I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 5

When Zhou Yiqing arrived at the misty star, there had long been no shadow of Qin Yi.

The officer of the misty star stared at the big man in front of him in fear… It turned out that it was really general Zhou’s Omega! He couldn’t help a trance in his mind.

“I told you long ago, but you still don’t listen!”

“Now, how can I find him now?”

At the other end of the messenger, panley was still jumping angrily.

Is that Qin Yi?

What he lost was his smooth way to promotion! He lost his power and wealth! What is lost is the future of Pan Daxing!

However, when he clearly saw the face that always appeared in the news, but now it appeared at the other end of the communicator, panley felt a chill behind him, accompanied by weakness in his limbs.

His mouth closed tightly.

No amount of dissatisfaction can be vented.

Zhou Yiqing only glanced at the communicator and asked, “who was responsible for escorting him at that time?”

Misty star officer came to his senses and quickly answered, “they are all placed in the rosefinch building. I’ll ask someone to bring them right away.”

A group of beta soldiers quickly entered the hall.

In the hall, Zhou Yiqing sat there with a straight back. He didn’t look like a gun that could break the sky all the time.

Beta can’t help shivering, and their instinctive fear has wrapped them first.

That’s admiral Zhou.

It was admiral Zhou whom they would never have expected to see so closely.

The other end.

Qin Yi stretched lazily, then opened the quilt and got up from the bed.

No way. The spaceship he bought is second-hand after all.

There is no suitable temperature regulation for the cooling and heating of military spacecraft, not even a fully automated big bed, nor a high-grade bathroom

But he didn’t care.

He even felt that it was interesting to rely on primitive quilts to keep warm.

Qin Yi got up and slowly changed into a suit of clothes convenient for action.

He exchanged the clothes brought by the Qin family.

The suit consists of a red coat and black trousers.

Around the waist, there were various kinds of bandages with slots. As soon as they were fastened gently, a boy with thin waist and long legs appeared in front of the mirror.

He looked at himself in the mirror for more than ten seconds. After confirming that there was no problem, he came to the console of the spacecraft.

Most of today’s spacecraft have the function of automatic navigation.

Once the location is set, it will follow a fixed route.

After all, sailing in the vast universe has never been accomplished in the blink of an eye.

But when Qin Yi bought it, a dizzy old lady, its former owner, told him again and again: “It’s very old. It can’t connect to the imperial network many times, so it’s difficult to send a distress signal in time. Also, because the network is not smooth, the map saved in it has not been updated for a long time… Maybe a hundred or two hundred years? I really can’t remember. Sorry. You may need to buy a correct map and install it on your communicator. Even if it’s expensive. At least, It won’t take you to the wrong planet that may have become desolate. ”

At that time, Qin Yi not only didn’t feel nervous, but also smiled easily.

He said, “really? I like it very much.”

He won’t get the inheritance so soon.

So he will fully follow the ship’s default route.

It doesn’t matter if you go wrong.

He can’t speculate on the course of action.

How can others speculate?

When the old lady heard what he said, she stood trembling for half a minute, and then her voice rang out again: “you are a gentle young man. It has been put aside in the boundless darkness since my husband and daughter died. Thank you for liking it.”

Then when she took him away, she packed some things for him.

“Maybe you’re going on a long trip. I think you might need it.”

Qin Yi leaned against the console, sucking nutrient solution and looking through the gray bag.

There are some expired nutrient solutions and a new ID, although the logo on it is a female beta.

In addition, there are some protective coats to adapt to different harsh environments such as jungle and desert, and a simple video player.

Qin Yi opens the player.

Slowly, a man appeared inside. The man was tall and slender. He wore a long sleeved robe from ancient times, combed his long hair and tied a jade crown.

Turning around, a pair of gentle peach eyes, straight nose and slightly pursed lips came into people’s eyes.

He looked at the camera affectionately, smiled and showed a sharp tooth.

He said softly, “ah Xi, I’ve caught you.” with such a creepy smell.

Qin Yi blinked slightly.

He was not frightened at all.

Even if he was not interested in the man in front of him, he had heard his name——

Lu Ji.

He is a film star who has caused a great sensation.

It is said that the eldest princess of the Empire was fascinated by his charm.

When he was still active on the screen, countless people described him as the common property of the world.

But about seven or eight years ago, men turned to be pirates.

