I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 59

Qin Yi returned to his room.

After a while, Inoue yuan followed.

Qin Yi was about to change his pajamas. He put his hands on the buttons. Without lifting his head, he asked, “what’s the matter? If you feel ashamed and embarrassed, it’s unnecessary.”

When Jingyuan reached his mouth, he immediately swallowed it all back.

What did you say?

As they said at the beginning, they should protect Qin Yi for their husband.

The result now seems to be the opposite.

“If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll sleep.” Qin Yi said.

“Wait a minute.” Jingyuan paused. “I have something for you.”

Qin Yi opened the door.

Jingyuan walked in slowly from the outside, took a look at Qin Yi standing in front of the mirror, coughed a little, and said, “that’s all these things…”

What’s that?

Qin Yi was puzzled and turned his head. He heard the light sound of rubbing the ground slowly approaching.

Take a closer look——

A row of small robots, holding high their mechanical arms, stood in front of Qin Yi.

Their bodies are painted blue, red or green, in all colors.

Each is not as tall as Qin Yi’s waist.


Qin Yi:?

It’s kind of like a trick whoring picture, ah, No.

Because of his short height, he looks like a group of robot cubs.

He came out to work while eating milk.

“I find that you seem to like robots very much, especially lovely robots.” Jingyuan paused. “I don’t know what kind of gifts should be prepared for you. Food, drink, clothing and shelter are the most basic. In addition, I can only think of this…”

Qin Yi looked at Jing Yuan.

This is really what the other party wants to give him from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Yi: “OK.”

Jingyuan was relieved. He also kindly left the operation manual, that is, an electronic chip. If it was pasted on anyone, the manual would be displayed immediately.

Qin Yi thinks it’s also good for him to study more robots.

“Have a good rest,” said Jing Yuan, closing the door for Qin Yi from the outside. Even if clearly Qin Yi just moves his fingers, the door can actually close by himself.

Jingyuan always feels that according to the list that Qin Yi broke out at the beginning… Maybe he will come tomorrow, and!

Don’t you have to have a good rest to have the energy to deal with it now?

In another distant high-dimensional space.

Josephine was startled. He trembled and said, “why suddenly… Suddenly it’s all robots?”

The boy, is there another robot riot?

Wu Hong sitting there didn’t answer.

Even suddenly lay down.

So the huge picture broke like a bubble.

The whole space was quiet and dark again, and there was no faint fire floating in the air.

Josephine accepted the call of a believer.

He felt as if he had missed many pictures during his absence.

Rui swallowed her saliva and thought about it a little.

He is an omnipotent God in the eyes of believers, but only he knows that he is too ordinary. In the face of Wu Hong, he will be afraid and anxious.

For example, at the moment, he was a little afraid that the high God with uncertain joy and anger would want to destroy the whole world.

Oh, this is not groundless fear.

Because before, Wu Hong said that the world was too boring and wanted to change back to the words before the universe collapsed from multiple singularity.

Rui was still thinking, and Wu Hong’s voice suddenly sounded in the dark: “he has a lot of new small robots.”


Wu Hong: “it’s cute.”


Oh, he remembered! Wu Hong once said that when he was around the boy, he was a robot.

So this is

Josephine tried very hard to find an accurate definition from human words.

The next second, he heard Wu Hong’s indifferent voice: “I’m dying.”

Rui was frightened to cry on the spot.

Why, why did the boy have a new robot and the God was dying.

If Wu Hong dies.

The consequences… The consequences are unimaginable.

Of course, Wu Hong will not sympathize with Rui.

He even turned over.

He saw a lot of pictures.

From a strange purple eyed man blushing in front of Qin Yi, to a Qin Yi who said he had deep feelings with a man named Zheng and Zheng.

When many small robots stood side by side in front of Qin Yi, Wu Hong felt chest pain, sore throat, nose pain and eye pain.

How strange.

Of course God won’t hurt.

So he must be dying.

The immortal God who will not die is dying.


As soon as the staff in the small spacecraft waited, it was one night.

The bad news is that nothing exciting happened.

The good news is that after a crazy decline, the number of people in the live studio finally stopped at a considerable number.

They just want to see what general Zhou and the crown prince are doing here?

What will the future of the alliance look like?


The League was anxious to wait.

Because only they know that they have no private contact with the two empires! Then it’s terrible

The prime minister sat at the table, his eyes bloodshot and his face dark.

