I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 52

The violent movement of robots did not cause panic among the people.

Because everyone’s eyes were first attracted by the huge scandal and joke made by the alliance.

[as we all know, Jing Hongyan was about to be promoted at the beginning, but in order to help the alliance deal with the scandal that public resources were privatized by the family on fairy actress, Mr. Zheng reluctantly sent him to Anja galaxy. Mr. Zheng has no news, so he can’t wait to get rid of him?]

[I fucking laughed to death. The president’s sons are all iron waste. I was isolated from the world for nearly half a year. I was surrounded by you alone, and you failed! Cow, cow, cow]

[it’s me. I’m on the way to apologize]

[good guy, I can’t even see the robot]

[I can’t imagine that an alpha can be pushed by a domestic robot]

Robot alliance leader

This news headline is greatly hung on the interstellar Internet.

All kinds of household machines are full of demons. Some are still holding pots and shovels, and some are also carrying videos of medical boxes, which are also crazy on the Internet.

This is the greatest irony!

However, the alliance’s nose is almost crooked, and there is no way to take this news title. After all, the star network does not belong to the alliance.

The two empires are waiting to see a joke. How can this matter sink quietly?

Of course, the people in the alliance are angry.

Immediately retorted: “fart! You don’t know Zheng Yi’an! Look at his past political achievements, don’t you know that he should be a man with deep thoughts and many means? Do you really think he sent Jing Hong to deal with fairy actress? He went to explore new mineral resources behind the alliance!”

But no one believed it.

Only the people appealed discontentedly: “looking at Zheng Yian’s past achievements, we only know how much practical work he has done for the Alliance…”

The words made people’s blood rush up.

The third son of the alliance president couldn’t help complaining to his father: “if I had known today, I should have killed Zheng Yian earlier. Or at least, completely destroyed his biological armor…”

“Do you think you can destroy it if you want to?” his father frowned.

But the eyebrows soon opened again.

He said: “this matter can only satisfy the public’s desire to spy on the people in power of the alliance. Now there is no Zheng Yi’an, whether he is intentional or really for the sake of martyrdom. It is not so easy to get out of the wormhole. Even if he arranges everything well and loses his backbone before he leaves, his power will just be scattered.”

He said, took out his lightsaber and cut the badge in front of him.

The badge was easily cut in half.

“They will end up like this sooner or later,” he said arrogantly. “It’s not enough to be afraid.”

“But the eldest brother was badly hurt by Zheng Yi’an. Now he is still surrounded by his men near the wormhole. If Zheng Yi’an really can’t come back, the eldest brother’s safety…”

“He can only sacrifice for the league. If Zheng Yian’s men really dare to move him, the big hat of treason can stay on his head.” the middle-aged man’s tone was lighter.

The atmosphere of the alliance has been comforted.

Qin Yi woke up, yawned lazily, opened the door and went out: “… Number one?”

Many dark shadows outside the door startled him.

An idea flashed through his mind.

Huh? Didn’t I finish demobilizing all the robots yesterday?

Qin Yi blinked and saw clearly that Jing Hong, who was rescued yesterday, was standing in front.

Jing Hong is still very young and looks green.

He whispered, “sorry, I’m afraid you’ll leave soon, so I have to stay outside your door…”

He said, slightly turned over and gave way to the people behind him: “they are all Mr. Zhang’s subordinates. The movement on the planet yesterday made them notice here and rushed over all night.”

Qin Yi swept around.

Most of them are Grade B alpha.

This is definitely a powerful backbone force.

But Qin Yi was not interested in this. He nodded his head: “Oh.”

Then there was no more noise.

Jing Hong suddenly knelt down to him: “Mr. Qin Yi!”

Qin Yi seldom heard others call him that.

Such a title, there is a feeling that he has grown up and independent.

He was in a good mood, so he was more patient and hung his eyes to see Jing Hong.

Jing Hong: “I have an unkind request…”

Qin Yi: “then don’t say it.”

Jing Hong choked.

Jing Hong regained his consciousness and quickly said, “Sir, you mentioned to us!”

Qin Yi looked at him with a smile.

Jing Hong doesn’t know why.

The young beauty in front of Mingming looks more powerful than the photos attached to the wormhole news at that time

But Jing Hong held his eyes at this time, but he unconsciously had the illusion that his scalp was numb.

Jing Hong calmed down for a moment and said, “we’d like you to hold up the backbone for Mr. as his widow…”

Qin Yi:?

However, Qin Yi also knew that their confrontation with the alliance should be a matter of morale.

