I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 61

Mr. Jing noticed the difference of Qin Yi, but before he spoke, Alin spoke first. Lin looked at Qin Yi curiously and asked, “don’t you feel worried?”

“What are you worried about?” Qin Yi asked.

Alin replied: “I’m worried that even if these two powerful alpha starts outside the starship, it will have a great impact on the team of ANGA galaxy.”

Qin Yi calmly replied, “then they have to screw off each other’s head to have such a great influence.”

He never feels guilty because of other people’s actions.

This is an important lesson he learned early.

Alin couldn’t help looking at Mr. whale.

What a hard hearted Omega. What a difficult Omega.

Don’t you increase your strength?

Alin thought for a moment and decided to remind Mr. whale: “do you know what animals do when they make love?”

Qin Yi took a funny look at ah Lin: “what?”

Over there, Jing Yuan, who had a good time, answered, “peacock, open the screen?”

Alin: Yes, yes

Mr. whale frowned quietly.

But he is not a peacock.

No screen to open.

How come there is no story of a whale opening its tail in history?

Outside the Starship at this time, the two alpha fought more fiercely.

It started with the stingy crown prince stealing and throwing general Zhou’s roses. Then general Zhou read the small composition about the dragon’s greed, stinginess, arrogance and debauchery in front of Qin Yi.

Such an outrageous little composition, from the mouth of the upright Zhou Yiqing, really has a strange credibility.

The crown prince was furious when he heard it.

They just moved their hands.

The biological mecha of hols is irresistible with natural biological characteristics.

But Zhou Yiqing has much more combat experience than him.

The audience in the live studio, through the lens of media people who are not afraid of death, saw the horror of biological mecha at such a close distance for the first time. When fighting with top alpha, it was comparable to the power of humanoid weapons.

Is that a dragon

[it’s like a scene in a fairy tale]

[just from the lens, I’m a little breathless. Two giants…]

[hors threw Zhou Yiqing’s flowers, and Zhou Yiqing peeled off the scales of the mecha… It’s too cruel.]

Every movement is accompanied by loud noise and violent tremor.

No matter how excellent the lens is, it is driven by the invisible aura.

The audience trembled unconsciously.

[are they both dead hands?]

[after all, he is a mortal enemy]

[maybe add a rival]

[how can they fall in love? I don’t believe it]

Just when the pro guards and pro troops of both sides felt anxious from the bottom of their hearts when they stayed in the spacecraft and didn’t know whether they should step in and join the war and fight with each other.

Qin Yi in the Starship suddenly stood up and said, “I’ll go back and have a rest. Take your time.”

Jingyuan hesitated for a moment, nodded and asked the little robot to take Qin Yi back.

The soldiers behind him couldn’t help worrying: “Sir, as soon as the wife leaves, the two outside…” how can we deal with it? Later, if you really get red eyes, both armies will join them, and the Anja galaxy will want to change peace.

Maybe the old dog of the League will be ecstatic and take advantage of it again.

If it was the well abyss half a month ago, it must be a little worried.

But now the well is different.

He stood there, and even himself was a little surprised that he was as steady as an old dog.

Inoue: “turn on the broadcasting system on our ship.”

rank-and-file soldiers:?

Soldier: “yes.”

Seeing the “war” out of control, even the Empire and the alliance are watching the live broadcast.

The royal family and Presbyterian court of the Yan Huang Empire first expressed dissatisfaction: “do you think Zhou Yiqing is fighting with hols? No, he is implicitly showing us his power. Tell us that it is not so easy to overhead his rights. This is a demonstration!”

The people of the alliance almost said the same thing. They were angry and excited, and there was a trace of panic in their hearts: “Since ancient times, the drill has been a kind of demonstration! Just after the war, Zhou Yiqing and hols have been fighting like this. Do they really want each other to die? I don’t think so! This is for us! This is a threat to the alliance! This is telling us that this is the power of the top alpha! This is mocking that the alliance has no alpha of the same level!”

Of course, there were alliances.

They have Zheng Yian.

But they don’t know, the whole world doesn’t know.

As for the rimu Empire at this time

The rimu empire was speechless.

Their people are still immersed in the crown prince, who is the first person of their chauvinism. It seems, it seems, probably, that they are ready to promote Ao equal rights. After the crown prince left the border, his majesty, who has no sense of existence for many years, showed his iron fist to the dissatisfied aristocrats.

At a time like this.

The audience in the studio heard the broadcast from the Starship.

“Admiral Zhou, crown prince.”


[that’s one of Zheng Yi’an’s confidants, Jingyuan’s voice. A civil servant who has inherited Zheng Yi’an’s style. He commanded the recent battle with the alliance. Although he is a civil servant, he is actually an alpha]

[Cao, can we infer that the two empires have indeed stood on the side of the rebels?]

[alliance, danger]

[not necessarily. What’s Jing Yuan’s identity? It’s far from general Zhou and the crown prince. Now he’s trying to persuade a quarrel beyond his power. These two may not buy it! I’m afraid the good relationship he just got is gone]

The barrage in the live broadcasting room was brushing rapidly.

At this time, Jingyuan said again, “madam, go to dinner.”

In short, tell them gently.

