I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 63

Zhou Yiqing came out of the conference hall and walked a well not far behind him.

And hols came back from the outside.

He just heard from the attendant around him that he suspected to have found the starpirate fleet. He knew that Lu Ji must have arrived, so he hurried back.

Not too late.

Hols thought.

Doesn’t that just block people here?

Hols and Zhou Yiqing looked at each other again. One by one, the two of them just sandwiched Lu Ji, Qin Yi, Mr. whale, and a little-known Alin in the middle.


I seem a little redundant.

As soon as Inoue yuan stopped behind, he couldn’t help thinking funny, what kind of giant Shura field is this?

Perhaps it should be said that fortunately, sir is not here at the moment?

Otherwise, if you have enough hatred, I’m afraid your fists can’t defeat so many hands

Lu Ji sneered: “it came very quickly.”

I don’t know whether it is ironic at this moment or ironic that they guessed the whereabouts of Qin Yi earlier.

Hols brushed his collar. “Sorry, be smart.”

Lu Ji: ”

Lu Ji: “smart?”

Hols glanced sideways.

Lu Ji: “qilia.”

Hols’s pain was tricked into remembering.

Hols: ”

Lu Ji certainly wouldn’t say that he had been cheated to call Zhou Yiqing his father-in-law.

You deserve the bad luck of hols.

Lu Ji is in a good mood.

He turned his head and turned his eyes back to Qin Yi On Qin Yi’s beautiful face, Ruifeng’s eyes were filled with a little light, and the end of his eyes slightly drew a smile, which was implicit and gentle.

I didn’t leave any scars because I went through the wormhole.

There is no fatigue and boredom left because it has recently become the vortex center of major events.

The color of fear and panic can’t be found.

Long time no see.

Qin Yi.

The face that only exists in the memory suddenly seems to be added with strong color, which suddenly becomes more profound and more shocking.

This is Omega in front of me, the most magical place.

Obviously, I haven’t seen you for a long time, but it seems that the emotion becomes stronger.

Lu Ji took a breath gently, and then spit out his voice: “I’m not alone in this gift?”

Qin Yi nodded lightly, “HMM.”

Lu Ji’s face looked ugly.

Qin Yi: “do you want any more?”

Lu Ji looked around and smiled angrily: “of course, I still need it!”

No, isn’t that cheap for others?

Qin Yi nodded and turned to ask Zhou Yiqing, “will general Zhou also want it?”

Zhou Yiqing rarely had a trace of reason. He asked, “have you prepared for me?”

Qin Yi nodded.

Actually, I didn’t think about it.

He knows that alpha has a good face and great a-ism is deep in his bones. Even if he wants to pursue him again, he is not so easy to deceive in this matter.

But I didn’t expect that Lu Ji came so coincidentally. This time, everyone took the bait automatically and saved his energy.

Zhou Yiqing instinctively felt that Qin Yi must have some plans.

How could it just be that a gift was prepared for each alpha?

But at this moment, Zhou Yiqing’s psychology overlapped with Lu Ji——

He won’t take it.

It’s cheap for his rival.

Never mind what it is.

This is not cheap.

Zhou Yiqing: “I want to.”

Hols was not very happy: “why ask general Zhou first instead of me?”

Not far from the well: ”

That’s what he didn’t expect.

Just for such a sequence, can you be dissatisfied?

Well yuan didn’t know that last time on the mining star, everyone lined up to get Qin Yi’s “love number card”, but hols didn’t get anything at last.

New hatred and old hatred, that’s really a difficult idea!

Look at Qin Yi again.

Still at ease, he said leisurely, “grow up and grow up in order.”

Hols: ”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

Both of them are in a complicated mood.

The soldiers behind Inoue were choked by their saliva.

That’s right.

It seems that they are all their wives’ little wives, and they have to line up next to the first and second wives… Their husband, they have to be the original white moonlight?

Originally, they were worried that their wife would be bullied by this group of alpha who holds power and absolute power.


It seems that their wife didn’t bully others, so it’s worth moving others.

“Does your highness want it?” Qin Yi’s voice pulled everyone’s thoughts back.

