I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 51

This is the second day after Qin Yi came back.

Zhou Yiqing, hols, Lu Ji, and even Mr. whale of keabi sat opposite each other and were silent.

Their men were all outside the door, anxious one by one. They wanted to get a positive answer from several big men immediately —

Return home.

They have seen all kinds of discussions on the Star Internet.

He even jumped Qin Yi out of the big black hole, drove the starship, the sound fell carelessly from the height, and then blew up the video of the Qin family… He watched it several times.

The most outrageous thing is that Qin Yi’s move is so hot that it has been all over the stars. So many pandaxing people have provided videos from different angles.

Now the video is still playing on the light curtain in front of them.

The photographers were very close, and they took pictures of the panic of the Kong family at that time.

Lu Ji suddenly gave a hum and smile: “yes, it’s a little like what I took at the beginning. All angles are very complete.”

Mr. Jing didn’t know enough about Qin Yi, so he couldn’t talk for a moment, so he continued to keep silent.

HALS said slowly, “why didn’t anyone take pictures of the Qin family?”

He also wanted to see it.

Qin Yi’s family has three heads and six arms. Why does Qin Yi hate it so much.

Zhou Yiqing said faintly at this time: “the Qin family is one of the four families on the planet panda, and has some influence locally.”

As soon as HALS bent his fingers and knocked on the table, his voice turned and said, “it’s because we all know that the Qin family is going to be an in laws with general Zhou, so we’ve left face for the Qin family.”

He paused, followed by another opening: “therefore, general Zhou should not marry Qin Yi, because it will only contribute to the power of the Qin family, which is not the result Qin Yi wants to see ~”

When it comes to the last half of the sentence, the crown prince’s ending even lifts up happily.

Zhou Yiqing: ”

What if there is no Qin family?

Zhou Yiqing suddenly crossed the idea in his mind, but he immediately pressed it down.

Find Qin Yi first.

At least ask what’s going on.

They looked at each other and didn’t tell each other their plans. It seemed that they were afraid of being robbed or smashed after being known by each other.

The closed door finally opened.

The people of the Limu Empire rushed up first and said in a hurry: “Your Highness, your majesty has called you home many times…”

Ji Yang also came up and shouted dryly, “admiral.”

“Go back,” said Zhou Yiqing.

Zhou Yiqing withdrew from the wormhole one after another.

On the contrary, only the people of the alliance are left, and they are still here for Zheng Yian.

Although Zheng Yian is a civilian.

But because most of the affairs of the alliance are handled by him, many people in the army have accepted his love.

Many lifeblood of the alliance are also in Zheng Yian’s hands.

As their ships left one after another, the alliance behind blew up the sound of particle guns.

“Your Highness, why aren’t you happy? The alliance has been in civil strife.” the pro guard stood beside hors and asked cautiously.

Hols didn’t speak.

Because now he didn’t even know where to find Qin Yi.


At least… At least let Qin Yi know that he, like them, is waiting for him outside the wormhole.

no At least let Qin Yi know that Qin Yi cheated him with a false name, but he’s not very angry now… No, should he be angry or not?

Hols briefly fell into a meaningless tangle.

This is a hundred times more difficult than the homework he has to do and the government affairs he has to deal with since he was a child!

At this time, the emperor of the Limu Empire sent a communication request, which briefly interrupted hors’s scattered thoughts.

“I haven’t asked you before, because I know you are a very measured person. You are the pride of the Empire. You must have your reason to stay in the wormhole for such a long time… Your father is not like you. You are young and promising. The future of the empire is on your shoulders. You are much better than your father in those years… I believe you…”

HALS interrupted the emperor at the other end: “speak human words.”

Emperor: ”

Emperor: “son, do you really like Qin Yi? Think twice!”

Hols didn’t speak.

Do you like?

Anyway, I don’t want Qin Yi to be with Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing, including the inexplicable whale. Zheng Yian doesn’t even think about it!

Don’t talk when you see Holls.

The old emperor’s heart “clattered” and took three breaths of cool air.

The old emperor hurriedly said, “have you seen such an Omega? He is so brave… How can he say he did it to his family? His family raised him so big. Such an Omega has unstable factors in his bones…”


Blew up his family on his own.

In the past, the crown prince was shocked.

“Is this a terrible thing?” the crown prince couldn’t help interrupting.

The emperor was stunned.

Even the pro guards on HALS’s side were stunned.

HALS lowered his eyes and suddenly asked, “which is more important than the Qin family?”

The emperor was stunned again. He really didn’t understand what the connection was.

The ministers behind the emperor could not help but say: “naturally, your highness is heavier! How can an enemy country, a small family on a backward planet, be compared with your highness?”

Hols said, “that’s it.”


What is it?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter at all.

The ministers thought, and then quickly turned the topic to another matter: “now the alliance has lost Zheng Yian, just as the tiger has lost its fangs. It is a good time for us to seize resources!”

Both immediate and long-term interests are very important, but if you want to choose one first, it must be immediate!

“General Zhou of the enemy country also has a long-standing resentment with another faction of the Presbyterian because of his long-standing strong style. Qin Yi happens to be the starting point of this outbreak. Once Zhou Yiqing is constrained by the Presbyterian, we will take the lead in the alliance!”

