I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 65

The boss’s heart was greatly washed and shaken.

Who the hell is it?!

Who has the courage and ability to use all those things for these top alpha?

The boss was sweating and hurriedly searching for suspicious characters in the picture.

His beta cousin came in with food and was startled by his appearance.

“When the alliance talks with the rebels, it seems that you are more anxious and afraid,” my cousin laughed.

The boss was speechless.

What can he say?

After I sold the love fun products used by Omega, did they finally wear on some awesome and terrible alpha?

Maybe I’m going to jail!

The boss is sweating more and more on his forehead.

“What’s the matter with you? Why don’t I turn off the live broadcast?”

“No, no!”

He looked frightened, but he was even more uneasy if he didn’t look.

I’d better have a look… Have a look

At this time, most of the media finally reluctantly turned more seats to today’s protagonists.

Inside the lens.

A huge glass cover covered the high platform.

There are many small glass covers near the high platform. When the spacecraft arrives, they will first enter the small glass cover, and then enter the high platform from the transparent plank road.

This is the place of negotiation.

When the alliance Prime Minister sits in the middle of the high platform, he can clearly see Zhou Yiqing, hols and Mr. whale in different small glass covers.

After all, they represent different forces. Even now the whole world knows that they stand with the rebels. But at this time, it is not suitable to be too blatant.


The prime minister’s eyes turned and fell on Lu Ji.

Lu Ji!

Once a popular star among the stars, now a pirate leader who lives by plundering and walking – private army – Fire!

Why is he with these rebels?!

There was no sign of him a few days ago!

The prime minister has not forgotten that Lu Ji is also an alpha of at least s level.

Just because he used to be a star, few people really see his strength.

No wonder the rebels are fearless

But openly standing with the pirate leader, did the rebels completely give up defending their reputation?

In front of countless cameras, the prime minister finally said the first sentence: “today’s meeting is because I still hope that Zheng Yian’s old department can go on the right path, not…”

The prime minister glanced at Lu Ji, then sighed, and did not finish his words.

But the implication is already obvious.

[this means that the pirate leader is not a good thing, and the rebels who play with the pirate leader are not a good thing, right?]

[… Lu Ji fans angry]

Lu Ji put in a sneer: “don’t tie me with them. I’m a businessman now. I’m not an alliance with them. I’m just standing here because I’m a bodyguard to protect a person.”


[who can afford Lu Ji’s personal protection? Mr. Inoue, the current leader of the rebel army?]

The prime minister also asked the same question as the live studio: “really? Who does Mr. Lu want to protect? Inoue yuan?”


Are you worried that I will take advantage of the negotiation?

How can Inoue think of me like that? In the past, you were also an official of the alliance and my subordinate!

The prime minister failed to utter a long string of posturing words behind him.

Because without waiting for him to go on, Lu Ji connected.

Lu Ji said, “protect Zheng Yian’s wife.”

When he said this, Lu Ji almost squeezed out of his throat word by word.

In fact, Lu Ji only knew an hour ago that Qin Yi’s identity had changed again and became Zheng Yi’an’s widow.

He watched Qin Yi go to the negotiation place together and couldn’t help asking Qin Yi what to do.

Next to the soldier interface said: “of course our wife is going, and my wife is also our backbone.”

After hearing this, Lu Ji was almost struck by thunder.

But it’s no use getting angry now.

Zheng Yian is still in the fucking wormhole!

Negotiations are at hand again!

If he dares to pull Qin Yi not to let people go and make it clear for this matter, Qin Yi can turn around and put him on the blacklist.

Lu Ji has no doubt about this!

But now, Lu Ji is a little better.

What about your wife?

Now I protect you.

Or live broadcast in front of the whole universe!

Lu Ji’s expression was comfortable.

But the coalition Prime Minister: “…?”

Audience watching the live broadcast: “…?”

[Lu Ji, what are you talking about??? Sleeping trough, which shocked my family!]

[what’s going on here? Am I out of step with the times? Why suddenly?]

[? The crown prince seems very angry]

[general Zhou doesn’t look very good either]

[who remembers the previous bet? It’s to bet whether Qin Yi will be Zheng Yi’an’s widow]


Lu Ji’s mouth touched gently, and the live broadcasting room was in chaos.

Now no one cares what the coalition prime minister is doing today.

The shop owner who watched the live broadcast was also unconsciously relieved.

That’s good, that’s good! In this way, no one cares what the “trinkets” on alpha are!

At present, the discussion in the live room is becoming more and more heated.

[wait, why don’t whales look too happy?]

[be reasonable, the king of keabi has been paralyzed all the time. He can’t see the change of expression at all. Brother, how can you see that he is unhappy]

[watch hands]

[shit! Miaowa! I saw…]

Because the site is equipped with glass covers, everyone’s every move in the covers can be clearly captured by the camera.

In this era, we will never miss the details of the picture because the clarity of the lens is not high enough.

Every audience can clearly see that at that moment, Mr. whale, sitting upright and in danger, quietly clenched the leather armrest next to him.

The soft leather has undergone great deformation visible to the naked eye under the absolute force of alpha.


[I almost thought he was going to crush it]

[is Lu Ji’s sentence so destructive]

[so who is Zheng Yi’an’s widow]

Zheng Yi’an at the other end is also thinking about this problem.

Zheng Yian finally passed through the wormhole and returned to the interstellar era.

But maybe it was because this thing was a random hole, so when he fell heavily on the planet and climbed out of the broken ship fragments with minerals in his arms, he found himself in a rather remote and backward desolate star.