Due to the development of science and technology and the accumulation of wealth and power, he still looks handsome and young. But the body seemed to be unable to hold his aging soul, and the whole person showed a state of fatigue.

The official sitting opposite looks even more ugly: “All those who should be investigated have been investigated. Indeed, no one has been in private contact with the two empires. What we should be wary of now is whether the two empires will take the opportunity to support the rebels, break down the alliance, divide it up and profit from it. The old emperor of Limu is a conservative, but his son is a full radical. It is difficult to protect the crown prince hols. But the emperor of the Yan Huang empire will not be moved The chamber has been elevated for many years, and half of the people in the Parliament are opposed to their general Zhou Yiqing’s monopoly of power. Who knows if they have also moved their minds to let Zhou Yiqing die on the battlefield of the alliance? Or they can simply give him a charge of colluding with foreign enemies… ”

“… yes,” replied the prime minister, gritting his teeth.

What is more attractive than Omega?

That is, of course, right and territory.

This is why these top alpha came here.

The prime minister felt extremely upset.

When the alliance is strong, he should beware of Zheng Yian. Because Zheng Yian is too strong, but such a strong person is his subordinate. He needs Zheng Yian and is afraid of Zheng Yian.

Now Zheng Yian is finally gone, but he has to be afraid of the two empires and even the keyabi.

The prime minister suddenly realized how wonderful he had thought.

Without Zheng Yi’an, he thought he could reorganize the alliance, expand his territory, have more dignity and gain more worship.

Maybe he will also be written in history books.

But now?

At this time, an official opened his mouth carefully, which just hit the prime minister’s mind.

“If only Mr. Zheng had come back alive today.”

With Zheng Yian, the alliance really doesn’t need to guard against foreign enemies.

Other officials also moved a little and whispered: “It’s better to clarify. At the beginning, no one forced Mr. Zheng into the wormhole. We didn’t mean to hurt Mr. Zheng. We’ll deal with two more people as the culprits, and the matter will be over. Mr. Zheng has dedicated so many years to the alliance. We should question his men. Do they want to see Mr. Zheng’s efforts destroyed by gunfire?”

“Yes! We can also take over his widow and treat him kindly! If there are Mr. Zheng’s children in our stomach, let’s help raise them, that’s not…”

The passage was interrupted before he could finish.

In fact, the prime minister has some regrets.

But this regret disappeared immediately after the officials under his hand also expressed regret.

The prime minister glanced at them coldly.

Are they so afraid of Zheng Yian? Even if Zheng Yian is gone, they can’t afford it!

In their eyes, I am nothing without Zheng Yi’an?

The Prime Minister got angry and said with a sneer, “what? Listen to what you mean, you’re going to behead my son, apologize to Zheng Yi’an and press it down like this?”

The representative who led the team to the wormhole was the prime minister’s own son.

There is no better way to offend someone than to offend him.

In fact, before the change, the prime minister could really do such a cruel thing.

Not to mention how many mistresses he has in private.

The long life brought by technological changes alone is enough for him to die. A son is nothing. He can regenerate! He even thinks that the younger the son, the better, and he won’t rush to compete with his father for power.

It was precisely because officials understood his temperament that they said such words.

But now

By the cold irony of the prime minister, officials bowed their heads and dared not mention it again.

The prime minister glanced coldly at them and became more firm.

This war can’t stop!

Not only can’t stop! He has to find a way to win!!!

“This matter is not completely without a turnaround…” the prime minister said in a deep voice.

The officials did not answer rashly. They thought, what is the turn? Relying on the alliance’s sufficient reserves and a large number of troops, they carried out crowd tactics and forcibly dragged the war down until the rebel resources and numbers could not keep up?

Don’t forget that the two empires can sell arms to the rebels!

The prime minister suddenly said, “have you heard of kandarati civilization?”

The officials were stunned and then surprised: “yes! The mineral resources on the unknown planet previously discovered in the rimu empire are said to be one of the relics of kandarati civilization…”

Unfortunately, they didn’t get anything that time.

Prime Minister: “if we can get all the relics of kandarati civilization and the advanced great wealth beyond the times, it will help us defeat the two empires, not to mention the small rebels…”

I understand what officials say, but the problem is that after looking for so many years, we stumbled across such a mineral resource. Where can we find it?

The prime minister seemed to see through their minds.

His eyes flashed a little disdain and anger. In his heart, he secretly scolded these things that the mud couldn’t help up the wall. The war had just begun, and he lost his fighting spirit one by one.

