I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 67

“You cheated the alliance.” the prime minister squeezed his voice out of his throat. “You abandoned the Alliance for an Omega…”

The Secretary on one side was suddenly stunned and said, “there is no betrayal…”

The prime minister frowned unhappily.

What nonsense is his secretary talking about?

At this time, are you still talking for each other?

Before the prime minister’s question was issued, the Secretary shuddered, grabbed his cuff and said in a trembling voice: “he, he is Wu Hong… Wu Hong…”

The prime minister.

A terrible guess rose in his mind, but it was soon pressed down.

How is that possible? Ha! That’s impossible!

The Secretary obviously thought more than he did. The Secretary said hoarsely, “there is no need to seduce or seduce. Because they are together…”


Even the people on the side of Jingyuan were stunned.

Zhou Yiqing and hors did not react slowly. They looked at each other and finally looked at Qin Yi almost at the same time: “is that Wu Hong?”

which one?

Qin Yi doesn’t even remember.

Lu Ji: “which one?” Lu Ji asked the public’s questions.

Zhou Yiqing’s face was cold: “on the interstellar Internet, Qin Yi’s social account sent out in person…”

Hols answered with a livid face, “Mr. Wu Hong, who is also 100% matched.”

At this time, the secretary finally squeezed out a voice from his throat. His tone was shocked: “that’s one of Qin Yi’s legal fiance!”

Qin Yi:???!

I understand every word you say, but together, I can’t understand it.

The prime minister on the other side was more shocked than Qin Yi, and his thinking was chaotic.

Not only that

Secretary: “also, and… Mr. Wu Hong, Mr. Wu Hong. Don’t you feel familiar when you read it?”

Prime Minister: “… Impossible.”

Before that, he had never connected Mr. Wu Hong, the God in the mouth of old Glaister, with Mr. alpha Wu Hong, whom Qin Yi publicly posted on the interstellar Internet.

Because that sounds ridiculous.

But now

The prime minister said again in a low voice, “impossible.”

I don’t know if I’m trying to convince myself.

How could a God be Omega’s fiance?

How could it be that damn Qin Yi’s fiance?

The Secretary’s eyes were lax: “nothing is impossible…”

The mecha that Mr. Wu Hong took out yesterday is very unusual.

The prime minister suddenly regained his mind, and then stared coldly at Jingyuan and others at the other end. He said in a high voice: “Mr. uhong, if this is your real identity… I still hope you can return to the Alliance… Do you see? The alpha opposite you are all your competitors, and they will snatch this Omega with you…”

Lu Ji couldn’t help it at this time. He scolded in a low voice: “grass!”

Then he turned his head and looked at Wu Hong without concealing his hostility: “he’s right. We’re all your competitors. We’re not just grabbing… But trying to kill you.”

The prime minister was delighted.


Just rely on these alpha to win!

He doesn’t believe that if he is really the Supreme God, Mr. Wu Hong can stand the provocation of alpha.

The prime minister was not as angry and desperate as he was just now. He even shouted again: “I am different, Mr. Wu Hong, we will be your loyal fans. We will get what you want for you…”

Jingyuan was on alert.

Zhou Yiqing and hors also frowned and rubbed their fingertips. Once they started, they would immediately take out their biological machine armor.

Qin Yi raised his hand and gently pressed the center of his eyebrows.


Take what?

Take me as an object?

Qin Yi suddenly got up, walked slowly to Jingyuan’s side, and then met the prime minister’s eyes.

Of course, the prime minister saw the unhappiness in his eyes, but so what? This is Omega’s destiny. Qin Yi should be happy with himself. He can get so many excellent alpha favor. Now even Shenming bows down for him.

Qin Yi chuckled and asked Wu Hong without looking back: “what does Mr. Wu Hong have to say?”

“What are you?” Wu Hong looked at the prime minister.

The prime minister was stunned.

The shadow between Wu Hong’s eyebrows and eyes seemed to be deeper, and his voice was low: “I don’t need supporters, fools, and self righteous waste.”

If he wants it, of course he will.

The joy on the prime minister’s face slowly faded again, and finally turned white and blue until it was completely ugly.

Qin Yi looked back at Wu Hong and said, “well, it’s rare. You’re not too annoying.”

This made Zhou Yiqing and hols almost instinctively reflect on themselves.

When he first met me… Qin Yi thought I was very annoying?

They won’t say how sad they are.

However, from this conversation, they also rarely tasted something – Qin Yi’s refusal and teasing were a slap in the face to everyone who regarded Omega as an object.

