I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 56

Hols did not allow himself to be immersed in regret.

The emperor was right to find Qin Yi immediately.

This is not to get married immediately, but to protect Qin Yi.

As like as two peas in the same galaxy, Holls and Zhou Yiqing spoke almost the same words to the people around them: “even if he is not married, he will be a big profit if he takes any person on his threat list. Small countries and independent forces will rush into danger.”

The emperor next to hols nodded.

not bad

Once Qin Yi is caught, the other party doesn’t need to say any threatening words, just say that he will help escort Qin Yi, which is a signal of asking for benefits.

But Zhou Yiqing at the other end paused and said, “won’t Qin Yi be afraid?”

Hearing the sound, Ji Yang, his deputy, raised his head and looked at Zhou Yiqing’s face.

Ji Yang thought for a moment and said, “I’m sure I will… After all, no matter what, it’s an omega.”

“You’re wrong.”


“Being noticed by the whole world, the whole universe may become his source of danger. Even an alpha should feel afraid about it.” not because he is an omega.

Zhou Yiqing never had such an idea before.

After really knowing Qin Yi, if you can say that, anyway, it is an Omega that is easy to be torn by alpha.

That would be arrogant and stupid.

Zhou Yiqing glanced at Ji Yang.

Ji Yang:?

General Zhou’s eyes were very oppressive. When he glanced over, he felt tight. At the same time, he felt as if he was saying, are you a little stupid?

“He must have thought of a way out for himself.” Zhou Yiqing quickly took back his eyes and looked down at the map of the universe in front of him.

On this map, all the planets discovered by mankind and all the routes developed are marked.

Is it that good?

Can you think of a way out for yourself under the eyes of the world?

Ji Yang racked his brains, but he really couldn’t think of the benefits of Qin Yi’s doing so and what kind of retreat he could think of. It seems that this is more like an immature Omega’s reckless move to get popular all over the world and save his reputation for hurting his family’s unfilial reputation!

Ji Yang asked behind Zhou Yiqing, “well, are we still looking for him?”

Zhou Yiqing: “of course.”

Ji Yangxin said, aren’t you still worried about Qin Yi’s safety?

Zhou Yiqing opened a report.

He said without raising his head, “I want to pursue him.”

To pursue, you have to chase and run first, don’t you?

Ji Yang also couldn’t help being a little confused.

Zhou Yiqing pointed to a position on the map: “this is a stronghold of the alliance rebels.”

Ji Yang: “there was a robot riot in the alliance before. Jing Yuan, Zheng Yi’an’s confidant, temporarily stationed in this stronghold after escaping from the local chaos. They had a fierce battle with the alliance here. During the battle process and analysis results, the military headquarters has issued specific documents…”

Ji Yang couldn’t help muttering as he said. The general is still the general I know. Even if the last sentence is still reading Qin Yi, the next sentence can turn back to the military.

However, Zhou Yiqing’s next sentence surprised Ji Yang.

Zhou Yiqing: “do you remember our journey back after receiving Qin Yi in the territory of Limu empire…”

Ji Yang’s memory of fear was hooked up.

Ji Yang: “those insects…”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help turning white.

That’s really comparable to the terrible scene of Zerg invasion recorded in history books.

Fully let him, born in a peaceful era, see the horror of this thing!

“Those are insect robots,” said Zhou Yiqing.

Ji Yang quickly responded: “the robot riot of the alliance,… Is it because of master Qin Yi?!” Ji Yang’s tone rose uncontrollably in the second half.

This is amazing.

The league’s face was swept away by the riot.

Even the prime minister’s son was captured by the rebels because of the accident.

Qin Yi’s bombing of the Qin family is just quite shocking in terms of loyalty and filial piety.

He has since broken people’s fixed impression of Omega.

But I really want to talk about the severity of the incident.

This is more terrible.

He just humiliated the alliance!

This is like a higher-level event!

This makes it impossible to treat him as an omega.

Or to be exact, he seems to have transcended gender and stood in the same position as alpha.

After a long time, Ji Yang found his voice. He trembled and said, “is it possible? Such a big thing… What… Benefits? If it is exposed, he will face not those painless accusations and abuse, but the anger of the whole alliance… Is this also a part of his plan?”

But no matter what Ji Yang thought, he felt that it was really like a reckless act.

If it were him, he would never do that.

There are no benefits, only unlimited risks.

“Benefits?” Zhou Yiqing repeated Ji Yang’s words. “Do you think he wants benefits?”

Ji Yangxin said, shouldn’t this be the thinking of normal people?

Zhou Yiqing pursed his lower lip and said in a calm and steady voice: “Zheng Yi’an disappeared in the wormhole in order to save him. Whether Zheng Yi’an has any other purpose…”

Ji Yang: “young master Qin Yi was moved? So… He was trying to save Jingyuan?”

It’s more magical.

Ji Yang had a feeling that Omega had such a soft trance.

Zhou Yiqing pursed his lips and said, “well.”

It is mixed with a trace of acid that is not easy to detect.

