I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 58

For the big news that shocked the world like Qin Yi, according to the practice of the press, of course, it is the first time to find the news parties, his relatives and friends and so on for a comprehensive interview. This process alone is enough for them to do news for ten days and a half months.

But here comes the problem

After the news party blew up his house, he disappeared.

Ha, Qin Yi, I can’t interview at all!

When people in the media think about it, it is estimated that the whole world is looking for Qin Yi. Those big and small forces are much more eager than them. In order to avoid being mixed up, causing conflict and dying for the news, these people learn to be smart and want to turn around and talk to several other parties!

For example, general Zhou, the crown prince

Did you say it happened?

All together!

“Once we fight for a while, turn on the accelerator immediately. Our ship can’t carry a few guns!”

“Shield! Is the shield up?”

“It’s rising! The number of viewers is rising! There are 23 million now… I can’t dream of so many people…”

In the small spaceship, it was very lively.

It was also the first time to see such a big host. His voice was excited and out of tune. But it also mobilized the emotions of interstellar netizens.

Because these days, Internet devices can directly read the owner’s thinking and convert brain waves into specific words.

Therefore, in the live broadcasting room for a time, all kinds of bullet screens were painted quickly and dazzled.

[lying trough, is the league so capable?]

[just a political deal]

[isn’t the rebels in danger? Alas. It’s a pity that Mr. Zheng left…]

[Nobody cares about Omega? Ha ha, I knew he was full of nonsense]

[after all, it’s just an omega. The degree of matching is high, but it should not be so exaggerated. Compared, of course, political affairs are more important…]

Interstellar netizens, as if they were all turned into officialdom veterans, talked about the importance and lightness of Qin Yi in front of interests.

Squatting outside the screen, the staff looked at the grand event in the live broadcast room and couldn’t help but be happy. They whispered, “how many people are there in the whole star? What’s 23 million? The people of the two empires and alliances will pay close attention to the live broadcast because of their generals, crown princes and prime ministers!”

The staff member is right.

The number of people in the live studio is still rising, going straight to the hundreds of millions of mark.

After all, the alliance rebels and Qin Yi are the most watched events in the universe recently.

In full view of the public.

Zhou Yiqing’s spaceship landed on the rebel starship.

“Is it a strong attack?” the host shouted excitedly.

[forced landing on arrival?]

[general Zhou’s momentum is too strong… I tremble unconsciously across the Internet.]

“Look! The starship is about to make a counterattack… What method will it adopt? Open the anti landing deck?… shit! They opened the door to the ship!???” the host’s last word, with a tone of three ways and eighteen turns.

Sheng Sheng turned from excitement to doubt.

[that’s surrender, isn’t it?]

[it’s all Mr. Zheng’s men! I don’t believe Mr. Zheng only trained such a group of people. Didn’t he beat the League yesterday]

[after all, it is besieged by several parties. At this time, those who know current affairs are heroes]

[I’m really curious now. How much benefit does the alliance have to take in exchange for the help of several forces to encircle and suppress?]

[well, didn’t anyone read yesterday’s report? It seems that the Kayabi people came to help the rebels. They got on the alliance ship and finally turned around and beat the Alliance Army… Why don’t you ask what benefits the rebels offered in exchange for the help of the never seen Kayabi people.]


With Zhou Yiqing’s spacecraft entering the starship, the live studio fell into confusion.

At this time, there was a dead silence in the star domain.

There was no imagination of the anti Landing Attack of Zhongxing ship, nor was there a fierce encirclement and suppression by several armies.

There was no fierce battle… None.

Very peaceful.

In contrast, the more flustered is the alliance.

With a dark face, the prime minister hurried to his seat and said, “this is what you invited me to see?”

The prime minister roughly swept the scene in the live studio and said, “these media without interstellar law in their eyes should be blocked sooner or later!”

He thought they were in a hurry to broadcast the situation after the defeat of the league.

