I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 62

Zhou Yiqing and hors return to the Starship. Qin Yi is no longer in his original position. Only Mr. whale still sits in place with a thoughtful face.

But when I came to the restaurant, I still didn’t see Qin Yi.

Without waiting for Zhou Yiqing to be in trouble, Jingyuan quickly opened his mouth: “madam, I went back to my room.”

“Didn’t you say he wanted dinner?” asked hols.

Jingyuan: “yes, but the lady eats in her room.”

Hols: ”

Jingyuan smiled slightly: “if you don’t mind, I’ll have dinner with general Zhou, the crown prince and Mr. whale of Yabi.”

Hols: “…” thank you. I don’t want it.

None of them thought that after a fight, there were only a few alpha who looked at each other and hated each other. They sat around and ate together.

What else are you eating here?

It’s disgusting to fast forward directly.

Zhou Yiqing and hors have been on the rebel ship for several days. Since Qin Yi is not here, they also take this opportunity to return to their respective Fleets for the time being.

Watching the media people still crouching on the spacecraft, a burst of ecstasy.

Let them wait for an interview!

The rebels are in a state of war. They may not be able to get on board smoothly!

Should it be much easier to start with the two empires? If they don’t seize the opportunity, more media people will soon come here to pick up a bite of food. It will be easier for them to lose it.

The gang immediately lit the sign high on the ship.

And while trying to send a communication request to the fleet of the Limu Empire, he approached the fleet carefully.

“Civilian communications.” just returned to his ship, HALS looked down and said, “what?”

The attendant behind him looked out from the observation platform and said, “it’s a media ship… Maybe he wants to interview us.”

At this point, the middle-aged man around hols also raised his head. He frowned and said, “it’s not a formal media, it’s a hot one. Making a field interview can make up a widow’s love and hate.” the middle-aged man turned his head and said, “expel it from the Anja system…”

Hols suddenly said, “they love making up so much?”

Middle aged man: “yes…”

Hols: “let them make it up for me.”

middle-aged man:?

The crown prince’s meaning was, of course, invincible, and the servants quickly accepted their communication request.

When the people on the spaceship carefully set foot on the Limu imperial fleet, they were still in a trance and shocked.

Only the size of a grain of rice, a clear camera, is also pasted on the host’s collar.

Everyone in the studio was stunned.

[horizontal trough, directly aboard?]

[the rimu empire is so talkative?]

When an outsider boarded the ship, of course, he had to be searched.

After all, all information inside the ship is not allowed to leak.

They were soon stopped by the soldiers.

The tall alpha soldiers stood there like a wall with a frightening momentum.

Just as their cold sweat slowly flowed down and they were ready to give up their equipment before compromise, they heard a low call from the people next to them: “Your Highness.”

Then they saw the young crown prince of the Limu Empire coming slowly.

The audience in the live studio shouted:

[so close!!!]

[never seen the crown prince so close]

Hols looked down at the host’s collar at this time: “live camera?”

The host was actually older than hols, but he trembled unconsciously: “yes, yes…”

[is this the oppression of top alpha]

[I’m suffocating]

Hols: want to interview me

“… yes.”

Hols: “ask.”

The host was relieved again, but how dare he ask the questions he had prepared before?

Hols waited for a while, and didn’t wait for him to speak.

Hols turned his eyes. “Say.”

The host didn’t notice the impatience of hols. He only saw elegance and nobility from the young crown prince. The host swallowed his saliva and whispered, “you, why did you come here?”

“Find someone.”


Hols: ”

Why don’t you ask who he’s looking for?

After another silence.

The host then squeezed out his voice: “do you know anything about the recent Limu Empire?”

“What’s up?” asked Holmes.

The host wanted to cry without tears, so he had to ask boldly: “there is a man named Albert who thinks that chauvinism in the empire is prevalent…”

[Hello, Yong!]


[hahaha, isn’t that the first person of chauvinism in the Limu empire in front of you?]

That’s what hols is waiting for.

He never intended to be an unknown giver.

What you have done, you must let others know. This is the purpose.

Hols slightly changed his sitting position and looked more casual.

Hols: he’s right

What… What?

The host was stunned.

Hols agreed with Abbott?

[so it was really agreed by the upper level of the Limu empire! Why on earth?]

[the news these days can really shock my family]

[I’ll tell you, the emperor of rimu wouldn’t have done it without hors nodding]

At this time, hols had a slight dissatisfaction at the bottom of his heart.

