I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 57

Inoue is different from hols.

Hols is very particular about his standing position, which can maximize his body shape in the picture, including his tall and straight body and slightly curly blond hair.

While Inoue yuan blocked the whole picture with his face. Qin Yi, standing behind him, couldn’t even show a silhouette.

Suddenly meet such a face.

Hols almost vomited on the spot.

“Your Highness doesn’t know me?” Jingyuan asked.

Of course, hols is easy to identify.

His curly white blond hair and dark purple starlit eyes are his symbols.

When the title of “crown prince” rose from Inoue’s mind, another title also floated – Mr. Yuan’s rival in love.

A former enemy.

Mr. right now.

Anyway, they are all enemies. There’s no need to give them a good face.

Qin Yi couldn’t help but turn up the corners of his mouth. The suffocation feeling of “double happiness” immediately retreated seven or eight points.


Inoue is really good!

Although he looks thin, he is very capable!

The cold drooping eyes of hols: “who are you? Do you want me to know you?”

“Inoue. The Anja Galaxy you are stepping on now belongs to the armed forces. When Mr. Zheng is away, I will be the interim chief of the armed forces.” Inoue’s posture is neither humble nor arrogant, nor does he mean to move away.

Is he Inoue?

In the past, how could the noble crown prince understand and pay attention to such a small role?

But at this moment, hols had to look at him carefully.

From normal logic, the rebels are now being besieged and intercepted by the alliance. The alliance tried to regain its prestige by eliminating the rebels.

All wise people should understand at this time that they would rather have more friends than enemies.

Where did the defense of Jingyuan come from?

Because Zheng Yian?

But Zheng Yian is gone!

Hols pinched his fingertips and vaguely felt that this trip would not be as easy as expected.

“Oh.” HALS answered faintly and put on a slight gesture, “I’m not here to see Zheng Yi’an or you. What I’m looking for is Qin Yi. I know he’s on your starship. Don’t make up excuses to deceive me…”

He had to preempt the rebels to make them obey after losing Zheng Yi’an.

Well Yuanxin doesn’t have to make excuses.

Because what I want to say next is called facts.

Well yuan: “I’m sorry. It’s much easier for you to see me than to see your wife.”


What, ma’am?

Hols keenly caught the word. His body tightened more straightly and his jaw tightened: “madam? Do you say Qin Yi?”

Inoue smiled: “yes.”

Mr. whale has never been a rude fish who can see other people’s jokes.

But people are fickle.

Fish seem to be fickle, too.

At this moment, Mr. whale felt a strange psychological balance when listening to hols’s incredible and slightly angry tone.

This made him relax his tight heart since he set foot here.

Just then, the picture shook twice and finally disappeared into the air.

It was obviously the end of the rimu empire that cut off communication.

Jingyuan turned and was facing Qin Yi with a smile on his chin.

It’s not easy to see Qin Yi’s smile.

Inoue’s steps stopped unconsciously.

He didn’t know. Qin Yi looked at him and thought, wouldn’t it be better if you could send Mr. whale away?

“Madam hasn’t had breakfast yet. Why don’t you go to the restaurant first?” Jingyuan asked aloud.

Qin Yi nodded.

While taking him to the restaurant, Inoue yuan turned and ordered the soldiers under him to be ready for battle at all times.

Qin Yi turned back and asked, “afraid of Huo…”

Huo what?

forget it.

Qin Yi: “afraid that the crown prince will roll the soil again? Will he attack the ship?”

Well yuan nodded: “it’s not impossible. In the eyes of the rimu Empire, maybe we are vulnerable. Hols was born arrogant. People born like him are arrogant and won’t be afraid of any difficulties in front of…”

Qin Yi: “well, the more arrogant people are, the more they will despise them, won’t they? Grand Prince, I don’t think it’s necessary to stick to a widow?”

Inoue wants to say that you seem to have some misunderstanding about your charm.

Don’t talk about the crown prince.

Look at the king of keabi in the back. Isn’t he still following along?

But the difference between them is that the king of keabi has lived for tens of thousands of years and has the most basic reason.