The man below said: “Zhou Yiqing’s Pro army and hors’s Pro guard have all arrived in ANGA galaxy… Now Xingwang is guessing that this is our friend invited with a lot of money. This matter is inexplicable. There has never been any news before, and the Ministry of finance has not covered such a fee…”

The prime minister’s face changed: “of course not, because there is no such thing.”

“So we are worried about what kind of conspiracy this is…”

“And can mobilize figures like Zhou Yiqing and hols at the same time…”

The prime minister answered with an ugly face, “it must be a big conspiracy.”

The officials also looked ugly and nodded.

Then the atmosphere on the side of the alliance changed completely. While paying attention to the live broadcasting room, they immediately ordered to mobilize to collect intelligence and check whether the people below had acted without authorization. They should be wary of people doing stupid things in exchange for betraying the country.

Anyway, the mood is worse.


On the other side, the rebel starship.

Qin Yi said: “Hey, anyway, it’s all the advantages of sending to the door. One is also sent, and two are also sent…”

It turned out that Zhou Yiqing was more direct. As soon as he came up, he took resources as a gift, and then asked to go on board to discuss military affairs. As for what to talk about, there are different opinions. Anyway, the polite gesture is enough.

Qin Yi put an end to this matter in a sentence: “then take it all.”

Jingyuan felt sorry for Qin Yi, but under the influence of Qin Yi’s relaxed tone, he felt a little happy and funny.

Inoue answered, “yes.”

As soon as he turned his head, he immediately saw the figure of the crown prince standing there, and his ugly face.

Jingyuan sighed in his heart.

Sure enough, as Qin Yi said, who is not happy.

Now it seems that the crown prince has had enough.

Jing Yuan left his men to guard here, and then went to meet Zhou Yiqing himself.

Since according to Qin Yi, there is no need to make enemies, it is better to develop into friends. Then there should be some politeness.

“How did Zhou Yiqing know you were here?” Holls asked aloud. He pressed his hand on the table harder. “Did you take the initiative to tell him?”

If so

Hols flashed back and forth in his mind. He manipulated the mecha on the spot and had a fight with Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi lowered his head and drank a mouthful of flower tea: “Your Highness, you are not the only smart person in the world.”

The attendants behind hors were stunned.

The tone of heart saying this is not polite at all!

Isn’t that ironic, your highness?

But their highness didn’t seem to recognize the irony. His face even slowed down. He pursed his lips and replied, “Oh.”

Then there’s no more text.

It seems that Qin Yi’s question about the doubt just now really made him feel ashamed.

The attendants thought they might be crazy.

How could the crown prince be like this?

There must be something wrong with their eyes and brains!

Hols then opened his chair and sat down opposite Qin Yi. He whispered, “the false name… Should be even.”

Qin Yi nodded, “OK.”

HALS breathed a sigh of relief.

Before Zhou Yiqing arrives.

Hols soon breathed again and asked, “but why did you leave without saying goodbye from the rimu Empire?” he paused and said unhappily, “I caught the real little Gladstone for this.”

The attendant said he hadn’t released it yet.

Qin Yi was a little confused after listening.

You used Glaister’s name and turned around and arrested this man?

Is this none of my business?

It doesn’t matter.

“At that time, I had ordered the court painter to make your portrait according to my description and post it all over the country to look for you.” hols was in a bad mood again.

Arlene listened and shouted, good guy.

How charming the widow is!

After leaving without notice, the crown prince will post a notice to find someone.

Qin Yi was surprised again. He asked, “why?”

Alin whispered.


Isn’t the focus on how much affection is contained in the posting of national search?

Alin shook his head secretly. He felt that it was difficult to win such a person with Wang’s ability to be single for thousands of years.

Hols was thinking, why?

When Qin Yigang disappeared, he failed to understand this truth. But now I understand.

He has a little and wants to marry Qin Yi.

But you can’t just say that.

This is the lesson that hols learned from Zhou Yiqing’s escape from marriage.