Hols: of course

Not only that, he even stretched out his hand and tried to hold the box: “why don’t I open it and divide it again.”

Lu Ji snorted and smiled.

I believe your nonsense?

Lu Ji is in backhand.

Hols was punched by the robotic arm.

Hols: ”

The people behind him were scared crazy. They quickly surrounded him and shouted, “Your Highness! Are you all right, your highness?”

How unpopular are they outside, your highness? I finished playing with Zhou Yiqing yesterday, but I still recruit such a record today!

Lu Jiyi over there is happy.

Suddenly, the top of the mecha and the top of the ship collided violently.

Lu Ji had not fully recovered. He caught up with the worse mecha and “pa” lost a part.

Lu Ji: ”

Qin Yi: ”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Qin Yi stabilized his mood, and then whispered, “Lu Ji, don’t crash the Starship. You have to lose money.”

Lu Ji curled up again, and then slowly put away the mecha.

Finally, only a sharp blade covering his fingertips was left.

The box he got.

Of course he did.

Lu Ji is ready!

Who knows, before he started to row up, Qin Yi suddenly moved his mind and took the box away from his arms.

Lu Ji only felt that the Omega pheromone that seemed to be absent passed quickly from the tip of his nose. He was still stunned. Qin Yi had handed the box to Zhou Yiqing.

“Why don’t general Zhou dismantle it.”

Zhou Yiqing paused and whispered, “HMM.”

He took out his long sword and took a deep look at Qin Yi.

But there was nothing strange on Qin Yi’s face.

At the moment, the others are not happy. I don’t know how many times Zhou Yiqing scolded the dog day!

Over there, ah Lin couldn’t help stretching his neck. His heart said that this was the first time Wang was elated! You can ask for gifts for yourself!

With the long sword in Zhou Yiqing’s hand, he gently opened the isolation layer of the outer package, and the exquisite things wrapped inside soon came into everyone’s eyes.


Qin Yi is a little disappointed.

Everything in it was packed separately.

So that you can’t see what’s inside at first sight.

But it’s OK.

It’s fun to be a blind box.

Qin Yi pointed out, “you choose yourself.”

Everyone looked at each other and saw hostility in each other’s eyes.

Lu Ji narrowed his eyes: “are the things inside different?”

Qin Yi: “they have the same function, but they should look different.”

Lu Ji pursed his lower lip.

Wrapped so tightly, it must be something very precious… No matter what, choose the biggest one!

Zhou Yiqing thought that long ago, pan Daxing’s soldiers escorted Qin Yi to Dixing. What did the soldiers say at that time? That is, Qin Yi is going to choose an expensive mecha for him as a gift.

What happened?

Qin Yi ran away with his mecha.

Zhou Yiqing sipped his lower lip.

Qin Yi knows how to guess other people’s thoughts and preferences. If he wants to give a gift to someone, he will choose the most suitable thing.

Zhou Yiqing whispered, “which one did you choose for me?”

Qin Yi blinked.

Do you really want me to choose for you?

Qin Yi gently picked up a small box and handed it to Zhou Yiqing: “Admiral Zhou, we must cherish this intention.”

No matter what purpose Qin intended at this moment.

Say such words in front of so many people

Zhou Yiqing moved and said in a deep voice, “I will.”

Lu Ji was so jealous that he didn’t care so much. If he jumped up, he would grab the biggest one.

Hols moved almost at the same time.

The two fought like this.

Lin was also anxious: “hurry! Wang! Hurry!”

After seeing Zhou Yiqing’s treatment, Mr. Jing’s heart was a little unclear. He looked at Qin Yi’s direction and whispered, “are you a gift for me now or for me in the past?”

Alin was shocked on the spot.

good heavens!

Wang has become a self-taught talent in such a short time! This is actually trying to cheat two gifts!

It’s thanks to the wormhole. Otherwise, I don’t have your double!

Qin Yi was a little funny when he heard this.

But he held back.

Qin Yi: “well, Mr. Jing in the past, after I left the divine court, I looked around and worried about it. Of course, it’s worth a share.”

What about me now?

Mr. whale was nervous for a second.