The host looks really stupid.

No longer waiting for the host to cue, HALS opened his mouth again. He said faintly, “on June 27, someone handed me a processing document about Abbott.”

June 27 is the day when he and Qin Yi return to the emperor star of Limu empire.

Of course hols didn’t receive any documents that day.

But he wants to say it to someone who should listen.

[June 27? Is it any special day]

Hols: “from that day on, I hope the rimu empire can put Ao equality on the agenda.”

[? So, this was initiated by hols?]

[Abbott must have been released by him too!]

[i… I can’t calm down for a long time]

[so why on earth? I’m so curious]

[do you know that the crown prince’s head was lowered? I think the crown prince may have been lowered]

[feudal superstition reported]

Hols: are you finished

The host recovered from the shock.

Since the crown prince is so cooperative and generous today, there is nothing to hide… The host asked, “what are you fighting with general Zhou for?” he swallowed his saliva and took out his greatest courage in his life, “is it for that ‘madam’?”

The crown prince looked at him with a smile: “otherwise it’s for you?”

The host gaped.

Hols looked at the people around him: “send them out.”

I’ve said almost everything.

He doesn’t want to see such a group of stupid people again.

“Yes,” the soldier answered.

The host was thrown out before he recovered.

The live studio will be busy at this time.

[the tone of HALS’s rhetorical question…]

[so it’s for the lady at the mouth of the well]

[no one really thought about it. Is madam Qin Yi]

Last time, no one believed it.

This time, the live studio suddenly fell into a minute of silence.

[why don’t you make another bet on whether the two are alone]

[bet, bet]

[I have a way to judge. Just wait and see if Luji can’t reach the ANGA Galaxy]

[note early wori!]

The media ship here was expelled.

Their mood is not calm for a long time.

On Zhou Yiqing’s starship, Ji Yang couldn’t help asking, “why don’t they come to interview us? It can’t be the local media of the Limu Empire?”

Zhou Yiqing: “No. the go logo on the spacecraft means that they do not belong to any country or force. They belong to the free media of the whole star.”

To put it better, it’s called free media, and to put it worse, it’s called non streaming media.

Such media are generally hard headed.

Where there is heat, they rush recklessly.

But such media don’t come here to interview them.

Zhou Yiqing suddenly turned his head and asked, “do I look more fierce than hols?”

Ji Yang was stunned.

If you have to say that… It’s a little.

But Ji Yang dared not say.

Zhou Yiqing raised his hand and pressed the corner of his forehead: “all right, go back to Jingyuan.”

Ji Yang couldn’t help asking, “don’t you stay a little longer and make more arrangements?”

Zhou Yiqing: “no need.” compared with this… Zhou Yiqing asked Ji Yang: “do you remember what it was like for your Omega to enter the susceptibility period?”

Ji Yang was stunned, and then his face turned red.

After being so popular for a while, Ji Yang suddenly responded: “are you worried that master Qin Yi is about to enter the susceptibility period?”

Zhou Yiqing: “yes.”

In fact, he doesn’t know much about this, but he probably knows that normal Omega will soon enter the susceptibility period in adulthood.

Ji Yang couldn’t help muttering: “I almost forgot that Qin Yi is still an omega, and there is also a susceptibility period.”

Qin Yimeng is so fierce that people almost forget all the characteristics and weaknesses of Omega.

“I have to hurry back,” Ji Yang muttered.

This side soon returned to the Starship.

And at the other end.

The Prime Minister of the alliance received a report from the alliance.

“Zhou Yiqing and hols staged a big fight between us and the rebel team. Some people think they are for an omega. But we don’t think so… Zhou Yiqing needless to say, although hols is young, he also has city government means. We all think this is a demonstration…”

“Ah,” replied the prime minister.

But my mind is not on this call at all.

He also stared at the young man not far away who was in the middle of the mine.

At the moment when his eyes met just now, the prime minister felt that he was caged by a huge glass cover, and then his brain was evacuated and could not move. Until the voice of the call request pulled him out of it.

The prime minister swallowed his saliva to ease the dryness of his mouth.

“You go up and ask him who he is?”

Old Glaister had never seen Wu Hong’s true face.

So he didn’t recognize it at first sight. He just felt an instinctive fear.

It must not be ordinary people to appear here.

Old Glaister thought.