Hols’s eyes flashed, directly bypassed Qin Yi’s question and threw out another topic: “at that time, I asked them to find a girl named qilia. At this time, Zhou Yiqing took Lu Ji into the palace and asked the Empire to help them find you. Unfortunately, someone said that there was a qilia among them.”

The wicked Qin Yi briefly recalled for three seconds.


Qilia is Lu Ji’s false name. He used it conveniently.


“I found that the beta girl I was looking for had become a man, a completely strange alpha man,” hols said.

What a new type of online love fraud.

Alin said.

“If the name is false, don’t say it, but the gender is false!” HALS’s tone was a little excited, fully expressing how angry he was when he found the truth.

Qin Yi was still sitting there like an old dog. He blinked gently and asked, “have you ever smelled my smell when you were on the mining star?”

Is he ready to argue?

Hols gave a meal, but he recalled it according to Qin Yi’s question

Of course.

Not only smell and see

At that time, it was like electricity, which excited all the cells of the body. At this moment, it seemed to come again.

He seemed to smell a little breath of Qin Yi again.

It’s so sweet.

Hols suddenly tightened his body, pressed the edge of the table with one hand, and unconsciously moved the chair to slide out.

He moved his lower lip hard: “I smell it. What’s that smell?”

Qin Yi wrote “silly child” all over her face.

He smiled softly, “that’s Omega’s pheromone.” he said, “you see, if you learned more about gender characteristics, how could you not recognize my real gender? I’ve never hidden it in particular.”

That makes sense.

Arlene smacked his mouth.

In the final analysis, the crown prince is too young. If our king is not close to omega for many years, he will be able to smell that it belongs to omega pheromone.

It’s not strange that Qin Yi is a liar

Alin thought and turned to look at Mr. whale’s face.

But see Mr. Jing staring at Qin Yi’s direction, a little… Distracted?

Alin lowered his voice and asked, “what are you thinking?”

Mr. Jing was probably really a little distracted. He moved his lower lip and blurted out: “what’s the taste of Qin Yi’s pheromone?”


Arlene’s eyes widened.

This, if said in front of Omega, is almost equivalent to sex Sao disturbance!

Mr. whale slowly recovered and seemed to realize the impoliteness of his sentence.

Shocked by himself, Mr. whale stopped.

Ah Lin turned his head in a trance and heard someone exclaim at the other end: “Your Highness! Your highness, why do you have a nosebleed, your highness?”


Is this the power of Omega pheromone?!

Sensing the smell of blood in the air, the small medical robot immediately came quickly and turned behind HALS’s ass.

Qin Yi jokingly handed out a piece of paper: “do you want to wipe it?”

Hols didn’t make a sound or answer.

Hols’s brain boomed.

He was clearly sitting in a chair, but he was in a trance and had the illusion that he would fall down at any time.

Omega pheromone

It turned out that the smell he smelled from beginning to end was Omega pheromone

That sweet smell is the inherent attraction of the intergrowth reproductive structure of alpha and omega.

It has a different color.

For a moment, hols’s nose blood flowed more violently.

The attendants looked silly.

That’s the precious blood of top alpha!

The attendants rushed up and took out the medical box one after another.

Qin Yi put his hand down and said softly, “so you see, I didn’t lie to you.”

His voice fell in HALS’ ears, but his figure was blocked by the surrounding attendants.

With a frown on his lips, hols waved them all away.

How dare the servants offend him?

Only stood at a loss, holding the medical box in his hand, and didn’t know whether to send it up.

Hols’s eyes fell on Qin Yi again. In the end, he couldn’t say anything, but turned into a word “en”.

In this way, all the accounts that had accumulated in his chest for a long time and that had to be settled with Qin Yi were written off here.

That Jingyuan has just received Zhou Yiqing.

Ji Yang, Zhou Yiqing’s deputy, said first that he wanted to see Qin Yi.

Jingyuan already knew their purpose. Anyway, Qin Yi nodded, so he didn’t refuse. He thought about chaos. Anyway, it was chaotic enough, and directly brought people to the restaurant.

As a result, as soon as the front foot arrived, he found that the atmosphere was not quite right.

