I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 53

“So, in fact, so many people like me just because of the fit of pheromones. Or to put it another way, the pheromone matching between me and them is very high.” Qin Yixin said, but there is no mysterious reason.

Maybe netizens will be particularly disappointed at the moment they know.

But it doesn’t matter.

If you can’t stop one step, let everyone’s steps be disordered.

Qin Yi said, “I’ll make it public.”

Anyway, if this matter is covered up again, it will not achieve its goal. It’s better to simply publish all the news, so as to give countries a headache.

He has done one thing for arrogance.

I’m not afraid to do one more thing.

That’s why we’re back.

Then, what kind of scene will it be?

Qin Yi.

Such an Omega has a high degree of matching with so many super-s alpha!

Just imagining the coming scene in the future, they felt their scalp numb.

Probably, maybe, the whole interstellar universe will dance wildly for the arrival of that scene.

Qin Yi: “I thought it over carefully. It should not affect me to be Zheng Yi’an’s widow.” after all, we may not recognize that Zheng Yi’an’s widow is him. What’s more, Zheng Yi’an is gone. He and Zheng Yi’an can’t have children again.

We don’t have a target anymore.

Everyone swallowed their saliva: “… HMM.”

Maybe it will only stimulate everyone’s unity and more firmly want to protect Mr. Zheng’s “wife”.

“But what if… Someone sees through your identity and wants to rob you?”

“If the person who comes is very powerful, I can also be robbed.” Qin yihun said carelessly.

Jingyuan was stunned.

He thought that Qin Yi would want to rely on their power and get rid of these people’s pursuit, but Qin Yi… Doesn’t care?

Qin Yi: “if I was robbed, you tell them that I was robbed by the alliance. Isn’t that more exciting? Everyone must be able to share a common hatred.”

Jingyuan: ”

Jingyuan was a little embarrassed, but there was an unspeakable shock in his heart.

At this moment, he felt that the young man in front of him was a little similar to Mr. Zheng.

You can easily plan yourself into the bureau without changing your face.

Qin Yi even seemed more arbitrary.

Because unlike Mr. Zheng, Mr. Zheng still has something to seek, and he doesn’t seem to have it.

Jingyuan calmed down a little, but he didn’t think he had brought back such a hot potato.

He found that this may be the charm of Qin Yi, not that everyone likes him just because of the fit of pheromones, as he said.

But the more you get along with Qin Yi, the more you contact him, you will find that he has a strange attraction.

Jingyuan said in a deep voice, “don’t worry, we will try our best to improve our combat effectiveness, so as to better protect you in the protection circle…”

Qin Yi gently nodded his head and muttered to himself: “I have to choose a good day…”

Zhou Yiqing at the other end arrived at Pan Daxing.

Looking at the crowd who came to meet him, his facial expression didn’t fluctuate.

Ji Yang around him couldn’t help sighing: “this is the place where Qin Yi was raised? It’s hard to imagine…” it’s such a remote and backward place.

Zhou Yiqing also felt a little incredible.

His mood was even a little subtle.

It was pan Daxing who took the initiative to send Qin Yi to Dixing. Now he came to pan Daxing just to know more about Qin Yi. And here, even the shadow of Qin Yi has not been left.

Zhou Yiqing felt it for the first time. It turned out that the taste of fate playing tricks was like this.

The original taste of looking back is like this.

“Admiral, would you like to inspect the local garrison of Pan Daxing first?” Pan Li, the supreme officer of Pan Daxing, came forward and asked.

It was Zhou Yiqing’s consistent habit to check the local armaments before reviewing and verifying them.

But today.

Zhou Yiqing gave it to Ji Yang.

It’s not his arrogance.

But pan Daxing’s military strength is indeed very general. It is remote, but it is not located at the border and is not threatened by any external forces. It really doesn’t deserve Zhou Yiqing to review it in person.

After Zhou Yiqing ordered Ji Yang, he paused and asked, “which school did Qin Yi read?”

Everyone heard that he put the name “Qin Yi” on his lips, and immediately understood that general Zhou really came for Qin Yi. There was no fraud in what general Zhou said in the interview.

Qin Yi is really someone else’s sweetheart now!

Not only can they not scold the general for being blind to his face, but they have to bow down with all their strength.

“Me! Our school!” at this time, the president of Pan Daxing No. 1 College almost couldn’t wait to squeeze to the front, with a face full of words that Lao Tzu’s ancestral grave is smoking today.

He stood in front of general Zhou excitedly, his hands and feet soft.

“Lead the way.” Zhou Yiqing said.

The headmaster raised his head and answered with a pair of eyes from last week’s Yi Qing. He was not only weak in hands and feet, but also weak in knees.