But he didn’t stop the people of the alliance. If they want to take the initiative to go to the front, let them go. Anyway, the people of the alliance are dead.

To old Glaister’s surprise, the league’s people didn’t die and even came back well.

“He said… Everything here is his,” his subordinates reported.

The prime minister turned to old Glaister: “do you think what he said is true? Who is he?”

Old Glaister shook his head. “I don’t know anything else, but he must not be an ordinary person.”

The prime minister dare not take risks.

After all, the legendary kandalati is too mysterious. The more mysterious it is, the more afraid it is to treat it at will.

Prime Minister: “come forward and negotiate with him. If you can take his blood… It would be best.”

They can’t judge each other’s identity. At least they can judge whether the other party is alpha and what level of alpha it is

The bottom man answered with trembling.

They were also a little afraid of the man in white. But there’s no way. Now that the alliance is in crisis, everything has to be done without fear of death.

It didn’t wait for them to walk over.

Wu Hong went to them first.

Wu Hong asked, “did you bring these things for transportation?”

Prime Minister: “yes.”

After answering, he found that he had connived at the other party and even unconsciously answered the other party’s questions.

The prime minister frowned, and his heart began to rise again. He could not tell the unknown fear.

Wu Hong: “then start loading.”

The prime minister was stunned.

Wu Hong: “hurry up.”

Even urged them?

Let alone the prime minister, even the others were stunned.

The prime minister’s fear was suddenly relieved. He asked, “do you know who we are?”

Wu Hong thought it was none of my business.

But when he first arrived, he didn’t want to lose the world at once. So Wu Hong spit out two words: “what?”

Prime Minister: “we are members of the alliance.”

With that, he specially observed Wu Hong’s look.

Wu Hong: “Oh.”

The prime minister took a gentle breath.

He suspected that the other party might be a descendant of kandarati, but because no one had found here at all, the other party was almost isolated from the world, which created his current character.

Like a child just entering the WTO.

In short:

Easy to cheat.

The other party urged them to load these rich mineral resources immediately. It was not painful at all. It can be imagined that they wanted to borrow them and leave the place quickly.

This is a treasure for them, but for each other, it may be just a cage that has been here for several years.

This man… May be more useful than old Glaister!

The prime minister no longer hesitated and immediately ordered the loading to begin.

Then he and old Glaister invited Wu Hong to the spaceship.

“You are a native here, aren’t you?” the prime minister put on a kind smile.

This scene is very similar to many years ago.

When I first saw Zheng Yi’an, who was still very young, he also put on the same face and posture.

Wu Hong: “yes.”

The soldier stretched out his hand and said, “give me this.”

Wu Hong bent his fingers.

His fingers were pale but powerful, and there seemed to be great energy between his knuckles.

He held a chip on his fingertips.

“Do you want it?” asked Wu Hong.

Soldier: “of course!”

He didn’t search everything on his body. That’s saving him face.

Wu Hong: “do you want to go in?”

“What are you talking about?” the soldier asked with a frown.

On the contrary, the prime minister on the other side reacted, and suddenly his bones were cold.

The prime minister quickly pointed to the chip and asked, “what’s in it?”

Wu Hong: “a brain wave.”

After a pause, he whispered again, “someone would have called it ‘soul’ earlier.”

That is to say

This thing probably represents a person!

The prime minister forced himself to calm down and asked, “can it enter the human body?”

Wu Hong: “yes.”

Prime Minister: “that’s OK. Take care of it yourself. Such things… Don’t give them to others.”

With that, he coldly rebuked the soldiers on one side, and repeatedly stressed Wu Hong’s current identity as a VIP and a guest.

The chip is filled with Josephine.

Wu Hong stared at the prime minister.

This man seems to have a good position in this era. It’s a good choice to put Josephine in it. But unfortunately, Josephine prefers Omega.

Wu Hong is in a good mood now, so he doesn’t force Josephine into it.

Because they are in a hurry to supply the front line with enough supplies.

They only loaded less than half of the resources, and when the transport ship couldn’t fit them, they hurriedly turned around and left.

Anyway, the “Aboriginal” is in their hands, so they don’t have to worry anymore.

After arranging a room for Wu Hong, the prime minister remembered and asked, “by the way, what’s your name?”

No name is best.

He can give each other a name. This is a way to quickly tie relationships together.

But it’s a pity.

The handsome man standing in front of him paused and said, “number two.”

He said, “my name is number two.”