Only when Wu Hong mercilessly humiliated the alliance prime minister and rejected Qin Yi’s proposal to take Qin Yi as an object did Qin Yi think Wu Hong was not so annoying.

And this one is Wu Hong.

Um. Not too annoying = I like it a little.

Wu Hong was a little happy.

Josephine was scared to death.

Rui sent a signal to Wu Hong with difficulty: “you must not be too excited, otherwise your body will burst…”

It’s all good. Don’t ruin the world when you’re happy.

Wu Hong: “yes.”

The call on the other side was deadlocked.

The League prime minister was embarrassed and angry after being humiliated, but he didn’t dare turn his face on Wu Hong to vent.

Are the gods real? He didn’t know.

But kandarati is true.

Not to mention that all the mineral resources in the kandarati ruins are now taken away by Wuhong, so he dare not turn his face… Otherwise all the tragedies he once imagined will fall on the alliance.

Why did this happen?

The prime minister shuddered.

At this moment, he really missed Zheng Yi’an.

At this time, Qin Yi said, “it’s a pity that Mr. prime minister’s goal seems to be impossible.”

The prime minister’s face changed.

what is it? This is a bright irony.

There’s no Omega like him!

But where to where?

“But I really want to get something from the alliance,” Qin Yi said.

Take what?

The prime minister looked at him in disbelief.

Omega has so many means that he can’t be happy for a moment.

Qin Yi: “Mr. Prime Minister…”

When that comes out.

Several alpha faces were not right, and they all stared at the prime minister.

Even across the signal wave, the prime minister and his secretary have felt the great oppression from alpha.

At that moment, the prime minister’s cold sweat fell out of control.

This is not easy to take!

For the first time, the prime minister was surprised and afraid that his charm was so great!

Qin Yi: “everything in your hand.”


The position of power in his hands?

The prime minister’s face suddenly changed, and he could no longer suppress his anger: “you have a big voice! Do you really think the alliance is paper?”

Of course it’s good to have Wu Hong.

But without him, the huge system of the alliance can rise up against it. The big deal is to lose both. Old Glaister is in his hands, and he can get more information about kandalati and gods from old Glaister.

There will always be a way

He can stand Wu Hong.

But he would never put up with an Omega stepping on his head!

Qin Yi said slowly, “let’s look down slowly.”

Against his backdrop, the prime minister looked angry and lost his temper.

Before the prime minister spoke again, Qin Yi cut off the communication between them.

It is undoubtedly the most irritating means to scold the perfect person and pull the black.

Qin Yi blinked and was in a better mood.

Useless things.

Zhou Yiqing scolded several alpha in the bottom of his heart.

Isn’t the Prime Minister of the alliance able to speak eloquently and accept others as his use?

Isn’t that how Zheng Yian was tricked into the league?

Why not now?

Left such a big rival to them!!!

Jingyuan’s voice sounded slowly: “it’s not easy to take everything in his hand…”

It’s not that he attacks Qin Yi’s confidence, but that’s the truth.

At present, it does seem that the rebels have the upper hand.

But it’s just that neither side has entered a desperate state. In short, they are still fighting, unwilling to pay more people and things on the battlefield.

Peace is too long. Who is willing to watch his comrades die?

Zhou Yiqing’s eyes moved slightly and whispered, “it’s not easy.”


As long as Qin Yi speaks, he can provide more help to the rebels.

It’s not impossible to take this opportunity to tear a face with the Presbyterian court. The relationship between him and the Presbyterian was close to having to be resolved.

Hols also opened his mouth at this time: “you may not know the alliance Prime Minister very well. He is a person who does everything and doesn’t care whether the means are right or not. Rimu once filed detailed information on him…”

Speaking of this, HALS looked at Qin Yi and asked, “do you want it?”

Before Qin Yi answered, HALS’s eyes twinkled: “two months ago, on my way to pick up my fiancee, I encountered the conspiracy of the alliance and was forced to stay in Huangxing… Zheng Yi’an lost this account. Of course, it can be counted on the head of the alliance.”

In short, the rimu empire can use this as a reason to crusade against the alliance!

In fact, think carefully

Hols thinks the alliance’s fault is not small!

He already knew that Omega, who came to Limu Empire at that time and matched him 100%, was Qin Yi!

In other words, if there had been no accident at that time, he had received Qin Yi steadily.

I won’t make another rival Zheng Yi’an for myself!

All this… Is the fault of the alliance!

That’s fine.

After the absence of Zheng Yian, the alliance personally sent another Wu Hong.

Thinking of this, the alliance is almost sinful in his heart!

“It’s not difficult,” Wu Hong said suddenly.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes fell back on him.

They are even more unhappy with him.

