I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 54

At first, few people actually noticed the news sent by Qin Yi.

Because the public’s attention is more concentrated on the alliance and Zhou Yiqing, who is at the center of gossip.

Qin Yi’s classmates were the first to be found.

When he saw it, his first reaction was: “Qin Yi was stolen?”

The good man took this message and spread it among the students for a while.

“My grass! True or false?!”

“The matching degree with general Zhou is 100%. Don’t everyone know? With this in front, others may be true…”

“Do you believe it? Ha! The Rose Queen dare not say she is so awesome!”

“Isn’t Qin Yi powerful enough? Queen rose hasn’t seen that she bombed her family, and she can still be remembered by alpha?”

Let’s have a discussion. Most people don’t believe it.

However, because of their discussion, Qin Yi’s account was noticed on the Internet.

[real Qin Yi’s number? It hasn’t been updated for several years. The last one is still a network map.]

[not a network diagram]

[he planted the flowers himself. He learned this at school] [searched, it seems to be hyacinth. He can also plant this??? Isn’t the school only teaching flower arrangement]

[that’s because you don’t know him very well. I can testify that he can not only plant this! It’s probably just his work when he was getting started. Maybe he was only 14 or 15 years old at that time? When he was 17, he cultivated Su Guan he Ding. Attach the popular science link of Su Guan he Ding. [click here] you’ll know how awesome this thing is]

[after reading it, it’s very awesome, so I don’t believe it]

[it is suggested to interview the president of his alma mater and cheat Qin Yi’s su Guan he ding without giving him a bonus]


[so does he take these classes at school? After that, he can make a lot of noise?]

Everyone felt a trance during the discussion.

Omega couldn’t help thinking.

So what’s the difference between him and us?

Is it because he can get the best of this course no matter what strange course he takes? Is it because of his character? Originally excellent? Or is it because… He dares to have ideas that others dare not?

The media who went to pan Daxing saw the heat at this time and stood up and confirmed it

you ‘re right! The school did cheat Qin Yi’s su Guan he Ding, so general Zhou personally asked for it. The headmaster will pay Qin Yi the price of 58 million.

Incidentally, the record of the last transaction of SuGuan heding was 41 years ago, which was auctioned by the richest man on Peggy planet at that time, with a transaction price of 130 million.

The media confirmed it for them by the way.

Yes, it can be confirmed according to the small amount of life content sent earlier. This is Qin Yi’s account.

Now the whole universe is really boiling.

[is this true or false?!]

[sleeping trough! I really have to say here… I admire Qin Yi a little…]

[if so… Won’t he be put on the operating table in the research room]

[fart, you believe all the nonsense? Are you retarded?]

[Omega is the only Omega that can match up to 100% with multiple alpha! If this is true, it will be recorded in history…]

[laugh to death. I hope he can live well before that. I have to say, his skill is really stupid]

[no, I don’t mean anything else. I just want to ask. Before, because Qin Yi blew up the Qin family, what about the alpha people who said that no matter how beautiful Omega is, they won’t marry home? Are they still there?]

Shocked, jealous, watching the excitement, a variety of speeches are intertwined.

Human beings have been strong since ancient times.

When you find out how powerful and excellent this person is, you will form a spontaneous follow-up.

Even a small number of Omega began to yearn for Qin Yi’s strong and wanton life.

Qin Yi showed them the possibility of another completely different Omega life.

Once the idea is rooted and sprouted, it seems that the day when it grows into a towering tree is not far away.

The mentioned Qin Yi has just returned to the warship.

“Is madam all right?”


Although we didn’t expect him to help, the way is to go up and shout to boost morale.

But at this moment, he couldn’t help but marvel at Qin Yi’s courage.

On the battlefield of confrontation.

Stop talking about Omega.

No alpha commander would do that!

“It’s hard, madam.” so someone hurriedly said.

Qin Yi waved his hand. He narrowed his eyes slightly and looked forward: “it seems that the dust is about to settle…”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that keyabi’s people would come to help. It’s strange…” the people next to me wondered.

At this time, the Kayabi ship slowly approached and kept sending communication requests.

“Connect it,” said the man next to Qin Yi.

When Inoue Yuanchong was in the first line of command, he took over the power temporarily.

When the communication request was connected, the voice of the Kayabi soon came out: “we request to board the ship and have friendly exchanges with you. We have no malice. When boarding the ship, we will not carry any weapons, and the number of people will be limited to 10.”

Everyone was very surprised to hear this.

In fact, the keyabi family has always been mysterious in their eyes. It’s strange that they will take the initiative to help them. Now they even want to have friendly exchanges with them?

“At this special time, it’s better to have one more friend than one more enemy.” someone said aloud.

They quickly made a decision: “please ask them to board the ship!”

Kayabi’s ship soon suspended, and a small spaceship flew out and landed on the warship.

Then they saw that two people came down from above and slowly entered the warship.

The leading man, wearing a blue robe, with long hair and expressionless face, seemed to be an ice lotus on the top of a high snow mountain.

This is an alpha.

An alpha above s level!

All people unconsciously under the pressure of such a powerful pheromone, their muscles are tight and their lips are tight.

There were even a few who were quick eyed and quick at hand, but also resisted this natural sense of repression and quietly blocked Qin Yi.

Alin said, “this is our king.”

The king of Yabi boarded the ship himself!

And only one entourage! When everyone was shocked, Qin Yi first changed his expression.

What familiar faces!

At this time, Mr. Jing’s eyes fell on Qin Yi. He stared at Qin Yi tightly. The nightmare for many days dissipated, and it seemed that a big stone fell to the ground at the bottom of his heart.

This is the man you’re looking for.

Mr. whale said to himself in the bottom of his heart.

Mr. whale: “I saw your robot.”

Those robots that look like insects.

The people of the divine court described those things wantonly and even painted them. When the young king arrived at the divine court, he firmly remembered the things painted in his mind.

If it weren’t for Qin Yi’s use of such a robot just now, Mr. whale couldn’t confirm that the boy who had been disguised was Qin Yi himself.

Before Qin Yi could speak, Mr. Jing said slowly again, “I didn’t carefully introduce myself to you tens of thousands of years ago. I’ll introduce myself again now. I’m the whale, the king of the keyabi family.”

“It’s one of the alpha that matches your pheromone 100%,” he said. “We finally meet again.”

Obviously, he has just finished reading the news on the satellite Internet.

Qin Yi: “……”

Can’t remember foreign names to kill people!

Through tens of thousands of years ago, a leaflet he picked up casually could make him collide with one of the six alpha!

Stagger time and space, can not hide!

After the wormhole, I can see you again.

That’s ridiculous!


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