For the people on panda star, this is a big man they may not see in their whole life.

This is the surrendering aura inherent in S-level alpha

When Zhou Yiqing came to school, the Kong family and the Qin family also got news.

The Qin family’s expression cracked.

They already knew why pan Li was so ruthless, just because general Zhou publicly showed his love for Qin Yi in the limelight!

At this time, the Qin family wanted to go but dared not.

They were afraid that Zhou Yiqing would kill them on the spot.

In the face of such huge interests, I dare not eat.

For the Qin family, nothing is more tormenting than this.

The Qin family secretly went crazy in the house for a while, and then honestly hid themselves for fear that Zhou Yiqing’s people would find out and settle accounts with them.

And Kong Jiaxiang?

He suddenly turned up from his bed and said, “I’m going to school.”

Kong’s parents were not at home because they all went to meet general Zhou.

At this time, it’s cheap to squeeze forward and touch some light. No one wants to give up.

Without the decision of Kong’s parents, the bottom people can’t beat Kong Jiaxiang, so they have to drive an aircraft and send people to school.

At the school gate, the bodyguard couldn’t help sighing: “I thought people like the general would come here. Security would be set up here and no one would be allowed to enter.”

Kong Jiaxiang pulled the corners of his mouth.

Why not?

Of course, it must be because their generals have absolute confidence in their own strength.

Kong Jiaxiang walked in. When his classmates saw him, they couldn’t help showing their surprised expression.

The bodyguard was a little uneasy and complicated by the surprised faces.

How did he feel that the young master came to… Humiliate himself?

At this time, the headmaster was still eagerly introducing Zhou Yiqing.

Those who once served as Qin Yike’s teacher for a short time now follow. They spoke enthusiastically, as if they were really familiar with Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi, you learn things very quickly. The one who has the fastest credits…”

“People are very gentle. Every time they talk to people, they will have a little smile on their face.”

Ji Yang couldn’t help interrupting: “these… Are all Qin Yixue’s?”

Cultivation and appreciation of flowers and plants.

Clothing matching and appreciation.

Introduction and appreciation of food.

There are even banquet etiquette and Omega’s fertility courses.

The most outrageous thing is that Qin Yi has completed all his credits!

Ji Yangxin said that this is completely different from Qin Yi in my cognition!

The media behind me thought the same.

“Oh, yes, yes! I suddenly remembered…” the headmaster said excitedly, “at the beginning, pan Daxing sent a pot of orchids to your father’s desk! That was cultivated by Qin Yi! In the competition held by Pan Daxing at that time, he also won the first prize…”

Ji Yang couldn’t help but interrupt: “it’s really awesome.”

What the hell did you learn every day?

Even so, Qin Yi was stunned and grew into a man who could drive a warship.

Zhou Yiqing interrupted with a voice, “the orchid on my father’s desk?”

“Yes, a pot of plain crown lotus tripod! It’s very beautiful!”

Zhou Yiqing’s eyes flashed and didn’t say anything more.

The headmaster looked at his face and whispered, “in fact, Qin Yi is a good child.”

What else can he say if he doesn’t say so now?

Scold Qin Yi with those people on the Internet?

That won’t work.

The headmaster now boasts that he and Qin Yi are a community of interests.

Qin Yi can fly to the branches, and their school can follow the cattle! What a good thing! Now I see general Zhou’s deep love for Qin Yidu. In this case, it’s normal to reward them, isn’t it?

Zhou Yiqing didn’t make a sound.

He felt that Qin Yi didn’t necessarily want to be a good child.

But Zhou Yiqing suddenly remembered another thing: “the first prize?”


“Is there a bonus?”

… yes.

The headmaster’s expression was stiff, but he didn’t give Qin Yi at all!

They whored Qin Yi’s su Guan he Ding for nothing! It’s Qin Yi’s honor to say it’s dedicated to general Zhou’s father. What else do you want to reward? Isn’t that unreasonable?

Zhou Yiqing asked, “how much?”

“One, ten thousand.”

“So little?” Zhou Yiqing frowned.

Ji Yang was going to be a little weird. He puffed and said, “can this be set as the first prize?”

To be fair, in school, this number is not small.

But the head said so. The headmaster’s cold sweat came down and stammered: “at the beginning, because of some changes, classmate Qin Yi was eager to leave pan Daxing, so the money couldn’t be sent to him. Why don’t you add it now? I think it’s a little less…”

Zhou Yiqing: “58 million.”

“Five thousand…” the headmaster’s face changed.

Zhou Yiqing is not interested in flowers.

But Mr. Zhou likes it. Of course, he has been influenced a little.

“How much can a pot of plain crown lotus tripod be auctioned? Do you need me to remind you?”

