I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 50

At three o’clock in the afternoon of that day, pan Daxing’s officer received an emergency message from the sheriff near the four families.


“How can it be?! where is this place? Although we are remote, we are not at the border! Which enemy can go around the general’s arrangement and take our planet directly?”

The officer of Pan Daxing didn’t take it to heart, but sent out a few people at will.

“The enemy said he would blow up the Qin family and claimed to be Qin Yi!” the sheriff at the other end shouted.

The chief executive still didn’t think much of it and said with a smile: “if you think about it with your toes, you’ll know how Qin Yi can come here from the wormhole? He can blow up his own house? And what can he do? If you can really catch Qin Yi on the spot, you can still wait for general Zhou to return home. Thank you… Maybe it’s a big gift…”

That’s all.

The man at the other end suddenly looked frightened.

“It’s… Blown up…”

As soon as the supreme officer’s face changed, he quickly took his own pro guard and rushed there together.

It was only when he arrived that he really understood the constable’s panic.

At this time, the big hole vaguely visible in the sky is slowly closing up.

And under the big hole.

What’s more terrible is the huge starship suspended in mid air!

This thing is a military ship with a fixed track and docking platform. Panda can’t have such a huge starship. Where did it come from?

Such a big mistake on the planet he manages!

He can’t imagine how he will die in the future.

“Come on! Stop the Starship!” the Deputy beside him shouted with a changed look.

“But… The starship is usually loaded with a variety of weapons and equipment, and all kinds of facilities are complete. It’s big. Just bumping into it head-on, it’s enough for us to eat a pot. Where can we find something that can intercept it?” the man under his hand made a dilemma.

“Let it go,” the officer said suddenly.

“Let it go?” the Deputy suddenly raised his voice and uttered a voice in disbelief.

“What else can we do? Who can stop it? Once a frontal war angers such a huge thing, do you know the consequences? The next bombing is not just the Qin family! Once the people suffer a disaster and suffer heavy casualties, you and I can’t think of a good life!” the officer said fiercely.

“Now…” the officer turned his head and looked at the behemoth again.

He can’t even drive that thing.

But the son of the Qin family can drive the Starship into the wormhole.

“You’d better hope that the people in the Starship are really Qin Yi!”

When the officer’s voice fell, the ugly Qin Jianlin and others had come towards him.

Because the matching degree between Qin Yi and general Zhou is as high as 100%, the highest officer of panda planet has long reached cooperation with Qin Jianlin.

The ship that sent Qin Yi to Dixing was arranged by him.

So the two families are very close on weekdays.

That is, since Qin Yi lost, their relationship became embarrassing.

The Qin family boasted that they would be the “relatives” of general Zhou right away. Now, seeing that the Qin family was blown up, all the protective covers failed, leaving only a piece of ruins. If they took such a step at night, they would all be killed!

Such a humiliation!

How can they swallow that breath?

“What are you doing? Why don’t you give orders? Take him! How can you let this unknown thing invade the majesty of our empire!” Qin Jianlin’s face changed and his chest fluctuated.

His wife gave him a hand and changed her look.

What, don’t you dare admit it’s your son?

At this time, I only heard a voice from the Starship again: “although there is no record in history of blowing up the family house, I think I should have been driven out of the Qin family now according to the Qin family’s regulations that people in the family should not harm the interests of the family.”

Once out.

Qin Yi’s voice fell into Qin Jianlin’s ears and became clearer.

It was clear that he could no longer say without conscience that it was not Qin Yi’s voice.

And Qin Yi’s words undoubtedly became the biggest evidence of his identity.

The rest of the scene slowly recovered.

There was an uproar.

It’s really the omega of the Qin family!

It’s Qin Yi!

Qin Jianlin was calm and clenched his teeth. He said, “I don’t believe it. Qin Yi has always been a gentle and obedient child… There must be others in the Starship! The other party coerced him! Otherwise, with Qin Yi’s Omega ability, how can he drive the Starship?”

Pan Daxing’s officer was stunned.

It makes sense to say this.

If so, of course it’s best

Talk here.

Over there, Qin Yi slowly knocked on the instrument panel at hand. “Dudu” sound spread out and clearly fell on everyone’s ears.

Qin Yi said slowly: “… When I decide what surname is better, I will change it. Don’t worry, I’ll rely on the Qin family.”

Qin Jianlin couldn’t find an excuse when he heard this.

His face rose to the color of pig liver.

“Why? Is he crazy? How dare he!” Qin Jianlin blurted out three sentences.

But Qin Yi’s attitude has well answered his questions.

