I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 55

Zheng Yi’an’s men briefly froze for three seconds, and then they all stared at Mr. whale.

This man.

He is the king of the Kayabi family for several years!

But it’s also a smelly dog who talks shamelessly and harasses his husband’s widow after boarding the ship!

Their eyes widened, and the flames in their eyes burned up little by little.

This is the so-called “friendly attitude”?

Without Qin Yi’s opening, they had already made a sound: “please respect Mr. whale!”

Qin Yi smiled at the corners of his mouth, and then remembered, ah, yes, how did he forget? Now his identity is not “single”.

He tilted his head and stared at Mr. whale.

King of Pali city states tens of thousands of years later.

It looks as like as two peas of faces ten thousand years ago, and there seems to be no change. But the years made the cool color near his eyebrows more thick.

Mr. whale, who was stared at by countless pairs of eyes, was stunned for a while.

Self weight?

Isn’t he self respecting enough?

Alin also wondered.

How self respecting they are! They have been self respecting for 30000 years.

No one is more self respecting than the king!

At this time, Zheng Yian’s men took two steps forward one after another.

They stood in front of Qin Yi and covered Qin Yi behind: “We are very grateful to the keyabi family for their help, but Mr. whale shouldn’t be so abrupt. Our wife, our commander will be back soon. If Mr. whale has anything to do, please talk to him. If Mr. whale’s purpose is just to talk to our wife, please ask Mr. whale to leave the ship. Afterwards, we will prepare a big gift. Thank Mr. whale for his help today!”

It deserves to be Zheng Yi’an’s man. At this moment, it also smells like a diplomat.

Even the unhappy anger at the bottom of my heart has gone.

“Madam?” Mr. whale only repeated the word.

Alin remembered it first. He followed him and asked, “it’s Mr. Zheng’s… Madam?”

That’s the “widow” in the news?


Wang Du is eyeing this!

“Yes,” replied the opposite.

Mr. whale had a very complicated mood.

Didn’t you just… Just come out of the wormhole? You became someone else’s wife?

Mr. whale felt that his mood when he was young tens of thousands of years ago seemed to merge with himself at this moment.

Mr. whale: “do you know his identity?”

He didn’t mean anything else when he asked, but simply told them that Qin Yi did have several alpha’s that matched him very well.

He just received this cosmic gossip on his ship.

Soon, the whole universe will know.

If you don’t believe it, just look at the star network.

Zheng Yian’s men frowned unhappily.

When they thought about it, if they wanted to say so… The lady didn’t think we were traitors. Didn’t she provoke us?

Originally, because of the sudden emergence of a strange “widow” who is at the forefront of public opinion, we haven’t been able to accept this role so soon.

In their hearts, they almost deified Zheng Yian, so they inevitably think about whether such a person really deserves Mr. Zheng?

Can be asked!

The thoughts in the skull are different at once!

That’s perfect!

And you can’t tell others what to do!

Now think about it carefully. Isn’t it just Omega, like Qin Yi, who dares to risk the whole universe and is uneasy about routine, who is worthy of our husband?

As for whether such Omega can have children well, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, our husband is dead and there will be no offspring at all!

Thinking of this, the hearts of these men also felt a little pain.

So they raised their heads, met Mr. whale’s eyes and said in a deep voice, “I know!”

“Not only do you know, we respect your wife’s behavior!” someone nearby echoed.

Hearing this, Qin Yi raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Alin sighed at the sound.

How can this compare?

Zheng Yian’s men respect everything! Even if their wife has many concubines, they all respect!

Just open your eyes and see, our king also has the ticket to become a concubine in his hand!

Mr. whale was also surprised.

He couldn’t help but look at Qin Yi again. The calm fundus of his eyes floated a little complex light.

The young man in front of him was even more powerful than he thought, no matter what era he was in.

“Would you like to talk?” Mr. whale paused and said, “talk about how you lived when the divine court chased you.”

This is what he wanted to know when he was young.

Qin Yi raised his eyes, looked at him again, and then nodded gently.

Now that people have come, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

“Madam…” the people nearby made a nervous noise.