In fact, this era likes naturally cultivated plants and naturally cultivated animals.

These things are extremely rare.

Orchid, because of some residual poems and words handed down in ancient times, makes everyone particularly appreciate the beauty of orchid.

Su Guan he Ding is a rare treasure that can be found in ancient times!

Not to mention this era?

It is no exaggeration to say that there is no problem shooting a hundred million.

The headmaster wants to cry without tears. He wants to plug himself into the drainage system and wash away in a bubble of water!

But admiral Zhou was actually a person familiar with the price. As soon as Admiral Zhou said this, the headmaster knew that he had no reason to argue any more.

The headmaster endured heartache and replied in a trembling voice, “yes, yes, you are an expert. You’re right.”

Ji Yang also added: “the school should have been the most open and bright holy land for academic and training without intrigue. If it exploits students by relying on the general trend, it is worth thinking about whether it is necessary for this school to exist.”

As soon as the headmaster heard this, he trembled and said again and again: “yes, what you said is that there will never be such a situation in our school in the future…”

I only wish I could improve the welfare of students by eight degrees.

Zhou Yiqing asked again, “who are Qin Yi’s classmates?”

“He, they!” the headmaster pointed quickly.

At the first sight of the imperial general, these green students held their breath, scared and excited, and almost fainted.

Zhou Yiqing swept away in a hurry.

He was somewhat disappointed.

None of them has the slightest style of Qin Yi.

He asked, “can you see your Omega?”

“Of course!” the others answered excitedly.

Omega, who studied in this school, came to Zhou Yiqing after injecting the inhibitor.

They looked at Zhou Yiqing nervously, fearfully or shyly.

Ji Yang finally couldn’t help sighing: “Qin Yi… There is only one in the world.”

Zhou Yiqing didn’t speak, but he silently agreed with this sentence.

Zhou Yiqing didn’t stay any longer. As he walked out, he asked the people around him, “what kind of person do you think Qin Yi should be?”

The Omega behind him were disappointed and could only watch him leave.

“Qin Yi…”

In the past, everyone said that he was the first good wife and mother on Pan Daxing.

Can you say that?

It is also the first candidate for everyone’s little lover.

Can you say that?

“A complicated man,” said the headmaster in a difficult voice.

Zhou Yiqing paused and said, “a complex and wonderful person.”

Everyone listened to him with such a high evaluation of Qin Yi, and then watched him leave.

Zhou Yiqing left and Kong Jiaxiang came here.

Kong Jiaxiang only glanced at it from a distance and unconsciously stopped his steps.


This man, compared with the “King” in the wormhole, has a more terrible feeling of facing directly.

This is the evil spirit condensed from the battlefield.

Just then he heard the excited voices of others:

“Shit, I was scared to death just now. Admiral Zhou was so terrible, so terrible! How did Qin Yi make him like it?”

“From this point of view, Kong Jiaxiang is a fart compared with the general!”

“No wonder Qin Yi doesn’t want to talk to him…”

“In the past, it was probably Kong Jiaxiang’s wishful thinking.”

“Those alpha dare say they want Qin Yi to be a lover? Ha ha, no one dares.”

Kong Jiaxiang hugged his head in embarrassment and quickly turned around and left.

I’m a loser.

waste material!

The bodyguard took a look and said, “look, it’s really humiliating!

After they left.

What most of them didn’t hear was that there was a timid Omega. When Zhou Yiqing was there just now, he looked at it and didn’t dare to look up again. There are many Omega like him. But at this time, she couldn’t help whispering: “so… Omega can be as powerful as Qin Yi.”

Not at home, waiting to be selected and matched.

After a few days of Omega’s exclusive courses, they were packed and sent to their fiance’s house for marking and engagement.

Omega also has the right to choose freely.

If you don’t want to do it, kick over the table and leave.

“I also want to be a person who can…”

At least look directly at the strong alpha first.

After Zhou Yiqing left school, he first sent a communication request to the Zhou family’s house.

The people over there were still surprised.

After all, the Admiral rarely sends messages home.

Ji Yang and others waited quietly for a while, and none of them came forward to disturb them.

Of course, pan Li was even more afraid. He was afraid it was an important military aircraft task. If he wanted to disturb it, he would lose his head.

Zhou Yiqing quickly cut off the communication, returned here without changing his face and said, “OK.”

Ji Yang looked at him mistily.

Huh? What on earth did the Admiral do?

On the emperor star at the other end.

This period of time can be said to be a very unhappy day for Mr. Zhou.

He didn’t know whether he should be glad that his son had finally enlightened or depressed that what his son liked was not Omega at all, but alpha.

Not to mention all kinds of storm calculations in the Presbyterian.

Mr. Zhou sighed with boredom. He decided to go to bed.

