I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 64

After listening to Alin’s comforting words, Mr. whale, who did not feel comforting: ”

Mr. whale looked down at what was carefully wrapped in silk in the box – it was a folded large-area tattoo.

As long as you reach out and touch it, the instructions for use will be immediately reflected in the box.

At the same time, a mechanical male voice explained softly: “this article adopts the most advanced technology, with bright colors and realistic patterns. Just unfold it and stick it to the skin, it will immediately integrate into the surface of the skin, non-invasive and painless. You can buy special dissolved water, which is safe, non-toxic and dissolved in one second…”

It’s estimated that the store didn’t expect that someone would open this too convenient design in front of others when they knew they had bought it.

Ah Lin, an old single dog, was shocked for a moment when he was exposed to such a big scene.

Mr. whale: ”

He put on his gloves and slowly unfolded it.

It was an extremely gorgeous and warm picture of rose bushes.

The flower tip is also decorated with white drops of water.

It can be imagined that when it is pasted under the well-dressed appearance, it will convey what kind of taste.

But that’s not a problem.

Mr. whale, who was silent for dozens of seconds, opened his mouth again: “the prince of the Limu Empire, the pheromone smell on his body…”

Alin replied: “it smells like roses, I remember. That day he brazenly invited Qin Yi to smell him! He also satirized that the paper roses folded by general Zhou are fake.”

Alin deeply felt that the crown prince was too aggressive and would be a strong opponent for Wang in the future.

Mr. whale nodded, then stared at the rose bush tattoo and asked him very seriously, “if you use it, will anyone think I have a crush on hols?”

Alin: ”

Alin squeezed out his voice with difficulty: “yes, I even think you are deeply in love with him.”

Mr. whale: ”

The master and servant were speechless at this moment.

Arlene couldn’t say any more words of comfort.

Compared with the number and size of whose “gift”, it is obvious that it will be a more terrible thing to be mistaken for secretly falling in love with your rival!

Wait for Mr. whale to turn back and see the first box he opened.

Who told him to take away two gifts by relying on the theories of the past and the present?

I saw a pair of cat ears in the first box.

Well, how to describe the complex mood at this moment?

Maybe… After seeing the rose tattoo, the cat’s ears seem to be much more pleasing to the eye.

Lin murmured, “why don’t we pretend nothing happened?”

Mr. whale didn’t answer.

Arlene is not the only one with this idea.

At this moment, the alpha in the same starship almost all think so.

But as soon as the idea passed, it was held down again.

If, once, suppose,… There is such a shameless and shameless person among them, who really abides by what he said earlier. Then other alpha pretending that nothing happened will inevitably be set off as dishonest, unkind, shallow love and so on

Not losing to other alpha is the law engraved in the bones of these top alpha.

What’s more, Qin Yi is watching?

After everyone calmed down, they all decided——

Tomorrow depends on the situation.

The next morning.

Lu Ji got up first.

After all, he has three. He’s under the most pressure.

Lu Ji was not stupid. After getting up, he called the soldiers on the Starship and asked, “where does Qin Yi usually go first after getting up?”

The soldiers were upset.

The man asked too much.

Not to mention, the person in front of us is still the pirate leader. No matter where we put it, it will be attacked by the regular army. The soldiers thought of this and said forget it. Fortunately, we are all rebels now and are not regular.

Then the soldier opened unhappily: “restaurant.”

Lu Ji stared at him: “are you upset?”

A soldier’s meal.

Their current commander, Mr. Inoue, didn’t say anything. Of course, it’s hard for them to say anything.

The soldier opened his mouth and just wanted to say, No.

But Lu Ji opened his mouth first.

The man, who had been a film emperor and was popular with thousands of people, turned up his mouth and had arrogance in his eyes: “it’s right to be unhappy, but I’m allowed by Qin Yi. You can’t be unhappy.”

Soldier: ”

How could this man be so brazen and natural, as if he had become their wife’s little white face?

Lu Ji, who was so happy, quickly left the soldiers and walked quickly towards the restaurant.

After entering the restaurant, Lu Ji found that Qin Yi also got up early.

Qin Yi is already inside, and is sitting with Jingyuan, having breakfast and encrypted conversation in a very low voice.

Lu Ji guessed that they might have opened some shield.

This feeling of being shielded is not very good.

Without thinking about it, Lu Ji rolled up his sleeve and revealed the black trace that had not been completely healed, which had been burned by the rays near the wormhole.

In fact, there is a deeper wound below.