“You stay outside the door,” Qin Yi said.


“Let me know when Inoue yuan is back.”


The party watched Mr. Jing go away. Finally, they saw Qin Yi take people directly into his temporary bedroom. They rushed up and guarded the door.

Inside the door.

Qin Yi pressed a button and a reception table was quickly set between him and Mr. whale.

The robot arm is carrying the coffee pot and is about to fall down.

“Ah, I almost forgot… You don’t drink hot.” Qin Yi quickly replaced Mr. whale with ordinary water.

Mr. whale paused and first raised his hand to touch the next cup wall.

The temperature transmitted inside is close to the temperature at his fingertips.

Alin was surprised and said, “how do you know that Wang doesn’t drink hot?”

Qin Yi: “it was discovered tens of thousands of years ago in Pali city. It seems that Mr. whale’s habit has not changed now.”

Before Mr. whale could speak, Alin nodded again and said, “that’s determined by our ethnic characteristics. We can’t drink hot things, which will make us feel extremely unbearable.”

After a pause, he said, “I’m surprised! So you’re tens of thousands of years old? What race are you? Are you also the exiled people of our Kayabi family?”

Speaking of the last half sentence, Alin’s voice was a little excited.

Mr. whale interrupted, “he’s not.” Mr. whale paused and continued, “did you forget? He went through the wormhole… He went to another star domain tens of thousands of years ago. At that time, we were still in Pali city.”

Alin closed his palm and said, “ah!”

He stared at Qin Yi in shock: “so he met you ten thousand years ago through the wormhole! What’s fate? It was doomed ten thousand years ago, right? What’s this called… This is…”

Alin kowtowed for a long time and couldn’t squeeze out the idiom.

It’s mainly because in recent years, no one in the family has ever raised the idea that whales can get married in this life. Without this idea, their business will be rusty.

“A match made in heaven?” Zheng Yi’an’s men, who overheard, uttered a voice of doubt.


“Which side are you on?”

“If he and his wife are a perfect match? What is our husband? A sudden third party?”

Alpha, who tried to show off his idiom knowledge and cultural level, shut up.

“It’s called evil fate,” Qin Yi said.

Mr. whale’s eyelids moved, but soon returned to a calm appearance.

Mr. whale was not surprised to hear such words from Qin Yi’s mouth.

As early as tens of thousands of years ago, Qin Yi once expressed his refusal to the young man.

But at that time, ah Lin didn’t give up and begged Qin Yi to think again.

Mr. whale was just suddenly curious.

Have Zhou Yiqing, hols and others who once sat around a table outside the wormhole been ruthlessly rejected by Qin Yi?

“You should think so too.” Qin Yi suddenly looked at Mr. whale.

Mr. whale’s thoughts suddenly dispersed.

He met Qin Yi’s eyes.

Evil fate?

Not for the young whale tens of thousands of years ago.

When the young Wang found that Qin Yi was threatened and persecuted by the divine court, fled to a distance and his whereabouts were unknown, Mr. Jing could clearly feel that he had emerged many uncontrollable intense emotions tens of thousands of years ago.

It’s like what was written in the wind and the moon in the Library:

The moment the wooden stopper was pushed out, the aroma of malt broke into the nose, spicy, and tears fell, but the fingers next to the wooden stopper were sweet.

That’s a taste that young whales have never tasted.

Bit by bit, it seemed to tear his cold and stagnant brain apart.

So Mr. Jing can be sure that at that time, at that moment, he must have felt from his heart:

It was a wonderful fate for the young man to come to the Pali city and get the invitation sent by manager Alin.

… what about him now?

Now he is different from the young one, of course.

Now, he has gone through a longer period of time. The cold has been engraved into the bone marrow and cast into solid ice. The nerves controlling emotions in his brain have become more stagnant and dull.

So now I think it’s a bad fate?

Mr. whale’s thoughts were interrupted again as soon as he came here.

“Sir!” a loud cry came from outside the door.

With the rustle of their clothes, the soldiers outside the door straightened their bodies.

Alin trembled instinctively, and the goose bumps all over her body stood up for a moment.