Qin Yi doesn’t like the Qin family.

His tone was calm and even relaxed.

He dares.

Everyone seemed to know him for the first time.

Qin yuan was so shocked that his legs softened and murmured: “he’s really crazy, Mingming…” Mingming will jump to the top class immediately!

He found himself confused with his cousin.

At first, he thought that Qin Yi would go to Dixing and successfully hold a wedding with general Zhou. Then, under the protection of general Zhou’s Pro guards, he swaggered back to pan Daxing, enjoyed the treatment of the Qin family to flatter and support with a shy face, and then humiliated him

He even thought about it. If Qin Yi wanted to bully him like this, he risked his life to go to general Zhou and let general Zhou see how narrow-minded Qin Yi was, how selfish he was, and how he used the strength of the army to find face for himself!

Qin yuan even had a paragraph in his mind about how he went through all kinds of hardships and came to Dixing with difficulty in the eyes of the Qin family;

His frailty and unyielding call for the pity of the distinguished alpha on the emperor star… Such a large plot.

But no matter how well Qin yuan wrote the script in his mind, all this has become different.

Because Qin Yi doesn’t know him at all! Just! Don’t follow the routine! Play cards!

At this time, the officer couldn’t help but interrupt: “why do you do this… Shouldn’t you ask yourself of the Qin family? He is your son! What makes him hate you so much?”

How can Qin Jianlin answer?

Even if others know the reason, they dare not answer at this time.

They are also immersed in great impact.

I don’t want to believe that Qin Yi’s great interests will be so far away from them!

At this time, the people of the other three families came out of their homes because of the great news.

Among them, the Kong family is the most gloating.

Because his son hasn’t found it yet… When he asked the bottom man, he said he was looking for Qin Yi!

In the past, he didn’t like Qin Yi. Now Qin Yi has become general Zhou’s fiancee. What opportunities will it bring to the Qin family? This alone is enough to make him sour! And Qin Yiren ran away, and his son chased him up, which made him even more unhappy.

“Ha, the Qin family were still proud last month. They all began to delusion that the most powerful alpha in the world would rush to please the Qin family… What’s the result now?” the eldest parent of the Kong Family pulled his mouth and said, “if I say, Qin Yi was a disaster from the beginning…”

No pheromone can seduce alpha.

With pheromones, it’s even more wonderful. Playing with so many top alpha in the palm of the hand, now they are brave enough to blow up their own family! Where this law is put, it must be severely punished!

I can’t wait for the Kong family to talk to me.

Qin Yi’s voice sounded again: “I know the Kongs are watching the excitement.”

The people of the Kong family were a little embarrassed and couldn’t hang on.

“I saved your son from the wormhole. Now I’m going to throw him down. You’d better take protective measures…” Qin Yi said the rest.

My son?!

The Kong Family suddenly turned pale.

All the others looked up in shock.

Qin Yi really came out of the wormhole!

Kong Jiaxiang fell into a wormhole! And was saved by Qin Yi?!

“First, sir, is what he said true?” the subordinates of the Kong family asked in a trembling voice.

The master of the Kong Family suddenly regained his consciousness and shouted, “yes! Come on! Get ready!”

If you dare to blow up your own house, can the words from his mouth be false?

The Kongs called out all their ships.

Civilian spaceships pulled a large net and flew into the air.

The closer they approached the starship, the more they felt unspeakable fear and awe.

On the Starship.

“Qin Yi…” Kong Jiaxiang stared at Qin Yi.

What does he want to do?

“Do you want to be the enemy of Pan Daxing?” Kong Jiaxiang made a confused voice.

Qin Yi glanced at the big man.

The big man nodded and immediately walked to Kong Jiaxiang.

As soon as the hatch opens.

Kong Jiaxiang was unprepared. He was really thrown down like this!

“Qin Yi!” Kong Jiaxiang shouted, unable to contain his anger and fear.

At that moment, he heard Qin Yi say, “of course not.”

Of course not against pan Daxing.

Qin Yi licked his lips: “I think the best way not to get married is to let the whole world regard me as an enemy.”

It’s not a terrible thing to be chased and killed after such a experience in the divine court.

And he’s out of experience.

If I can’t live happily.

Then you might as well break the world.


Qin Yi sipped happily at the corners of his mouth.

He felt more relaxed than ever.

Kong Jiaxiang fell into the big net in full view of the public. If he hadn’t opened his mecha at the last minute, Kankan grabbed the mecha’s mechanical arm and cushioned it with this force… Kong Jiaxiang might have broken his whole body even if he was caught by a big net.