But black still entangled with a little flesh and blood color, which looked ferocious, so he didn’t intend to expose it.

Of course, this is not because today’s medical technology is completely incurable.

But he suddenly woke up after living in the medical cabin for half a month——

If Qin Yi didn’t see it at all, he would lose a little!

So Lu Ji suspended treatment.

Until today.

Lu Ji’s idea came to an abrupt end here.

Because before he put his scars in Qin Yi’s sight, Qin Yi waved to him first.

Then the shield was closed. After taking a deep look at him, Inoue got up and left.

Lu Ji also took a deep look and went back.

Zheng Yi’an’s people are no longer here. Zheng Yi’an’s men can’t stop him from sitting with Qin Yi.

Lu Ji just sat in the position of Jingyuan.

When Jing Yuan saw this, he pulled at the corners of his mouth and said nothing. If before, he felt that for the sake of his husband, he should not let these love enemies approach Qin Yi. Now… It seems that it is possible for Jing Yuan. Qin Yi can play alone.

Why don’t Lu Ji ask for more?

Lu Ji, who finally “caught” Qin Yi here, saw that Qin Yi didn’t want to escape again. After waking up, he stayed on the Starship obediently.

Lu Ji was very happy.

He smiled and was about to speak.

Qin Yi: “Lu Ji.”

“Hmm?” Lu Ji swallowed what he had to say.

Qin Yi also smiled at this time. He asked, “do you like the gift?”

Lu Ji froze.

However, Qin Yi himself didn’t want to target Lu Ji, so after only asking one question, he quickly brought the topic to another direction.

Qin Yi asked him, “there are a lot of X-rays and gamma rays near the wormhole, and there are countless harmful substances. Why did Mr. Lu go there?”

Lu Jishun looked down at the scar on his hand with his eyes.

Lu Ji didn’t care to rob others. He pursed his lower lip and whispered, “it was Zheng Yian who told me that he repeatedly studied the video of you being swallowed by the wormhole. He felt that the key point to crack the secret might lie in the soil near the wormhole and some dark matter…”

Qin Yi is surprised to pick eyebrow tail.

This was something he had never known since he came out of the wormhole.

After all, Jingyuan and others were not around Zheng Yi’an. As Zheng Yi’an also entered the wormhole, no one knew these things.

There is only Lu Ji in front of us.

“If there is anything in the world that can withstand the power of wormholes, perhaps only the top alpha and the top biological mecha,” Lu Ji said.

Qin Yi: “then you went?”

Lu Ji: “yes.”

At this time, hols and others happened to be late and met at the door.

Before they cast unpleasant eyes at each other, they heard a voice from the other side: “thank you, Lu Ji.”

Qin Yi’s voice is sincere.

All of them were inspired and stared at Lu Ji.

Lu Ji also gave a meal. He didn’t expect to get such a thank-you from Qin Yi.

Qin Yi is also the first time to face other people’s great kindness.

Even if Lu Ji didn’t say, he could almost imagine what kind of scene it was at that time.

How to repay?

Qin Yi’s eyes trembled slightly. He whispered, “if you fall into a wormhole, a black hole or other quagmire in the future, I will also save Lu Ji. Of course, I hope you will never encounter these.”

It turns out that some people’s gentleness, unlike him, is a false gentleness hanging on the surface.

But the tenderness that really exists under different faces.

Lu jiche completely stopped.

He clearly felt the blood flowing back, running through his brain, and felt the warming of his limbs, especially his neck, as if he were hot.

A heart was also beating fast.

He kept his composure by biting the tip of his tongue.

Lu Ji smiled and asked in a joking tone, “can I not have such a return? You see, I need an Omega to get married and have a home.”

Alpha at the door immediately ignored the hostility to each other and almost rushed into the door.

But they had to pretend they didn’t hear Lu Ji’s words. They were afraid that Qin Yizhen would come down the steps and promise.

They only shouted, “Qin Yi!”

Zhou Yiqing also shouted: “Lu Ji!”

Mr. whale didn’t say anything.

Suddenly, I don’t know why, he would feel a little sorry.

Originally, there was no intersection between him and Qin Yi, but it was such a wonderful thing that the wormhole gave them intersection. But when Qin Yi was surrounded and suppressed by the divine court, he failed to catch up with the critical moment when he was young.

And Lu Ji caught up.

Qin Yi heard the sound over there and looked back at several alpha.

But soon, he turned his eyes back to Lu Ji.