Isn’t that dangerous?

The officer is back!

At this time, the door opened and Inoue yuan came in slowly.

The young general was soaked with blood and his face was covered with blood.

The medical robot held his hands high in the shape of a shower and chased all the way behind his ass.

Jingyuan pushed away the robot and looked at Qin Yi at first.

“Madam,” he said respectfully.

In fact, you don’t have to look for it, because Qin Yi is too conspicuous.

Then he set his eyes on Mr. whale.

In fact, many people don’t know much about the Kayabi family, but Zheng Yi’an is definitely not included. Zheng Yi’an is used to understanding every opponent or potential opponent.

As one of his confidants, Inoue yuan certainly shared this information.

“Your Highness,” Jingyuan said politely, “thank you for your help. What can I do for you? Let me contact…”

What do you think.

Jingyuan didn’t finish half a sentence behind him. Qin Yi suddenly interposed: “it’s always raising hands behind you.”


Both Mr. Inoue and Mr. whale were stunned.

Then they all looked behind the well.

The medical robot less than 1.5 meters can only reach the waist of Jingyuan.

Its short size makes it look a little clumsy.

“Deal with the stains on your body first.” Qin Yi followed and finished the second half of the sentence.

Inoue yuan: “… Yes.”

But even so, Inoue didn’t leave for the medical cabin first, but just sat down. He looked up and said “impolite”.

Qin Yi smiled: “you really look like Zheng Yi’an.”

Mr. whale paused at the sound.

Arlin’s facial features were wrinkled for a moment, like a great enemy, and quietly stabbed Mr. whale’s elbow.

The well yuan’s eyes flashed, smiled and said, “of course, we were all brought out by Mr. Zhang.”

Qin Yi nodded.

The tense atmosphere that had settled in the air seemed to dissipate at once.

When Inoue yuan sat down, his tight back relaxed slightly.

The robot’s mechanical arm ejected medicine.

Those potions wash the blood stains on Jingyuan’s body, then infiltrate special clothes and immerse it into the wound below, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and debridement.

Alpha is very pain tolerant.

So even after a hard battle, Jingyuan was hurt all over, but after listening to the report from his subordinates, he rushed to Qin Yi at the first time. But Qin Yi was much calmer than he thought.

It seems that Mr. whale’s arrival has no impact on him.

Qin Yi even asked him to deal with his injuries first.

Water column scour.

Inoue yuan resisted the uncomfortable sound that was almost overflowing from his throat.

He forced his mind to turn.

Qin Yi just mentioned Mr. Zheng. Do you miss Mr. Zheng? If Mr. Zheng knows,… He may not be happy. When I think of it, what Qin Yi said just now is that he looks like Mr. Zheng.

Literature, film and television works related to “doubles” appeared in Inoue yuan’s mind.

His ears turned red and he trembled.

“Why are you looking at me? Is there a mistake in any of my steps?” then the little robot in front of me made a sound.

Who’s watching it?

Everyone’s eyes turned.

It’s Qin Yi.

Qin Yi tilted his head.

In fact, he has had little contact with robots.

First, he used to be very poor;

Second, the Qin family prefers to use people to work for themselves than robots.

Qin Yi has the most contact with only those insect robots and the robots he made himself.

Qin Yi asked softly, “is this the reaction written in its program?”

Inoue: “yes.”

The little robot can’t answer this sentence.

It doesn’t have this paragraph in its database.

Qin Yi smiled again. He looked at the little robot and said, “well, why are you looking at you? It’s because you’re cute.”

There is no such paragraph in the small robot database.

It can’t respond.

But the people around me react differently at a time.

Qin Yi’s mouth.

Can say “I will not draw a line with the city of Paley” or “this is evil fate”.

Can say “bombing the Qin family” in full view of the public, but can gently say “because you are cute” in front of an insignificant medical robot.

So that everyone couldn’t help looking at the little robot over and over.

Not… Too cute?

In half an hour.

The wound on Inoue yuan’s body has been treated.

But if it was in the medical cabin, it should be healing by now.