“Now Mr. whale helped Wu Zhuang Jun, didn’t he?” Qin Yi smiled. “Mr. whale is worth two.”

Zhou Yiqing aside: ”

Don’t say it.

It’s really a little… Not very cool.

Jingyuan pulled at the corners of his mouth.

I didn’t see it.

Mr. whale with thick eyebrows and big eyes will also use such words as an excuse to cheat gifts.

Lu Ji and hols fought hard and were still determined to grab the biggest one. I missed Mr. whale’s operation here.

If they concentrate more on the side, it will be a scuffle between the three now.

At this time, the prince’s attendants were also worried.

I don’t care if I can get married!

You can’t lose at this time!

Our crown prince deserves the greatest! It should be the biggest!

In their ardent expectation.

With a loud bang, the stone table on which the box was placed cracked, and the scratch left by the mechanical arm on hols’s face, he threw Lu Ji, who had not recovered from his old injury, in the middle of the pile of broken stones, spilled a little blood, and made the stones beautiful.

Lu Ji wrung his eyebrows in pain, but soon relaxed again.

Hols bowed and slowly picked up the biggest one.

Lu Jimei’s eyes sank, but he lost at this time. Of course, there was nothing to say.

Qin Yi suddenly interrupted: “is it because of the old wound left near the wormhole?”

Lu Ji paused and looked back at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looked down at him, and the light came from behind him, which made people can’t see the expression at the bottom of his eyes. Is there a trace of tenderness?

Lu Ji replied in a dull voice, “yes.”

Qin Yi suddenly bent down, picked up three from the inside and handed them to Lu Ji: “they are all yours.”

Lu Ji:!


I can spiral to heaven with joy!

What is this pain?!

Lu Ji supported the stone. Even if the sharp edge of some stones gently cut his skin, he didn’t care.

Lu Ji stood up slowly. Who cares about hols and Zhou Yiqing… Who the fuck loves

Lu Ji: “give me a medical cabin.”

Qin Yi looked at Jingyuan and nodded.

Inoue immediately arranged for soldiers to take him there.

This time, others are more or less sour.

But it’s sour. I can’t say anything jealous. After all, at the beginning, it was not them who rushed into the wormhole regardless of their posture, spacecraft and mecha.

At this time, the mood is complicated, especially hols.

He felt as if he had won, but he didn’t.

Isn’t Lu Ji relying on a wound?

Thinking of this, the high Prince lowered his head, pointed to his face and said solemnly, “my face is hurt.”

Zhou Yiqing: “a few days ago, I also suffered a little internal injury.”

Mr. whale:?

What can he say?

Alin sighed.

I’ll say it.

Let you feel more involved.

There’s nothing to make up at the moment. After all, you didn’t fight with them.

“Then you go to the medical cabin and slowly open the gifts together.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

Well yuan was not vague. He immediately asked the soldiers to take their own and sent them away. Mr. whale also wanted to go back and open the gift. He hesitated for a moment and left.

When everyone was sent away, Jingyuan looked at Qin Yi with reverent eyes.

One was chosen by himself, one took two copies by the past and now, one took the largest one, and the other changed three by one injury.

It’s all different.

But it seems that he leveled a bowl of water

That’s ridiculous.

Qin Yi said quietly, “please help me put away the rest.”

Inoue yuan: “OK.”

Qin Yi thought for a moment and said, “maybe it can be useful later.”

Well yuan nodded and became more curious.

What exactly is it from Qin Yi?

The happy alpha people over there quickly opened the things in their hands.


Omega’s gift!

Almost less than half a minute.

The shocked alpha roughly opened the door of the medical cabin and sat up with a buzzing in their minds.

I will cherish it.

I must wear it.

Those words and sentences, which came out of their own mouths, are still echoing in their minds.

The crown prince was shocked on the spot.

He robbed the biggest one for a long time. Is that it?

A big, long and fluffy love tail?!

Mr. whale’s face was not very beautiful at this time.

Alin comforted: “you think better. Fortunately, you are slow and didn’t rob anyone. The biggest one is still in the hands of hols. Think again, there are three in Lu Ji’s hand. Ha ha! When you think about it, are you much happier?”


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