The crowd stretched their necks and looked at the big net, which was shot twice in mid air.

Then the huge starship waved its tail mercilessly away.

Its speed was so fast that it soon disappeared from panda, almost just blinking.

The Kong Family shouted and greeted them: “put the young master down quickly! Hurry up! Prepare the medical cabin…”

Kong Jiaxiang lay in the big net and raised his eyes to see a cloudless sky.

… it’s better to die in that different world.

At the other end, the students of the first college squeezed out their voice for a long time: “is that really Qin Yi?”

“Qin Yi… So fierce.”

No one used the name of “good wife and mother” to Qin Yi.

No one teased him about his relationship with Kong Jiaxiang.

No one said that even if he had no pheromone attraction, I could let him be my lover.

Do a fart.

They are not as good as Kong Jiaxiang.

But Kong Jiaxiang only ended up being thrown down by Qin Yi.

If there was no protective net, would Kong Jiaxiang be broken This is unimaginable!

This day.

Everyone knows that Qin Yi doesn’t care about Kong Jiaxiang at all.

Qin Yi… Qin Yi doesn’t want everyone!

A wormhole suddenly opened near panda star of the Yan and Huang Empire, but it may be due to the instability of the nearby energy field and the insufficient support of dark matter, and the hole soon closed.

The news quickly reached Zhou Yiqing and others.

But it doesn’t matter.

More importantly

“Qin Yi is back.”

And which alpha didn’t take the lead. See Qin Yi in advance!

Probably… Lucky in misfortune?

Lu Ji: “… All right.”

He then raised his eyebrows and said, “Mr. Zheng of the alliance jumped back to the wormhole in vain…”

Holstein said I almost laughed.

If it’s not too impolite and not in line with the image of the royal family.

Everyone has more or less obtained some psychological balance and comfort from Zheng Yi’an.

This is when someone is worse than me, I’m not so miserable.

“What about master Qin Yi’s current situation? How about people?” Ji Yang asked hurriedly.

“Are you hurt?” this is the voice of Mr. whale, who has always been sitting steadily, suddenly lost his posture and made a hurry.

The others couldn’t help giving him a complicated look.

Zhou Yiqing said faintly, “well, the rest is the internal affairs of our empire… I don’t think you need to listen any more.”

Qin Yi happened to appear in Pan Daxing.

And panda still belongs to the boundary of their empire.

It’s much easier for him to go back and catch Qin Yi.

Zhou Yiqing’s idea just came here. He only listened to the man of Pan Daxing and replied in fear: “no, I don’t know whether he was hurt… Because, because, the man has gone.”

Hols whispered, “is that what your country is capable of? People have arrived in your country, but they can’t stay.”

Zhou Yiqing: “…” don’t forget that Qin Yi Ran from your emperor star before falling into the wormhole. ”

Hols: ”

The prince’s personal guard was in a trance for a moment. What’s this called? Hurt each other?

Of course, pan Daxing’s people were also afraid of Zhou Yiqing’s crime. They repeatedly said: “we really can’t stop him! He, he drives a starship! We didn’t even meet, but we heard his voice…”

Zhou Yiqing was stunned.

But soon they were calm.

“It’s Qin Yi’s style,” Lu Ji said.

Hols frowned slightly.

Mr. whale was stunned for a moment and recovered his calm and indifferent appearance.

Before Zhou Yiqing asked again, Ji Yang suddenly said, “admiral, the old man is looking for you.”

Zhou Yiqing paused and temporarily cut off communication with Pan Daxing.

Then he turned around and took guangnao from Ji Yang.

The light brain pops up a light curtain.

Mr. Zhou’s face soon appeared on the light curtain.

There was no old rage, and there was no joy at all.

He looked solemn, as if he had really encountered something difficult.

Zhou Yiqing silently took his appearance into his eyes.

He said faintly, “father, I’m still in a meeting with his highness hols and Mr. whale of keabi. What’s the matter?”

This means to remind Mr. Zhou that if it’s a military aircraft event, we’ll leave it later.

After all, in front of the enemy.

Mr. Zhou’s eyebrows moved when he heard the sound.

He followed him and said, “you know what?… your Omega did a big thing.”

Hols and others were unhappy in an instant.

Cold and sharp eyes fell on Zhou Yiqing.

Whose Omega? say it again?

Zhou Yiqing gently picked up the tail of his eyebrow: “hmm? Why doesn’t he do big things?”

Zhou Yiqing said this with real feelings.

This is the first time he mentioned Qin Yi to his father. There is also a strange… Pride in the words?