If only because Zheng Yi’an entered the wormhole, they were distracted and failed to rebel, it would be a pity indeed.

Jing Hong at the other end is still talking: “as long as you promise, we will try our best to meet all your requirements…”

Qin Yi: “good.”

Jing Hong: “if you think the conditions are not enough… Huh? What did you just say?” Jing Hong immediately wrote a surprise on his face.

Qin Yi thought that if those alpha’s that matched him very well died, he wouldn’t mind being a widow together.


Jing Hong is not a complete liar.

Of course, Mr. Zheng never mentioned his thoughts and preferences with others at will. In particular, Mr. Qin himself may not understand Qin Yi, so how can he mention it to them?

And they have all heard Qin Yi’s name, from the news.

From the soft articles “why Qin Yi is charming” and “two or three things between Qin Yi and alpha” written by some interstellar literary giants with a stroke of pen.

The two words in the rumor finally turned into teenagers who walked slowly through the window and carefully selected robots.

Zheng Yian’s other men interposed: “if you want to choose that kind of combat robot, you can’t buy it in such a place…”

Jing Hong interrupted with a complicated look: “don’t you see the robot things spread all over the Internet?”

He said in his heart that it seemed that there was no difference between any robot and Qin Yi. They were all fighting in Qin Yi’s hands.

But others don’t know it has something to do with Qin Yi.

Qin Yi walked ahead and didn’t look back when he heard their voices.

Qin Yi chose the violence the day before_ The bravest robot in the movement.

Probably in order to meet the preferences of some mecha fans, it is shaped very tall. The body is composed of blue and white, like the most classic Gundam image in film and television works.

The silver light glided over its smooth lines.

It doesn’t look like a Nanny Robot.

“Do you want to buy this?” said Jing Yuan, quickly paying for Qin Yi.

Big guy thinks it’s good, too.

This looks more beautiful than before. After all, it is more in line with the aesthetics of the interstellar age.

Qin Yi nodded.

Inoue yuan hurried forward.

The door of the store opened wide immediately after sensing people.

There was a faint voice in the door: “that scene was really shocking… I haven’t seen such a scene in my 800 life!”

“Yes, I thought my robot was refined with what was written in the book… I thought they couldn’t come back. Hey, unexpectedly, they came back by themselves!”

“Hey, people are coming…”

The discussion stopped suddenly.

Few people on this planet know that the robot riot is because of Qin Yi.

So when he saw Qin Yi, the boss smiled: “it’s you. You came and left yesterday. I thought you didn’t like anything… What kind of robot do you want to choose…” robot.

The boss’s voice stopped in amazement after seeing Jingyuan and others.

As one of Zheng Yi’an’s confidants.

The face of Inoue yuan also appeared frequently in front of the public.

The boss reacted quickly

The alliance’s people want to catch Mr. Zheng’s confidant is him!

But he walked behind this Omega!

No, more than

The boss looked back.

A lot… A lot of alpha

Their temperament is close to Mr. Zheng’s taste.

An idea suddenly came into the boss’s mind – they are all Mr. Zheng’s subordinates!

The idea startled him.

Well, Omega, he

Before the boss thought it over carefully, Qin Yi ordered the blue and white robot seen in the window outside: “I want to buy it.”

As he spoke, he turned on the communicator and prepared to pay the bill.

“No, no, no, how can I let you come?” Jingyuan looked up at Qin Yi. “It’s our honor to pay for you… Madam.”

When spitting out the last two words, Jingyuan was inexplicably nervous.

Even if it’s just an Omega opposite.

But when his eyes fell, people always felt that they could not bear to live up to bullying and did not dare to live up to bullying.

Qin Yi looked at him with a funny tilt of his head. At last, he didn’t say anything.

Now that he has promised Inoue yuan to cheer up their “morale” in this way for a short time, he will not turn back when he comes to the head.

“OK, OK! You… Come with me!” the boss swallowed his saliva and looked at Qin Yi carefully and reluctantly. There was a kind of excitement and excitement as if he were in the center of gossip. Then he took Jingyuan inside.


Rui still sat carefully beside Wu Hong.

As he watched the scene, his heart went up to his throat again.

He also just knew that Wu Hong had projected his consciousness into the body of a robot before!

And now it looks like

This person does not intend to provide a new body for Wu Hong, but intends to directly change a new robot!

If so

Will Mr. Wu Hong feel angry?

That’s not a good thing.

Josephine thought sadly.

After Jingyuan’s payment, the boss immediately started the new robot. He was afraid that Qin Yi would not use it. He explained it carefully to Qin Yi.

I heard it funny.