“Well, your highness, please take a seat next door. I’ll send someone to prepare the evening banquet and thank keabi for his help on the battlefield.” Inoue stood up and said.

Mr. whale is no longer confused when he first set foot on the star ship.

He nodded and took Alin next door.

Well yuan was relieved.

Facing the king of the keabi family at such a close distance, if the other party doesn’t cooperate, he really doesn’t have a way to take the other party.

When Jing Yuan came to the door, he stopped two or three soldiers and turned his back to Qin Yi. Then he asked in a low voice, “why did he come to see his wife?”

The soldier whispered, “that’s a traitor who plotted against his wife!”

Jingyuan: “he wants to take his wife away from here?”

Soldier: I think so. ”

Inoue yuan’s face changed, but finally settled on his calm expression. He whispered, “we should be polite.”

The soldier nodded, “yes!” he changed his mouth sharply: “that’s the lady’s suitor.”

But then a man came up.

The man was in a trance and pale, as if he had suffered a great blow to subvert the three outlooks.

I don’t know. I thought he was the one who had just fought on the battlefield and hanged the enemy general.

“Grover.” Inoue yuan called his name.

The man paused in front of Jingyuan, looked at the soldiers on one side, and then squeezed out a voice from his throat: “sir… Madam’s suitor, no, more than one.”

“What?” Jing Yuan was stunned and said with a smile, “well, madam is so excellent, of course. But how do you know?”

Grover was still in a trance: “not only me, but everyone, everyone knows!” at this point, he burst out a fierce cry from his throat: “do you know what kind of huge treasure he contains?”

Aware that something was wrong, Inoue pressed Grover: “all right, go outside.”

Grover’s voice is too loud.

Jingyuan has no doubt that it will fall in Qin Yi’s ears.

Grover nodded with difficulty. The shoulder bones suppressed by Jingyuan seemed to crack.

He closed his mouth and limped further along the well.

Jingyuan looked back at Qin Yi at this time.

Qin Yi left the medical robot in place, bent his hand to support the desktop, sat obliquely on the sofa, and seemed to be talking to the robot.

Inoue can see the flashing red light on the robot’s head.

Qin Yi didn’t look at them, as if he didn’t care about everything outside the door.

An unimaginable idea suddenly came out of Inoue yuan’s mind.

He felt that robots were more likable to Qin Yi than humans.

Jingyuan closed the door behind him.

After only half a minute, he learned from STARNet that Qin Yi’s tweet shocked the world.

Jingyuan: ”

“Sir?” “sir!” “Sir, are you okay?”

Inoue yuan: “… He is too modest.”

“What did you say, sir?”

Jingyuan’s throat was tight, and his brain roared and trembled.

He heard his voice and squeezed out with difficulty: “Madam humbly said that in addition to Mr. Zhou and general Zhou, there are so many people who can smell the pheromone on him. The matching degree is also high. But… But madam never said that their matching degree is as high as 100% each!”

It’s so thrilling!

No, to be exact, it should be enough to make the whole Universe tremble!

The soldiers are stupid, too.

“I grass” sound one after another.

And this arlin is talking to Mr. whale.

Lin: “why don’t we wash up and go home? I think he likes Zheng Yi’an’s very much.”

Alin sighed, “Wang has no chance.”

Mr. whale: ”

Mr. whale: “does he like Zheng Yi’an very much?”

Ah Lin looked up at him: “you have finished your words for a year these days.”

Mr. whale: “Arlene.”

Ah Lin: “sorry. If you really want to marry him as a wife, we might as well run away while we rob him…” ah Lin thought and said, “there may be more than Zhou generals waiting to be his husband now. If you line up, it’s possible to line up for 70000 years…”

Arlene’s words are outrageous.

He has always been so outrageous that Mr. whale never bothered with him.

But it’s a little harsh today.

Where harsh, Mr. whale can’t say.

Arlene turned and walked out.

So Mr. whale unconsciously followed.

“Our officer will be here soon. What are you going to do?” the soldier asked.

Ah Lin’s face was not red and his heart did not jump. He said, “suddenly I remembered that there were two words I didn’t say to your wife.”