It seems that only Qin Yi is special.

He is the unique Omega.

Mr. Zhou:?

He looked very complicated.

Can this little Omega do so much?

“He blew up the Qin family,” Mr. Zhou said.

“Hmm?” everyone was stunned for a moment.

Seeing that they were indifferent, Mr. Zhou had to emphasize: “his surname is Qin!”

Ji Yang: “lying in the trough!”

Zhou Yiqing & Lu Ji & hols & Jing: “……”

They stood trembling in place.

“Do you know what this means?” Mr. Zhou asked, holding his forehead.

Soon, without Mr. Zhou’s explanation, everyone will know what that means.

not to recognize one ‘s own closest relatives.

It is an act despised by all mankind.

Qin Yi’s move soon spread on the Star Internet. Some even recorded the scene of the Qin family being bombed and transmitted it to the Internet as a video, which immediately set off a frenzy of discussion among the stars.

Another faction in the imperial Presbyterian court vehemently demanded that general Zhou could marry any Omega, but never such Omega.

“His act of blowing up the Qin family can be seen as that he wants to kill his father! He wants to destroy his whole family! How can an Omega… An Omega give birth to such a terrible idea? It’s the opposite! It’s the opposite of heaven!”

“Yes, if we don’t catch him back and punish him severely, this atmosphere will spread! How can we stop it in the future?”

They are domestic people who are dissatisfied with Zhou Yiqing’s words.

Naturally, the other faction of the Presbyterian also has a little different opinions, and they are a solid supporter of Zhou Yiqing.

“But he and general Zhou match 100%! He can’t fall into anyone’s hands. He can only marry general Zhou!”

“Of course, if Omega overthrows his family in this way, it will damage the general’s face. Then he will not be officially registered and will only be detained next to the general. As long as the child is born, it’s easy to say anything…”

The Presbyterian immediately quarreled.



When these two names are combined, they become the power holders of families.

The power in their hands is irrefutable, which has been the common understanding of all mankind for thousands or even thousands of years.

No one has ever been able to do such a shocking thing as Qin Yi!

But if they have learned some myths and stories about China in ancient times, they will know that the consciousness of resisting patriarchy has existed since then.

In the interstellar age, gender was divided into ABO, but no one retained a little more consciousness.

Star online also quarreled about it.

Lu Ji’s fans are quite dissatisfied.

[does he really have anything to do with you? Why do you like him?]

[he’s not like an omega, he’s more like a terrible person… Omega is gentle, sensitive and lovely. I’ve never seen anyone like him…]

The people of the rimu Empire also loudly called on the crown prince to return home quickly.

I’d better marry the fiancee appointed by your majesty as soon as possible!

General Zhou’s wife is estimated to be gone. It would be great if the crown prince could get married first!

And more is that countless alpha disdain to make a sound.

[originally, I was curious about what kind of person should be liked by so many excellent alpha. But now it seems that even if he looks good, I won’t like him.]


[this Omega is too strange and terrible. He can hook up so many alpha thoughts. If he marries a big man, he can’t really kill his father?]

Even some Omega said it was terrible.

We don’t want to be with such people.

The big man looked at these network information in turn, and his face became more and more ugly.

What’s so great about alpha?

Alpha will still be trampled under the feet of those more powerful families.

Why can’t Omega be your excellency?

The big man turned off the star network.

He raised his head anxiously and said in a voice, “I’m worried that admiral Zhou will treat you because of these comments…”

“Hate me?” Qin Yi turned his eyes.

He chuckled, “that’s great!”

Qin Yi grew up in an environment where others pointed.

He can’t get used to it.

Qin Yi said, “this is where to go.”

The big man was stunned: “huh?”

what do you mean?

But Qin Yi is never used to explaining his thoughts to others.

He is too used to being alone.

So he didn’t say anything to the big man.

It would be nice if everyone opposed him.

Zhou Yiqing, hols… All these alpha’s that match him too well are good.

Omega is shackled.

They are also shackled.

The better alpha, the better Omega must marry.

This is the shackle imposed on them.

When Omega is not good enough, or even bad enough to be anti-human, more people will stop them from marrying Omega one after another.

This fire

It’s not burning well enough.

Thoughts flitted across Qin Yi’s mind.

Then he squatted down and looked at a pile of robot parts.

“Why did it fall apart?” Qin Yi sighed gently.

Wu Hong is peeking at Qin Yi.

When he saw here, his eyes moved gently.

Then the next sentence.

Qin Yi sighed heavily: “Damn, this is all my money!”

Wu Hong: “…?”


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