“Bring my baby,” he said.

The robot said flatly, “it’s gone.”

“Gone? What’s gone?”

“Baby is gone.”

The bored Mr. Zhou once found that his precious orchid was taken away overnight by his son who killed that day!




It’s better to have a dog than a son!!!

When Zhou Yiqing received the news of success, the corners of his mouth finally had a little radian.

After he cut off the communication, he transferred another 42 million from his account. When he saw Qin Yi, he gave the money to Qin Yi.

He came to collect 100 million bonus for Qin Yi.

The headmaster is still crying.

“I’m so scared! I want to make money for Qin Yi, but now I don’t know Qin Yi’s account. No one else can see… What should I do?”

“Money can’t get through. Is our school going to be gone?”

He and the vice principal put together and wept bitterly.

It was a scene they had never thought of before.

The day after Zhou Yiqing entered pan Daxing.

Lu Ji also arrived here.

Of course, Lu Ji is much more low-key. After all, he is a pirate leader.

None of them knew where Qin Yi had gone after he came out of the wormhole. They introspected again and found that they had to face a fact besides stripping the cow’s self-confidence of alpha

We have to wait for Qin Yi to take the initiative to find them. We won’t wait for 80000 years.

Where else can I find Qin Yi?

There’s no trace now.

It’s really a good choice to go to pan Daxing to find some clues.

Lu Ji thought.

Lu Xing around him gave him advice: “boss, you see, this man surnamed Zhou knows he can’t find Qin Yi in the short term, but he didn’t delay his public confession! The media all over the world have become his assists! Why don’t you break a rose?”

Lu Ji was a little moved, but he held back.

Lu Ji: “I don’t like to play this kind of low intelligence love bridge. Do I need to copy him?”

Lu Ji: “why don’t you fold the interstellar titanium into roses?”

Lu Xing:?

Lu Ji and he stared at each other.

Then I realized that I had played so many film and television works, including love movies. But in the end, when you are about to use it, you hate less.

How to chase people? Huh?

Lu Ji, who didn’t know how to chase people, sneaked into the school on the first day when he arrived at Pan Daxing.

He casually pinched his identity and was warmly welcomed by the headmaster.

After learning from the headmaster that the headmaster had prepared more than 50 million yuan to pay Qin Yi, Lu Ji asked, “since it was a bonus, why didn’t you give it at that time?”

The headmaster was speechless.

The reason why he mentioned more than 50 million yuan was that he wanted to pay Qin Yi by word of mouth. He didn’t default. He didn’t violate general Zhou’s intention. He just couldn’t find Qin Yi for the time being!

Now I’m asked again!

Lu Ji looked at him with a sneer, beat the headmaster, and then walked away.


Lu Ji felt very good after playing.

He suggested, “don’t beat the Qin family again?”

Lu Xing: “I think so.”

Are they pirates anyway.

Don’t eat according to the law.

When the Qin family was worried, general Zhou came to ask questions in person.

The alpha of the younger generation of the Qin family were all wrapped in sacks and became concussion.

After the concussion, I have to continue to accept general Zhou’s questions.

The momentum of the powerful alpha and the pain forced them to have a painful illusion of dying on the spot.

This is the darkest day of the Qin family.

They could not imagine that from the moment when Qin Yi’s test results came out, they ushered in no glory, only boundless torture.

In the imperial palace of the rimu Empire at this time.

The crown prince was concentrating and looked at something with a slight frown.

Is it confidential?

Is it a video of a military exercise?

The Chamberlain waited for two hours. Finally, he couldn’t resist. He stepped forward and asked in a low voice, “Your Highness, it’s time to have dinner. Shall I show the menu to your highness now?”

The crown prince did not scold him, but answered softly, “yes.”

He reclined on the throne, and his posture was rarely a bit loose, but it did not damage his luxurious temperament. The attendant leaned over to wipe his fingers and bowed down, but first saw the back of the prince’s hand slightly arched because of his strength.

The attendant couldn’t help but look up. With this look up, he saw the light screen diagonally opposite the crown prince.

It turned out that it was the whereabouts of the enemy general!

The enemy general has gone to pan Daxing!

The enemy general returned origami roses!

The waiter disdained to think that if he didn’t do his job, it must be the enemy’s country coming to an end!

Just then, he felt his scalp numb.

He turned his eyes carefully and found the crown prince looking at him.

“Your Highness?” the Chamberlain was about to kneel down.

But I heard the crown prince suddenly ask, “you say, how can I go to pan Daxing?”

The waiter was startled.

How do I know? If you can’t answer, will your highness kill me?

The crown prince slowly stroked the seal at hand. He said, “when can I occupy the enemy country and go to pandaxing?”