Qin Yi was moved but calm. He said, “that’s impolite.”

Lu Ji was not too disappointed.

He said in his heart, it’s true that people’s courtship is not so sloppy. I’m really impolite.

But Qin Yi immediately said, “you are a giver, and you almost gave your life. But if I come to marry you just because of this, it will be impolite to you.”

Lu Ji was stunned: “… Yes.” he whispered, “you’re right.”

Other alpha people didn’t feel too happy after hearing such rejection.

False harmony is not tenderness.

The calm refusal is another tenderness of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi thought he was cold.

But this is gentle.

It’s a little jealous tenderness.

Between them, the balance of dislike, resistance and distance from Qin Yi seemed to be broken in front of them.

Lu Ji gets Qin Yi’s real tenderness!

They have more or less subtle regrets at the bottom of their hearts.

If you knew this, you might as well wear all Qin Yi’s “gifts”. What are you hiding from? Lu Ji risked his life near the wormhole, and Zheng Yi’an jumped into the wormhole. What do they have?

At this time, Qin Yi finally turned his head: “do you like the gift?”

The three alpha froze.

Others couldn’t help but wonder what it was to give in exchange for such an expression!

The pause time of the three people was not too long. It seemed that they just blinked, and then nodded their heads quickly and rigidly.



Their words are different, but their core ideas are the same.

Qin Yi is strange.

I didn’t expect that they could speak so hard when they came to this step.

At this time, a soldier trotted over and whispered, “reconnaissance news, the alliance Prime Minister plans to enlist in person.”

Jingyuan frowned and had to make a noise to temporarily interrupt Qin Yi.

When hols heard these words, he was very relieved, and his heart was just right.

So we don’t have to talk about those “gifts”.

Zhou Yiqing said in a deep voice, “is he crazy?”

With a slight smile, HALS said slowly, “it’s not surprising. After all, without Zheng Yian, the prime minister can’t wait to regain his dignity.”

As soon as we finished speaking here, another soldier came to report that the alliance asked for a call.

Zhou Yiqing: “if you guessed right, this live broadcast should be for the whole universe.”

Hols then said, “maybe at the beginning, we’ll talk about surrender to show the magnanimity of the alliance.”

Each other is compared with the old dogs dealing with government affairs.

What’s wrong with these routines?

Qin Yi asked curiously, “why did he suddenly have so much confidence?”

Jingyuan still frowned: “who knows?”

The soldier on one side was a little nervous and asked in a low voice, “shall we refuse?”

Qin Yi: “why refuse? Can you be at ease if you don’t know what he sells?”

Inoue nodded and quickly made a decision.

They will connect this communication.

The coalition prime minister on the other side is in a good mood.

This is his rare good mood for so long, because he knows that he is about to turn over.

Thinking of this, the prime minister couldn’t help looking back at the young man behind him.

This young man from kandalatti ruins, named “No. 2”, is really strange. It is reasonable that he has stayed in that place for so long and should be full of curiosity about everything outside. But the facts are the opposite.

Number two is not interested in anything.

It seems that there is no worldly desire – hope.

It’s almost like a slippery ball. I can’t find a starting point at all.

Just then, the secretary came to tell him that everything was ready.

The prime minister nodded and took number two with him.

He decided to show the world another top alpha he had discovered! This will become a powerful killer for the alliance!

Communication will be connected soon.

As they guessed, at the same time, the official live broadcast of the alliance was opened, and countless media were invited to the scene for synchronous broadcasting.

The prime minister talked a lot first. The rebels’ behavior can be tolerated. For Zheng Yian’s face, as long as they admit their mistakes to the alliance, they can let bygones be bygones. The alliance’s tolerance and concession for so long is not the alliance’s weakness and so on

Everyone can hear the meaning.

The meaning of the league is that I lost before. That’s because I played with you, not really

[… Speechless, everyone who loses chess is so proud of himself]

[well, only I think this paragraph is quite sincere?]

[indeed, this paragraph of the alliance does not seem to be empty words of strong support, but really has something to rely on.]

[laughing to death, does the alliance also have an alpha like general Zhou or prince rimu as a human weapon]

Without waiting for the results to be discussed in the live studio, the prime minister confirmed the audience’s speculation in one sentence.

The prime minister showed a smile that seemed elegant and just right, but actually could not hide the big arc rising in the corners of his mouth: “in order not to cause security pressure on other countries, the alliance has not been announced. There is a super-s alpha in the alliance. What is his level? I think you will know when he appears in front of you…”

[horizontal trough!]