“One step ahead! It will be countless steps ahead in all aspects in the future!”

The more they said, the more excited they were: “Your Highness, please come back and preside over the event!”

Hols answered in a low voice: “… HMM.”

Alpha’s ambition is almost innate.

He wants to see Qin Yi again.

Also want to make the Empire continue to step into greater glory.

At this time, someone could not help but insert a cheap sentence: “Qin Yi is really strange. There has never been Omega in history. Can it match alpha 100%? Fortunately… Fortunately, he doesn’t know what’s wrong. It’s inappropriate to put a good general’s wife and have to run. Otherwise, if Zhou Yiqing really combines with him, he will be out of order…”

He hasn’t finished yet.

“What’s his name?”

He heard the voice of his Royal Highness the crown prince asking about the pro guards.

He was delighted: “Your Highness, my name is…”

The pro guard first said, “Your Highness, his name is Bernard.”

Before cutting off communication.

Bernard vaguely heard the last sentence: “he thinks it’s so good to be the wife of the general. Next time we meet, we’ll give him to general Zhou.”


no I am not! I didn’t!

“Your Highness!” Bernard shouted, but the communication had been cut off, and no one could hear his voice at the other end.

The other ministers around suddenly hushed and exchanged confused eyes with each other.

Your highness… Seems to have changed.

But where has changed? I can’t say it for a while.

The emperor on the throne could not help showing a thoughtful look.

The pro guard, unable to suppress his doubts, carefully asked, “Your Highness, why do you compare yourself with the Qin family?”

Hols smiled mockingly, “Qin Yi dares to fool me. What is the Qin family?”

Pro guard:???

This logic is a bit right, but there seems to be something wrong.

They were all stunned there and didn’t dare to think back for a long time. They have never heard of such a tone of the crown prince, let alone thought it would happen again!


“It’s just blowing up the Qin family. What’s wrong?” hols thought more and more.

These people seem to have never seen the world. They make a mountain out of a molehill.

Hols: let’s go

While looking for Qin Yi, he also immediately led his troops to the alliance.

The pro guard then recovered: “yes…”

Hols took two steps forward, but suddenly another meal. He seemed hesitant.

The proud and noble crown prince seldom showed such an expression.

But he did hesitate.

He seemed puzzled and had an answer in his heart. He whispered, “it’s a great shame to give one alpha to another. But why is it lucky and lucky to give an Omega to a high-ranking alpha?”

Like the crown prince, the strong chauvinist Pro guards had never thought about such a question and were really asked all of a sudden.

Isn’t that Omega’s pleasure?

Hols was at a loss for a moment, but soon picked up the mood.

Zhou Yiqing soon returned to the Empire.

He didn’t report to the military headquarters immediately, but went back to Zhou’s house first.

Mr. Zhou is so middle at home that his ass is almost sore.

Seeing Zhou Yiqing, he was relieved: “you’re finally back.”

Zhou Yiqing stopped at the door and looked around.

I saw that most of the people in the Presbyterian courtyard and a small half of the people in the military headquarters were waiting in the living room of the Zhou family at the moment, filling the originally spacious living room full.

Zhou Yiqing’s eyes swept over them.

An absurd idea burst into his mind.

“Admiral…” the elders just started. Zhou Yiqing suddenly asked, “who can origami roses?”

What, what?

You came back from the wormhole all the way, but your mouth is such a thing that you can’t match?!


After all, Qin Yi’s starship is a huge thing.

This thing is too eye-catching.

So he temporarily docked it on the planet where he found it before. He only carried three or two insect robots on him.

Just as the Empire was preparing to issue an official notice to arrest Qin Yi according to the law.

Qin Yi entered the territory of the alliance.

He chose a nearby shop selling robots.

The shop owner is a middle-aged male beta. He and his friends are talking loudly. When it comes to the rise, he can’t help pounding the table with excitement: “Mr. Zheng actually went here and really won’t come back… He was forced to death. He was forced to death by those people!”

“Shh, stop talking. I’ve caught people badly recently.” “what am I afraid of?!”

“Don’t be afraid. The president’s second son personally led the team. Everyone has arrived on our planet.”

“What are you doing in our backcountry? We don’t have so much money for them to earn!”

“It is said that Mr. Zheng’s confidant is here.”

Qin Yi was surprised for a moment.

How many more Mr. Zheng can the alliance have? Of course, it refers to Zheng Yi’an.

Zheng Yian… Dead?

How did Zheng Yian die?

Qin Yi stopped. Good guy, he heard his name the next second.

“Didn’t the alliance say that he bravely went into the wormhole to find someone for the fiancee of general Zhou for the sake of Qin Yi?” the boss’s wife asked timidly.

Qin Yi was stunned.

“Do you believe it? That’s obviously the league’s excuse!” the boss shouted angrily, but then he pressed his tone and said, “forget it, don’t say it.”

His eyes soon fell on Qin Yi.

Qin Yi changed her makeup again.

After all, he is likely to be wanted again soon.

