has Qin Yi and Qin Yi really been sucked into the hole? My key!!!”

Zheng Yian froze.

Zheng Yian: “who did you say was sucked in?”

“Qin Yi… Our new God official, no, he has betrayed God.” ah Fei sobbed.

Zheng Yian:?

Zheng Yian:???

This is ridiculous!

Zheng Yi’an couldn’t smile.

They mean.

He just came in.

But Qin Yi wore it all away???

Rao was always a calm, rational and gentle diplomat. At this time, he couldn’t help scolding a dirty word.

He was angry and laughing.

“Qin Yi… It’s not easy to catch you.”

Fei looked back.

So this is also to find Qin Yi’s sufferer?

Ah Fei asked tearfully, “you, you have also been put on such pants. Is the key in Qin Yi’s hand?”

What pants? What key?

Zheng Yian was well-informed and reacted in an instant.

His face was green at first.

Then he clenched his teeth and squeezed out a voice: “Qin Yi…”

You have so many tricks that it’s incredible!


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