[this is really explosive news!]

[the rebels are in danger… Even if general Zhou and the crown prince want to help, they won’t end up in person and can only provide some help. Besides, if the alliance is still powerful, they may have to consider other allies]

For a moment, the screen was full of rebel danger.

Some even began to suspect that the alliance had left hands on the rebels.

After all, super-s alpha, this kind of joke can’t be made. With this level of alpha, the alliance can easily win the rebels!

“Since the prime minister is so sincere in persuading peace, it’s better not to cross a cold communication signal. How about we sit at the same table and discuss?” Qin Yi interposed.

The thought of Jingyuan, slightly stunned by the sudden appearance of alpha, was also dragged back.

He didn’t interrupt Qin Yi, but acquiesced in Qin Yi’s words.

The prime minister at the other end obviously hesitated.

He is a man who cherishes his life.

But thinking of the “number two” behind him, the prime minister smiled and took out his image of always being kind and tolerant in front of the public. He promised: “OK.”

The negotiation meeting was immediately prepared in a mighty manner.

Finally, they chose the location on the edge of the Anja galaxy, an ownerless planet.

It is still broadcast live to the whole universe.

Appearance and non appearance.

It has become a new thing that hols and Zhou Yiqing need to weigh.

If you can’t do it in the wormhole, like Zheng Yi’an and Lu Ji.

So at such a time, can’t you do like Mr. whale of keabi?

This is alpha’s dignity!

No more losses!

They didn’t pay attention to the Prime Minister of the alliance before, and it will be the same in the future!

Soon came the day of negotiation.

When Qin Yi was about to start, he turned around and saw Zhou Yiqing, hols and Mr. whale.

Obviously, they are still determined to stand with the rebels.

Perhaps it is because the alliance is a big cake worth dividing, which will become a key point to break the balance between the two empires. Maybe it’s something else. But none of that matters.

Qin Yi smiled: “today is a good day.”

Zhou Yiqing whispered, “yes.”

Hors couldn’t help looking forward. Qin Yi’s lips opened and closed, spitting out from the beautiful lips: “thank you, hors.”

In fact, what Qin Yi spits out is: “why don’t you bring all your favorite gifts?”

This day.

Another day that will go down in history.

A new super-s alpha appears.

The rebels and the “magnanimous” coalition Prime Minister sat at the same table.

General Zhou and the crown prince of the two empires did not appear at the negotiating table, but their figures also appeared around the spacecraft.

[hmm? Today’s general Zhou seems a little special]

[the crown prince is a little strange]

[? Am I blind? I seem to see the crown prince with a big tail in his arms]

[no, what kind of race are the keabi? I just saw a pair of leopard ears on the head of the king of keabi???]

[I know what’s wrong with general Zhou today! It’s a military style! It seems that there are more shoulder straps, chest straps and belts, and the whole one is tied down. Shit, in this way, the chest muscles, back muscles and waist line are clearly visible… Forbidden – lustful, sharp and a little astringent – what’s the matter with love? No, it’s not necessarily my fault! But it’s really a good look! It’s recommended to implement it all over the country!]

At this time, Lu Ji, dressed in a white suit, stood gracefully beside the spacecraft.

The black belt was tied between his thighs, which made him look longer.

Even after wearing a suit, the clothes are crisp, and there is a little more wild and uninhibited in an instant.

If you look carefully, you can find that there are four leather rings between his wrists. The leather rings are connected with each other like handcuffs, but the handcuffs seem to have only two rings.

Look up again.

He also had a round, fluffy white ball stuffed in his ear.

Lu Xing:?

Lu Xing friendly proposal: “boss, this thing doesn’t seem to work like that.”

Lu Jihun didn’t care: “anyway, isn’t it just looking for an eye to put it in? The ears and eyes are not the same?”

Lu Xing:???

Grass! I can’t refute it.

In the studio.

The little alpha boss at the bottom of an online store, out of his professional sensitivity, first noticed not how confident the prime minister was today, nor where the new super-s alpha was, nor which side the two empires were on. Did the rebels panic

His attention was soon drawn away by something else.

He glanced over——

Cat tail!

Leopard ears!

Harness – strap!

Rabbit tail!

Handcuffs and leg rings!


His face turned white and his head was sweating.

He panicked.

What his Omega family used to please alpha appeared on these powerful alpha!

God, who else in this world is worth coaxing?

I found such a big secret!

I may be dying.

The boss was black in front of him.


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