He also didn’t know Qin Yi’s whereabouts.

For the young crown prince, it is more painful than waiting near the wormhole. Because people seem to be close at hand, but he can’t touch each other. His full mood, anger, grievance, a trace of heart, could not be dumped.

This is simply going to make the crown prince crazy.

He felt that his manners were even shaky.

For a moment, he thought that maybe I could dress up and hide my identity to go to pan Daxing. But soon he denied it.

He should have come proudly, not secretly.

The crown prince suddenly stood up and said, “I’m going to practice.”

Kill Zhou Yiqing as soon as possible.

Occupy the enemy country.

The Chamberlain looked at his back in amazement.

Ah, don’t you eat?

This… The attendant was moved to think that your highness really has a family and country in his heart! With a heavy burden on your shoulders! Your Highness’s wild hope and efforts will lead us to the peak!

When Prince hols proposed to fight the enemy country for the 35th time, he was persuaded by the ministers again, and the time did not come.

In fact, he also knows that it is not easy for a big country to go to war.

But I’m not willing.

Hols thought.

Maybe it doesn’t matter to sneak around occasionally?

The crown prince is not always noble, arrogant and polite.

The crown prince has to go to the bathroom, too.

Qin Yi doesn’t know their melancholy.

Qin Yi has just arrived in Lingquan district.

The first thing Inoue did was take him to repair the robot first.

There are large troops under Zheng Yian stationed in Lingquan district. They have completely separated from the alliance.

This group of people were excited to see groups of spaceships flying into the planet.

“Teacher Jing is back?”

“It must be!”

“Revenge for your husband is inevitable!”

They talked eagerly, but when they looked back, they found… Huh?

“Where’s Mr. Jing?”

The man who got down from the spaceship replied, “I went to repair the robot with my wife.”

When we heard the word “madam”, our minds turned hard for a while, and then we remembered, oh, there’s a widow.

But such a person who hasn’t appeared before

“Give orders to Mr. Jing as soon as he comes?” someone said angrily.

“Where? Inoue yuan took the initiative to accompany him.”

That sounds even more strange.

Everyone looks complicated.

The people who came down from the ship looked at each other and said to be more careful?

So I reintroduced Qin Yi’s real identity.

Now everyone’s reaction is more intense.

“His reputation is so bad now, how can he be Mr.’s widow?”

The person opposite choked and said, “but Sir likes him…”

Everyone was stunned and shut up melancholy.


When my husband was near the wormhole, there was news that my husband liked him.

As long as one percent of the probability is true, it’s worth it. At least Mr. had him for a short time.

The people who fell into melancholy were not interested in discussing what kind of person the “Lady” was.

They went on with their own business.

Only by doing the work at hand can we avenge Mr. and overthrow the alliance as soon as possible.

Qin Yi at the other end doesn’t care whether everyone likes to accept him or not.

With the help of Inoue yuan, he successfully worshipped the repairman as a teacher, who will teach him robot repair knowledge for up to three months.

Qin Yi is never afraid to learn new things.

It should be said that he is excited and particularly focused on learning new things.

After such a period of contact, the relationship between Inoue and him became familiar.

While accompanying him out, Inoue asked, “have you tried the test of pheromone transformation?”

Qin Yi: “hmm?”

“If you can hardly smell the Omega pheromone and have such a strong learning ability…”

Qin Yi smiled: “do you think I should be alpha?”

Jingyuan thought that if it was alpha, he would blow up the Qin family and no one would say anything.

Because what most people fear is that Omega has such power and no longer follows the rules of society. Alpha, however, was born with the power to destroy everything. Such alpha will be highly respected.

Qin Yi said lightly, “not everything, only alpha can do.”

He didn’t think anything bad about Omega or alpha.

He just hates the evil alpha of Qin Fu and Kong Jiaxiang.

He liked the body his mother had left him.

Head to toe.

Jingyuan was stunned at the sound, and then his face showed a look of shame: “sorry, I’m abrupt.”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

He didn’t deny Inoue yuan’s words. A reply was even an apology from the other party.

Anyway, he never says “it’s okay” when others apologize.

Well yuan walked forward a few steps: “can I smell your pheromone again?”

Qin Yi raised his wrist.

Jingyuan lowered his head and sniffed.

There’s no smell.

But just as he was about to look up.

He felt as if he could smell some pine nuts mixed with amber sugar.

That used to be Inoue’s favorite flavor.

But the taste was so weak that it could hardly be remembered and smelled. It was missed in a flash.

“There’s the smell of pheromones… Although there are few.” Jingyuan said stupidly.

Qin Yi was a little surprised.

This is the first time he has seen anyone other than 100% matching, and he can smell a little of his body.

“What’s the smell?” Qin Yi asked curiously.