The boss looked at the big beauty of weak Liu Fufeng: “Hello, do you want to choose a robot for yourself?”

Qin Yi shook his head, turned and walked out.

The big head lowered his voice and asked, “don’t you want to change a new robot?”

“Go find my son’s confidant first,” Qin Yi said.

Your son?

The big man was stunned, and then he remembered that there was “little Mom” at the beginning.

Isn’t the “son” Zheng Yi’an?


Qin Yi stayed here for two days and couldn’t find the confidant.

This is also normal.

The relationship between the alliance and Zheng Yian’s forces has become the same.

How can Zheng Yi’an’s confidants show up easily?

Qin Yi is not in a hurry.

He began to wait until the president’s second son found someone first.

Qin Yi came here on the fourth day.

The city said that in the south of the city, outsiders used particle guns without authorization.

Qin Yi moved again.

The big head asked, “are people in the south of the city? Have they fought with the people of the alliance? Otherwise, weapons of particle gun will not appear so easily.”

Qin Yi nodded.

“So we’re going to the south of the city now?”

Qin Yi shook his head.

Qin Yi turned around and finally chose the robot store with the alliance chain logo. He went in.

This is a shop under the name of the president of the alliance, which is much larger.

There are all kinds of robots in the display cabinet, glowing with all kinds of light.

“What kind of robot do you want to buy?” the store mostly uses artificial intelligence as employees, and the only artificial customer service welcomes the front at this time.

Qin Yi smiled and raised a piece of paper.

The paper says:

“Robbery, okay?”

The other party opened his eyes in horror.

The big man didn’t seem to think of it. He was stunned for a moment before he quickly regained his mind and pressed the other party.

Then Qin Yi took out the lightsaber and cut off the protective fence.

He chose the optical brain operated by the staff.

The optical brain records the information of all robots. Before they are bought, the optical brain has primary management authority over them.

Qin Yi slowly inserted the ID card in, and it soon worked.

That’s why Guo Kai, a stupid, vicious and short-sighted fugitive, could dominate a planet after owning this thing.

Once it is fully developed, it can be used in the right place.

To exaggerate, it can even command all artificial intelligence

Qin Yi blinked gently.

Eyelashes quiver.

The robots in this city… Riot.

Zheng Yi’an’s subordinate is Jing Hong.

As early as six months ago, Jing Hong secretly did something outside according to Zheng Yian’s order. Until a few days ago, he just came out of a relic and knew that Mr. Zheng had fallen into a wormhole. He didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. He could not get in touch with the large forces in the short term. He was surrounded, chased and intercepted by the Alliance Army, trying to strangle Zheng Yian’s forces in the cradle.

Jing Hong fought alone.

He thought he might die here

But the next moment.

A round educational household robot came to him.

The president’s second son frowned unhappily and said, “what? Which fool nearby released the failed cheap robot in his house?”

I saw the household robot, two round eyes flashing red twice.

Then his ass pouted.

The unarmed alpha flew out.

Jing Hong:?

What happened?

Far away on the other side.

Rui found that Wu Hong had been staring at the picture for a long time.

When the people in the picture sleep, Wu Hong will raise his hand and turn off the picture.

When the people in the picture wake up, Wu Hong will open the picture again.

good heavens.

Healthier than human work and rest!

Josephine couldn’t help it. He asked, “what are you looking at?”

Wu Hong: “he is looking for a new body for me.”

By robbery? Josephine really felt confused.

Wu Hong: “but he found half and went to save others.”

The bottom of Rui’s heart clicked. He carefully raised his eyes and looked at Wu Hong’s face.

Is this vinegar edible?

This needs to be eaten!

Why don’t I blow up the whole body in a minute?

But Wu Hong just sat there quietly.

His lonely body seemed to have support.

In Rui’s eyes.

In front of the young man, most of the time, there was no emotional exposure. He was shrouded in shadow, like a stagnant pool of neither joy nor sorrow. Even when he crushed his subordinates with his own hands, it was just like crushing a drop of water.

They occasionally talk about him in private.

They dare not mention his name.

Because once it is mentioned, it will be perceived by him.

They only dared to sigh quietly: “that looks like an unpredictable person without happiness and anger…”


But such a God did not show any gloomy jealousy.

He didn’t crush his subordinates anymore.

And didn’t blow up another star.

He sat there, stared at the beautiful boy in the picture seriously, and said seriously, “he is very gentle.”

Will save such an unimportant person.

He said, “I want it too.”

What do you want?

Want to be gentle? Or people? If you are human, do you have to make a specimen collection?

Josephine shivered.

Qin Yi came late.

He stopped in front of Jing Hong.

Jing Hong immediately stood upright with sweat and hair all over his body. Seeing the household machines behind him, his eyes glowed red and opened his teeth and claws.

“You, who are you?”

“My name is Qin Yi.”

Jing Hong suddenly stares at Qin Yi with a complicated look.

“Help you along the way. It’s not in vain to be Mr. Zheng’s little mother.” Qin Yi smiled.


Is this the mother’s tenderness that the gods want?

Idea, just, pretty, unique, also.


They are all motherless orphans.

God has no mother.

At the thought of this, Rui was really sad.


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