“Your wife”.

These four words made the soldiers look much better and stopped them.

They soon returned to Qin Yi’s door.

Qin Yi in the door heard the broadcast and asked without looking back: “what’s up?”

Mr. whale said through a door, “it’s dangerous to follow them.”

Almost instinctively, he said such a sentence.

Qin Yi: “hmm? So?”

Mr. whale: “you like Pali city.”

Qin Yi: “ah.”

Mr. whale: “the kyabi people now live on a planet very similar to the Pali city state.”

Qin Yi: “Oh.”

Qin Yi doesn’t know what the other party wants to do.

Can it be said that the young king of Pali city really fell in love with him at first sight and kept this emotion until tens of thousands of years later?

This shouldn’t be.

Alpha, who has lived for tens of thousands of years, should have a colder heart and a deeper city. There should be no color to stop him.

There was no sound coming out of the door.

Lin was worried: “Wang hopes you can follow us…”

The second half of Alin’s words couldn’t be said.

He found himself suddenly as if he had lost his voice.

Alin looked back at Mr. whale in surprise.

Mr. whale intercepted Alin’s voice by using alpha’s born power and the suppression of his family’s King’s natural blood.

Arlene became a mute at this moment.

Arlene’s words are always a lot. They haven’t changed from the past to the present.

And Mr. whale likes quiet.

But even so, Mr. whale has never done so.

Arlene opened his mouth and looked up.

Mr. whale pushed the door in.

“When” sounded softly.


He’s locked out of the door!

for the first time!

Alin grabbed the door.

But at this time, Qin Yi inside didn’t open the call system, and there was no sound outside the door.

Alin could only scratch his ears and cheeks, depressed.

No, I speak.

forget it.

No way.

Qin Yi in the door turned his head and stared at Mr. whale.

The man with long blue hair suddenly asked a very strange question: “am I cute?”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi:???

Men also seem to quickly realize that this sentence is inconsistent with their personal settings.

He pursed his lower lip and said in a quick voice, “this is what the young me wants to ask you.”

Qin Yi:?


Do you want to settle some problems for yourself in the past?

That’s OK.

Qin Yi: “young king? A little cute.”

It’s polite to say cute.

To say a little, that is to avoid giving the wrong signal to the other party.

At the moment, Mr. whale felt a little harsh.


Young he is lovely.

It’s probably not cute now.

Not as cute as a robot.

“Cute” seems to be for young him.

“One point” is for him now.

Qin Yi:?

He looked up at Mr. whale.

The man seemed to be sealed there by a piece of ice, without expression, no further opening, and no action.

Qin Yi: “Your Highness?”

Mr. Jing recovered. He stared at Qin Yi’s face and half his mind began to think carelessly, why do so many people like Qin Yi? The other half of his brain opened his mouth and whispered, “when I was young, I listened to your suggestion, jumped from a black hole to another galaxy, and built a new city-state on a completely strange planet.”

That sounds strange.

It seems to be selling well with each other. You see, I listened to you.

Anyway, he was young.

It’s not who he is now.

After mastering this sentence pattern, the next words will be more and more smooth.

Mr. whale: “if you can go to that planet, even if you just take a look, you can fill my regret when I was young.”

Qin Yi:?

Mr. Jing paused and took Qin Yi’s look change into his eyes.

He whispered, “it’s his greatest wish to save you from the divine court and bring you back to the city of Paley.”

Qin Yi:???

This directly divides the past you and the present you into two people?

Did you use “he”?

Isn’t he you?

Qin Yi’s eyes trembled, raised his eyes and said with a smile, “do you want to make up for all your regrets for yourself when you were young?”



Mr. whale hesitated for half a minute, then replied expressionless, “yes.”

That’s not very honest.

People like Mr. whale shouldn’t say such words.

Qin Yi smiled and asked him, “if he wants to marry me, will you marry me?”

Mr. whale’s eyelids trembled.

Get married.

All his previous words, after these two words came out, could not go on.

Qin Yi: “so do you know now? Not every regret has to make up for it. I thank him very much. He cared about me when I went to the divine court. There are not many people who care about me in this world.”