The watchmen are gone. Who can I call again?


[who is the wife?]

What do you mean

[what’s none of their business with madam’s dinner? Is this madam talking about the widow of Zheng Yi’an in the news before?]

Then there was another loud bang.

On the shoulder of the tall black mecha, an energy gun was blasted out and held by the Dragon regiment.

[I knew it was useless to persuade]

But that’s just finished.

The two huge biological mecha put away their mechanical arms and tails, and finally grabbed the gate of the Starship. Two meters away, no one was next to anyone. In a posture that almost crushed the gate, they squeezed in hard.


This is probably the most symbol they have played today.

At this time, the media people patted their thighs and said with regret: “just now, we should have more courage, drive the spacecraft closer and find an opportunity to send an interview request to these two people!”

The host was still in a trance and asked in a low voice, “is this over?”

Take a closer look at the barrage in the live broadcasting room.

“… ah, everyone is curious. Who is this lady? We don’t know. Really, there is no news in the media. So far, we don’t even know this man’s name.”

[as soon as Inoue yuan brings his wife out, he can change the attitude of Zhou Yiqing and hols? I haven’t heard of any of them having Omega’s brother and sister.]

[let me guess, this lady is missing Qin Yi]

What are you farting

[… I’m speechless. Don’t believe what Martian said. It’s too insulting to people’s IQ]

For a moment, no one believed it.

At this time, Qin Yi sitting in the room is surfing the Internet.

What are you doing online?

Search… If the inhibitor fails, what can be done to solve it?

[what’s the point? Of course, it’s to get a bite from your boyfriend right away]

【 too young to go to bed 】

Qin Yi: ”

This is not the answer he wants.

He doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Although it seems that the fiance is about to have a lot.

Qin Yifei flipped the page quickly and finally saw a suggestion:

[why don’t you try that… Little toy? It may temporarily relieve the pain of susceptibility period]

What is a little toy?

This is the blind spot of Qin Yi’s knowledge.

When Qin Yi tried to ask, he found that “the answer is suspected of violating the cosmic law and has been hidden and banned after being reported by many people”.

Qin Yi: ”

forget it.

It’s OK to have a keyword anyway.

Qin Yi immediately began to try to search for “susceptible period, small toys”.

The combination of the two words really found a lot of things.

He first opened a regular online store.

The other party came up and asked: [do you want to buy your own Omega?]

That’s right?

It seems that only alpha can buy it.

It’s clearly something Omega wants to use.

Qin Yi frowned: [no]

[? Are you a beta? Beta is not qualified to use this. I suggest you return the Omega around you to his family]

Qin Yi:?

What’s all this and what?

Because it seems to be getting closer and closer to the susceptibility period, Qin Yi’s irritable mood adds a little more irritability at the moment.

The tenderness he was used to hanging on his face retreated clean, leaving only cold.

Qin Yi: [I’m an Omega]

Qin Yi: [I’ll buy it for myself]


[no kidding]

Qin Yi: [no kidding]

There was no more text there.

Qin Yi is a little inexplicably upset.

The freedom he wants is to live the life he wants with his inheritance.

But this freedom seems not enough.

Qin Yi withdrew from the page, his brain turned rapidly, thinking about how to solve such a problem, while opening the black market.

You can buy it anonymously on the black market.

Although the other party also asked whether to buy his own Omega, he sold it after hearing that he was Omega.

Qin Yi is very unhappy.

The unhappy result was that he ordered a large box of small toys at one go.

As a result, when the black market was closed, he actually received the news of the last store.

[sorry, no matter where you are from Omega, I have uploaded your information to the local government. Someone will inform your alpha and your family]

Qin Yi thought it was so funny.

Why is it that Omega in susceptible period is not allowed to use inhibitors, and even such things are not allowed to be used?

Qin Yi: [I’m afraid no one can rule over me]

Qin Yi: [send location]

The person opposite opened it ANGA Galaxy!

Isn’t that where the rebels are?!

The ordinary alpha male who runs an online shop thought of the recent news about the rebels.

He can’t provoke the rebels.

There can be no Omega in the rebels.

Are you kidding? What Omega dares to stay alone in the army? Are you crazy? Isn’t that? What’s more, Omega in susceptible period! Alpha must be going to buy it for Omega at home.

The other party may be deliberately teasing him.

The man pressed down his unhappiness and changed his tone: [what do you want? I may be able to deliver it to you]

Of course, Qin Yi is no longer needed.

But when browsing the store page, Qin Yi suddenly had a meal.

“Please your alpha, increase the chance of giving birth to excellent alpha, susceptible period – fun clothes”

This is an introduction to the goods.

Qin Yi stared at the huge bow inside and the leopard neckchain for a while and made a list.

The man soon sent a message: [interstellar express will arrive that night]

He looked at the address.


Sure enough, it’s the rebel’s address!

Qin Yi: [HMM]

Qin Yi: [maybe you’ll see your own products in the live broadcast ^ – ^]

The man’s scalp was numb and shocked on the spot.

So, so unrestrained? Still live? Can Omega agree?

General Zhou and the crown prince, who entered the door with their front feet and patrolled Qin Yi’s whereabouts with their eyes, suddenly sneezed together.


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