Look again.

Inoue’s eyelids jumped.

Why is there blood in front of hols?!

Alpha’s blood is particularly eye-catching on the white military uniform.

“Your Highness, this is…” as soon as Inoue yuan uttered a voice, he finally brought back the thoughts of the people in a trance.

Hols turned his head and saw Zhou Yiqing at a glance.

Zhou Yiqing is tall and imposing. Of course, he can’t be ignored.

Their eyes met briefly.

Finally, Zhou Yiqing first moved away and gently fell on Qin Yi.

With a cold face, HALS raised his hand, brushed the blood on his lips with white gloves carelessly, and said coldly, “nothing.”

Since the crown prince said nothing, Jingyuan stopped asking.

All of you here are Mr.’s rival in love. If you shed more blood, it’s called good blood!

Zhou Yiqing is old after all.

Even if he wanted to see Qin Yi again, he first looked around for a week, and then said hello to Mr. whale: “the king of keabi is also here.”

Mr. whale moved his lips: “Admiral Zhou.”

The people of the Limu Empire realized that just now the crown prince seemed to have directly ignored the kings of other people’s family.

In contrast, does it not seem that the enemy country will be more stable and mature?

And your highness is too arrogant?

They couldn’t help glancing at the boy who was born exceptionally well.

Attendants: ”

The young man’s face didn’t even change. It seems that no matter how big they are, how handsome they are, how powerful they are, whether they are polite or not, mature or naive, there is no difference in his eyes

After greeting, Zhou Yiqing strode to the table: “please let the crown prince pass.”

The attendants glared angrily.

They have been enemies for many years!

Zhou Yiqing didn’t realize it: “I’ll pick up my fiancee.”

Hols wants to retort.

But I don’t know what to say.

That’s my fiancee, too? That’s a little unilateral.

No one expected that it was Mr. whale who spoke first. He whispered, “maybe general Zhou should ask Mr. Inoue’s opinion first.”

what do you mean?

Zhou Yiqing and hols turned their heads to Jingyuan almost at the same time.

Holmes frowned especially tightly.

Did he miss something just now? What’s the difference between this well and the abyss? What new relationship has he developed with Qin Yi?

At the same time, it’s hard to be stared at by two extremely powerful alpha.

But Inoue took a look at Mr. whale first.

Is it his illusion? Will the king of Yabi, with his thick eyebrows and big eyes, stir up discord and profit?

“General Jing.” Zhou Yiqing uttered a voice to remind Jingyuan to give an explanation.

When Jingyuan was in the alliance, he was just a civil servant, but later Zheng Yian’s men rebelled. He began to lead the army. Zhou Yiqing called him “general”, which can be said to give him enough respect.

I’m sorry, Admiral Zhou. I’m afraid he’s not your fiancee anymore. The word “unmarried” means a relationship that hasn’t been protected by law. Now, he’s married and married with our husband. Relevant news has been reported on StarCraft online before. ”

Zhou Yiqing:?!


Including all the people they brought, they were frozen there by this sentence.

People have been missing for so long. As soon as they are found, you tell me he is married???

None of them thought that Mrs. Zheng would be Qin Yi.

Hols’s mind was so buzzing that he could hardly hold the prince’s posture.

Zhou Yiqing blurted out: “with Zheng Yian?”

Inoue: “yes.”

Alpha’s pheromone suddenly lost control and was released externally, with strong suppression.

In an instant, Qin Yi said slowly, “I hope you can control yourself and don’t let it explode here. I don’t want to wander in outer space for a while and then be sucked in by an unexpected wormhole.”

Zhou Yiqing and hols suddenly realized that they were back in the cage and resisted the emotions running back and forth in their bodies.

Jingyuan was relieved when he saw this.


Fortunately, Qin Yi thought it all out.

He opened his mouth a little recklessly just now. After all, when Qin Yi disappeared before, the news reported how Zhou Yiqing and hols fought and blew up one conference hall and observation station after another. If the same consequences were brewed here, their team could not afford such a huge loss.