Mr. whale opened his mouth, but felt speechless.

Obviously, Qin Yi just followed his tone and called the young whale “he”.

But it seemed that he was really divided into the past and the present. It became very strange.

“Jingyuan should be looking for you.” Qin Yi looked down at the communicator.

Mr. whale followed with a glance at the communicator on his wrist.

But how strange.

At a glance, the first thing I saw was not the communicator, but a little wrist exposed by his sleeve pulling action.

Inherited from the genes of marine animals, Mr. whale’s eyesight is not as good as other alpha of the same level.

The light in the room fell obliquely, as if it had covered Qin Yi’s skin with a layer of soft yarn.

Hazy, it’s much more beautiful than a beautifully shaped communicator.

Mr. whale: “… HMM.”

He turned and went out.

When the door was closed, Jingyuan walked towards him quickly.

Ah Lin sobbed for a long time, and finally he could make a sound again smoothly.

“What did you say to him after you went in? Did you mention going back with him? Did he promise?” Alin finished his words in one breath.

Mr. whale: “No.”

Arlene wrote on his face, “I knew it would be like this.”.

Mr. whale put his expression in his eyes, so when he reached his throat, he suddenly changed: “he asked me, do you want to marry him?”


Alin was shocked, as if he had known his king for the first time.

“It’s a signal,” Alin whispered, uncontrollably excited. Even if the well at the other end was about to come in front of him, he went on, “what’s your answer? Let me think…”

Alin is also a senior bachelor.

Using his barren experience to speculate, he thought it should be: “did you say ‘yes’?”

Mr. whale paused.

He didn’t say anything.

When Alin asked, Mr. whale immediately felt as if he had done something wrong.

What if I said “yes”?

“Your Highness.” Inoue yuan has come to him.

Wen Zhibin’s man has alpha’s aggressiveness hidden in his eyes.

This reminds Mr. whale that it is impolite to think of other people’s wives.

But soon, another thought came into Mr. whale’s mind – I wasn’t the only one who was impolite.

Well… Mr. whale felt as if he had lost his morality.

When Inoue entertained Yabi and his party and tried to send them away as soon as possible with a polite feast.

The scandal of the alliance has also entered the public’s attention.

When the Prime Minister of the alliance heard the news, he could hardly sit still and stood up with an ugly face.

For the next few hours, he couldn’t sit back.

“You said you met the kiabi?”

“… yes, yes.”

“They suddenly helped the rebels?”

“Yes, if it weren’t for these kiabi people, we should have won!”

“Shut up!” the prime minister gnashed his teeth in anger. “Do you think I will believe these lies? Keyabi is hostile to all mankind except their race! How can they help the rebels if they never communicate with others?” he said: “cowards like you and bad alpha like you should die in the interstellar war instead of coming back here.”

The soldier opened his mouth tremblingly and dared not answer.

“The general was beheaded?” the prime minister calmed down and asked again.

“Yes, yes. No one expected that civilian officials like Inoue yuan would choose to kill our generals in such a cruel way…” to be exact, it is not “cruel”, but “humiliation”.

The interstellar press conference spread the picture of that moment to the whole world.

Everyone will know they lost! And lose so badly! In this age, he was beheaded!

The prime minister was even more angry.

With his anger at this moment and his fear and dissatisfaction with Zheng Yi’an accumulated over the years, he shouted: “he was brought out by Zheng Yi’an. Of course, they are all the same! Civil servants? Too many people in the alliance have forgotten that these civil servants are essentially highly aggressive alpha! Especially Zheng Yi’an!”

Fortunately, Zheng Yian has disappeared in the wormhole.

The prime minister felt relieved at the thought.

He forced himself to calm down and whispered, “this is the best time for us to regain people’s hearts and make the League a higher level. I want you to find out what the Kayabi is… It doesn’t matter if we lose one game, we will have more victories in the future!”

But the prime minister’s determination did not infect others.

“It’s certain that the kiabi people came for Qin Yi.” the minister said, pausing. “Compared with the next victory, we should probably bring this person to the alliance first. He will create incredible value for the alliance.”

