I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 6

The receptionist of the Yin family honestly repeated what Qin Yi said at that time.

Ji Yang couldn’t help interrupting: “how can you remember so clearly?”

The receptionist said, “because he looks very good.”

Ji Yang: ”

At this time, the receptionist couldn’t help looking at the misty star officer and asked, “this is indeed general Zhou. Am I right?”

Ji Yang couldn’t help laughing: “you didn’t.”

The receptionist opened his mouth and suddenly changed his voice: “that Omega’s husband is general Zhou?!”

Ji Yang: “… Husband?”

The receptionist kowtowed. While carefully recalling whether he had offended the little Omega that day, he replied with difficulty: “ah, he walked into the store that day and said he wanted to choose a mecha for him.”

Ji Yang took a smoke from the corner of his mouth: “this Omega is quite… Unrestrained? He hasn’t married our admiral yet.”

The receptionist was relieved to hear that.

The heart says that’s good.

Otherwise, the Admiral’s wife is lost with me. Can I not be finished?

Zhou Yiqing said coldly, “this is an excuse for him to rationalize his behavior. Otherwise, it seems too strange and eye-catching for a young Omega to buy a mecha with all his wealth.”

Although… He also thinks that this Omega is too… Unrestrained.

In Omega, it seems that new and completely different characteristics have been integrated.

He is just an adult, but he can say it so naturally.

Didn’t he feel blushing?

Ji Yang turned his head at this time: “do you mean… That Omega did all this on purpose? He was not kidnapped, nor was he assisted by external forces. He just ran away quietly by his own strength?”

Is that possible?

Ji Yang repeatedly asked himself.

He thought it impossible.

But the Admiral looked as if he was sure of the reason.

“Ask pan Daxing for a photo. You can take someone along the street and find out his whole course of action.” Zhou Yiqing quickly gave the order.

Although the other party is very smart.

But compared with alpha, Omega always has many inherent shortcomings.

Now not only is he looking for this Omega, but his political opponents are also looking for it. He wants to get there before that.

The Qin family shouldn’t send him here.

If it is really as the soldiers described, the other party can find an alpha that is more suitable for him.

Zhou Yiqing rubbed his forehead, still looking cold.

Since he joined the army, he has experienced countless harsh wars, and has been in and out of the strict Presbyterian courtyard many times. He even crossed the other party’s capital in the territory of the enemy country

But never tried to find a child.

“Child” Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes in the trembling and shaking of the spacecraft.

“You have reached i7 planet.” the ship gave a prompt tone.

Qin Yi got out of bed and pressed the button to change the window from black to transparent.

His eyes went out so easily that he could see the scene outside the spaceship——

Dense black robots modeled on the Zerg shape surrounded his spaceship.

Behind him was a dark starry sky.

In front of him was a port entrance that could be seen faintly.

… Oh, my God.

Qin Yi’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

This blind box seems to be broken.

The robots soon swarmed up and, like worker ants, forcibly lifted the spacecraft.

The ship immediately lost control.

At this time, Qin Yi touched the mecha bag on his back, but he still didn’t start rashly.

He doesn’t know the planet.

These insect robots may not be powerful enough, but when they come together, they become extremely terrible.

In ancient times, there was a saying called “ants kill elephants”.

Qin Yi thinks that’s reasonable.

Soon, the robots carried the spacecraft into the port.

The port here is very old and small, and only two ships are allowed to pass at the same time.

After flattening the spaceship, the wormlike robot people chattered and muttered around the spaceship.

As they turned, they exposed their sharp mouthparts.

I saw a sharp cold light shining in the dark. The scene was really frightening.

Qin Yi didn’t have a big expression.

He just quietly observed their behavior and tried to find out the fixed pattern they followed.


“Click, click”

Qin Yi can hear the clear sound.

These robots cling to the spaceship, and the sharp mouthparts collide with the spaceship’s shell.

It took about three or four minutes.