Why can’t Mr. Qin use it? Not only can it be used, but also it can be used badly! In his hands, the domestic nanny robot seems to have become a soldier holding a sharp blade and marching forward!

Thinking of this, the thoughts of Jingyuan were a meal.

So… Is he really Omega?

Jingyuan is still thinking. Qin Yi has said, “OK.”

They walked out of the store slowly with their newly selected robots.

After the robot started, it seemed to be given life and obediently followed Qin Yi and others. Just because there is no special program, it has no dialogue with Qin Yi.

Jingyuan walked beside Qin Yi and whispered, “you may need to leave here with us. The man responsible for arresting me that day is the real son of the alliance president. He lost such a big face. Even if he is willing to be kind, the alliance’s face will not allow…”

Qin Yi nodded: “well, let’s go.”

Jingyuan was stunned again.

He thought he needed to say a long paragraph to persuade Qin Yi.

Omega needs such a proud attitude to make people realize their precious.

But he forgot

Qin Yi is not an ordinary Omega.

But as soon as this came down, Zheng Yian’s men ran in with Qin Yi.

They are very happy to communicate with each other in the face of Qin Yi and have such efficiency.

The owner of the shop watched them go far until they were out of sight. He whispered, “Madam… Mr. Zheng’s wife?… widow?”

As soon as the last two words came out, the boss was shocked by his conjecture.

After the shock, there was a little sadness for a moment, and two more tears fell for Mr. Zheng.

Let’s go this way.

The news came from this planet at the back foot over there —

Zheng Yian’s “widow” appeared here and joined Mr. Zheng’s subordinates, Jing Yuan and others.

They will all inherit his legacy.

Such a short message alone already contains a large enough amount of information.

“Where did he get his widow?” the League turned pale.

“Widow” actually exists almost like a mascot.

He (she) does not need to stand up and give any guidance to Zheng Yian’s subordinates. As long as such a person is present, it is difficult to disperse the people of Zheng Yian’s team.

The existence of this person will always remind them that Zheng Yian’s great revenge has not been avenged.

“Go to gray immediately. If you can’t get information from the surveillance, ask the local people,” the alliance president ordered.

Gray planet, that is, the planet where robot riot – movement has just occurred.

“Wait.” the president just said, but suddenly made a voice, “are you sure Inoue and others have left?”

“Has left.”

After a moment of silence, the president nodded: “go, if you can’t find Marshall, you must have been kidnapped by Zheng Yian’s chaos party! At that time, announce this unfortunate news and declare war publicly.”


When the man in front of him walked away.

The president’s other son couldn’t help but say, “I don’t believe Zheng Yian has a widow!”

The president: “I don’t believe it either. After being single for so many years, I have never had any desire – hope for Omega, and suddenly there is a widow?”

“Isn’t his sweetheart back? Can it be Qin Yi?”

The president shook his head: “do they dare? The other party has just torn the relationship with his father. He has become the first person in the universe to be unfaithful and unfilial. Do they really want to take such a person as Zheng Yian’s widow? Make him a new core of the team?”

“Also… Now other people, such as Zhou Yiqing and hols… Should not be easily infected with the name Qin Yi?”

“But the matching degree is 100%…” the president’s secretary couldn’t help interrupting.

“Do you really believe that the world has a matching degree of 100%? Even if there is, there will only be private contact, not in the open.”

“You’re right.”

It’s not just them who don’t believe in widows.

“Zheng Yi’an has a fart wife?”

“Although it’s cruel, I haven’t heard of anyone Mr. Zheng is dating before. He doesn’t even have an ambiguous object.”

In short, the widowed king has liked Qin Yi for many years, but he entered the wormhole and Qin Yi came out. What a trick of fate!

No one believes that Zheng Yian can have a widow!

Lian Jiyang secretly asked Zhou Yiqing.

The pro guard quietly asked hols

Their superior (your highness) thought about it, and they all reacted in unison.

“It can’t be Qin Yi!”

“Zheng Yi’an can’t have a wife!” the second half of the sentence absolutely doesn’t mean sour! absolutely!

At this time, the “widow” was sitting in the spaceship.

“We’re going to fly to Lingquan district now,” said Inoue.

“Hmm?” Qin Yi answered without raising his head.

Jingyuan heard the doubts in his voice, opened his mind and laid out a map in front of Qin Yi.

He raised his hand to a few planets on the map: “this is Lingquan district.”

Qin Yi nodded.

He estimated that this was the territory prepared by Zheng Yian for himself in his early years.

Other men couldn’t help visiting this side frequently at this time.

Qin Yi can probably guess their thoughts, but he doesn’t care.