The barren star is 22.3 billion kilometers away from the galaxy where the alliance is located.

But fortunately, at least not 22.3 billion light-years away.

At least find a way to go back early

This is the third day Zheng Yi’an came to Huangxing.

Because the medical cabin was seriously damaged, his body was relatively weak.

However, the world he just left may really have gods. That world runs completely different rules from the interstellar age.

Under the rules of that era, people’s faith can be turned into power.

The beliefs collected by Zheng Yi’an at that time turned into another force to protect him. After passing through the wormhole, the biological mecha can be intact.

So, as long as the biological mecha is still there, there’s nothing else to worry about.

“Hey! There seems to be someone there!”

“Is it an escaped slave?”

“Go and catch him!”

On the third day, Zheng Yi’an saw human beings.

These people, holding backward weapons in their hands, rushed towards him.

Zheng Yian was not too surprised.

The universe is so big that there will inevitably be “slaves” in places where the Empire and alliance system can’t touch.

After being caught, Zheng Yi’an did not act rashly. He was ready to find out what group of people it was.

After the gang took him away, Zheng Yi’an spent less than half a day immediately figuring out what they did.

There is a huge laboratory underground here.

These people are responsible for continuously collecting resources from places rich in mineral resources on the barren star and sending them to underground laboratories.

This is not surprising.

The alliance also has such stations everywhere.

Strangely, there are no robots here, but only humans.

And these people are called “slaves”. They are tireless and hungry. In the darkness, their only entertainment is watching the live broadcast of STARNet.

They have no communication equipment and optical brain, so every time they watch the live broadcast, it is uniformly broadcast by an officer at a higher level than them. If they don’t like it, they can only watch it.

Today’s live broadcast shows the confrontation between the alliance and the rebels, which is concerned by the whole universe.

“To negotiate?”

“The rebels are giving up? What’s the point? Fight! Keep fighting! How much blood has been seen!”

“Without Zheng Yi’an, will they really become a group of cowards?”

These people will show excitement and excitement only when they see the war.

When Zheng Yi’an heard his name, he looked at the huge light curtain in front of him.

Then I witnessed and heard Lu Ji’s “wonderful performance”.

“He came to protect Zheng Yi’an’s wife? Where did Zheng Yi’an get his wife?”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

I’d like to know myself.

“Isn’t that the widow?”

“No one seems to have seen what his widow looks like. It’s not even clear whether she’s an Omega or beta…”

“Haha, maybe it’s an alpha, just to stabilize the army.”

These people talked about things thousands of miles away, but they were very happy.

Zheng Yi’an frowned without trace.

Is this Inoue’s idea?

stand a good chance.

So where did Inoue find a widow for him?

The people on the other side have talked about another topic.

“Hey, do you see? The king of keabi has a tattoo under his robe!”

“Isn’t tattooing normal?”

“Have any of you ever seen tattoos on princes and nobles?”

The live studio is also discussing:

[the button is open! Do you see what it is]

[like a rose?]

A little rose pattern is close to the cold and expressionless alpha’s Adam’s apple.

Because the collar of the king’s robe was high enough, they could only see one tip.

The rest are all hidden in the king’s robe.

[good… Good desire]

[in other words, the prince’s pheromone tastes like rose?]

[???? this association is terrible!]

[if you want to say so, Admiral Zhou broke roses]

[grass, the relationship suddenly became chaotic]

[laugh to death, don’t force, be careful! This conversation is just a few alpha, you will be mad on the spot after reading it, and you can’t wait to see the extent of your hand blade in love with your enemy]

In the live studio, I was greedy for today’s particularly handsome alpha body, while watching the unhappy faces of the alpha people, eating melons and laughing.

At this end, Zheng Yi’an stared at the light curtain for half a minute.

After confirming that almost all the alpha in the lens are present

Zheng Yi’an suddenly whispered, “I know who Zheng Yi’an’s widow is.”


The others turned their heads and stared at him.

On the first day Zheng Yi’an came to this desolate star, he first made great efforts to change his appearance and body shape. This is to avoid hitting the enemy on the ground alone.

Then the enemy must encircle and suppress him on the spot?

Therefore, these people stared at him and didn’t know that he was Zheng Yi’an.

“What do you know? You know shit about the newcomer!”

“No, let him talk first. Let’s hear what he can say. How do you know who Zheng Yian’s wife is? You’re hiding under someone’s bed? Ha ha.”

Zheng Yi’an was in a good mood at this moment, so his eyes swept over them, but he didn’t rise to kill.

Zheng Yian smiled and said, “as long as I know, it’s enough.”

“Deliberately fishing for our appetite?”

“Play with us? You fucking…”

The people around me haven’t finished yet.

Zheng Yian has happily made a decision at this moment——

He wants to return to the ANGA system immediately.

It seems to be just a blink of an eye.

The iron table firmly welded to the ground in front of them was suddenly overturned, and drinks and food flew around.

They have no chance to get angry at all.

Because they witnessed a terrible scene they had never seen in their life.

A huge Python rose from the ground and drank angrily.

Black scales, shining cold.

The long snake letter, tough and powerful, pierced the whole indoor ceiling.

“Ah ah!”

In the crowd’s uncontrollable screams of panic, a whole huge building was overturned by it.

The ugly “new slave” clings to the body of the big snake and turns over.

It was only then that everyone reacted.

It’s not the resurrection of some terrible prehistoric creature, but… Biological machine armor! That’s a biological mecha!

“That’s an alpha!”

“What is he doing?”

“He must have s class!”