And hols doesn’t have to.

At this moment, Jingyuan didn’t feel much fear. In the face of the powerful hols, they had to guard Qin Yi’s heart for Mr. Qin and became more determined.

We have a seat in the restaurant.

The small robot brought Qin Yi a rich breakfast.

Zheng Yian’s men are not poor at all.

After all, Zheng Yian has worked for the Alliance for many years. He has kept an eye on it early in the morning and accumulated a lot of wealth for possible changes in the future.

Now, apart from military expenditure, the only thing this wealth can support is Qin Yi. Qin Yi is a little embarrassed.

“This is Pan Daxing’s specialty. Try it…” Jingyuan’s words haven’t finished yet.

The soldiers came again.

“Sir! Rimu Empire, please call!”

Qin Yi picked his eyebrow.

Inoue was also a little surprised.

The message from the soldiers did not correspond to any of their envisaged reactions.

Qin Yi felt that the man should pat his ass and leave. Jingyuan felt that hors would make a strong attack to show the majesty of the Empire.

But it turned out to be just another call request?

After Jing Yuan was stunned, he nodded quickly and said, “take it to me.”

But the bottom of my heart can’t help muttering that the crown prince of the enemy country is surprisingly polite!

When it was picked up again, it was no longer hols, but one of his confidants.

The middle-aged man smiled in the picture: “I heard that your men damaged five laser guns in the just ended war. Maybe you will be interested in a1287 energy gun? Our scientists have just made a new upgrade to it.”

Inoue’s eyes flickered.

This is superfluous, so there is no need to put the benefits first. The purpose is very obvious.

But I have to say that the other party’s remarks did come to the point.

The war is protracted and long-term, and one or two wars will not change the overall situation. Although the Prime Minister of the alliance is an insatiable fool, the alliance has operated for many years and is a behemoth with considerable reserve resources.

The loss of armed forces can be filled by purchase.

However, at this juncture, there are not necessarily arms dealers who dare to sell things to them.

Moreover, in fact, their loss is not just laser guns.

Qin Yi was choked by the drink and coughed violently.

The picture flashed.

It was like hors at the other end heard the voice and did something.

Here, Qin Yi put down the cup, touched the head of the small robot delivering the meal, and then whispered, “promise him.”

Jingyuan turns back in amazement.

“Why don’t you accept the good things delivered to the door?” Qin Yi asked.

He will embarrass his enemies.

But it won’t embarrass the people standing beside them.

This is what the rebels need most. Even saints can hardly say no.

The silence of Inoue was only a few seconds.

He felt as if he was just shaking his mind. Qin Yi gave him a determined and unexpected answer.

Jingyuan straightened his mood and met the expectant eyes of the middle-aged man: “maybe we can talk first.”

The middle-aged man knew that this was the signal to let go, and his eyes were full of joy. It took a lot of effort to restrain this excitement.

The communication was soon cut off again.

However, after this cut-off, the people of the Limu Empire gathered their crown prince with their “gifts” and planned to board the rebel starship.

Jingyuan returns the communicator to the soldiers on the side, but he still can’t help turning his head and looking at Qin Yi.

“Sorry, madam…”

Qin Yi: “isn’t it a good thing to use the weapons sent by others to decorate yourself, strengthen yourself and fight them better in the future?”

Jingyuan was stunned and then nodded: “yes, yes.”

At this moment, he felt that the young man in front of him and his husband really had the same wrist and ideas.

Mr. whale was also a little surprised.

Qin Yi’s transparency exceeded his expectations.

This should not be the thinking he can have at his age.

Qin Yi: “what’s more, I thought, even if he boarded the ship, it may not be me who is unhappy.”

Jingyuan: “Madam means…”

Qin Yi turned to look at Mr. Xiajing: “look, there’s another one here. If they meet, they don’t know who will be the first to be angry. Are you right?”

Mr. whale: ”

Ah Lin could not help but sigh in the bottom of his heart, cow!

On the other side, the ship of hors and his party saw that it was getting closer and closer to the rebel starship.