Inoue can also guess their thoughts.

So Jingyuan returned a calm look.

They were worried that if he showed Qin Yi the map, they would expose their power arrangement. But since they have asked others to be “widows”, if they hide and avoid everywhere, they will lead to discord sooner or later.

Qin Yi still didn’t look up.

I didn’t seem to see you coming and going between their eyebrows.

The other men suddenly said, “what are you doing?”

The big man on one side was also silly.


I couldn’t help but wonder and turn around.

The beauty in front of me slowly disassembled the new robot I just bought… That’s it

Its trunk and thighs painted with blue and white color lie on the ground.

The light in the robot’s eyes also darkened.

Its main brain program is then closed.

“Number one, what about the previous things?” Qin Yi turned and asked.

The big man was still there and didn’t react for a while: “what?”

“Number two,” Qin Yi said.

His voice was understated.

But Rui found that Mr. Wu Hong suddenly straightened his already straight back.

The strong cold smell on the body seemed to be mixed with something else.

The big man replied in a muffled voice, “I see.”

Then he turned to their luggage room.

Josephine couldn’t help saying.

One, two.

What insincere ghost name is this?! I use my feet, I get up better than him!

At this time, the big man brought out “number two”. Well yuan and others can’t help being curious, number two? What’s number two?

It’s a pile of robot stumps and broken limbs.

This thing seems to have been destroyed by some huge force. Its surface has gravure marks and mottled paint. Its colors are diverse and not uniform.

It looks much more miserable than the disassembled limbs in front.

This is number two.

A broken robot.

A robot that Mr. Wu Hong’s consciousness once projected!

Number two is Mr. Wu Hong’s name!

Josephine realized this in horror.

Rui suddenly turned his head to see Wu Hong. His mouth opened and closed. In the end, he couldn’t say anything constructive.

Number two is Mr. Wu Hong.

Oh, that’s okay.

That’s a great name!

There is only one in heaven and earth!

Josephine couldn’t help but return her eyes to the big man.

1、 Number one?

You are very fierce!

Are you better than Mr. Wu Hong???

Under Rui’s gaze, the big man spoke again: “do you want to… Replace the limbs and parts of No. 2 with new ones and reassemble them?”

Qin Yi: “well, it’s a little difficult…” he paused and said, “but no matter how good the new thing is, it’s not what I want.”

“You are a person who cherishes the past and cherishes love.” Inoue yuan suddenly opened his mouth quite moved.

The others looked at Qin Yi and were more moved. Like a robot, it is associated with Zheng Yi’an.

Their memory and maintenance of Mr. Zheng, unwilling to rise up after the evil deeds of the alliance, seemed to reach a strange fit at this moment.

“I remember there is a Tata master in Lingquan district. He can complete such a complex repair,” someone said aloud.

“Yes, I’ll deliver it for you then.” someone answered.

Qin Yi nodded.

Compared with the interstellar age, it is much stronger in this regard.

Josephine opened her mouth again.


He felt that this human looked and seemed quite popular.

After dealing with another thing, Qin Yi went to bed easily.

Anyway, no matter how the Qin family jump.

No one can catch up with him now.

… good!

When Qin Yi left, the scene that he drove the Starship out of the wormhole that day was still firmly imprinted in everyone’s mind of Pan Daxing.

Those who just watched the video felt shocked, not to mention coming to the scene in person?

Because of Qin Yi’s merciless humiliation, Kong Jiaxiang closed his door temporarily after returning home.

The Kong family is even more arrogant. They want to scold Qin Yi outside and paste 88 counts on him, so that the whole world can know how disobedient and wild he is, and no one will dare to marry Omega!

Kong Jiaxiang couldn’t hold his face. For this reason, he had a quarrel with his family.

“Psycho!” Kong Jiaxiang looked at the thing smashed on the ground by his father and scolded fiercely. “Does he want more people outside to ridicule me for being amorous and not liked by Qin Yi at all?”

Kong Jiaxiang’s mother looked at his reluctance and shame and anger and comforted him in a low voice: “everyone will only ridicule Qin Yi. How can it be you?”

Kong Jiaxiang was silent for a moment and said, “you don’t understand.”

Then he told his mother what had happened in the wormhole.

But after hearing this, mother Kong’s first reaction was: “are you crazy? Are you stupid? Are you really dazzled by Qin Yi? Make up these funny things! Gods? Where are there gods? He has become a divine official? He has confronted the gods? Ha ha! How is it possible?”

No one believed Kong Jiaxiang’s words.

After Kong’s father came back, Kong’s mother repeated his words to him. He had another fight with his son for this matter.