“Come on, go find the officer…”

The scene was a mess.

Zheng Yi’an feels more comfortable than ever before.

In the league, his mecha was kept by the prime minister all the year round.

The prime minister said to him, “it’s not just a mecha, it’s a monster. It should be carefully collected, not exposed in front of people.”

Therefore, before intercepting hols, almost no one knew that the diplomat of the alliance had such a machine armour, and even didn’t know what level of alpha he was.

Today, there is no need to hide anything.

Zheng Yian piloted the mecha, robbed their spaceship and energy, loaded the accelerator and lay in the dormant chamber.

In this way, he rode to the distant Anja galaxy.

A group of people remained in place, still caged in a huge tremor.

After a while, they seemed to find their limbs and voice, helped each other to get up, and then trembled: “who is that?”

“Do you remember the live broadcast about the wormhole? Zheng Yi’an of the League seemed to see such a python after jumping into the wormhole…”

“You mean… He’s Zheng, Zheng Yi’an?”

The crowd fell into a dead silence.

So where did he hide under the bed and listen?

Because nothing is clearer than himself.

“But how could he be here? Isn’t he dead?”

No one can answer such a question.

They got more worried.

Because what awaits them next is endless punishment

The hurried officer, after scanning the chaos at the scene, suddenly turned very ugly: “you fools! You don’t even know what’s going on! Take them all down and put them to death!”

These people’s throats just let out a painful wail.

When the silence returned, the officer’s voice rang out again: “I hope no one will find this place. If it is found by the outside world, you will all wait to die.”

“From today on, you are not allowed to watch the live broadcast.”

What happened on the barren star is not known to the outside world.

Zheng Yi’an lay in the dormant warehouse and closed his eyes.

The repair fluid in the dormant chamber slowly wrapped his body, and the cold and biting pain could not lighten the smile on his face.

Of course Zheng Yi’an is very clever.

So only through the live broadcast, he can guess that the so-called “widow” is Qin Yi. By all means.

He knew that Qin Yi didn’t like him very much.

So what made Qin Yi change his mind?

He’s going to ask himself.

At this time, Qin Yi in the Anja Galaxy sneezed.

Qin Yi:?

It’s coming. It’s coming again.

The little soldier beside him asked nervously, “madam, are you all right?”

Qin Yi shook his head.

Mr. Jing, hols, Zhou Yiqing, and Lu Ji. This is already a group of four unlucky people!

What’s the matter? Can you give me five blessings and six blessings ha!

It should be impossible.

Qin Yi calmed his mind.

Mr. Wu, who is 100% matched on his list, still doesn’t know who he is in a corner.

I don’t even have the slightest intersection with him. It’s impossible to have a good six or six!

“Let’s go,” Qin Yi said.

The soldier answered, and then sent Qin Yi slowly into the small glass cover, and then through the trestle, into the high platform of the negotiation point.

The alpha people sitting in several small glass covers almost invariably sat up straight at that moment.

[that’s… Shit!]

[really Qin Yi!!!]

The sky was turned over again in the live studio.

The coalition prime minister can almost feel that the people around him are a little restless at that moment.

Qin Yi didn’t make any disguise, which was the result of his discussion with Jingyuan.

After all, several alpha’s should have been found. If they had been found, there would have been no significance to cover up. It would be better to be magnanimous and generous until one day, he could live in the universe completely and wantonly.

One day.

From now on.

Qin Yi blinked and walked to the negotiating table.

Sitting face to face with the Prime Minister of the alliance as an omega,… How interesting.

At this time, Jingyuan slowly got up and made room for Qin Yi. He whispered, “next, madam will negotiate with you.”

The alliance Prime Minister stared at Qin Yi for a few seconds.

It is indeed a very beautiful Omega with unique temperament, which is completely different from those Omega in the alliance.

But no matter how beautiful it is, it’s also an Omega!

There was a trace of anger between the prime minister’s eyebrows, but he soon suppressed it.

He said in a deep voice, “the alliance has shown great sincerity in the face of the late diplomat. What does Mr. Jing mean?”

The prime minister felt offended and his anger could not be contained.

Qin Yi opened his mouth: “the armed forces should respect me. I came to talk to the prime minister in person. Does the prime minister think it’s not enough?”

Respect you?

The little Omega in front of me thinks highly of herself.

When people say “madam”, they really think they have the power to make decisions?

The prime minister looked cold and whispered, “it seems that you don’t mean to negotiate sincerely.”

“Is it because I am an Omega? Does the prime minister think Omega is unworthy to sit on this table?” Qin Yi asked.

[Qin Yihao is brave!!!]

[indeed, why should Omega sit here and say that others have no sincerity? Omega has been insulted]

After the camera, countless Omega quietly pay attention to everything in the live studio.

They can’t tell their mood. Is it expectation? Or what?

They can’t help thinking, today! What shocking things will this beautiful and deviant Omega do today? He will not give in to the devaluation and contempt of the coalition prime minister, will he?

At this time, the coalition Prime Minister couldn’t help glancing at hols.

In his opinion, it was the prince of the Limu Empire who fainted for an omega and took the lead in Ao equality, so he gave Omega an illusion that he dared to say such a question in front of him.

Qin Yi followed and spoke again. He asked, “does Mr. prime minister have a brain?”

The prime minister’s eyebrows jumped heavily and his anger grew stronger.

How dare this Omega scold him?!

The rebels haven’t stopped yet?

Aren’t they afraid that Omega will bring disaster they can’t afford?

The prime minister finally stopped holding his kind and kind face. He sneered, “is this your politeness?”