He opened his mouth and said, “you may not have heard that in ancient times, there was an era when kandarati civilization prevailed. At that time, people believed not in science but in God.”

There is such a saying——

The end of science is theology.

Therefore, although the officials felt incredible, they did not rashly refute.

After all, surgery was magic for humans in earlier times.

“You and I don’t know where kandarati’s civilization is scattered, but what about kandarati’s God? What about God’s believers?” the prime minister asked.

After a pause, he continued: “I have seen such words in the scattered ancient books of the Yan and Huang empire. It is said that in the ancient mountains and seas, gods feed on the beliefs of believers. The more believers, the stronger their beliefs, the gods will enter a heyday. Once one day, no one believes in gods, the gods will disappear.”

When officials heard this, they felt mysterious and unreliable, and they were a little fucking fascinated.

Is this the attraction of mysterious culture?

“Up to now, no one believes in gods? Many people don’t even know what kandalati is.” an official whispered.

It’s not reliable.

But the prime minister reversed their thinking the next moment.

The prime minister rarely smiled: “Melly bank, isn’t it strange?”

of course!

It is a well-known bank in the Limu empire. In the history of the universe, you can clearly count the traces it has experienced.

It is the only bank that has stood for many years and has a strong historical background. Most people don’t know whether it was established thousands of years ago or tens of thousands of years ago

“Old Gladstone, the man behind the Melly bank. He is a believer in the God kandarati.”

Everyone was stunned.

Is there such a thing?

The prime minister thought angrily.

What is Zheng Yian?

What is he compared with such a huge and mysterious kandarati?

Even if Zheng Yi’an is still alive, it may not be useful.

The prime minister sneered: “maybe we can summon a God to completely change the history of the universe.”

The officials were in great shock. For a long time, no one could find his voice to respond to him.

Qin Yi in the Starship just got up together and couldn’t help sneezing.


Is there something bad going to happen?

No bad thing.

But the system inside the house quickly prompted him that hols was waiting outside his door.

Qin Yi didn’t go to open the door immediately, but slowly washed up first.

In fact, he doesn’t know so much about alpha. When he grew up in pandaxing, he came into contact with young alpha, such as Kong Jiaxiang. Contact with the older alpha is like father Qin.

From their experience, Qin Yi knows that alpha’s love is easily dissipated. If you make him wait a little longer, he will like you less.

So why don’t you let him wait for half an hour?

Qin Yi directs the small robot to pick up food for himself and arrange the table.

Pour milk on the left and cut meat on the right.

It realizes the freedom of the real robot.

Outside the door at this time.

The middle-aged man couldn’t help but say, “I’ve asked them all. People here said, Qin… The Crown Princess usually gets up early, and sometimes even goes to the console in front…”

Hols did not return: “don’t use this name in front of Qin Yi.”

Middle aged men want to talk and stop.

Do you have to divide it?

Afraid to make Omega angry?

The middle-aged man answered, “yes.”

“But you haven’t had breakfast yet. Your majesty just sent a communication request…”

“We’ll talk about it later,” said hols.

The middle-aged man is a little worried.

How can you hang it, your majesty?

He hurriedly said, “you might as well ask him to open the door for you directly. Why do you just wait quietly.” I even suspected that Omega was bold and wanted to hang you on purpose.

Hols fell into thinking.

Just when the middle-aged man thought he would agree to the proposal, he heard hors say, “no, that’s good.” the young crown prince, with such an imperceptible embarrassment between his proud eyebrows and eyes, said, “I haven’t thought about the first sentence. What should I say to him.” he said, “think again.”

Middle aged man shocked:???


Half an hour later, Qin Yi opened the door.

It’s not that I love hols.

But as the middle-aged man said, in fact, Qin Yi has no habit of staying in bed. Qin Yi made limited use of his time except for the days when he had just escaped from Pan Daxing and gained his freedom. He desperately absorbed the knowledge that he was not allowed to touch in the past.

It’s okay to fly a spaceship or operate a starship.

He was even very interested in the deployment of Inoue yuan’s troops, but he was very close to each other. He didn’t listen to the military secrets of ordinary people.

So there’s no need to spend your precious time with hols.

As soon as the door opens.

Qin Yi stepped out of the door, and the small robot people followed him.

Didn’t wait for Qin Yi to say the word “let”.

Hols: “Qin Yi.”

Qin Yi was very polite and replied “huh?”.