Kong Jiaxiang was so angry that he scolded.

For the first time, he felt what an unreasonable world he was in!

As long as my father is right!

As long as alpha is right!

But Qin Yikai’s starship is obviously riding on your face!

So bright! Why do you just refuse to admit that this rebellious Omega is really powerful and almost shocking?

Once you peel off the appearance of “Omega collapse of a good wife and mother”, you will know the excellence of Qin Yi sooner or later! Then you and I will be ridiculed! It’s the Qin family! It’s all those who criticize him wantonly!

Kong Jiaxiang scratched his hair in a crash.

This feeling is fucking split and painful!


The Qin family is different.

The Qin family has thoroughly and re understood Qin Yi.


The Qin family was reduced to ruins under the fire of Qin Yi.

Oh, no, it’s not just ruins.

A huge pit was even dug below.

It is precisely because of this pit that the reconstruction of the Qin family has become extremely difficult.

The house is easy to build, but the land is difficult to fill.

So where will the Qin family settle during the reconstruction period?

“The Qin family doesn’t have other industries, just live in other real estate under their name.” Qin’s father’s wife whispered.

The ugly color on Qin’s father’s face did not dissipate.

“The face lost by the Qin family still can’t be found…” Qin’s father said coldly.

The brains of the rest of the Qin family are still in extreme confusion. Now they don’t even have the strength to scold Qin Yi. They can only listen to Qin’s father’s arrangement numbly.

Qin Fu said, “there is only one way now.”

What can I do?

Qin’s father found pan Daxing’s highest officer.

He hoped that the other party would welcome the Qin family in with etiquette and give them high standards. In this way, the face of the Qin family will be saved to the greatest extent.

Of course, it would be better if someone from emperor star could pick them up. But Qin Fu is also very clear that this may be extravagant in the short term. Even if you come to pick it up, it won’t be a big deal.

Qin Yi’s reputation has been bad.

Qin Fu thought.

But he didn’t expect that Pan Li, the supreme officer of Pan Daxing, turned his office chair and asked Qin Fu in surprise: “why do you think that when the whole pan Daxing looked at the jokes of the Qin family, I would pick you in with high standards?”

Qin’s father scolded at the bottom of his heart.

He smiled easily: “because the Zhou family can’t give up Qin Yi and match 100%. Even if they don’t marry home as a wife, they must tie him to Zhou Yiqing. This is something that no normal person will give up.”

In short.

The Zhou family may have raised Qin Yi as a forbidden animal.

When pan Li heard this, his eyes moved and he thought of going with Qin Fu.


If so, the Qin family is still profitable!

Pan Li is also an old man. He didn’t promise immediately, but nodded first and said, “let me think and give me some time. After all, I represent pan Daxing. I need to be careful in my every move, you know.”

Qin’s father heard that his attitude softened, smiled and stepped back: “OK, it’s all right.”

He said, “don’t worry.”

Qin Fu knew that Pan Li’s tone meant that he let go, but the old man wanted to card him on purpose.

After Qin’s father came out, his wife first greeted him and asked with flashing eyes, “how’s it going?”

“Do you want the answer to be yes or no?” Qin Fu snorted coldly. “I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you. Although Qin Yi refuses to recognize me, he is still the most profitable child of the Qin family.”

When the rest of the Qin family heard this, they couldn’t help showing their joy.

If so… That would be great!

In the office.

Panley’s secretary whispered, “it seems that the general will be interviewed by the media today.”

Panley: “look.”

The Secretary nodded and quickly opened the curtain of light for him.

Zhou Yiqing soon appeared on the light screen, but he is not being interviewed, but reviewing.

The recruits joined the army and walked slowly in front of him with standard steps.

Countless machine armor stopped on the training ground, and their armor reflected sharp light, which made general Zhou Yiqing standing on the high platform even colder against the background.

Even the imperial family stood aside, and their momentum was crushed.

Panley could see how ugly the royal face was.

I can’t help it. Zhou Yiqing is really great.

Pan Li couldn’t help but smack his lips and exclaimed. He quietly measured in his heart whether it was worth helping the Qin family again, but his eyes were suddenly attracted by general Zhou’s actions.

It’s not just him.

At present, the netizens watching this live broadcast noticed the movements of general Zhou’s hands at almost the same time.

“What’s that?” panley’s secretary said first in doubt.


What’s that?

General Zhou’s hands holding a whip, a long sword, and a combat ship

Those hands with thin cocoons and never willing to use the medical cabin to eliminate those battle marks

It is turning its fingers difficultly.