He can’t smell himself.

Well yuan: “it’s hard to describe… A very pleasant taste.”

Qin Yi raised his eyes and looked at the sky.

“Ha.” then he suddenly chuckled, “I have a ridiculous guess.”

“What?” answered Inoue.

Qin Yi didn’t tell him.

Qin Yi suspects that the stronger alpha is, the higher its matching degree is.

The strength of Jingyuan should also be very strong, but it is far less than Zheng Yian and others. Therefore, Jingyuan can only smell very shallow taste, and will not stimulate any impulse.

And his taste is different among them.

let me put it another way.

What they smell may be their favorite.

That’s amazing.

Qin Yi was suddenly a little curious. What kind of conditions must be in order to create such a strange body?

Qin Yi slowly turned his head and said to Jing Yuan, “well, you can smell me. It shows that you are powerful and strong.”

Jingyuan didn’t respond to the pheromone. Hearing this, he couldn’t help blushing and took a half step back.

Praise the power and power of an alpha.

Especially from the mouth of an equally powerful Omega who hides arrogance quietly in tenderness

Well yuan now has no doubt why Mr. Zheng likes him.

It’s strange that Mr. Zheng doesn’t like it.

Any powerful alpha, who has been with him for a long time, may be difficult to escape his charm.

Thought Inoue.

Well yuan put a meal here for psychological activities for half a day.

Qin Yi finished that sentence and returned to a relaxed state.

In another space.

Rui asked, “what’s the taste of pheromone?”

He never smelled it.

He thought he must know that their supreme God had lived so long.

Maybe I did.

Wu Hong: “… I don’t know.”

Rui: “Oh!”

For the first time, he had the illusion that the Supreme God was the same as him!

No one has ever smelled this!

Rui: “I want to smell it, too.”

Wu Hong narrowed his eyes and stared at him.

Josephine looked at the swirling black in his eyes and said quickly, “don’t smell him.” “what do you think of me projecting my consciousness onto an Omega? So I can smell myself!”

I’m so smart!

Wu Hong ignored him.

Today, Wu Hong ended his “observation of human beings” early.

He lay in nothingness with two words in his mind.

I haven’t smelled it.

I want to smell it.

Qin Yi followed Jingyuan back to the brigade.

When Jingyuan introduced him to everyone, he remained silent and stood there. It was easy to be a vase beauty.

For a moment, it was impossible to connect him with the image of driving a starship.


“He’s really good-looking.”

This has become a common understanding in the twinkling of an eye.

Sir’s widow was like exquisite porcelain that suddenly fell into the hands of a group of rough people.

Yes, we have to protect it!

After exposure, Jingyuan took him to rest. As he walked, he said, “there are three more strongholds. I’ll take you to meet one by one later.”

“Mr. Zheng has some skills,” Qin Yi said.

Jingyuan smiled: “yes, sir, it’s really powerful.”

He roughly mentioned to Qin Yi about which areas of the alliance had participated in the rebellion.

“The alliance is so fragmented…” Qin Yi smacked his lips.

Zheng Yian’s subordinates rebelled and soon led everywhere.

“It was originally very divided. It was only under Mr. that he slowly closed into one and became a minister to the alliance. These are the achievements of Mr. over the years.”

So even if Zheng Yi’an hasn’t fought with people on the battlefield, his achievements are no less than Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi glanced at him.

Qin Yi is actually a person who doesn’t have a sense of belonging.

How to put it?

People have family affection, friendship and love. These build up a person’s most basic consciousness of home, country and the world.

But Qin Yi had nothing.

Therefore, he naturally has no concept of home, team and country.

Compared with the empire he was born in, he felt more about the earth in ancient times, which kept reading and absorbing knowledge from history.

He doesn’t yearn for friendship or love.


His mother died.

My father is basically dead.

Of course, he lacks this demand.

But a person should have roots, Qin Yi thought.

Otherwise it will be like duckweed.

Therefore, he will feel that others have common positive beliefs and the concept and will of a team, which is a very interesting thing.

He likes the purity and unity of these people.

If there is a chance

Let’s find a way to let Zheng Yi’an come back.

The idea flashed through Qin Yi’s mind.

In the next few days, Qin Yi went to other strongholds to show his face like a mascot in addition to eating, drinking and sleeping in class.

Most people still can’t adapt to his identity and are more than respectful to him, but there is also the color of rejection in the bottom of their eyes.

Some people worry that relying on his widow’s identity, he has made great use of Omega’s special in the military camp, which has damaged his image.

But as a result

They can hardly see the shadow of Qin Yi.

Some people couldn’t help asking, “where has your wife gone?”

I won’t let Zhou Yiqing pick me up!