It means say something and fart.

Hols closed his lips.

What should I say?

What am I going to say?

Qin Yi.

Hols: “… Your name sounds good.”

After that, like talking nonsense, HALS quickly added: “it’s completely different from the name of the Limu empire.”

Qin Yi: “Oh.”

He smiled, “I like my own name, too.”

Not because the surname Qin comes from Qin Jianlin.

But when he looked through the history of the ancient earth, he felt that “Qin Emperor Han Wu”, and he liked that “Qin”. The writing of “Qin” is different from the current star characters.

Hols stared at the smile on Qin Yi’s face and unconsciously took a step forward.

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at him: “what?”


What am I going to do?

Actually, hols doesn’t know much.

Hols took a breath and suddenly a question came out of his mind. He asked, “why do you have pheromones… It’s hard to smell…”

Qin Yi sighed: “because no one could smell my pheromone before, I never had to use inhibitors. But now it’s different.”

In short, Qin Yi had to put an inhibitor on himself because he found that the stronger alpha was, the more he could smell the pheromone on him.

Hols squeezed his palm.

Is it because of his appearance that Qin Yicai had to inject inhibitors?

Of course, hols knows that inhibitors are not a good thing.

Anything that goes against human physiology will do some harm to the body.

Although hols believes that alpha should use inhibitors to control itself, rather than uncontrollably amorous like a beast, inhibitors are different for Qin Yi.

A strange feeling rose from the bottom of his heart.

Different from the previous anger and heartbeat, it is a little tight, so that when facing Qin Yi, there is an inexplicable sense of shame.

Hols opened his mouth and wanted to say something more.

But Qin Yi has gently pushed him away and walked away.

Omega’s finger touched his arm across a thick cloth that could isolate radiation and a small part of weapon damage. No smell of Omega pheromone.

But hols felt as if his heart had been pressed lightly.

It’s a little intoxicating.

That’s strange.

Hols stood there and fainted for a while until the middle-aged man carefully woke him up at the risk of being angry: “Your Highness, your majesty…”

Hols gave him a little look and regained his superior appearance.

The emperor of rimu was going to give hols something.

The emperor said at the other end, “I really let people release him. Maybe I will be on the news in two days.”

In the video sent by the emperor, a short male beta with brown messy hair strutted out.

He’s the Abbott hols mentioned earlier.

Speaking of Abbott, the emperor was quite speechless: “the man was released without any sense of gratitude. It even seemed to encourage his arrogance, making him feel that all this was his own credit. He felt that he was right…”

“That’s why I’m going to let him go,” hols said as he walked forward with a sudden step

Emperor: “what do you mean?”

Hols has thought about it.

If it is not completely changed, if it is only the hypocritical pandering of the people, a smart person like Qin Yi will see through it at a glance.

Only the real change of the Limu empire can get Qin Yi’s surprised smile.

Hols said quickly: “only such a firm self-confidence person can stand in front of all citizens without fear and say that from today on, Ao is equal.”

This person has the right gender and personality.

The iron head can break through all the wind, forest, fire and rain.

Hols finished their conversation.

He walked fast.

When passing by, it even drove a strong wind.

The soldiers in the Starship couldn’t help muttering: “what’s the matter? The crown prince of Mu Empire here knows that the alliance has just launched a surprise attack? Why? He’s more worried than us?”

The middle-aged man couldn’t catch up and ran panting.

When he finally caught up, he bumped into the wide and hard back of hols. The pain made the middle-aged man feel as if his skull was going to break on the spot.

“Your Highness?”

The middle-aged man slowly raised his head and found that hols stopped at the door of the reception hall.

Hols hung his head and straightened his collar and cuffs slowly. Even his cloak seemed to become more elegant.

Then he walked in slowly.

The middle-aged man followed in and found that, oh, the enemy general had been sitting opposite Qin Yi.

No wonder your highness should fully tidy up his appearance in front of his rival.

“Admiral Zhou is coming quickly,” Holls said.

Zhou Yiqing: “I got up early and broke some roses.”

Hols’s eyelids jumped.

He looked down again.

Qin Yi saw several paper roses on the small tea table at hand.

How to say… It’s just a little sour.

Hols paused.

Qin Yi suddenly felt funny and speechless.

This flower was not given to him by Zhou Yiqing. To be exact… Zhou Yiqing should have asked the soldiers here in advance where he used to sit, so he put it in his position early before he came.