The middle-aged man who had just negotiated with Jingyuan was lowering his voice and said: “Your Highness, it seems that this plan won’t work. Qin Yi agreed to it before Jing Yuan. There’s no way to stir up the relationship between them. Alas… I don’t know whether Zheng Yi’an’s men are too calm, or Qin Yi is too smart to bypass this pit…”

Yes, they give things sincerely.

But digging is also intentional.

He hopes to make Qin Yi realize that the rebels can’t be relied on and can betray him at any time for interests.

After sighing, the middle-aged man looked up and bumped into HALS’s purple eyes.

Nice, but cold.

Hols: “what is’ that Qin Yi ‘?”

The middle-aged man was surprised and a cold sweat exuded from his back.

He immediately realized that his words were inappropriate. He changed his mouth and said, “Mr. Qin Yi, Mr. Qin Yi.”

Although they all saw the news on the Internet, they also ate the gossip of the previous fight between the crown prince and general Zhou outside the wormhole.

But it was mainly because of his loneliness that the smell of cancer was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that they couldn’t correct it for a time.

You can’t underestimate Qin Yi.

The middle-aged man repeated it several times in his heart.

And hall impatiently pressed the scepter in his hand: “it’s the crown princess.”

The middle-aged man was stunned again and said in a stunned voice: “yes…”

Aren’t you married yet? That’s it?

Qin Yi should be treated like a father!

The middle-aged man repeated this sentence several times in his heart.

After a while, HALS’s voice whispered, “that’s what he is.”

The middle-aged man had a question mark on his face.

What riddles is the crown prince playing? He doesn’t dare to ask.

Hols bent his fingers and rubbed his cuffs. Then he continued: “when I first saw him, he took Zheng Yian’s energy to support me.”

Even if the back knows that this man runs fast and has no true feelings for others, even his name is false.

But the “qilia” fixed in my mind is gentle and lovely.

The middle-aged man opened his mouth wide.

Is it so… Fierce?

Isn’t that an Omega?

The middle-aged man squeezed out a sentence from his throat for a long time: “it turns out that the crown princess was so kind to you…”

Although this sentence is dry, it pleases hols very well.

Yes, Qin Yi is kind to me.

He’s nice to me.

It’s the kind of good that will shock and envy others.

The crown prince’s mood was much calmer. He even thought that when he saw Qin Yi later, he didn’t have to be too strong and cold. The accounts in front can be ignored first.

At this time, the voice of the rebel star ship came from the communicator.

“Allow to land.”

“Please enter the 03 access track.”

With the voice of the last sentence falling, the spacecraft docked smoothly.

Hols walked into the huge starship.

The attendants and soldiers behind him were very proud. They crowded him in as if he were the master here.

The middle-aged man looked around.


What about Qin Yiren?

At least we should give a little welcome.

The soldier seemed to see the middle-aged man’s mind and whispered, “welcome, your highness, sir. He’s on his way from the restaurant.”

Hols understood immediately.

Qin Yi must be in the restaurant at this time.

Hols ordered directly, “go to the restaurant.”

The soldier frowned, thought for a while, and didn’t stop him.

Well yuan met them on the way, and the last group went to the restaurant together.

Qin Yi sat there and was having dinner.

As soon as hols’s eyes fell, he suddenly stood still.

Has anyone ever had a glimpse of the beautiful scenery that has never been seen and remembered since then?

Qin Yi is like that beautiful scenery.

The middle-aged man next to hols glanced around. In order to save his mistake, he stepped forward to find the best looking man and opened his mouth: “Emperor…”


Before calling out the last few words, hols pressed his neck from behind.

“Go to the back,” said HALS coldly.

The middle-aged man stepped back and watched their crown prince go forward step by step.

He stood at the dinner table, tall, and the falling shadow almost completely shrouded the boy. The small robots on one side looked even smaller against his background.

Hols has a lot to say at this moment.

But he held back.

He lowered his eyes and fell between Qin Yi’s hair.

He waited, waited.