“Is it paper?” panley squeezed a voice from his throat.

The thin red paper flied between admiral Zhou’s fingers, and finally the clumsy shadow turned into

The lens of the media seemed very curious, so it suddenly drew closer and enlarged at this moment.

Incomparably high-definition, can also achieve a fine lens at a long distance, and perfectly present the shape of such things at this moment.

A rose.

A red flower, like a bunch of roses burning warmly!

What is the Admiral doing

[dancing grass! General iron blood can break roses! Am I crazy or am I blind?]

The netizens watching the live broadcast were in a panic.

Pan Li squeezed out a “ha” smile from his throat for a long time: “it’s really rare…”

After the review, this shock turned into the first impatient question of the media facing Zhou Yiqing.

“What was the Admiral just doing? Is this a new way to train fingers?”

Netizens suddenly realized when they heard this.


That’s admiral Zhou!

That must be a new way to train your fingers! The final goal is probably to manipulate the mecha more flexibly?

Everyone stood up and wanted to get some experience from Zhou Yiqing!

At this time, general Zhou in front of the camera slowly raised his eyelids and said, “No.”


“Is that…?” the media said again.

At this time, if people who are interested look carefully, they will find that some of the people present in the Presbyterian court actually don’t look very good.

But the media didn’t notice at the moment, let alone ordinary people.

Zhou Yiqing: “haven’t you heard of rose?”

“I’ve heard of it.” the media who answered stuttered unconsciously. Why haven’t you heard of it? Admiral Zhou is more like the person I haven’t heard of!

Another media couldn’t wait to ask, “but what is it used for?”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

He looked at them. For the first time, he didn’t feel very straight.

Zhou Yiqing: “of course, it’s for courtship.”



Presbyterian: a broken face.jpg

Panley was so surprised that he almost knocked his head over.

Such an ancient way of courtship on earth! And ancient romance is more amazing than modern romance!

“Then, who did you woo?” another media boldly asked in an almost excited tone.

That’s the fucking headlines!

Get the headlines in the universe!

At this time, Omega, named Qin Yi, has just made a great evil and has just become general Zhou’s past tense!

Zhou Yiqing asked calmly, “don’t you know?”

What, what?

We know

That won’t be

Zhou Yiqing: “Qin Yi.” he paused and said it. He said, “Qin Yi.”


Presbyterian: it’s hopeless. Take it away. Jpg

The royal family didn’t hold their breath for a moment, showing an expression of surprise.

But it soon turned into ridicule and a little joy.

This may be the first step for Zhou Yiqing to fall from the altar?

General Zhou’s roses are folded for Qin Yi

On what charm does Omega have that alpha will never forget

Such news headlines quickly made headlines on the interstellar network and quickly occupied the network.

Recently, the name Qin Yi has been very popular among the stars, so as soon as his news came out, it immediately attracted discussion.

[I’m crazy. Why? So many Omega, aren’t they good enough?]

[ah, is that why older singles suddenly fall in love]

[I’m stupid]

The media trembled and raised their hands. They were still asking, “why? Can you ask why? Why or Qin Yi? Aren’t there many Omega?”

[that’s right!]

Netizens agreed.

What kind of Omega does admiral Zhou want?

“What kind of Omega do you like?” Zhou Yiqing asked.

The media was stunned, and then stammered, “of course, it’s best to be gentle and look better. Well, ha ha, with my conditions, it’s good to have an omega. I don’t choose.”

It’s just that Qin Yi is like this. I really can’t control it.

Don’t talk about me. Few alpha can handle it, right? What’s the point of marrying such Omega?

“Well.” Zhou Yiqing nodded, “Omega, which is popular, is gentle. She has read a little, can make some food, and can give birth to a healthy child…”

“This is what you like.”

“I never liked it.”

The expression on Zhou Yiqing’s face was still cold and hard, in line with his consistent image, but what he said was cold and hard, as if mixed with a strange tenderness.

There was a moment of silence.

It seems… It seems right.

What kind of person is general Zhou? It’s hard to get such a one in a thousand years! When the imperial people mentioned him, they were full of glory!

Because he is so special, he doesn’t like what the public likes.

He likes special.

Is this strange?

That’s not surprising!


A little convinced!

[… With that, I can understand why general Zhou never looked at Omega before]

[? Is Qin Yi really a little energetic?]

This is the vacillation of a small number of people.

But most people still jump up and down angrily, thinking that Qin Yi is not worthy of Zhou Yiqing.

The people of the Presbyterian court also wanted to kill themselves in front of Zhou Yiqing and show him.