In this way, he will not refuse, but also attack his rival in love.

It’s almost an upward attack, good guy!

Mr. whale was the last to come.

Because there is no ocean as big as keabi for him to rest, he is a little uncomfortable here.

Instead of making a strange noise like hols, he only silently looked at the roses on the tea table and then held his eyes.

Before long, well yuan also came.

He said politely, “the alliance just attacked our starship…”

Hols and Zhou Yiqing frowned almost at the same time. Mr. whale didn’t have any expression.

Hols couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi.

Will Qin Yi ask him anything? Even if it’s just a small one

As a result, the well opened again.

Jingyuan said with a smile: “it’s a coincidence. The alliance’s army probably didn’t expect that his Highness’s Pro guard and general Zhou’s Pro army are well-trained and highly vigilant teams… So before the alliance hit our starship, they were joined by the two men.”

Hols: ”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Qin Yi almost laughed.

What kind of shit luck is this?

Hols and Zhou Yiqing quickly reacted.

They are on the starship, and their identity is valuable. Of course, the people under their hands dare not hold it up. No matter what the loss is, whoever wants to do it must be beaten first. You can’t let anything happen to them on the Starship anyway.

Inoue Yuan went on to say, “so if you don’t want to passively get involved with the rebels and be labeled as a rebel ally, please leave the Starship and leave the Anja galaxy with your team early.”

At this moment, hols and Zhou Yiqing looked at each other with a rare tacit understanding.

Their brains are spinning fast, and they have already considered the pros and cons.

“What if I were to be an ally of the rebels?” asked hols.

Qin Yi interposed, “Your Highness, don’t you think about it anymore?”

Hols: no more

Qin Yixin said it was a pity.

If you really want to deliver it to your door, don’t take advantage of such a good opportunity.

But I still have a little conscience.

So Qin Yi stood up and walked to hors: “Your Highness, smell it again and smell it clearly.”

Hols’s eyelids jumped wildly, and he could hardly hold the arrogant posture of the crown prince.

Qin Yi: “after injection of inhibitors, I am no different from ordinary Omega. I can even not be regarded as an omega. Is your highness fascinated by my unique high matching pheromone, or what?”

Hols’s scalp is numb.

No pheromone.

But there’s something else.

He could smell a little milk aroma. It must be in the food Qin Yi ate in the morning. He also smelled a little fruit. How can a person have no taste? Every smell on his body seems to be comparable to pheromones, stirring people’s brain nerves.

Hols: “… I think very clearly.”

Maybe pheromones attract at the beginning, but later, it’s more than that.

Because if it was just a pheromone, his first thought in the past would still be to kill or imprison this Omega, so that he could never become a dominant and threatening thing.

But he didn’t mean that to Qin

Qin Yi: “… OK.”

He’s a stubborn.

This is quite novel for Qin Yi.

Hols stared at him, but suddenly asked, “do you want to smell me?”

Qin Yi:?


Zhou Yiqing & Mr. Jing: ”

Sex – Sao – disturbed, this is.

Well yuan doesn’t think it’s suitable

It’s like an invitation to love.

Hols was a little nervous. He said hoarsely, “I also smell roses. It’s better than the paper roses folded by Zhou Yiqing. Qin Yi… Do you want to smell the real roses?”

Zhou Yiqing: “……”

General Zhou’s forehead was green and unbearable. The long sword hanging around his waist suddenly blocked between hors and Qin Yi.

Zhou Yiqing wanted to say a cruel and cruel word, but it was more or less not decent.

So he sipped his lower lip heavily.

The cold and rigid old man said: “… In fact, my pheromone taste is OK.”

Hols holding the sword: ”

Qin Yi: ”

Qin Yi was speechless.

Is that what I wanted to tell you at the beginning? What I’m talking about is that I’ve hit the inhibitor, and the root of my attraction to you has disappeared! Take a closer look. Do you really like me!

Arlene is in a hurry at this time.

They had no pheromones in the earliest days of the Kayabi people.

At that time, they didn’t even have the concept of ABO.

Even in this world, their whole family is like a group of naturally pheromone deformed alpha, which can’t attract Omega at all.

Alin whispered, “Wang, do you smell? Is your pheromone attractive?”

Mr. whale moved his lower lip.

He doesn’t know what his pheromone tastes like

But maybe

Mr. whale: “Qin Yi, do you like seafood?”

Qin Yi:?

He raised his eyes and stared at Mr. whale.