Qin Yi: “it seems that the prime minister has brains.” “well, Omega has brains, and so does the prime minister. Why can’t Omega sit in front of the prime minister?”

The prime minister sat up straight and his eyes became sharper as he stared at Qin Yi.

Omega in front of me is not just someone who will impulsively blow up his family at the risk of universal condemnation.

He will

“Sophistry,” said the prime minister.

Speaking these words in front of the camera, no Omega would ever do such a thing.

Qin Yi said lightly, “why can Zheng Yi’an be the foreign minister? Is it because he is brave and good at fighting on the battlefield? No, it is because he has a brain unmatched by others. He has used his brain to solve countless complicated and difficult affairs for the alliance. This is the wisdom beyond gender. If the prime minister looks down on me today, he must also look down on Zheng Yi’an.”

The prime minister deeply pursed his lower lip: “… Nonsense!”

Qin Yi: “the most insincere person today is not me, not the armed forces, but you.”

Qin Yi has always been good at wrapping his real purpose in a gentle tone.

The same is true at this moment.

By contrast, the prime minister has become domineering.

How can the natural alpha know that Omega has spent so much time in camouflage on tenderness?

Alpha thinks they are gentleman and kind, but they are so grumpy and rude in front of Omega.

Qin Yi met the prime minister’s eyes and said calmly, “when you come here today, you just want to take your super-s alpha and show us how hard the alliance’s fist will be.”

[… Omega also has smart people? Can you sit with such a powerful alpha and deal with it calmly?]

[not only. He even looks gentle and elegant]

[it’s not surprising that the alliance despises him. After all, Zheng Yi’an has been forced into a wormhole. Ha ha. Alpha hegemony is really not desirable! There are many people like Zheng Yi’an who only contribute wisdom but not force. Should they all be despised? Let me say that only those who have empty power and no complete brain to think about the moral bottom line should be despised !】

Why is alpha precious?

Because they are rare.

The stronger, the rarer.

In other words, in fact, the most common people in the world are ordinary people.

Most of them are beta and the underlying alpha.

Although it has long been known that in this world, the stronger alpha is respected, the more powerful alpha is respected, and the weaker people deserve what they encounter.

But when this fact was really picked out in front of the audience of the whole universe, and they saw the arrogance and contempt of alpha like the prime minister… Their long extinguished anger was stirred up.

Who wants to be the one who deserves it?

No one wants to.

The atmosphere in the live studio suddenly became more boiling.

The coalition Prime Minister knows nothing about it.

He thought that in his capacity, he could be lowered to this extent. I believe everyone will know his kindness to the rebels. It can also be inferred that the alliance forced Zheng Yi’an to death, which is nonsense!

“You misunderstand the intention of the alliance like this,” said the prime minister, shaking his head helplessly, “since you want to see…”

He said, turning his head and looking at the two small soldiers behind him: “you go and invite people over.”

After the prime minister ordered, he turned his eyes back to Qin Yi.

When the alpha he picked up shows up, no one will care about Omega anymore.

Everyone will only marvel and envy the good luck of the alliance!

But it’s a pity.

The prime minister failed to see a little retreat and fear from Qin Yi’s face.

Yes? Counting on Lu Ji?

Or counting on Zhou Yiqing, hols and whale?

The prime minister frowned.

They are not the same. They all have the constraints of their families and countries. How can they stand out for an Omega so easily? When they are really worried, I’m afraid they will fight first and tie Qin Yi home if they win.

Omega, it’s just Omega after all.

It’s alpha’s booty.

The ordered soldier walked slowly towards the trestle.

In this scene, the officials of various countries behind the camera watched closely.

After all, the emergence of a new S-class alpha, exaggeration, can sometimes even change the political pattern.

Just under the attention of everyone, the soldier’s steps stopped.

The soldier stammered: “you, how do you…”

The S-level alpha of the alliance is standing at the mouth of the stack bridge.

As soon as the door opened, he could face his indifferent face and cold and gloomy eyes.

The soldiers unconsciously fought a cold war.

In a trance, he even had a strange idea… It seemed that alpha in front of him could not wait, so he waited outside the door early.

The soldier looked down and fell on the young alpha’s hand.

His skin was so white that it was cold.

It seems that you can still see the cyan blood vessels below, which are surging with the powerful and majestic power of alpha.

The soldier had an unexplained palpitation.

In fact, all this only happened in a few seconds. A few seconds later, the soldiers had not finished their words, and alpha had spoken first.

Wu Hong: “I’m going in.”

He didn’t say, can I go in? Is it my turn to go in.

He said, I’m going in.

The rest of the soldier’s words were all blocked in his throat, his eyes were in a trance, and then instinctively made way for alpha.

Immediately after, everyone saw that a young alpha with hair like crow color, eyes like paint spots, skin as pale as snow and beautiful face slowly stepped onto the platform.

That kind of huge impact is indescribable. Even across the lens, rather than in front of him, people instinctively raised a kind of fear and panic from their chest at the moment they saw him.

This is a very powerful alpha.

At this moment, this common cognition rises in all human brains.

Both he and Qin Yi look similar to the Chinese people in the ancient early Earth period.

But the facial features are like two extremes.

Qin Yi’s facial features are like a brush. Each stroke has the beauty and tenderness of ink.

Silence has the beauty of silence.

It reminds people of the best things in the world.

And this man is cold and cloudy.

The black and white pupil is like the God of death coming out of the picture book.