For example… Give birth to an alpha comparable to Zheng Yi’an?

In fact, compared with the failure of the alliance.

Now everyone pays more attention to Qin Yi.

The two empires, even those unknown small countries that have not yet been accepted by the alliance, are boiling with this name.

Mr. Zhou muttered to himself: “it turns out that my son has not only many love enemies, but also strong…”

He simply regretted it!

He should have shown Zhou Yiqing the complete list of matching degrees early in the morning! It’s not that I can’t find the list.

Now, until now, the whole world knows that Qin Yi is a big baby!

His majesty, the emperor of the other rimu Empire, had just summoned the crown prince.

Hols is better informed than his father.

The first time Qin Yi sent it, he went to verify the authenticity of the interstellar account.

So that when the emperor of rimu saw him, hols’s face was in a rather ugly and tangled state.

Hols is ashamed.

And angry.

It turns out that the matching degree between Zhou Yiqing and Qin Yi is 100%.

He has the same.

According to the interstellar regulations, he should also marry Qin Yi.

Thinking of this, his Highness the crown prince is still a little shy.

But! Where can we stop Zhou Yiqing and him.

There are even more, several 100%.

Thinking of this, the crown prince felt that it was right to bury killing and blood in alpha’s bones!

He wants to kill.

The emperor saw that his son didn’t want to talk to himself at all.

He cleared his throat and said, “do you remember when someone reported that an Omega was found, which matched you up to 100%? Then your father and Emperor told the world that you would have a crown princess soon…”

The attendant on one side secretly thought, your majesty, didn’t you trample on your Highness’s minefield repeatedly?

Your highness doesn’t like you to make decisions without authorization!

Almost ready to kill this Omega.

Before hols spoke, the emperor continued: “you should know that there are not so many people in the world who can match up to 100% with alpha…”

Hols’s eyelids jumped.

He reacted quickly.

According to what Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing said when they asked him about important people when Qin Yi disappeared, it can be inferred that Zhou Yiqing entered the Limu Empire because he pursued Lu Ji at the time node when Omega was found to be 100% matched.

In other words, at that time, Qin Yi was also on the territory of the Limu empire.


He once regarded it as a burden of trouble. The missing “future Crown Princess” was Qin Yi!

If he had gone to see Qin Yi immediately

But there is no if.


He almost became the object of his marriage!


He can kick all of them and hold Qin Yi back in advance! It’s not called “fiance”, it’s called “husband”!

Hols stood there shocked and ugly.

The clown is myself!

The emperor looked at his expression, some comfortable and some unbearable.


Let you listen to your father.

“We should find Qin Yi quickly…” the emperor said aloud.

“After finding it?” HALS lowered his eyes and covered the cold and irritable feeling in the bottom of his eyes.

“Of course, it’s to arrange your marriage immediately. What do you think? In this case, no matter how thick skinned other alpha is, they can’t rob it?”

At this time, the Emperor didn’t know that there was an Alin in the distance advising his king that he could marry Qin Yi when Qin Yi’s husband died.

The emperor thought his idea was really great.

His son must be very happy.

Hols just stated coldly, “he doesn’t like me.”

Just a few words seemed to squeeze out of hols’s throat with great strength.

“How could…?” the emperor thought it was incredible.

After all, his son is more popular than him.

People love and support hols very much. Omega all over the country is proud to be the crown princess.

Hall unconsciously clenched his fingers and his heart seemed to be clenched. He stated with difficulty, “he doesn’t even like my country.”

“It’s normal. After all, we are enemy countries…” when it comes to this, the emperor also feels a little untenable. After all, Qin Yi doesn’t seem to have much memory of his country.

Hols pursed his lower lip and said, “No.”

Hols: “he hates the chauvinism of imperial alpha.”

Emperor: “really? Yes? I think the alpha of our country is very good. There is no chauvinism at all! Especially you, hols, you are Imperial…”

Hors impatiently interrupted his father’s Rainbow fart: “don’t you think it’s of any use? I won’t marry you!”

Emperor: “……”


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