I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 60

It was the worst experience of old Glaister.

First little Glaister disappeared for no reason.

The chancellor’s son told him that he had been taken away by someone who could not afford to offend.

This surprised old Glaister. He wondered if the secret of Melly bank had been discovered by some big man.

Just when he was in panic and ready to leave the rimu empire for his secret base, he was kidnapped by a group of people.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Is little Glaister in your hands?”

“What do you want? Do you want money?”

Old Glaister suffered all the way. As long as he opened his mouth and asked, the other party would be like a great enemy and give him a shot of silence immediately.

The so-called silent agent, of course, does not have any magical ability as written in magic novels.

This thing will start from the injection point and spread all over his body, making his nerves and limbs numb. Finally, he can’t move, and his tongue seems to have turned into stone.

So many times, old Glaister felt like he was going crazy.

I don’t know how long it has passed. It seems that he has finally been brought to the behind the scenes.

The Prime Minister of the League sat at a long table not far away. He looked at old Glaister first.

Old Glaister looked like an old-fashioned gentleman in a gray tuxedo.

He suddenly remembered that as early as more than 20 years ago, old Glaister seemed to be like this, as if time had stopped on him and never changed.

Is it because he has different beliefs from this era?

The prime minister’s eyes twinkled and his blood was boiling when he thought of it. He strengthened his ideas and plans.

“I know you will be hard spoken and will defend your secret to the death.” the prime minister inevitably opened his mouth, “so I will invite you to taste the taste of electric shock first.”

Old Glaister, uh, uh, can’t open his mouth.

So I was beaten by electric current.

When he finally opened his mouth, old Glaister was mad: “I fucking asked you all the way! What do you want? What do you want? Money or what? You should make it clear first!!!”

Prime Minister: ”

He glanced unhappily at the team that brought old Glaister.

The team is also very innocent: “you said, we should keep a low profile all the way, so that no one can find our movements.”

The prime minister straightened his face: “we want all the records about kandarati in your hand, the Oracle treasured in your hand, and you to tell us the way to summon the gods…”

The prime minister thinks that the reason why Melly bank has today must be the God of old Glaister.

Of course, old Glaister will not easily hand over his “dependence”.

Old Glaister’s face shook twice and scolded angrily: “you said it earlier! I give it to you! No one believes in gods in this era. If someone wants to believe with me and develop more believers for my gods, why don’t I agree?”

Prime Minister: ”

He did… Unexpectedly, for faithful believers, they will not regard God as their own private property, but hope that God will have more believers.

Old Glaister said, “let go of me, I will not only give you those things, I can even teach you…”

Prime Minister: “what?”

Old Glaister: “a more advanced calling method is not only to invite the consciousness of the gods into a radio wave into our world, but to bring the real body of the gods into the universe…”

The prime minister.

Old Glaister was blocked from his sight, and the coldness of his eyes was well covered up.

This is what he wanted to try long ago.

But it is clearly written in the ancient books that using this method, the summoner will pay the corresponding price.

Then let this person pay.

Old Glaister thought.

The prime minister soon got information about kandarati from old Glaister. The more he learned about the gods of that era from ancient books, the more he felt shocked.

He could no longer contain his inner impulse.

He let old Glaister go.

He wants the alliance to stand at the top of the universe!

Old Glaister finally saw who kidnapped him. He was only surprised for a moment, but soon calmed down.

He wrote a list for them to prepare.

When he was ready, he used a virtual projection to project the statue of the gods.


Isn’t this the case in this era? Statues can also be projected.

Then old Glaister lowered his eyes and said, “recite the name ‘uhong’ in his heart.”

The prime minister didn’t know how to write those two words, so he recited them in his heart according to the pronunciation.

I don’t know if it’s his illusion.

When he uttered the first sound, his brain suddenly emptied.

The second sound, the air becomes stagnant.

The third sound, the bottom of his heart seemed to fall into a boulder, heavy and breathless, with a kind of inner fear

But his voice seemed to stop.

A sound, a sound, unconsciously down, that fear will become stronger and stronger.

Only the Secretary on one side was in a daze and said in a daze, where does the name… Seem to have been heard?

It seems to be recent.

Where have you heard of it recently?

But he couldn’t remember it. He just felt that the name was familiar and terrible.

At this time, the rimu empire on the other side was in great shock.

Why was beta Abbott released?

He even preached on the street, encouraging Omega to go out of the house and beta to take the initiative to compete for more and better jobs. He also asked scientists not to develop safer inhibitors only for alpha, hoping to develop safer inhibitors for Omega.