[it’s very, very handsome, but it’s a handsome sleeping trough that doesn’t dare to let people have any arbitrary thoughts]

[… Like a sick girl]

[no wonder the league is confident! This alpha really looks terrible…]

This looks extremely terrible and looks like a sick alpha. It seems that his eyes can’t hold anything. That’s it, huh? Huh? Passed by the coalition prime minister and stopped in the rebel seat???


The soldier behind seemed to be choked by someone. The next second he would pass out because of suffocation.

“You, you went wrong…” he whispered.

Alpha didn’t move.

“Cough…” the soldier coughed violently.

Alpha still hasn’t moved.

[a sick girl who went the wrong way?… it doesn’t seem so terrible?]

[hahaha, why do things become funny at once? The prime minister is behind you! I’m eager to see it. Come on!]

Jing Yuan, Lu Ji, and even several alpha’s sitting in the small glass cover, all raised their vigilance at the same time.

Once this alpha is shot

They will immediately jump on the huge glass cover, brutally break all its defenses and block alpha!

The coalition prime minister also feels wrong at the moment.

He didn’t order this alpha to come up and do it.

After all, this will destroy his consistent friendly image in the world.

Seeing that it was useless for the soldiers to shout, the prime minister said, “No. 2, come back. Don’t scare Mr. Jing and Mrs. Zheng.”

Ear number?

Everyone thought almost unanimously.

That’s a strange name.

Qin Yi looked up at Wu Hong.

Then Qin Yi opened his mouth: “my surname is Qin. It’s the age of stars. Is there anyone with my husband’s surname?”

When the Qin family watched the live broadcast, they immediately smiled with a strange smile: “ha! What do you say, don’t want the Qin family! We don’t use our last name!”

The coalition prime minister said almost the same thing.

Prime Minister: “I thought you wouldn’t use this surname after bombing the Qin family.”

Qin Yi: “why not? The word itself is not wrong. What’s wrong is that it was used by those morally corrupt people. So they should change their surname. Why did I change it?”

Prime Minister: ”

Qin family: ”

[… I’m really convinced by Qin Yi]

[worthy of being the most hanging Omega in the universe!]

[actually, that’s quite reasonable… The Qin family bastard, the Qin family will change their name. It’s none of his business]

Prime Minister: “I really underestimate you.” the cheek is so thick that there is no reserve and shame of Omega.

Qin Yi: “you just find out now? It’s a little dull.”

Prime Minister: ”

Don’t you realize I’m sarcastic?

The prime minister suddenly realized that this man may have a mouth that can manipulate people’s hearts like Zheng Yian.

You can’t really fight with your Kung Fu alone.

The prime minister dragged the topic back with difficulty: “I’m curious. In front of a super-s alpha, won’t you feel your legs soft and flustered and want to surrender?”

This basically means asking:

In the face of such a powerful alpha, won’t you be forced by your physiological instinct to soft hair – emotion?

Qin Yi raised his eyelids: “the prime minister said so deeply and appropriately because the prime minister had such a response when facing every super-s alpha?”

Prime Minister: ”

Prime Minister: “only Omega will have such a response, won’t it?”

[Omega said he couldn’t stand it! He was so angry!]

[omega and alpha have the same physiological defects? Omega enters the susceptibility period because of alpha pheromone, and alpha will lose its mind because of Omega pheromone? Why should I fucking humiliate Omega?] after facing alpha’s cruel contempt and ridicule, even Omega with good spleen can’t help living in the live studio angry.

Qin Yi feels almost.

It’s annoying to listen to this nonsense.

So Qin Yi stood up slowly, supported the table with both hands, and bent forward slightly.

He is also a rare tall man among Omega. In addition, he has a beautiful figure proportion and looks very tall and straight. Standing in front of the table, he even showed a posture of oppressing the alliance.

Qin Yi: “let the prime minister down. Even if the prime minister’s alpha kneels down and falls soft thousands of times in the face of a stronger alpha. My Omega’s backbone will not bend. I am the same as the tens of millions of people behind me…”

“The armed forces will never surrender,” he said

This sentence will raise the height in an instant.

From an Omega to the rebels standing behind him.

Never surrender!

As soon as the atmosphere was aroused, all the rebels became restless.

They stared coldly at the allied army and made no secret of their hostility.

The negotiations broke down.

The prime minister was stunned for a moment, and then he stood up with an iron face.

He was right in saying something just now.

He really underestimated this Omega.

He thought the big negotiation play should be his one-man show.

It is his one-man show of kindness and generosity, showing the absolute power of alpha and announcing the alliance to everyone.

As a result, Omega has shifted the contradiction since he despised Omega.

Omega used him to provoke anger and mobilize the momentum of the rebels.

This time, it seems… It seems that it has become a fucking way to cheer up the rebels!

The first equivalent was a sharp drink: “do it!”

Inoue pulls out his lightsaber.

Lu Ji took out the mecha.

But this is no more shocking than another scene.

Under the gaze of countless audiences in the live studio, they witnessed another miracle——

Beautiful Omega took out the mecha.

A tall pink mecha appeared in mid air.

It broke through the ground of the high platform, overturned the negotiation table, and the flying stones wiped the prime minister’s cheek.

Young Omega was light and stepped on the mechanical arm of the mecha into the cockpit.

The mecha pulls out the lightsaber to block the attack of the alliance alpha soldiers.

The soldiers under the high platform stretched their necks and looked up at the scene.

As if gazing at some divine soldier.

The mecha is not funny because of its color.

No one will ignore the murderous spirit of the mecha itself buried in each line because of the color.

Mecha, born for war.

It’s used to kill.