“It’s really… Love and hate are clear.” Ji Yang sighed softly. In this way, he had to feel that Qin Yi was indeed a very attractive person.

He will fight the world for the sake of uncontrollable fate.

Will also take risks for others.

It turns out that Qin Yi can be good to others.

Zhou Yiqing has just discovered this.

This shows that he can see the pay of others. This may be a good thing

Zhou Yiqing collected his thoughts and suppressed the itching in his heart.


Zhou Yiqing points that position again.

Ji Yang held down his numerous thoughts and finally understood the final meaning of general Zhou’s words.

Ji Yang exclaimed, “Qin Yi is probably here at this time! With Zheng Yi’an’s men!”

Hols at the other end also pointed to the same position: “Qin Yi may be here.”

“This is not the territory of the rebels?” the emperor frowned slightly. “An Omega won’t go there? The rebels and the alliance are at war at any time.”

Hols was a little upset: “he’s not an ordinary Omega.”

With an ugly face, HALS turned out a report: “the keyabi people dominated the war. They suddenly helped the rebels… This is the picture captured by war reporters braving gunfire.”

The report describes in detail how unattainable and beautiful the Kayabi people, especially the king of Kayabi, are in shock. I didn’t write much about the war itself.

Just because Qin Yi’s news shocked the whole universe, so much so that this report didn’t set off any splashes on the Internet.

The following netizens’ comments are also very nutritious.

It’s all about:

[the king of keabi is so handsome, oh grass]

[I used to think that the Kayabi was holding a fish head, like a waste product of the failed Laboratory of genetic technology… Sorry, I’m narrow-minded]

[King of keabi. In other words, is he the highest ranking alpha that matches Qin Yi 100%. The crown prince is just a crown prince]

Hols looked very unhappy.

Among them, the slightly smarter one is the analysis in the comment area. How long will the League lose its face after losing Zheng Yian.

Or whether the Kayabi have reached some kind of cooperation with the rebels, whether it is good or bad.

No one guessed

When Mr. Wang Jing of keyabi suddenly helped the rebels, it showed that there must be an unusual person in the rebel team.

Who else could it be?

Why did the king of Yabi go to the wormhole?

It’s for Qin Yi.

Then the following logic is well deduced.

It was Qin Yi who changed Mr. Jing’s attitude.

Hols: “prepare the Starship.” he quickly ordered.

right off.

He can see Qin Yi.

What should I say to Qin Yi after seeing him?

For a moment, hols’s mind was like boiling water.

The emperor couldn’t stop him at all. He watched his son go out in a hurry.

When he came to the door, HALS suddenly stopped, looked back and said, “don’t say such despised words as’ how could an Omega ‘next time.”

The emperor was stunned before he reacted.

This, this is the kind of chauvinism Omega doesn’t like?

“Don’t I remember a man named Albert?”


Because the rimu Empire angrily resisted alpha’s oppression of beta and thought that alpha should not be detached and treat B and o as playthings. He was caught with a clatter.

Emperor: “let him out?”


“Well, if alpha is dissatisfied…”

HALS slowly turned his head, and his handsome eyebrows and eyes were engraved with arrogance and strength, which was his innate capital.

“Your Majesty should be regained. I think you can kill one or two alpha at the right time. What do you think?”

The emperor trembled on the spot.


That’s not what you said before

“I will bring Qin Yi back. I hope that the next time Qin Yi sets foot in this territory, my people will show respect for Omega in front of him.”

The crown prince is confident.

Zheng Yian is gone.

Now no one except him has found where Qin Yi is.

Think of it here.

The crown prince’s fingertips trembled.

A little, happy.

On the other side, Qin Yi slept happily and comfortably, and was glad to mention the bad news——

“I’m not going to leave.”

“I want to make up for my regret when I was young. Of course, I shouldn’t kidnap others to finish it for me. But at least, I can protect you instead of him.” Mr. whale said expressionless.

For fear that everyone would not understand, Alin translated and said, “Wang means that as long as his wife is here for one more day, he will be here to overcome difficulties with everyone for one more day.”

Qin Yi: ”

At this time, the soldiers came to report: “Sir, we found the star ship of the rimu Empire ahead!”

Jingyuan frowned: “prepare for battle.”

Soon another soldier came. He handed over the communicator: “the rimu Imperial Star ship requests a call.”

Inoue received the communication.

Young alpha in silver military uniform appears in the picture.

His body proportions were just right, adding color to the dull background.

Several attendants squatted at his feet and worked hard to tidy up his cloak, trying to make the crown prince look more perfect in front of his sweetheart.

Hols even tried to make himself look less like a chauvinist alpha.

He squeezed out a little smile, but he couldn’t hold back a little sour and strange: “Qin Yi, have you forgotten me?… who are you?”

Hols’s words took a turn. His face sank and he stared at the well.

Qin Yi heard the voice of hors: “…”

So fast!

Hols came to the door?

good heavens.

You put it here and give me “double happiness”!


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