What strange name is this?

People in the alliance are a little confused.

But it’s not good to say this name face to face. It’s not like a name. If you easily suppress each other before you establish a deeper friendship, it will only make the relationship worse.

The prime minister thought.

He didn’t know. Fortunately, he didn’t say that, which made him escape death.

The prime minister turned and went out. When he had gone far, he told the people around him: “collect the water he had drunk and take it for genetic testing immediately. Unfortunately… Blood can’t be taken.”

Old Glaister looked at him in surprise.

The prime minister turned and smiled at him.

Now you know? Without Zheng Yian, the alliance is still terrible.

The test results came out quickly.

The soldiers who came to report almost ran all the way to the prime minister.

“First, Prime Minister…” the soldier showed an expression of shock, fear, but ecstasy. A variety of mixed expressions made him look like laughing or crying.

He said: “this man… Is alpha! He is alpha! Because there is no blood, we can only roughly detect that the result displayed by his gene sequence is at least an S-level alpha!”

The prime minister was stunned: “are you sure?”


The prime minister couldn’t help laughing: “it’s destiny that our alliance will become strong! Without Zheng Yi’an, another S-level alpha has come! We must keep him! Next, no matter what his requirements are, we can meet him as much as possible. Oh, yes, it’s best to match him with an Omega immediately! Wealth, status and Omega will bind his heart.”

He had a little doubt that this would not be the real body of the so-called God in old Glaister’s mouth, right?

Now he has completely dispelled this doubt.

In another distant space-time.

The believers finally found that they seemed to have completely lost their gods.

Their call is hard to get any response.

On the dilapidated square of the divine court, they only set up a high bonfire, painted the ancient Dharma array, and sacrificed the flesh of all the divine court personnel.

Someone trembled and asked, “Sir, can you really do it?”

“This is the last way. Are you willing to ignore your faith?” the man threw the question back to him.

The other party didn’t think anything was wrong. On the contrary, in such a rhetorical question, he strengthened his ideas more and more.

He said, “I will.”

The man next to him was wearing a god court robe that was almost the same as Qin Yi’s.

His temperament is elegant and noble. Just standing there gives people a great sense of trust.

He is Zheng Yian.

After coming to this era, Zheng Yi’an quickly found out the rules of the times.

After knowing that the shenting personnel chased and killed a young man called “Qin Yi”, he happily chose to join the shenting. At this time, the divine court was suffering great damage. He took advantage of the weakness and climbed rapidly to the highest position of the divine court with an incredible speed.

When a few months passed.

He almost finished reading most of the books of the divine court.

At this time, believers are depressed and uneasy because of the departure of the gods. They are worried that they will usher in the decline of the times and the divine court will be doomed

So Zheng Yi’an did the last thing he left in this era.

He made a light suggestion for everyone.

Sacrifice yourself and let the soul ride the clouds to the kingdom of the gods. The gods will be moved. They will also get rid of □□ and live forever.

Start with the bonfire in front of you.

The fire in shenting burned for seven days and seven nights.

Most believers sacrificed their lives for this array.

The fire crackled and wrapped in a little voice.

All the residents around were trembling, but the handsome man in robes, hoods and scepters stood still, and his expression did not even change.

Every hesitant believer, after seeing his unwavering body, will gain more firm strength from it, and will bite his teeth and jump down without looking back.

Only a few, including the believers who were nearly cut off by Qin Yi, are now looking at Zheng Yi’an in horror.

They are rare sober people.

They felt that the people in front of them were very similar to the previous God officials.

These two people are not like people who belong here, but more like demons from another world.

One rebelled against the divine court, and finally forced the divine court to call the gods, so that the country lost its light.

A merciless man sent the divine court to hell, but they had to turn around and thank him.

A sane man has no time to think more.

The bodies of countless believers, with this ancient array, burst out huge power and tore the last big black hole in the sky.

Without hesitation, Zheng Yi’an unfolded the mecha snake, boarded the spacecraft, and then jumped into the big hole.

Maybe I can tell Qin Yi when I see him——

Why wait for the king of keabi?

God’s court, I’ve cleaned it up for you.

Pushed time and space back to the present interstellar era.

The Prime Minister of the alliance paid a lot of money. He came to Wu Hong with a lot of beautiful Omega information of the alliance. Including one of his own Omega sons.

Wu Hong didn’t even look at it. He just raised his dark eyebrows and asked, “what’s this?”