They haven’t forgotten that Zhou Yiqing is always waiting to dig the foot of their husband’s wall!

“Class,” said a person familiar with the matter.


“Well, robot maintenance class.”


Qin Yi disappeared and remained silent for some time, which made the rest of the group miss him a little.

They scratch their hearts and lungs every day for fear that their wife will be poached by other coveted alpha.

This is Mr. whale’s 21st day wandering in the universe.

Manager Alin asked, “when shall we go back?”

Mr. whale: “I don’t know.”

“Are we looking for someone?”


“Who are you looking for?”

“Qin Yi.”


It’s the bride you dreamed of, but it’s actually someone else’s wife.

Alin: where did he go

Mr. whale paused: “no one knows.”

Lin suddenly lay down in front of him and whispered, “Wang, why do you seem to cry again?”

Because I dreamed of Qin Yi again.

For the young king tens of thousands of years ago.

Because he was unwilling to cut off his seat from his city-state, Qin Yi was chased and killed by the divine court until he completely disappeared from that world.

This is one thing he remembers repeatedly.

If Mr. whale now heard the statement made by the divine court personnel at that time, there might not be much fluctuation. But the young king will.

That memory, as if it had become a nightmare of the young king, was repeated.

Therefore, it is deeply rooted in Mr. whale’s mind.

As a result, Mr. Jing always revisits this memory, and then over and over again, he feels that his feelings for Qin Yi seem to have been deepened.

Mr. whale raised his hand and pressed his forehead.

“Keep going,” he said

He still has a long life.

He can slowly look for Qin Yi. One day, he will find the treasure that he has not yet had time to hide for his young self.

“The front… Ah… The front is the battlefield of the alliance!” Alin jumped up.

Mr. whale: “yes.”

He paused and said, “Zheng Yi’an is a terrible man.”

Alin looked back at him suspiciously.

Don’t you never pay attention to current affairs? Last year you asked me who Zheng Yian was.

Mr. whale is still updating his memory.

There is another Zheng Yi’an entering the wormhole in that world.

He knew that Arlene wouldn’t have these memories, so he didn’t explain it to Arlene.

“Let’s go,” Alin said.

He thought for a moment and then said, “I heard that Zhou Yiqing went to pan Daxing, which is the hometown of Qin Yi. We can also go.”

It should fulfill the king’s dream.

Mr. whale: ”

Mr. Jing felt melancholy for the first time in his long whale life: “if we go there, we will be hit head-on by Zhou Yiqing at the first time.”

“Zhou Yiqing went to pan Daxing to inspect the Empire. We went there because of the invasion of foreign enemies…” ah Lin murmured.

He wanted to persuade Wang not to wash and sleep.

I’ve been single for so many years, and it’s not so bad.

Arlene even came up with a wonderful idea.

He opened his mouth full of salty fish and said, “you can wait. Before you die of old age, you can wait until Zhou Yiqing is dead, Lu Ji is dead and hors is dead… Then you can get a widow Qin Yi. Isn’t that better than looking for people aimlessly?”

Mr. whale: “……”

Even if Alin’s skull was washed three times, his memory was lost three times.

I still don’t change my love for widows.

At this time, the Alliance Army found Mr. whale’s team first.

There was a good alarm in the army.

“Enemy situation! Enemy situation! Find new enemy situation!”

This time, the fourth son of the president is the head of the army.

He wanted to hold on to his son and let their reputation stack up as soon as possible, not to mention how much he could catch up with Zheng Yi’an.

Old four also panicked when he heard the alarm, but when he turned around and saw several veterans assigned by his father to assist him, he settled down and asked to talk to each other.

Mr. whale didn’t refuse him.

When Mr. whale’s appearance appeared in the light screen, everyone was stunned for a while, and then they reacted. This is the unique appearance of the keyabi people.

This is Mr. whale who rushed to the wormhole for no reason.

King of the keabi family!

The old four breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, “are you here?”

Mr. whale: “find someone.”

The Kayabi people are rare, but their physique is quite strong.

If we can make friends with them, not to mention that we can go to the battlefield instead of ourselves, it is enough to frighten the battlefield by just pulling people there and letting any ethnic group of the Kayabi become a prototype.

At least those who look down on him can look at him with new eyes and dare not despise him again!

The old four heart said it was easy. He quickly asked, “who are you looking for? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Mr. whale: “Qin Yi.”

Old four: ”

That’s the name!

Is it against the alliance!

Zheng Yi’an jumped into a wormhole because of Qin Yi, causing their alliance to carry a big pot, causing internal chaos and jumping back and forth on the edge of disintegration.

Now there’s another one to Qin Yi

“Ha, this… Indeed, it’s a little difficult to find… There’s a battlefield ahead. Why don’t you step back first?”