Not to mention the citizens of Limu Empire, even the netizens of Xingwang were shocked.

[am I crazy? Or is the world crazy? In the rimu Empire, where chauvinism prevails excessively, alpha holds absolute power, which is more serious than any other country’s contempt for Omega. As a result, it first started to do this?]

[the most outrageous thing is that the dissatisfied noble alpha found the Presbyterian court to ask for an explanation, but the Presbyterian court didn’t respond to it. Then, relying on his powerful alpha, he directly found the emperor of Limu, and then… He was executed.]

[horizontal groove?!]

[since the crown prince took office, it seems that many people don’t remember. The emperor of the Limu empire is also an S-level alpha, and his majesty is always there]

[I’m really in a trance… The news these days is more and more fantastic!]

[last time, Omega drove a starship into the wormhole. Last time, it was Omega who blew up his house in front of alpha’s father. Last time, he released the news that the matching degree was 100% on the social platform, which shocked the world. Oh, and general Zhou folded roses for him. This… I can’t help but have a bold guess. This time it won’t be returned… It has something to do with Qin Yi Right?]

[???? impossible!]

[does a 100% matching Omega really have such magic power? I don’t believe it. I remember that the crown prince once publicly expressed his dislike and contempt for Omega. He thought that the matching degree could not bind a really excellent alpha.]

[why don’t you just open an offer? Let’s bet?]

[then I don’t believe it]

[if you don’t believe + 1, the crown prince is too noble.]

[does Omega really have the ability to completely change an alpha? I think Omega can’t do it]

As soon as these words came out, there were some Omega in private, hoping that Qin Yi would be surprised again.

Maybe… Maybe you can see from him again that it is impossible for Omega?

The media still crouching in the Anja galaxy also saw the news at this time.

Heart said this is also a big news!

Isn’t that a coincidence? The crown prince is on the Starship ahead! As long as you find a way to see him, can’t you interview yourself directly? That’s first-hand!

“What to do? Shall we make a request directly to the rebel starship?” the staff frowned sadly.

“I don’t know what’s going on on the Starship now… As soon as the alliance withdrew troops that day, there was no movement on the Starship for several days.” the people nearby also scratched their ears and cheeks.

Just as their voice fell, the starship over there seemed to tremble suddenly.

Like a blast.

“Fighting?!” they were surprised, sat up straight, and immediately focused on the Starship.

The Starship didn’t break open.

The pro guards and pro troops wandering around did not act rashly.

After the loud noise, I saw a red flower falling from the Starship.

… roses?

Or countless roses.

Then the hatch opened.

Two huge mecha slowly spread out in outer space, ignoring the wear and tear caused by various rays in space.

There’s a fight at last!


“That’s general Zhou’s mecha? And the crown prince’s mecha? Why did they fight in the end?”

“The old enemy! No wonder!”

“Why were all the roses folded by general Zhou thrown out?”

When the staff were still in doubt. Lu Ji, who was still floating in space and sleeping in the medical module, clenched his teeth and made a positive voice towards the live broadcasting room: “… Qin Yi. Qin Yi must be on the Starship!”

The pirate fleet immediately turned and sailed to the ANGA system.


Accompanied by old Glaister, the Prime Minister of the League personally led people to take a military transport ship to a site of kandarati that has not been found so far.

“A lot… A lot of energy mines…” the prime minister’s breath became thick.

“Is there anyone here?” the soldier suddenly uttered in horror.

There is a man standing between countless black energy mines and rocks.

The man looked very young, like he was about twenty years old, wearing a strange white robe, but his face was handsome but gloomy. At first glance, it was like seeing something terrible.

His eyes narrowed slightly, showing a little casual cruelty in the bottom of his eyes.

“The rules of this space are different. I was thinking about how to bring these things to omega, and someone came with a transport ship.” he glanced again and said, “these are a group of good donkeys.”


The best means of transportation in the early ancient times.

At this moment, it seems that everyone is very happy.

The media who got the big stuff were very happy. The two men who fought and fully demonstrated the charm of alpha were very happy. Lu Ji, who found Qin Yi’s position, was very happy. The prime minister who found the mine was very happy. Even Wu Hong, who came to the new world, felt very happy.

Mr. Jing, who sat quietly beside Qin Yi while others were fighting, was very happy.

Only Qin Yi, who was not very happy, rubbed his fingertips.

I think my skin is a little hot.

Inhibitors fail faster.


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