[am I crazy? Or is the world crazy? Omega drives the mecha!]

[it seems that… It’s not surprising… Doesn’t he even know how to drive a starship? He’s very popular in a trance]

[cow, cow, cow, cow! I can’t find more words to boast! He doesn’t have Omega’s shyness and weakness, nor Omega’s soft heart and hesitation. He is powerful, and his blade can kill people. He has calm cruelty and the opportunity to fight. He is like an alpha, but he is Omega! Such Omega is also Omega!]

In this universe, because the strong is respected, people who admire the strong also walk everywhere.

These admirers, at this moment, were almost raised by life. They couldn’t help skipping his gender identity and were excited and crazy for his frankness and sharpness at this moment.

Wu Hong’s heart was beating fast.

God’s perspective is boring.

The perspective after entering the robot brings him different colors.

The perspective of this moment is completely different!

He witnessed Omega’s colorful scene.

This is what I like

This is the blood and cells all over my body.

“How can I not like it?” Lu Ji murmured softly.

Then his blue mecha also stood up.

Zhou Yiqing and the three were no longer restrained.

In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, they even had a good excuse and explanation.

Several top biological mecha crushed the glass cover and stood on this land like giant monsters, pouring out huge pressure in an instant.

The aura of the top alpha is firmly surrounded, forming the most powerful rope and mountain.

This is a battle that can almost go down in history.

In the cosmic calendar, Omega was the first to drive a mecha in front of the prime minister and slap him in the face with a mechanical arm.

In the cosmic calendar, the first battle of encircling and suppressing one side with multiple top alpha and top biological mecha.

The audience is full of eyes.

They may not be able to see such a shocking scene in their eight lives.

Cyan mecha, the cyan flame on the shoulder leaps and melts everything close to it.

The black mecha spread out huge bone wings to block out the sky and the sun.

The entrenched dragon roared.

Countless blue threads were sprinkled on the Kayabi people.

Those blue silk threads connect them.

Huge whales, floating in the air, spread out their ancient and huge bodies.

It’s like a picture only in fairy tales.


From these huge biological mecha and King keabi

[am I blind? Why does it seem that something fell down?]


A pair of cat ears

[and rabbit tail…]

[what a big tattoo on the whale…?]

[there are also handcuffs, foot cuffs and broken bundle tie strap???]

The audience, who had been beaten to death and dared not recognize it, finally returned to their senses with difficulty.

This is a fucking fun toy. Did you get together for a meeting?

So why did these things fall off the alpha people!!!

Alpha of social death: “……”

Lu Ji is to blame for this.

When he was about to go out, Lu Ji thought he was neither a general nor a crown prince. What face do you want? What’s the face for? Lu Ji Ma Liu was straightened.

This turned the situation into a roll.

Others can only be forced to keep up, otherwise they will fall behind Lu Ji. Alpha’s pride, don’t let them fall behind!

Anyway, no one knows what they are wearing as long as they don’t follow the instructions.

But thousands of calculations, not counting the stretch of biological mecha, things can’t hold.

[we may be blind]

The audience spoke in a trance.

At the other end, the allied army seemed to be trapped in a narrow area. It didn’t notice whether the society died or not.

They only saw the powerful power of the alpha.

The prime minister’s secretary screamed on the whole channel: “Admiral Zhou! Crown prince! And Mr. whale! You should think twice! You can’t rush to war with us! Today our purpose is only negotiation, negotiation can’t go to war, negotiation can’t go to war…”

At the same time, the prime minister still loudly asked the people around him: “why can’t we mobilize? Why can’t we mobilize all the weapons using new energy?”

The so-called new energy, that is, the new energy brought back by the prime minister from the kandalati ruins, which is enough to shock the universe.

“Ask… Ask him!” the soldier pointed in the direction of Wu Hong.

“Number two! Number two!” shouted the prime minister. “Why don’t you move?”

He was a little flustered for no reason.

What’s going on?

Is this steamed stuffed bun brought out of the ruins afraid to see such a scene?

No. When he saw the Union army, he didn’t even move his eyelids.

Perhaps the prime minister’s mood was too anxious, and his inner longing and begging almost gushed out.

Number two finally moved.

Of course, Wu Hong has no mecha.

But he wanted to do as the Romans do, so he pinched one out for himself early.

Another mecha, quickly stretched out, and then stood up.

What a terrible giant it is, like a towering mountain, which can swallow the sun and pick the moon.

The cold silver armor covers its body, as if it came from the ancient god of war.

But it’s such a giant mecha.

It has no head.

The headless giant holds a huge axe and shows the ancient prestige. Those who look at it instinctively feel evil and terrible.

“Is it a biological mecha?”

“I don’t… I don’t know…”

No one knows what it is.

But people always instinctively shudder at things without heads.

“It’s terrible…” the Union soldiers murmured.

[it’s terrible. I dare not look at it again]

The people in the studio pinched their hands and were scared to death.

“No wonder he never shows us what his mecha looks like…” the alliance soldier said in a trembling voice, “probably everyone who sees will feel afraid…”

The prime minister bit his teeth hard and almost tasted the blood in his mouth.

But he didn’t feel pain. He just felt unspeakable pleasure.

This thing looks more evil than Zheng Yi’an’s mecha!

At least Zheng Yian’s mecha, they can see what it is, but what is it?

People always feel extra fear of the unknown.

Now this fear is released to the enemy by them!

The prime minister smiled: “this battle has just begun. Who will win…”


The prime minister couldn’t say the last four words.