Qin Yi fixed his eyes on the rotten spaceship. Even the paint didn’t fall off.

More Than This.

The insect robot whined up its front feet, awkwardly took out its mouth, and finally took out a broken mouthpiece.

Then they all froze.

It seems that in their past careers, there has never been such a scene.

Qin Yi tilted his head funny.


Is this second-hand ship so hard?

About two minutes later.

At this time, the red light on the robot’s head flickered. They stopped moving, didn’t try to bite the spacecraft, and didn’t pull out their mouth.

Qin Yi sat up straight.

Well, he guessed that the owner who manipulated them would appear.


Almost with the Kung Fu of the front and rear feet, Qin Yi heard a burst of music.

As the music approaches.

The visitor finally came into his eyes.

That’s a big aircraft.

The front end of the aircraft is completely transparent. You can see that there are four clothes wrapped with cloth strips, dressed as if they were slaves from ancient times. In the middle, a man in a golden suit was surrounded by four “slaves”.

One of the four “slaves” held wine, one fruit and two flowers.

It is full of the flavor of feudal colonists in ancient times.

He seems to have entered an indigenous colony on a backward planet.

Qin Yi guessed.

“Listen to the people in the spaceship, please come down immediately. Otherwise, the master will use the laser gun to blow you and your spaceship to pieces.” at this time, a voice came from the spaceship.

Laser cannon.

Qin Yi knew its power in Kong Jiaxiang’s books.

Laser guns are also graded.

Most of the most common, it can smash the capital ship with one shot.

It can be seen that its power can’t be resisted by an ordinary spaceship.

Qin Yi got up slowly.

Go to the door and press the button to lower the escalator.

When the door opens.

He could clearly feel that countless light spots were aimed at him. Those might be weapons.

“Hi?” Qin Yi’s expression remained unchanged. He only blinked gently. “I think I seem to have gone the wrong way?”

The boy who came down from the spaceship suddenly ran into the man’s eyes.

He is like a flower in the Dark Universe.

It is the only beautiful ornament in this space.

The next moment, those spots of light disappeared.

The man in the golden suit sitting in the middle of the aircraft sat up straight in an instant. He smiled and said, “no, you didn’t go wrong. I think it’s a kind of God given fate.”

“Go and ask him to come to my aircraft.”

Qin Yi was invited to the aircraft.

He soon understood what this place was from the man’s mouth.

Men came here more than seventy years ago.

He said he had “arrived” on the planet.

But Qin Yi thought the word “escape” should be used.

The man has a batch of rare weapons in his hand.

Including these insect robots.

So he quickly conquered the indigenous people here and proclaimed himself king. He told Qin Yi his name: “my name is Guo Kai, and you?”

“Zhou Yi.” Qin Yi made up a name casually.

“What about your communicator and ID?”

“Lost it.”

Guo Kai was still a little wary. He was not completely dazzled by the beauty in front of him.

He asked, “why did you lose it?”

“Because my stepmother wanted to send me to a big man as a lover, I didn’t want to run away.”

Guo Kai looked relaxed: “so it is. Poor little Omega, you are safe here. I will protect you.”

Qin Yi: ”

I believe in your father’s ghost.

“I’ll take you to my castle. It’s comfortable, warm and there’s plenty of Omega like food. You’ll love it there.” Guo Kai’s eyes fell on him.

But Qin Yi is still wearing that suit of work clothes. Unfortunately, he can’t capture any scenery from it. At most, you can only find each other’s waist is very thin and legs are very long.

He just needed an omega, and God sent it for him.

And it’s still such a beautiful Omega.

Guo Kai thought excitedly.

My luck is really good!

The aircraft soon stopped in front of the castle in Guo’s mouth.

The castle covers a vast area. After entering, you need to take a suspension car to get to each building.

After getting off the aircraft, Guo Kai took him directly to the main hall.

The door of the main hall opened.

Inside, there was a voice: “welcome, master.”