Old four heart said.

Now, if Qin Yi falls from the sky, I can eat shit on the spot!

Zhou Yiqing can’t find anyone!

The sought Qin Yi is on the warship at the moment.

“What’s that?” someone asked.

“It’s like a Kayabi boat. Their boat is different from ours…” Jingyuan frowned.

“Are they here to help the alliance?”


Hearing this, Qin Yi felt a little familiar.

“I don’t know if I’m here to help the Alliance… Better not. It’s still a little tricky to deal with them. It’s not so difficult if Sir is here. Unfortunately…”

Unfortunately, they lack the alpha of Zheng Yian’s level after all.

Qin Yi: “can I help you?”

Everyone stopped talking and wanted to say, what can you do with an Omega?

Even if you can drive a starship, your unskilled single person operation does not have an advantage in ship to ship combat.

They didn’t say it because they got along well with Qin Yi recently and were unwilling to say it to hurt the “madam”.

Jingyuan knows that Qin Yi may have many unknown abilities.

There was even a glimmer of expectation in his heart.

How will Qin Yi refresh the public’s cognition?

Jingyuan pursed his lower lip and said, “yes, I need your help, madam.”

Qin Yi: “OK, so…”

He gestured at the operation screen.

Everyone soon understood what he meant.

“Is to lift you up in a transparent warehouse? To a place where everyone in the alliance can see?”

Qin Yi nodded.

Jingyuan said, “then do as your wife says.”

He spoke, and of course others wouldn’t question it.

They did it quickly.

The Union soldiers can’t hold on at the moment.

But the Kayabi’s big ship was pressed aside, and it seemed that there was a tendency to approach the Alliance Army, which gave them some psychological comfort.

They regained their bravery and rushed ahead.

The Union soldiers, who were fighting hard, saw a transparent warehouse rising slowly at such a time.

In the transparent warehouse, a beautiful woman was sitting lazily.

The beauty rode on the top of the starship, one head higher than all of them.

Qin Yi’s voice spread around through the microphone. He said, “see the evil pen painted green and red?”

That’s old four’s mecha.

The fourth son of the alliance president did not dare to drive himself, but in order to boost morale, he let his deputy go.

Qin Yi said lightly, “hit him!”

Everyone was stunned, and Jingyuan couldn’t laugh or cry.

Is this your help?


The old man was so angry that his expression twisted: “where did you get such a arrogant thing?”

Mr. whale moved his eyes.

That voice is a little… Familiar.

Fourth: “blow him!”

“Is that Zheng Yi’an’s widow?” the people next to him said weakly.

The fourth sneered: “that should kill him. I don’t know what these people think. Dare to let him out like this in order to boost morale? Ha, I’m sorry. I’m going to kill him today…”

A gun flew towards Qin Yi, was bounced by the protective cover, and finally fell askew.

At the same time, where they couldn’t see, several insect robots carried Qin Yi’s transparent warehouse to the side.

The gun bullet only blew off the insect’s feet.

“Do you see? He dares to hit me!” Qin Yi’s voice fell.

Everyone’s anger was immediately mobilized.

Although the lady’s help is just like saying “come on”, there is no substantive help, but that’s the person your husband likes! That’s Sir’s widow!

How dare you beat him first?

At this time, a loud bang suddenly exploded above the alliance.

The kiabi suddenly shot.

They bombed union ships.

This is what the alliance never expected.

After all, the fourth son of the alliance president failed to eat shit. He was pinched by the fast climbing Inoue yuan and cut his throat with a laser knife.

Qin Yi picked up the work, sat in the transparent warehouse and put away the small robot.

He thinks today is a good auspicious day and the geographical location is also good.

So in the roar of gunfire.

Qin Yi opens the STARNet and logs in to the account he registered when he was at school. This account has been gray for several years, but it can still be used when he picks it up.

@Qin Yi: on the day when I was just 18 years old, I didn’t ask me for a long time. I regarded me as the father of pheromone disabled omega and took me to the testing hall. I did my first pheromone test in my life. The test results show that the pheromone matching degree between me and general Zhou Yiqing, the crown prince of the enemy, Mr. Lu Ji, Mr. Wang and Mr. Wu Hong of a certain nationality is 100%. If any gentleman wants to think of himself as my fiance or husband, in fact… Everyone can be my husband.

A perfect scum man speaking from Omega.

One and more excellent alpha match up to 100% of the explosive news at the same time.

In this way, on a messy battlefield, it was sent out gently from Qin Yi’s hands.

Anyway, he has no fun. Hiding is useless. He will meet him sooner or later.

Then I hope you can understand what I mean.

Xiong Jing, you understand?

You fight first and see who else I can be a widow.


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