It’s ridiculous, but the blue river fleet he led did break a reputation. Several small countries around him were frightened to hear his name.

Qin Yi didn’t look any further.

He turned off the player.

I want to know that the rest of it should be such film and television clips. Its former owner may be Lu Ji’s fans.

Qin Yi yawned unconsciously.

Start to cut paper and make a deck of cards according to the diagrams recorded in ancient books. Play with yourself.

The spaceship moved slowly in one direction.

It sends out a very low tone: my master, you are about to enter the fog hiding sea area. You arrive ahead – 7I star

This is a planet name that does not conform to the naming standard and has never been heard of.

It’s like opening a blind box.

Qin Yi drew a king’s head on the cards.

That’s interesting.

The atmosphere here is completely different from that on panda.

If you never get it, you won’t have the slightest reverie.

But just because the huge wealth and power have been handed over, when they are lost again, it is enough to drive a person crazy.

Qin Yi lost it.

The Qin family could no longer smile.

Qin’s father frowned and would get angry if he didn’t move.

He began to anger the servant, Qin yuan,… He tried to settle everyone who had offended Qin Yi, even the slightest bit.

He felt that maybe it was because of them that the good tempered Qin Yi abandoned ronghua and fled with the weak body of Omega.

“If Qin Yi can’t get back, you’ll all be ready for the end,” Qin’s father said coldly.

Yu Hong opened her mouth.

He wanted to say that since Qin Yi has changed from the “greatest wealth” given to the Qin family by heaven to a source of great pressure to the Qin family, why not give up Qin Yi’s interests?

But he knew that general Zhou’s three words represented the status and power that ordinary people could not resist.

When the test results came out, the Qin family was destined to plunge in and never want to get out again.

Qin’s father suddenly turned to look at him: “Yu Hong, let’s talk about why Qin Yi ran into the Kong family when he was 15.”

Yu Hong shivered at the bottom of her heart.

He smiled reluctantly, “well, OK.”

The Qin family here was shrouded in an atmosphere of trembling.

Pan Li couldn’t hold it there and went to the door of the Kong Family himself. Kong’s father was flattered and quickly welcomed him into the door.

“Is your son here?” asked panley.

He is looking for Kong Jiaxiang.

“Yes! Of course!”

That day, Kong Jiaxiang went to the port to see Qin Yi off. According to the rumors in the school, he seemed to be the person who had the closest contact with Qin Yi.

Maybe he can say something useful.

Kong’s father soon called Kong Jiaxiang out.

Kong Jiaxiang has been in a bad mood these days. Why did Qin Yi scold him? Why did Qin Yi suddenly become a person? He couldn’t figure it out at first. Then he felt that maybe it was just because of the harsh treatment of the Qin family, so Qin Yi said such words in anger.

Are you complaining that he can’t save himself?

Kong Jiaxiang thought a lot.

He even asked his father.

But Kong Fu coldly denied his idea on the spot: “don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. I don’t want the four families to have a quarrel. And you know very well, don’t you? If you can’t marry Qin Yi, it will dispel your mind.”

Kong Jiaxiang has been holding fire since then.

His face didn’t recover until he saw panley again.

Panli didn’t care about his attitude either. He asked straightforwardly, “what kind of person is Qin Yi? Do you know his preferences? Do you know any unknown secrets? Where do you think he will go?”

“… what?” Kong Jiaxiang raised his head in amazement.

Qin Yi… Ran away?

“I won’t say.” Kong Jiaxiang pursed his lips. “Are you going to send him to those high-ranking people as lovers?”

“Lover?” panley seemed to hear a joke. He sneered and said: “He’s going to be the general’s wife! Admiral Zhou has a 100% match with him. Do you know what this concept is? Now Qin Yi is missing. I doubt you have provided him with some help. You’d better cooperate with us in time, otherwise… It’s not me who will be held responsible, but admiral Zhou himself! Because you lost his wife!”

Kong Jiaxiang fell into a huge shock.

This is even more shocking than Qin Yi said lightly that he was “stupid – forced” more than ten days ago.

His brain stagnated and could hardly rotate.

Even Kong Fu changed his face: “how can it be? The child of the Qin family is not…”

He stopped in time.

Because he remembered all the abnormal performances of Qin’s father recently.

Is it all because of the test results of Qin Yi that day?

Not bad.

Even sent a big pie to the Qin family.