Because of Qin Yi’s voice, the restaurant fell into silence.

Don’t say who spoke first for a while. Most people dare not move even for fear of touching the weak nerves of the big men.

Zhou Yiqing stood there for a long time with a cold face.

Hols’s face slowly changed from ugly to relaxed.

For the best… Zheng Yi’an is still in the wormhole. He doesn’t know whether he will die or not. To round it up, Qin Yi is already a widow.

A widow is a widow.

Losing a spouse means having another spouse.

Zhou Yiqing suddenly looked down at Qin Yi: “my illegitimate son, girl qilia,… Has the role of the widowed widow been changed this time?”

Qin Yi: ”

Qin Yi lifted his eyes to see him and looked straight into Zhou Yiqing’s eyes. Men’s eyes are firm and tolerant. It seems that he has seen through all his purposes and means.

Seeing that hols didn’t mean to give up his position at all, Zhou Yiqing didn’t insist on arguing with him. He changed his hand and dragged another chair over, put it down on the other side of the table, and then sat down.

Three people account for three sides respectively.

If it weren’t for the other side placed against the wall, if Mr. whale also sat down, the picture would become quite beautiful and could be set up for a game of mahjong.

Before Qin Yi could speak, Zhou Yiqing followed and said, “after you entered the wormhole, Zheng Yi’an also entered the wormhole. You returned to the world, and Zheng Yi’an is still missing. There is no intersection between you. Unless you meet in the wormhole world and get married quickly, but I think this possibility is very low.”

Qin Yi: ”

Those with brains are not easy to cheat.

Or is it hard for old men to cheat?

Zhou Yiqing said again, “so what is the reason that drives you to choose to be a nameless wife and a widowed widow?”

He paused. “You want to get rid of the people who are after you through this name.”

Hols calmed down a lot after listening.

Although she is Zheng Yi’an’s wife, maybe Zheng Yi’an doesn’t know about it.

After the wormhole, they did not meet, of course, this intimate relationship could not be established.

It’s not so sour.

The next second, Qin Yi sighed slightly. He played with the teacup and silver spoon at hand and asked in a slow voice, “but who told general Zhou that we didn’t meet before the wormhole? Who told general Zhou that we didn’t settle before that?”

Zhou Yiqing:!

Zhou Yiqing was not only speechless, but also trembled so much that his chest seemed to be blocked.

It’s OK to cheat Zhou Yiqing, but not me.

Hols suddenly laughed and said, “I know you and he had an intersection before that. After all, we lived on the mining star together. Finally, we left the mining star together. When we left, you watched me hurt Zheng Yi’an…”

At this point, hall choked unnaturally.

After all, in front of other people’s subordinates, he proudly said how he hurt their leader, which is a little less.

Halston paused, then went on, “where did your feelings come from?”

Zheng Yi’an kept saying that he also liked Qin Yi, and then plunged into the wormhole.

In hols’s view, it was more like a premeditated bet by Zheng Yi’an.

What Zheng Yi’an wants is to rebel against the alliance in good faith.

“You can’t fool me,” hols said

Zhou Yiqing frowned and looked at hols.

At the beginning of this story, in the imperial palace of the rimu Empire, he heard that hols probably mentioned some of it.

So is Qin Yi lying?

But… With his understanding of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi would not tell such an obvious lie, knowing that hors could pierce it.

Zhou Yiqing turns to see Qin Yi again.

Sure enough, Qin Yi’s expression didn’t change much.

His appearance was so calm that Jingyuan and others couldn’t help sweating for him.

They have never seen Omega like Qin Yi jump back and forth on the line of life and death so calmly under the siege of powerful alpha.

“Oh.” Qin Yi answered first, and then asked, “do you remember who I was with when you found me on the mining star?”

Hols became alert. He replied, “a group of pirates.”

Qin Yi nodded: “yes, a group of pirates. Those pirates are brave and resourceless. They all obey a Mr. Yi. Under the leadership of Mr. Yi, they came to the mining star and plan to take a share…”

Under the leadership of Mr. Yi.