Because under the gaze of countless pairs of frightened and trembling eyes, the giant mecha slowly bent down its body and picked up a fallen part with those huge hands.

A part?

A part dropped from the pink mecha, from Omega’s Pink mecha???


The giant carefully held the parts in front of the pink mecha.

Qin Yi:?

Prime Minister:??


[I’m in a trance today. I doubt myself all the time. There must be something wrong with one of my brain and eyes!]

[speechless and choking. JPG, it smells like a tiger sniffing a rose]

Zhou Yiqing & Lu Ji & hols & Whale: ”

What is this?

Will the terrible mecha fall under the charm of Omega?

Lu Ji clenched his teeth: “damn alliance!”

After this day, maybe more people like Qin Yi. Lu Ji has no doubt about Qin Yi’s charm. Those who used to abuse Qin Yi and discredit Qin Yi on the Internet were just because they had never seen his beauty.

Once you see it, who can give it up?

“Prime minister…” the voice of the Union soldiers sounded again.

But this time it was a little desperate: “what’s the matter with number two? Is he crazy? Or is his mecha out of control? Is Omega so attractive to alpha?”

“Wait,” said the prime minister, gritting his teeth.

“We can’t wait! We must retreat at once! Otherwise you may be their prisoner today!” cried the secretary.

What the hell is going on?

They have also experimented with new energy! No problem!

Obviously, “No. 2” is their powerful help!

Mingming… Mingming just stands opposite an Omega

No wonder this Omega should be blamed. Is it a popular Omega?

The prime minister certainly cherishes his life.

After hearing the Secretary’s words, he was still unwilling, but he also knew how to stay behind.

He was cruel and ordered to retreat.


Since Zhou Yiqing, they all started!

Don’t blame him for wooing allies around! Yes, and sow discord! They get together because of Qin Yi, or they can tear their faces because of Qin Yi, face each other with swords and never die!

The prime minister’s heart lit up a little hope, and he no longer loved War: “go!”

“Number two! Come back!” although he was angry, he was still reluctant to lose such valuable resources as “number two”.

As long as he is given enough time, he will be able to handle the preferences of No. 2, meet all the needs of No. 2, and make No. 2 firmly tied to the big ship of the alliance.

The Allied forces come and go quickly.

When they came, they looked radiant and dignified. When they retired, they lacked arms and legs, with blood and injuries.

“Number two!” the prime minister was still shouting.

Wu Hong still stands in front of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi squinted and tilted his head and asked, “Xing Tian?”

The giant looks like the God of war Xing Tian in the ancient records of the ancient earth.

Headless, axe.

Take a step and the earth will shake.

Little Omega knows.

The idea flitted gently from Wu Hong’s brain. Wu Hong opened his mouth, but soon realized something, so he closed it tightly.

He didn’t say anything. He just felt his heart beat faster and louder.

“Number two! Number two!” the secretary next to the prime minister almost burst his throat.

Finally, they saw number two moving again.

The giant returned to the alliance and retreated together.

Shit, I didn’t do anything in the end!

The prime minister couldn’t help swearing at the bottom of his heart.

The live broadcast is finally cut off.

The audience was facing a dark live studio, but the excitement was not calm for a long time, and the barrage was still flying all over the screen.

This day is worth telling their grandchildren tens of thousands of times!

The alliance retreated beyond the ANGA galaxy.

The rebels camped on the spot.

At the same time, someone opened a discussion post on the largest forum on StarCraft online.

On the strange little things that appear on the alpha people today, with a comparison chart attached

[I thought it looked like that thing before, but I can’t believe it! Later, I searched the store with the map… This is the picture of the goods in the store, which you can compare by yourself]

[digging? My three views are split]

[I suddenly feel that the recent promotion of the Limu empire is no longer a castle in the air. Maybe it can be realized. Er, let’s start with… Alpha wearing Omega products…]

[Omega, whom I admire most before, is the queen of roses. Now it has really become Qin Yi]


[I really want to know how far, how high and how vast an Omega can go… That’s something I can’t do in my life. Let me watch him go]

The atmosphere in the Alliance Army is not as good as that in the forum.

Four words can describe:

There was a dead silence.

Even if the injured can’t be arranged in the medical cabin, they don’t dare to breathe out in pain, so they can only try their best to hold back.

They breathed softly, and then finally heard the prime minister’s angry voice.

“You are the elite team of the alliance! You seem stupid when you go to the battlefield? What? Do those alpha scare you?”

No one answered.

They are also wronged.

What do you mean those alpha?

Those are some top alpha!

After the prime minister scolded them, he didn’t waste time on them. After all, the military has a very clear reward and punishment system. Just follow the system then.

He turned his head coldly and happened to see Wu Hong who put away his mecha and came slowly over there.

The young man is still tall and straight and indifferent.

It seems that everything outside can’t affect him.

But the more calm the other party was, the more it provoked the anger of the prime minister.

Wu Hong quickly walked up to him and stood still.

The prime minister opened his mouth. He wanted to ask him why he did that just now? Are you fascinated by that Omega?

I can go and tie that Omega to you!

The prime minister couldn’t say that.

Of course, he should be glad he didn’t say it.

If Wu Hong really heard it, he might be gone on the spot.

Wu Hong opened his mouth first. He lowered his eyes and asked, “are you very angry?”

That’s what I asked.

It’s just adding fuel to the fire!

But the prime minister was always a man who knew the big picture, so he tried his best to hold back.

Wu Hong asked softly again, “are you very angry?”


Not angry.

Alpha is attracted by Omega pheromone. It’s normal. I’ll help you overcome

But these words were stuck in the prime minister’s throat. The prime minister heard himself open his mouth and say a series of words that even he felt strange.

