I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 66

Zhou Yiqing and hols seemed to be much more “calm”. They were “extremely calm” and almost unanimously ordered: “block the route, hold the people of the alliance first, and then ask carefully!”

“All open the protective covers and hold the people!”

Jingyuan: “cough.”

The sound called back general Zhou and the crown prince.

Oh, it’s not in the Empire, it’s not their talk hall.

Even at this moment, they really want to trample on the unknown alpha, but they still have to respect Zheng Yi’an’s army.


Thinking of this, I feel more angry. What’s going on?

Zhou Yiqing couldn’t give orders in the end.

However, the two Union soldiers were very frightened. They bowed their backs, shrunk their necks and asked shivering, “do you have anything else to ask? We must not hide…”

Qin Yi’s eyes turned around Wu Hong again.

Qin Yi asked, “why do you want to take refuge in us?”

The young man in front of him still didn’t answer, but stared at Qin Yi with a pair of black and white eyes. A little hair fell down in front of his forehead, weakening his sharpness.

The two alliance soldiers answered Qin Yi’s words: “because, because…”

Because of what?

They looked at Wu Hong at a loss.

But Wu Hong didn’t mean to speak.

They were so worried that they were afraid of answering the wrong words that they were killed by Zhou Yiqing and hols in a moment.

Inoue yuan felt strange now.

Since I came to take refuge, whether it’s true or false, I didn’t even think of the most basic excuse, okay? It seems that everything happened in a hurry.

Even… Even the two soldiers have no self-consciousness at all.

In great anxiety.

The two soldiers held their voices, and they blurted out: “because, because you are Qin Yi!”

Qin Yi blinked suspiciously.

“OK, let’s arrange them to stay temporarily…” Qin Yi still didn’t let them go back and forth from where. No matter whether Lu Ji and others will misunderstand, the views of others will never affect his actions.

The new trump card of the league, a very strong alpha, is better than putting it back in the League if you can stay under your nose and have multiple alpha staring at it.

Qin Yi’s words are final, and others have no right to refute.

Qin Yi followed Xiang Jingyuan and said, “these two people, let you interrogate them yourself.”

Jingyuan looked at Wu Hong: “he…”

Qin Yi: “I’ll ask slowly tomorrow.”

Jingyuan understood what Qin Yi meant.

Although Jingyuan is also alpha, there is a level difference between alpha and alpha, and the gap of power is natural graben and gully.

In short… If the interrogation fails and there is a fight, well yuan can’t fight.

“Well, go to sleep and talk about it tomorrow.” Qin Yi yawned lazily.

The Union soldiers breathed a sigh of relief and looked up carefully. As a result, they found that their ace alpha was staring at others, even yawning very seriously.

rank-and-file soldiers:?

Lu Ji: “wait.”

Qin Yi looked back at him: “hmm?”

Qin Yi’s attitude towards Lu Ji is still good.

Lu Ji also benefited from this rare tenderness. He immediately stopped worrying about asking the alpha of the alliance. How many legs did he have with Qin Yi

Lu Ji asked another more concerned question: “where did the box of gifts you prepared come from?”

Qin Yi: “bought it.” Qin Yi not only didn’t blush, but even asked him, “if you still need it, I can share it with you.”

Lu Ji clenched his fingers: “no, No.”

Good guy, this is the first time Lu Ji has stuttered.

Zhou Yiqing interposed: “why did you buy these?”

Zhou Yiqing is sure that Qin Yi must know what those things are for. In other words, there is a great possibility that Qin Yi is deliberately teasing them.

Qin Yi asked, “don’t you like it?”

Zhou Yiqing didn’t speak.

Yes, No. Any answer may be exploited by other rival lovers.

Before Zhou Yiqing came up with a suitable answer, Qin Yi spoke again. He whispered, “I like it anyway.”

Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at Zhou Yiqing: “at least today I know that the general’s waist is very thin, his shoulder is very wide, and his hip is very narrow…”

Jingyuan: “cough, cough…”

Zhou Yiqing tightened his body, and unconsciously straightened his body more straight.

The old man, who had always been rigid, could not help curling his fingers. The places praised by Qin Yi seem to be hot.

He had to ask Ji Yang to get rid of the tie tie belt on the battlefield and pick it up again. Zhou Yiqing thought silently.

Now hols doesn’t like it.

He heavily pursed his lower lip, whispered, and abandoned the crown prince’s high reserve: “… My big tail, can’t you?”

Now it’s hols’ turn to cough.

They were so shocked that their eyes were falling off.

Qin Yi: “I didn’t see it clearly.”

Hols: ”

He thought he had to ask his attendants to pick up the big tail from the battlefield.

Lu Ji: “I…”

Qin Yi: “Mr. Lu wears it with a unique flavor.”

Lu Ji pursed his lips.

It’s also boastful. It’s far from Zhou Yiqing.

Mr. whale’s character, of course, can’t be asked. Even Arlene next to him is so anxious that he performs a belly turn on the spot.

But fortunately

Don’t ask Mr. whale, Qin Yi’s eyes still fell on him.

Qin Yi took the initiative to open his mouth: “Mr. whale’s tattoo… Ah, after being stretched by his huge body, it’s more like eating cracked cannibals.”