Only Zhou Yiqing remained calm: “is there anything else to ask?”

The media are sweating a lot.

But admiral Zhou seldom has such a good interview… Such a good opportunity. I really don’t want to miss it.

The media stammered again: “well, but Qin Yi is now… Gone…”

Zhou Yiqing: “I know.”

The media seemed a little unable to take this up, so they had to turn their eyes.

oh Look what they found!

“The one around the Admiral seems to be a strange face. Where did he get promoted?”

But the other party said angrily, “I’m from the Presbyterian court!”

The media looked at each other and began to speculate.

The people of the Presbyterian are standing by the admiral. What kind of political signal is this?

But they haven’t figured out whether they can ask or not.

The man was even more angry and said gnashing his teeth, “I him…” Mom.

The Presbyterian can’t swear.

He swallowed the second half.

“I’m here to teach general Zhou how to fold roses!” the man said fiercely.

The media’s mind is numb again. It feels that this focus has returned to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi, Qin Yi, what kind of person are you?

Can we have a close interview with this man in our lifetime?

They dare not interview again.

Afraid of being assassinated by the Presbyterian the next day.

This day’s review thus drew a “perfect” full stop.

[grass, a way of promotion I never thought of! As long as I can origami roses, can I teach the Admiral?]

Ah! Dad! I can also be a teacher for the Admiral! I will discount! I will!]

While netizens were discussing in a trance.

Zhou Yiqing slowly exits from the review platform in his military uniform.

Mr. Zhou greeted him with a complicated look, and finally turned into a voice in his throat: “you!”

Zhou Yiqing looked at him: “don’t you want me to combine with an Omega?”

“Yes, but… Forget it.” Mr. Zhou closed his mouth wisely.

Zhou Yiqing looked at the disapproval expression on his face.

He turned around and looked at the Presbyterian, the royal family, the media, and even countless soldiers under the stage, as well as the ordinary people who came to watch the ceremony from the periphery

The expression of netizens, without looking, he can almost imagine.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

Although Zhou Yiqing is the God of war with great achievements, he has countless honors. But for the first half of his life, he was strangely imprisoned in a crystal jar.

He had no such feeling before, until later, when he learned that Qin Yi bombed the Qin family.

Everyone was watching him in the crystal jar.

Because he has done what the public likes to see, countless people like him and respect him.

But there are rules attached to such reverence and love.

His occupation has various requirements for him.

He is an imperial general who cannot fall. He is the pillar of the Empire. He has never had a personal life. The royal family was afraid of him, jealous of him, and secretly said that he had turned the empire into his own speech.

Since it is a speech hall.

Then try it.

Don’t worry about the gains and losses of the political position, and don’t worry about the inviolable glorious image of the general.

Let’s really turn this place into his speech hall for the time being!

General Zhou felt a kind of spiritual comfort and relaxation in an instant.

He looked at the distance, and a soft smile really appeared on his cold face.

At the same time, on panda.

Panley wiped his face, and the sweat had soaked his back.

He scolded: “what the hell is this? It’s said that the latest technology is self-cleaning? It can’t be done at all!”

He got up from his office chair and walked twice.

The Secretary quickly helped him: “you want…”

Pan Li said coldly, “go to see Qin Jianlin.”

He thought.

Fortunately, he watched the live broadcast in time!

Now no one in the whole universe doesn’t know. General Zhou has a deep love for Omega called Qin Yi, and even so deep!

Even if this man is deviant!

He is different from ordinary Omega!

Even if he blew up his father! And cut it off!

Panley pushed the door open.

Welcoming the happy eyes of the Qin family, he said, “I won’t let you live in my residence.” he was cruel: “because you don’t deserve it!”

Since it is not forbidden, it is an irreplaceable true love of general Zhou.

So what Qin Yi doesn’t like, that is, what I don’t like.

“What are you talking about?!” Qin Fu changed his face.

Pan li felt it was not enough when he said this, and scolded: “I thought about it. If an Omega could be willing to cut off his wings and get rid of the protection of the family, you must have treated him badly! How can you… How can you have the heart to treat your relatives like this? That’s a precious Omega!”

“Are you crazy?”

“I think Mr. Qin is crazy,” Panli ordered. “Please take them out and don’t report when you come to the door again.”

“Pan Li!” Qin’s father couldn’t hold his face. He was really angry.

Especially the moment before, he said triumphantly with the Qin family that Pan Li agreed. As a result, he was slapped in the face. What is the majesty of his master?

“What made you change your mind?” Qin Fu shouted.

But the next moment, all the Qin family were carried away by the guards.