Looking at Qin Yi’s beautiful and slender hands, holding chopsticks and holding the cup handle, the snow-white porcelain is almost the same as his skin.

… he eats very seriously.

… he didn’t look at me.

… he didn’t even say a word.

Hols couldn’t help it. He pressed one hand on the table, and the other hand fell and knocked on the table. He shouted in a deep voice, “Qin Yi.”

The crown prince is a little unhappy.

However, when he looked at Qin Yi and found himself holding down the table, it was like Kankan wanted to put Qin Yi in his arms. The crown prince’s unhappiness was a little better.

“Hmm?” Qin Yi slowly raised his head and gave hols a little look.

“Do you remember me?” the question wrapped in countless emotions turned into such a sentence.

Sounds like you’re wronged.

Qin Yi nodded: “Prince of Limu Empire, remember.”

Hols suddenly realized something.

Previously, he, together with Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji, blocked Qin Yi and a group of pirates on the nameless mineral planet. He also played the crown prince, without telling Qin Yi that he was Gladstone who fell on the desolate star with him.

Now Qin Yi can’t recognize himself and is excusable for his indifference and alienation.

Hols said in a deep voice, “it’s not the crown prince, it’s me… There are scars on my face and my eyes are covered with blood… It’s me…”

He said, even couldn’t help but get excited and took out his mecha dragon.

The palm sized mecha dragon lay in his palm and looked very small.

But the people around felt shocked for a moment.

No one really thinks of it as a “gadget”.

That’s super-s biological mecha!

The treasure of the rimu empire!

But now he was so casually held in his hand by the crown prince and sent to Qin Yi for him to see.

Qin Yi glanced down and reached out to touch the mechatron.


Qin Yi was not surprised. Who doesn’t have three or two waistcoats when walking among the stars these days?

No wonder the crown prince pursued him. The last time he saw each other, he said that the crown prince was a little strange.

Hols looked at Qin Yi with expectation: “do you know who I am now?”

Qin Yi: “Ge……” hols looked forward to it more.

Qin Yi lengthened his tone: “ge…” “what’s Ge?”

Hols: “……”

He stared at Qin Yi, clenched his teeth, and squeezed out his voice word by word: “Gladstone. I’m Gladstone.”

The crown prince felt that his virgin heart seemed to be broken into eight pieces.

It turned out that Qin Yi not only had no feeling for the identity of the crown prince, but even Gladstone’s identity seemed to be just a trivial mark in his life.

Qin Yixin said, four words.

How long?

Hard to remember.

Qin Yi leaned against the back of the chair and stepped back a little, away from the shadow of the crown prince’s body.

He looked at hols.

Obviously, one sits shorter and the other stands higher, but Qin Yi’s understatement seems to hold the sovereignty of the situation in his hands.

Qin Yi accused, “look, you lied to me with a false name.”

Hols: “……”

Obviously, Qin Yi cheated harder!

Kerao is a little virgin like hors. At this moment, he knows that he can’t blame Qin Yi first.

Hols pressed his lower lip heavily and said, “I’m sorry.”

Apologize so soon?

What about the arrogant crown prince?

Qin Yi raised his eyes in surprise.

“Sorry, I have to interrupt.” Inoue yuan whispered. “Just now there was news that general Zhou’s warship has arrived nearby.”

Qin Yi:?

Are your brains so good?

Guess so soon?

Good guy, there’s more than double happiness.

You give me a good time!


Another small spaceship was suspended in the air not far or near. The people on the spaceship looked at the scene in amazement, and then set up a camera.

“Friends, viewers, my dear netizens! Star battlefield network will bring you the first-line live broadcast!”

“Did you see the ship of the Kayabi, the car of the prince of the rimu Empire, the pro army fleet of general Zhou,… How incredible and shocking! Are those great people here?”

“But they didn’t go to their Omega! Instead, they came here! They even formed a siege here! Has the alliance reached any new agreement with them? Will they help the alliance eradicate the rebels?”

“Are we going to witness a very wonderful and fierce struggle?”

The Union Army watching the live broadcast sneezed:?


Why didn’t we know that?


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