Mr. whale: “……”

Lu Ji: “Pooh.”

Hols: Pooh

Zhou Yiqing was steady, so he didn’t laugh openly, and he felt a completely different kind of superiority in the bottom of his heart. This is completely different from his victory on the battlefield.

Alin sighed quietly.

If I had known this, I might as well not have said it.

Lu Ji and hols have achieved a psychological balance. Although they are not as good as Zhou Yiqing, they are far better than Mr. Jing.

“Is there anything else?” Qin Yi asked.

“No,” said Lu Ji.

I’m afraid Qin Yi will speak again and demote him to the same level as Mr. whale.

Zhou Yiqing said in a low voice, “well, these things… We can give them to you, but don’t use them indiscriminately.”

Hols paused and reacted.


If Qin Yi used this thing on himself… Their minds have begun to outline the picture slowly


Absolutely not!

They didn’t dare to think deeply. Their minds were buzzing, and their heartbeat became like beating a drum.

… no one can resist such Qin Yi.

They can still have residual self-control. What about others?

Now I think, wow, give them good use!

If Omega really wants to use it by herself, the world will be in chaos!

“That’s right.” Lu Ji followed closely. “Such a gift is enough for us.”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “I didn’t expect you to like it so much. That’s great!”

The alpha’s face froze and they laughed, “well, ha ha, that’s great…”

Jingyuan: ”

This thing is still addicted. – addicted?

At this time, Qin Yi yawned a second time.

Wu Hong, who had never made a sound or made any action, took a step back.

Everyone also reacted in an instant. They stopped disturbing Qin Yi’s rest and went back to their homes.

Jingyuan arranged a residence for Wu Hong. Of course, he had to stare at people in person.

Along the way, the rebel soldiers only dared to be three feet away from Wuhong, but did not dare to get closer.

No way, the power gap between each other is too big.

When Wu Hong’s figure disappeared, someone whispered: “Sir, does he really want to take refuge in us? Such a powerful alpha… Many people saw his mecha yesterday, uncontrollably, and physically felt a burst of leg weakness…”

Inoue yuan: “HMM.”

He didn’t say yes or no.

Because since the Omega teenager led the robot riot with one hand, he slowly walked in front of him in a mess, and everything seemed to be possible.

After a while, someone squeezed out his voice with great difficulty: “… This man doesn’t want to replace Mr. and inherit Mr.’s widow?”



Inoue was worried and didn’t sleep all night.

Qin Yi slept well.

It was really a good move for him to disclose the matching degree at the beginning.

This balances several alpha’s well.

They argued for their, and he liked him.

Even the original great enemy alliance did not know why it suddenly pulled its crotch.

Now the only thing that makes Qin Yi dissatisfied is——

How to use the small toys used to cope with the susceptibility period.

Although he plays tricks on Zhou Yiqing, it’s easy for him to play tricks on them, but it’s difficult for him to use these things himself.

After all, he is just a pure little o.

Forget it, the big deal is to play ten tomorrow!

Qin Yixiang.

the second day.

Everyone gathered together and waited to find out why Wu Hong came here.

Then the alpha people were dissatisfied to find that the people sitting with Qin Yi today had become this new alpha, and they had to step aside.

Qin Yi slowly ate breakfast and asked the man in front of him, “can’t you speak?”


But not.

Wu Hong lowered his eyes and forcefully grabbed his trembling fingertips.

What he said was almost an oracle.

As long as he wants to, the other party will unconsciously follow his words.

Afraid that he could not restrain himself, he instinctively forced the young man in front of him to obey him.

He is Wu Hong and number two.

He is a God and a robot made by Qin Yi himself.

He is the master of the universe.

And Qin Yi is his “master.”

“It seems like a little mute,” Qin Yi said softly.

At this time, the alliance’s call request was handed in.

Jingyuan raised his eyebrow and let someone take him in.

The alliance prime minister at the other end lost his high spirits yesterday. His eyebrows were sullen and unwilling, but he endured it.

“Where did my alpha go?” the prime minister asked in a deep voice.

Jingyuan didn’t speak, but let the prime minister see Wu Hong sitting opposite Qin Yi in the back.

At one glance, the prime minister was about to die of anger.


How did this happen?!

The prime minister clenched his teeth and said, “I didn’t expect that without Zheng Yi’an, your means would become so unpopular! Even Zheng Yi’an’s widow can be used. First, he seduced the generals and crown princes of the two empires, as well as the king of keabi and Lu Ji… Now, you don’t even let go of the alpha of the alliance!”

Zhou Yiqing several people: ”

Color lure?

They’d love to.

It’s a pity not.

Jing Yuan’s face was livid at this time.

He did not allow the other party to belittle Qin Yi.

Qin Yi has made too many contributions to them!

On the contrary, it is the center of the topic. Qin Yi himself is not too angry.

Qin Yi is still talking to Wu Hong.

Qin Yi asked, “what’s your name? Can you write if you can’t speak?”

This time, Wu Hong finally couldn’t help moving his lips. He said, “my name is Wu Hong.”

Qin Yi:?

The name sounds familiar.

The prime minister at the other end was even more angry on the spot.

That’s not what you said last time!

You told me your name was number two!


Even the name is false!!!

Don’t you have a bad o color!

You deleted all my Omega!


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