Guo Kai probably wanted to show off his power to Qin Yi.

So he greeted Qin Yi and walked in with a smile.

Then… The expression froze.

“Why are you… Here?” asked Guo Kai.

Qin Yi raised his eyes and looked at the man sitting at the end of the long table.

It was a woman with long black curly hair, heavy makeup and beautiful eyebrows and eyes.

She was wearing a long black dress, which was very much like the dress used by women in the Limu empire. The skirt was supported by fish bones to form a large arch.

The neck is close to the ring after ring of jewelry necklaces.

The necklace is tightly attached to the skirt.

To make sure she’s wrapped from head to foot.

This makes her look very beautiful.

But also has a particularly forbidden – lustful and elegant dress.

Like a beautiful nun.

“Why can’t I be here?” the woman asked.

Her voice was low and cold.

Guo Kai looked awkwardly at Qin Yi and then at her.

Qin Yi blinked slightly.

Ah, it seems to have crashed into some kind of Shura field.

Guo Kai’s eyes suddenly condensed on Qin Yi’s eyelashes.

The young man’s eyelashes trembled gently, like a butterfly vibrating its wings.

He seemed particularly difficult to resist Qin Yi’s appearance, which made him feel pity from the bottom of his heart.

Guo opened and turned his head. “As you can see, I brought back an omega. He will replace you.”

The woman was not angry, and even a strange color flashed on her face, but it was not easy to detect.

She raised her eyebrows and asked, “is he an adult?”

Guo Kai hesitated for a moment and looked back at Qin Yi.

He looks so young.

The servant on one side warned, “you are a villain. You don’t follow the laws of the Empire. What does it matter whether you are an adult?”

“Ah, yes…” Guo woke up and said, “yes! I’ll mark it for you now…”

Qin Yi: ”

He quietly raised his hand and pressed the mecha bag on his back.

Guo Kai was a little closer, but he suddenly froze there.

He stared at Qin Yi and suddenly realized one thing: “you’re an omega, yes, but you… Don’t smell anything. Where’s your pheromone? I can’t smell anything! Damn…”

I can’t smell Omega.

It’s like losing the key to a door.

Guo Kai rubbed his nose incredulously: “is there something wrong with me?”

Qin Yi just let go.

He said in a warm voice, “no, it’s because my pheromone has natural defects.”

Guo Kai suddenly realized that if it wasn’t for this, how could such a beautiful Omega be sent to be a lover?

Guo Kai bit his teeth with regret.

But soon he was peaceful again.

It’s the same for anyone.

Then you can do it for him, too?

The Omega in front of me looks really beautiful.

It is irresistible and will slowly encroach on the beauty of people’s hearts.

He is obviously more moving than the aggressiveness of women.

Guo Kai calmed down a little. He showed a kind smile: “you live here for the time being. Believe me, you will have a very happy life here.”

Qin Yi nodded timidly.

It really looks like an underage weak Omega.

Guo Kai is fed up with women’s arrogance.

He’s too fond of little Omega.

He thought tenderly that I would give him a lot of things and easily Daze the head of this inexperienced little Omega.

It’s better for him to obey me willingly than to force.

Thinking of such a scene, Guo Kai felt that he was reconciled by the reluctance he encountered from women.

He smiled happily, then patted Qin Yi’s head: “you must be hungry. Let’s have a meal here first, and I’ll have someone send it to you.”

Qin Yi stared at his hand for three more seconds.

But Guo Kai didn’t notice.

Guo Kai felt that today’s “hunting” was very successful. He walked out with a brisk pace and didn’t look back at the woman.

Only his servants were left to wait.

Women don’t seem to want to stay more.

She rose slowly.

Qin Yi:?


A beautiful nun who is more than one meter nine?

She was almost a head above Guo.

The woman stepped out slowly. When she approached the position three meters away from Qin Yi, she suddenly stopped, and then the rhythm of her breathing changed. Qin Yidu could almost hear her wheezing voice clearly. Then her cheeks turned a little red, and the red soon spread to her neck.