For a moment, Kong Fu was filled with envy.

If he had such an Omega son

Kong’s father immediately turned to look at Kong Jiaxiang: “don’t you explain it quickly?”

If his son has a relationship with Qin Yi, it’s not a good thing. It’s best to explain it and make the relationship clear.

A man like general Zhou would never allow himself to have a rival in love.

Kong Jiaxiang returned to his mind blankly. After a long time, he made a hoarse voice: “I… I don’t know…”

He suddenly found out.

Apart from the entanglement of the Qin family, he knew nothing about Qin Yi.

No wonder Qin Yi scolded me like that.

Kong Jiaxiang began to worry: “I also want to know where he went. He is an omega. He can’t do anything. He is so weak…”


The beta soldiers are also whispering to Zhou Yiqing.

“When he first got on the ship, he was very relaxed. But the closer he got to emperor, the more nervous he felt. He was afraid that the general would not like him.

“He eats very little every day, even less than ordinary Omega. This makes his face very pale and looks like ancient porcelain, exquisite and fragile.

“The first time we stopped at bright star, he wanted to buy a gem to better decorate himself. He was right. All the gems brought from the Qin family could not match his beauty. Once those gems were close to him, they would look dim. For this reason, he spent 20 million on gems.

“He went to the market in his pajamas. He just left home. He needs to get a sense of security from his familiar pajamas.”

“He was very clever. After buying the gem, he immediately returned to the ship. He didn’t make any unreasonable request.

“He went to the misty star to buy mecha. He heard the story of the general killing and retreating the enemy and recovering the territory. So he wanted to carefully select a mecha for the general here. He entered the store and asked to buy the most expensive one for the general. For this reason, he pawned all the jewelry he brought and the last money left in the card.

“He crossed out 126 million. He was penniless for it.

“I think this is the biggest romance Omega can do.”

“Maybe he’s really just too scared. He’s just an adult, isn’t he, Admiral?”

Zhou Yiqing’s expression has not changed, and his deputy Ji Yang has shown great shock first.

This was the most absurd interrogation he had ever heard.

In the mouth of these beta soldiers.

This Omega is clever, fragile and gentle, and has an amazing beauty that can surpass all jewelry.

But such a clever, beautiful, fragile and gentle Omega, he ran away.

After he ran away, the soldiers were still praising him. They even tried to defend him.

Is there really such a person in the world? In their mouth, he is almost perfect.

What’s more, this Omega, he’s just grown up.

Ji Yang was so curious that he tried his best to maintain calm and reason.

He turned his head and said to Zhou Yiqing, “admiral, I think they are lying.” “or, this Omega was kidnapped.”

“No, we don’t… you can send someone to check where you’ve passed along the way and who you’ve talked to.”

Zhou Yiqing’s face was cold and did not change at all.

He looked at the officer of the misty Star: “go and bring people here.”

The other party quickly answered and invited the Yin family first.

Zhou Yiqing’s eyes fell back on these beta.

Before coming here, he was more suspicious that his political enemies kidnapped Omega. With the rise and expansion of his status and power, some people are bound to be dissatisfied with his words.

This Omega has become a battlefield for competition.

Those people will try to kill teenagers.

Let him lose forever the opportunity to give birth to excellent offspring and destroy the future of the Zhou family quietly.

So he thinks Omega’s disappearance has a lot to do with him.

He should come and save the Omega himself.

But when he really came to the misty star

… it was the most wonderful interrogation he had ever experienced.

They described an Omega in every detail.

This is different from every omega recognized by Zhou Yiqing.

Little Omega, he ate little, wore pajamas and returned to the ship on time, which was just his attempt to reduce the soldiers’ vigilance.

Omega named Zhou Yiqing just to spend the money brought by the Qin family. After all, it doesn’t spend it now. It can’t spend it after running away, because once it consumes, it will be locked in its location immediately.

These complex traits described by soldiers are mixed with teenagers.

Put on a mysterious veil for the youth.

Maybe it’s what the soldiers said.

He is beautiful and fragile.

No gem can match it.

But he is also smart and patient.

He knows how to use all the resources he has and has.

He is bold and fearless.

Zhou Yiqing could almost outline it. The boy gently raised his eyes, stared at everything in front of him, and quietly waited for them to move down a little bit according to his plan.

The picture was silent and shocking.


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