He said, “yes, I’m angry. I’m going to kill you.”


This is not what I want to say!

The prime minister raised his eyes in horror and looked into Wu Hong’s eyes.

Young alpha’s eyes are still so black and white, like chess pieces made of glass. There is no edge when he looks in.

Wu Hong: “are you going to kill me?”

Everyone in the League was shocked.

How could the prime minister say such a thing?

Or against such a powerful alpha!

“No, no, that’s not what the prime minister meant…” they hurriedly defended the prime minister.

Wu Hong: “then I’ll go.”

He dropped his voice, turned and walked out, and then randomly ordered two alliance soldiers: “sail, take resources and follow me.”

No, No.

As soon as the idea came into the soldier’s mind, it was deeply pressed down.

Then they instinctively followed Wu Hong.

The prime minister stared at the scene and was about to crack his eyes.

But he could only watch coldly.

Until Wu Hong completely disappeared from his sight, the prime minister lost control and fell down, overturning the chairs behind him.

The others rushed up and helped him up.

“How could you say that just now? You have made another enemy for us!”

“You were not like this before!”

“It’s terrible. I almost thought he was going to kill us just now…”

The prime minister raised his head and looked at them with puzzled or censure or implicit dissatisfaction. The anger and fear in his chest were deeply intertwined, and then he threw them away.

“Do you think I want to? I just suddenly… Out of control! Out of control, you know?” the prime minister said angrily.

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t answer.

That sounds like an excuse. Who would believe it?

The prime minister looked at their expression of distrust and immediately fell back with anger.

How did this happen?

Ah ah!

At this moment, the prime minister couldn’t help but Miss Zheng Yian.

At least… At least before Omega appeared and before impulse appeared, Zheng Yian always listened to him. What he said was what he said… He had no trouble at all

Damn it!

That Omega damn it!!!

“Damn” Omega was surrounded by several alpha at this time.

Alpha people don’t care about the death of the society. They are more concerned about

Lu Ji: “do you know the alpha of the alliance?”

Qin Yi: “… I don’t know.”

Lu Ji: “I don’t believe it.”

Qin Yi: ”

Qin Yi turns to look at the other alpha.

Although they didn’t open their mouth, their expression was almost equal to “I don’t believe it”.

Qin Yi: ”

Qin Yi: “I haven’t even seen him before.”

“Then why did he…”

Qin Yi: “maybe he didn’t agree with the alliance.”

Zhou Yiqing whispered: “well, let’s go back and deal with the affairs in our hands. You still have to explain to the inside in today’s battle, don’t you? Qin Yi is also tired. Let him have a good rest first.”

Hols and Luji stood up and were ready to go.

But when I left, I didn’t forget to squint at Zhou Yiqing coldly.

You’ll be big!

You’ll be sweet, won’t you?

You’ll look like the boss of the main house, won’t you?

Next time I will!

Several alpha “harboured ghosts”, disliked each other, and went out one after another with great reluctance.


The rebels camped on the spot and lived in round buildings one after another.

Qin Yi lives alone in a ball.

As soon as it was dark after the alpha left, Qin Yi heard the sound of knocking at the door.


Qin Yi opened the door.

I saw the young alpha belonging to the League standing at the door, with a pair of black and white eyes fixed on him.

Behind him were two Union soldiers who looked frightened and embarrassed.

Qin Yi: ”

Good guy, come whatever you say.

I can’t explain clearly now! Meet the alliance alpha and sit down!

Qin Yi pursed his lower lip and was about to press the call button at hand, when the alliance soldiers quickly opened their mouth: “we, we are here to take refuge in you. We have brought a lot of resources, minerals, weapons, medicine… And, most importantly, our super-s alpha, he will also belong to you!”

Qin Yi raised his eyes and looked at alpha.

Alpha’s tall and straight back seems to have collapsed, looking lonely and lonely.

Qin Yi asked him, “are you in conflict with the alliance because you are not active on the battlefield today?”

Alpha didn’t answer.

The alliance soldiers answered: “yes, the prime minister said he wanted to kill us, so we had to escape…”

Is it?

He remembered that the coalition prime minister was not a man who would put murderous and angry on his face.

Qin Yi stared at alpha.

Then he found that under his gaze, alpha seemed to tremble gently.

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “are you hurt?”

Soldier: “no, no! He is very strong and powerful. He has no injuries!”

What’s going on?

It’s strange.

Qin Yi frowned and asked, “how did the alpha of the alliance come from?”

The soldier hurriedly replied, “it was our prime minister who met him when he was digging in the ruins of kandarati!”

Qin Yi was stunned.

The ruins of kandarati?

“We brought all the things kandarati dug, as long as you nod your head and take us in…” the soldier looked begging, as if he wanted to kneel down to him.

This is… Even more outrageous.

But it’s ridiculous. Kandalatti’s things can’t be let go easily, no matter what their thoughts are.

“Well, you…” Qin Yi just started.

Other alpha also noticed the movement coming this way.

“Come on! Come on!”

“Madam, are you all right?” well yuan also came with people. “We found the alliance’s transport ship nearby!”

Zhou Yiqing several people came to him, and finally Qi Qi set his eyes on Wu Hong.

Wu Hong seemed to have no idea. He still only looked at Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi…” Lu Ji stared at Wu Hong. “You said you didn’t know him? Everyone came to the door!”

Qin Yi surrounded by alpha people: “….”

He is weak, pitiful and helpless.

It’s true this time!


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