“Omega,” said the prime minister.

Wu Hong knows that Qin Yi is an omega.

Wu Hong lowered his eyes and looked up.

But none of them is Qin Yi.

The prime minister looked at his face and couldn’t see through his mind. He had to take the initiative to say, “this is Omega for you. See if you are excited. I can arrange you to marry him.”

Wu Hong: “No.”

The prime minister was not discouraged, thinking that he must have never tasted Omega before he said so. He should first smell Omega, and he will know how wonderful it is.

But before the prime minister spoke again, Wu Hong said, “I have a fiance.”

This was publicly acknowledged by Qin Yi.

He told the whole world that their matching degree was 100%, and Wu Hong was also one of his fiance.

“Really?” the prime minister said. The heart said that damn place, where did you come from Omega?

Prime Minister: “there is no need to get married. Only the alpha at the bottom can have only one Omega, or even none. You can have more alpha like you. They can be your lovers and give birth to more children with excellent blood lineage…”

Wu Hong was very unhappy.

He found the man very annoying.

Wu Hong: “I don’t want to have children. I just need a fiance.”

Prime Minister: “haha, you don’t have to have children. But you can taste Omega first…”

He said, playing a colorful “educational film” in front of Wu Hong. He felt that the other party would be interested.


Humans are so fierce.

Are you really not afraid of death, this man?

The gods have seen many kinds of people.

But Wu Hong has never seen anything like this. Mainly because he is not interested.

At the moment of seeing the first Omega in the camera, Wu Hong’s eyebrows moved.

The player exploded directly into a pinch of smoke.

Wu Hong: “I don’t want to see other Omega.”

He said, frowning, the middle of which could almost kill mosquitoes. His eyes were startlingly dark.

Moreover, that night, Wu Hong also cleared all the beautiful Omega in the prime minister’s head with one button. Together with his communicator, it turned into a wisp of smoke.

The prime minister who was still surprised: ”

Not only don’t look, but also don’t let others see.

Feelings, this is still a fucking alpha talking about male morality?

The prime minister was speechless.

At this time, Qin Yi, the “fiance”, has just received his interstellar express.

“What’s this? What a big box.” ah Lin asked curiously through a door.

Qin Yi didn’t speak.

Is it big?

He almost rebelliously bought a ton and distributed it to the whole world.

Not waiting for Qin Yi to sign for it.

The mighty fleet of Pirates arrived at the ANGA system. After sending a call request to Jingyuan, the pirate leader Lu Ji manipulated his mecha, jumped down from the ship and landed steadily on the deck of the Starship.

The wear and tear of his mecha has not fully recovered, and he still looks miserable.

But the blade is still bright.

The blue paint is shining brightly.

Lu Ji bent his fingers and gently knocked on the heavy door.

“Qin Yi, your express has arrived.”

Qin Yi:?

Can I refuse?

Lu Ji: “if you don’t come in again, I’ll die in outer space. Look at these injuries on me. I jumped into the wormhole before.”

Why the springworm hole.

The answer is naturally clear.

The interstellar courier was wearing professional protective clothing. At this time, standing next to Luji, he unconsciously felt shivering.

If someone doesn’t open the door and sign for his express, he won’t die with him in the high-temperature, anoxic and multi ray environment of outer space, will he?

Just when he was worried, he heard a nice voice coming from inside.

Qin Yi: “see that box? Come in with me.”

Lu Ji was ecstatic: “is this a gift for me?”

What a surprise!

Qin Yi smiled: “yes, there is a gift for you. You must wear it.”

Lu Ji had never seen Qin Yi speak so well. His mind was hot and he promised: “it must be!” then he grabbed the box, the thick mechanical arm, clumsily hugged the light and small box, then bent down and entered the Starship.

Mr. whale suddenly inserted a lukewarm sentence: “Oh, he has a gift…”

It looks like acid, but it doesn’t seem to have acid.

The acid is not obvious.

But Qin Yi doesn’t care whether they are sour or not.

Qin Yi turned his head with a smile. At the moment, he was a gentle Omega.

He asked, “there are gifts for you, too. Do you want to wear them?”

Mr. whale: “… Yes.”

At this time, general Zhou and the crown prince, who were late, were alert. No matter what it was, they couldn’t fall behind anyway.


“Do you have mine?”

Especially these two sworn enemies.

Staring at each other, I want to roll out a wonderful scene immediately.


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