Who will know the whereabouts of mineral resources and successfully land people on that planet?

Hols reacted in an instant: “Mr. Yi is Zheng Yian?!”

Qin Yi nodded: “yes, he changed his face at that time. I don’t want you to find his true identity, so no one knew that he was Zheng Yi’an until he left mining star.”

Hols looked sour again. He gritted his teeth and asked, “so, in private, when everyone didn’t know, when we were looking for you in the Limu Empire, did you meet Zheng Yi’an… And developed different feelings? Then we met in the mining star, and you protected him?!”

In the second half of the sentence, HALS’s tone suddenly raised a lot.

He is sour, really sour.

Before that, Qin Yi was better to him.

Qin Yidu took Zheng Yi’an’s things to replenish energy for him, which made Zheng Yi’an half dead. Why… Why is that so? Just because of the prevalence of chauvinism in the Limu Empire, doesn’t he like the Limu Empire and me?

Hols seemed to be roughly pressed into a huge lemon.

Zhou Yiqing couldn’t help raising his hand and pressing the center of his eyebrows.

His instinct told him that Qin Yi was still lying.

But it’s hard to find a flaw this time

Qin Yi seemed not enough. He said, “if you don’t believe it, you can ask those pirates what is the relationship between Zheng Yi’an and me.”

Fortunately, after pan Daxing left, he was running the train all the way. As long as there are enough trains, bullshit can be evidence of another lie.

On the pirate’s ship, he is still the little mother whom Zheng Yi’an begged but couldn’t, and Qiang prisoner Qiang married.

Little or no, mom, of course it doesn’t matter now.

Anyway, in the knowledge of the pirates, he did have an affair with Zheng Yi’an.

Well, now the timeline is clear, even the ID card.

In a trance, Jing Yuan thought that if I hadn’t knelt down and begged you to be our wife, give us a new backbone and keep the team together… I almost believed it!

Qin Yi asked, “is it clear now?”

Zhou Yiqing calmly replied, “it’s clear.”

Hols did not speak and seemed to be immersed in a huge impact.

However, this process did not take long. After all, since I met Qin Yi, the young crown prince has suffered a great impact almost every day.

The ability to reorganize the mood is naturally getting stronger and stronger.

HALS turned away and hissed, “I’ll ask the pirates.”

Then he suddenly stood up, stared at Jingyuan coldly and asked, “is there a place to rest on your ship? I think it’s not too much for me to stay here for one night?”

Jingyuan smiled and narrowed his eyes: “not too much, not too much! Of course not too much!”

Now it is hols and Zhou Yiqing who suffer, neither they nor Qin Yi.

It’s not too much for hols to stay here for five nights now.

Inoue immediately arranged for the soldiers to take hols down to rest.

Qin Yi leaned back, and his posture was a little lazy. He shouted in a low voice: “Your Highness.”

HALS’s steps stopped immediately. He turned and turned to Qin Yi, waiting for the rest of Qin Yi’s words.

Qin Yi said, “Your Highness doesn’t have to care about this.”

Hols gritted his teeth.

no way.

I care.

Qin Yi: “Your highness and I have known each other and really spent time together for only ten days. Today, we have met three times. Apart from the natural attraction between alpha and omega, I don’t think your highness should forget anything. Your highness is the Pearl of Limu Empire and the treasure of Limu empire. Alpha like your highness should be the most disdainful to Ao’s law of attraction Yes. ”

It can be said that this is a very clear and polite persuasion.

It not only shows that we have known each other for a long time, meet little, have no emotion to talk about, and there is no need to talk about, but also politely save face for each other.

The attendants around hols felt a buzz in their heads.

The boy is too good.

Even the crown prince of a country can refuse so recklessly!

Zhou Yiqing lowered his eyes.

This is the gentle cruelty of a young man.

When he said this, he cut off other people’s thoughts. At the same time, his body glittered with a clear light. This light fell into Zhou Yiqing’s eyes, but it was also charming.