The next moment.

She stared at Qin Yi.

A pair of brown eyes, like two cold glass balls, filled with desire for occupation.

At that moment, Qin Yi also felt a slight discomfort.

Not because women stare at him.


He felt he smelled alpha.

A strong smell of vodka.

Rushed in through his nose and choked his throat.

The woman suddenly moved.

Every step she took out was like a rooted tree, moving her roots with great difficulty. Every step carries strength.

One step, two steps, three steps… Just one meter away from Qin Yi.

Almost in a flying posture, she pressed Qin Yi heavily on the long and wide luxury dining table. The coldness of her eyes suddenly disappeared and replaced the slightly drunk color. Her face clings to Qin Yi’s neck, and her voice is low and hoarse: “it smells good.”

The servant has been silly to watch.

How should he report to his master?

The two beauties you particularly like, they hugged each other?

“Pa”, a crisp sound.

Qin Yi slapped each other in the face.

A slap in the face is not enough.

He raised his hand and slapped three times.

The woman’s eyes suddenly became colder.

She stared at Qin Yi, and her eyes showed the same meaning that she wanted to eat him raw.

The servant was stunned again, and his hands began to tremble uncontrollably.

Guo Kai can’t beat women.

Not to mention this little Omega, little Omega will soon realize that she is touching her whiskers on the tiger’s mouth.

Will die!

The servant was afraid of the bloody scene here. He didn’t dare to look at it any more. He immediately turned his head and shouted, “go, please master! Go!”

But then he heard another bang.

The servant looked back with a shudder and saw little Omega sitting on the table, while the woman was kicked to the ground by him.



He is so brave!

The woman slowly climbed up.

Her eyes recovered a little Qingming, but she couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi. Sweat ran down her forehead and soaked her hair. So the hair clings to the forehead, revealing the cold and sharp eyebrows below without reservation.

“Are you a dog?” Qin Yi asked softly.

The servant was stunned again.

Because he found that the little Omega still looked calm.

But the way he sat there was more like a fragile treasure.

Then the messenger sounded.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Is that little Omega in trouble?” Guo Kai’s voice came from the other end.

The woman suddenly turned her head and walked to the servant holding the messenger.

The servant opened his mouth before he could speak.

The woman held the communicator in one hand and pinched it gently.

It’s broken.

Her other hand caught the servant by the neck.

One more push.

So the other party’s neck was broken.

“Well, it’s much quieter now,” said the woman, leaving the servant and the pieces of communication.

The rest of the servants in the restaurant gasped and dared not say a word. I dare not call Guo Kai again.

The woman looked back at Qin Yi.

She seems to want to do an experiment.

So she slowly, step by step, tried to approach Qin Yi again. When the distance was shortened to only one meter, she seemed to jump at Qin Yi again.

This time, Qin Yi raised his eyelids and slowly pulled out an energy sword.

The sword pointed at her.

At the moment she swooped up, her hands suddenly supported the table and her body was arched, which avoided the fate of being stabbed.

Her hair shook and fell on Qin Yi’s cheek.

Her posture still seems to surround Qin Yi, with an extremely strong flavor.

Qin Yi held the energy sword in one hand and raised his hand. His beautiful and slender fingers stretched out to grip the woman’s hair. The woman’s eyelids jumped and pressed his hand. Qin Yi didn’t show a disappointed look. On the contrary, he smiled gently like a little white rabbit.

Then he lifted his legs and kicked out——

The woman’s face changed greatly. She quickly covered her crotch and jumped down.

She panted low.

Qin Yi glanced at her huge skirt. After the two swoops just now, the fish bones were seriously deformed, and the black skirt protruded imperceptibly.

Qin Yi: ”

It’s just bigger than his.

This is an alpha.

A man with an Adam’s apple, pheromone strong enough to almost overwhelm male alpha.


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