When they were driven out, they were also seen by other people nearby. It can be said that this time, the Qin family not only failed to recover the precarious face, but also completely hit the face again.

Qin’s father can’t go crazy in situ. After all, going crazy will only make him more embarrassed in everyone’s eyes.

The Qin family walked away in dismay.

It made passers-by sigh.

The day after the rumor of folding roses came out.

Suddenly there was news that Zhou Yiqing was going to visit pan Daxing.

Now panda star is boiling.

“Is it for Qin Yi?”

“General Zhou is so determined to go his own way…”

“No matter what Qin Yi’s reputation is, general Zhou is still a distant existence that we can’t afford to offend.”

After discussion, pan Daxing finally decided to set out the highest specification and all respectfully welcome the arrival of the general.

Precious Omega sneezed at this time.

He rubbed the tip of his nose: “hmm? Who’s scolding me?”

The big head asked, “are you ill?”

Omega is very easy to get sick, but he is not sure whether Qin Yi will be like this.

Qin Yi shook his head and walked into the front hall carelessly.

Everyone in the front hall was chatting: “Zhou Yiqing went to pan Daxing for him and didn’t intervene in the Alliance…”

Jingyuan smiled and said, “maybe it’s waiting for the alliance to lose both sides first, and then easily intervene to split the alliance.”

“You’re right. How can a person like general Zhou measure and guess ordinary love?”

At this point, someone coughed two or three times and whispered, “madam is coming.”

Everyone knows Qin Yi’s true identity under the disguise.

Qin Yi didn’t hide it from them.

After all, this is more conducive to mutual cooperation.

Anyway, there is no fiance who matches 100% of them!

We are still a little guilty of talking about people behind their backs.

Before they racked their brains to start a new conversation and lead it in another direction, Qin Yi suddenly said, “is there any new news?”

“… yes.”

Yes, yes.

But the headlines are all about you!

I don’t know why, now they suddenly feel that it’s very awesome for them to make this widow for their husband, even if it’s fake.

Admiral Zhou didn’t get anything.

Qin Yi chose a sofa at will and sat down.

The sofa is set according to the body shape of alpha, which is particularly spacious. Qin Yi went into the nest as if he had been carefully held by a pair of big palms.

It seems that he has a gentle and delicate beauty.

But the man lazily supported his arms and legs and stretched out his hand: “show me.”

So it looks like the sofa ate him in his mouth.

But he has the superiority and carelessness to suppress everything.

When Jing Yuan reacts, he has handed his light brain to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi roughly turned over.

For a moment everyone was silent.

Some people even quietly condemned Jingyuan with their eyes. What if they were moved by general Zhou’s behavior after reading it, so they decided not to be Lao Shizi’s widow and want to be the general’s wife?

The dead can’t compete with the living!

Sir, how miserable!

Everyone looked constipated and on pins and needles.

But soon they found that Qin Yi’s expression didn’t look good.

Qin Yi: “……”

Zhou Yiqing’s behavior was really unexpected.

It turns out that someone really wants to like him at such a time! Is it because of the attraction of pheromones? Oh, it doesn’t seem to count. Zhou Yiqing doesn’t seem to smell a few pheromones on him.

But even so

After a short shock, Qin Yi licked his lower lip: “what is it?”


Qin Yi threw guangnao back to Jingyuan.

But in this world, there is no alpha he likes.

If this can’t stop Zhou Yiqing

Qin Yi whispered, “do a big job.”

The big man was busy looking at him: “what does your excellency mean?”

He hopes to help Qin Yi. Can we use him this time?

Qin Yi: “have you ever smelled pheromones from me?”

Everyone blushed.

Then, how dare you smell it?

Qin Yi raised his wrist and gathered in front of Jingyuan: “smell it.”

Jingyuan fell down with fear.

Qin Yi: “…” let me tell you directly. It’s hard for anyone to smell pheromones from me. Except Zhou Yiqing. ”

Everyone stared in shock and panic.

Then they took two breaths desperately, and really… They didn’t smell anything. If there is no inhibitor, then this is very abnormal.

If only Zhou Yiqing can smell it, it may be that the matching degree between them is very high. Perhaps only Zhou Yiqing is suitable to be his other half.

So, is he really going to follow Zhou Yiqing? QAQ

Qin Yi: “besides your Mr. Zheng.”

Everyone heard the sound, stared and was ecstatic.

“And Lu Ji.”


Everyone’s expression collapsed again.

“And the prince of Limu Empire, what’s his name? Forget it, I don’t remember at all. What other kings are there? Forget it, I don’t remember…”


That’s all you have to do?!

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