Jingyuan: “cough, cough…” “I think madam may prefer our husband’s pheromone.”

The alpha people just stopped it, but their expressions were not very good-looking.


Zheng Yian!


When Inoue finished speaking, he realized that he seemed to have pulled too much hatred for Mr.

But forget it, sir. People may not come back. Alas.

“So you are not going to leave?” asked Inoue.

“Well.” “well.” “well.” three times in a row, almost stacked together.

Thinking of Qin Yi’s “earnest instruction”, Jing Yuan took a deep breath and decided to put aside any enemies in love temporarily. If you can use them, you can use them. He said solemnly: “then please come to the conference hall and discuss our specific cooperation matters.”

Qin Yi consciously got up: “I have something to do. Let’s leave first.”

Well yuan wanted to keep him, but he couldn’t say anything.

Qin Yi went to the military doctor.

The doctor looked at him: “madam, come to get the inhibitor again?”

Qin Yi: “well.”

Doctor: “OK, this is yours.” after that, she couldn’t help sighing: “Sir, I don’t know if I can come back. Do you want to use inhibitors like this all the time?”

Qin Yi took it over, smiled and said, “no, maybe it will change in the future.”

The doctor wants to say that remarriage is actually good.

But at this time, Qin Yi opened his mouth first and scattered the doctor’s thoughts.

Qin Yi asked, “can you give me some more?”

The doctor was startled: “so much? This can’t be abused…”

Qin Yi: “well, I know.” he thought about it. Several top alpha revolved around him. He has grown up again and only needs more or less inhibitors. It’s safer to be around at any time.

“Anyway, before I was an adult, no alpha could smell the pheromone on me, and I never used inhibitors. Now I use all the pheromones for more than ten years at one time, shouldn’t it matter?” Qin Yi asked.

The doctor said bitterly, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen this phenomenon before. There is no reference example.”

Qin Yi nodded: “well, it doesn’t matter. Just give it to me.”

The doctor was so disobedient that he had to give it to him.

After all, now everyone knows that the matching degree between Qin Yi and several top alpha is 100%. As we all know, once it exceeds 50%, the attraction between Ao will be quite terrible. What is the concept of 100%? No one can imagine. If you lose control, it must be terrible.

Qin Yi quickly put away the inhibitor.

But when I left, the doctor couldn’t help telling me again and again: “Don’t use it if you can’t use it. The consequences of abusing inhibitors are terrible. You should know it if you have taken health classes… After long-term and intensive use of inhibitors, the scene will completely get out of control when the next susceptibility period comes. What’s more, you are just an adult, and your first susceptibility period will be more serious than other Omega.”

Qin Yi smiled: “OK.”

I don’t think so.

The atmosphere here is just right.

The alliance prime minister over there couldn’t help smashing everything around him when he learned the result of the raid in the morning.

“The teams of the two empires are at war with you?”

“… yes,” the man below replied in a trembling voice.

In fact, if he doesn’t prepare a sneak attack, but openly invites the war, then after entering the normal process, the people of the two empires won’t do it easily.

But they made a sneak attack.

The pro guards of hols and the pro troops of Zhou Yiqing did not dare to bet. They immediately took out a reaction speed of 120 points and went up a.

Then the alliance’s sneak attack team was jointly beaten up by the armies of the two big countries that have always been enemy countries.

In the eyes of the prime minister, this is undoubtedly a signal that the two empires have cooperated with the rebels.

The prime minister suddenly stood up, his body was shaking unconsciously, and he didn’t know whether it was because of excitement or fear: “can’t wait any longer! Divide into seven teams, take agents and sneak into the rimu empire. Capture the people of GLAST alive! I want to get the method of summoning gods in their hands and the records of kandarati civilization! I must bring it back, I must!”

On September 27, 3386, the Bank of Melly was stolen, and old Gladstone disappeared in Dixing.

On the same day, the previously captured beta Abbott was released. He swaggered into the sun and told all the people that the rimu empire began to implement Ao equality.

28, 00:00.

Someone put down the first calling ceremony in this era.

After crying for several days, he quickly drowned a small world under his hand. Suddenly, he found that the light around him was bright again.

The voice of the Supreme God was indifferent and a little hoarse: “I can go to his time.”

Josephine even felt as if she heard a happy smell from it.

But will the gods be happy?

He heard his God say, “I think I’m alive again.”

Rui burst into tears.

It’s great not to destroy the world!!!


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