Zhou Yiqing likes sober and rational people.

But Qin Yi is.

The atmosphere fell into silence again.

Just when the attendants felt the two wars and were extremely afraid, they saw their crown prince suddenly turn his head, and there seemed to be a little smile on his side face, not anger and disappointment.

“I see,” hols said

Then this time he turned back neatly and strode away.

Qin Yi:?

What seems to be wrong?

The party quickly walked away.

The middle-aged man walking beside hols wiped his sweat and sighed in his heart. Omega is really good enough to take Joe. Although it is very beautiful and the matching degree is so high that the world is amazed. But Omega has never taken Joe like this!

If he says, your highness should turn around and leave.


The middle-aged man wants to say, your highness, this is different from what you said before.

You said earlier that Omega took Zheng Yi’an’s things to support you.

As a result, the fact is that people have fallen in love with Zheng Yi’an behind your back! These are two completely different versions of the story!

But the middle-aged man dared not say what he said.

He was afraid that his highness would become angry and kill him.

But he didn’t speak, but hols did.

He praised me, did you hear? He said I was a pearl and a treasure

middle-aged man:?


That’s all you heard, your highness?

In the restaurant.

Qin Yi turned to ask Zhou Yiqing, “will general Zhou also go to rest?”

Zhou Yiqing knows that there is no way to dig out more truth from Qin Yi’s mouth today.

It doesn’t matter. Just be here.

From another perspective, Qin Yi and Zheng Yi’an are better bound. At least, Qin Yi will not disappear quietly again at some time.

So Zhou Yiqing, a very cold and rigid man, also showed a soft smile on his face. He said, “well.”

Zheng Yian’s men: ”

How do they feel that after their wife’s continuous operation, these alpha gas returns to gas. Why do they still have a smiling face after gas?

This must be a conspiracy, isn’t it?

Jingyuan didn’t think it was a conspiracy. He felt that in the final analysis, Qin Yi didn’t understand his charm enough.

This Omega, which is hard to find all over the world, seems to exude a completely unknown charm all the time.

Even rejection is charm.

Inoue was not surprised by this scene.

He sighed in his heart, then turned around and ordered the two soldiers to take Zhou Yiqing to rest.

Zhou Yiqing and his party soon went away.

Ji Yang walked on his side. At present, he still had a feeling that his scalp was numb in tremor. That feeling came from surprise, not fear.

Qin Yi is really the most awesome Omega he has ever seen.

“The more I know about Qin Yi, the more difficult it is for me to imagine what kind of person can suppress him…” Ji Yang muttered.

Just now

But anyone who doesn’t have a good brain can be easily brought into the pit and believe the nonsense of Qin Yi!

Zhou Yiqing didn’t speak.

He had never felt so strongly at this moment that Qin Yi was like the sun recorded in ancient history. High and far, it made people want to chase continuously.

Still in the live airship.

The staff can’t help it. After all, there’s nothing moving. The number of viewers is declining.

“What’s going on in the Starship? Did it fight? Or didn’t it fight?” the host scratched his ears and cheeks and died of anxiety.

Where do they know? They missed a big wave of melons.

If you watch the whole process, you can write several news headlines with shock body alone——

What “the crown prince doesn’t know gender, yells his wife at man a and turns out to be a rival in love”,

What “general Zhou lost his fiance and his sweetheart has become him”,

There are also “about my love history with diplomats, which almost caused a cosmic accident”, and “the first Shura field of widow O and three a”

In the Starship at this time.

Ah Lin watched Qin Yi get up and leave, and couldn’t help sighing a long breath.

Mr. whale slowly recovered and asked him, “what’s the matter?”

Ah Lin shook his head and said, “I’m so worried. You see, they were all pestering me just now. They were almost fighting. But you couldn’t even insert a word, as if you were an outsider! If a gossip reporter rushed to write a news about love and hate, you couldn’t even take up a word!”

I can’t catch up with the hot shit! My God!


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