Not hard?

Are you going to do it alone?

In what name?

Jingyuan was startled and thought anxiously, isn’t it to “burden” us?

Qin Yi didn’t care what they were thinking.

He didn’t frown because they said “it’s not easy”, nor did he smile because Wu Hong said “it’s not difficult”. He said calmly, “Inoue, have you counted what you brought from the alliance?”

Inoue yuan: “what’s on the transport ship? It’s not too late.” he paused. “I’ll go right away.”

When Inoue goes.

Qin Yicai returned to the table and sat down. He asked, “it’s not difficult because you brought those things that belong to kandalati relics?”

Wu Hong didn’t make a sound, just nodded.

Qin Yi stared at him for a few seconds and confirmed that the young man in front of him was indeed very strange. He had no intention to speak except to say “my name is Wu Hong”, which made the prime minister angry to death.

Qin Yi immediately turned his head and ordered the soldiers on one side: “pick one of the two alliance soldiers and bring it.”

Although the soldier was puzzled, he answered.

Now they admire Qin Yi very much.

Omega, who knows mecha, or their husband’s wife, how awesome! Just now, Omega dared to speak hard in front of the prime minister. That’s the prime minister

This can be regarded as a bad breath for Mr.

In the view of today’s rebel team, Qin Yi wants to kill the prime minister, there must be their husband’s reason!

We all want revenge for our husband! The goal is incomparably consistent!

Psychologically, I feel closer.

They respect and admire such Omega!

The soldier thought of this and walked with the wind. After a while, he brought people to Qin Yi.

After the alliance soldier was tried by Inoue yuan, he was like a quail. He shrunk his neck and didn’t think about returning to the alliance at all.

When he was in front of him, he looked at Wu Hong and Qin Yi, shivering and shouting, “Your Excellency.”

This is already quite respected.

Qin Yi: “it’s hard to bring those resources here from under the eyes of the alliance?”

Union soldier: “no, no, no hard.” after that, he changed his mouth: “no, no, he’s hard, he’s hard.” he pointed to Wu Hong’s direction.

Ah Lin couldn’t help but smack his mouth at this time: “this man can really pretend to force, even more than you. This Union soldier was asked to be a telephone.”

Mr. whale: ”

Arlene is not the only one who thinks so.

The attendants around hols thought the same.

Why is it bigger than the shelf held by our highness?

“How should we reward such a great credit?” Qin Yi asked in a low voice.

The alpha’s spirits suddenly.


This Wu Hong will get a reward when he comes? Qin Yi took the initiative to mention it!

Zheng Yian is not so hated!

After all, Zheng Yian may be dead!

Under the gaze of multiple alpha, Wu Hong has no feeling. But the Union soldiers trembled.

He thought to himself, what evil did I do?

Will make me betray the alliance and suffer here.

“Award, reward… This reward…” is to? Or not?

The Union soldiers couldn’t feel the thoughts of the man around them.

Hols suddenly said, “is there anything left from the last gift? Why don’t you give him one?”

He showed great generosity.

Zhou Yiqing’s eyes moved and said nothing.

Mr. Lu Ji and Mr. Jing also expressed their agreement with silence.

If it was that “gift”, it wouldn’t be so sour.

Qin Yi: “but he deserves a more valuable gift.”

Alpha people:!!!

At that moment, they were even more sour!

Although Qin Yi doesn’t like Wu Hong’s identity of “one of the fianc é s with 100% matching”, one code comes to one code.

The arrival of Wu Hong has indeed brought a lot of help to the rebels.

Wu Hong’s direct defection from the alliance also surprised him.

For Omega, we shouldn’t do this

Qin Yi thinks it has nothing to do with himself.

Omega may be charming, but it has no magic.

It is impossible for a person who has never met to fall in love with such a huge national organization as the alliance.

Either he pretended, or he had another reason.

No matter which kind, Qin Yi must show his gratitude. Only in this way will more people help the rebels in the future. That’s the so-called “justice helps more” in ancient Chinese.

“Do you have any hobbies?” Qin Yi asked Wu Hong.

After asking, knowing that Wu Hong would not answer, he immediately looked at the alliance soldiers.

Several alpha: ”

I can’t hold back the acid.

Oh, don’t say sour. I can’t even hold back my killing intention.

What do you like

The Union soldiers thought in a trance that our prime minister had asked this question, but he didn’t like this man! You say it’s strange!

Just as the Union soldiers were struggling with how to answer… Hols whispered, “we all have that gift. Why can’t we give him one?”

The Union soldiers instantly seemed to receive some invisible instruction and quickly said, “that’s it! He said, that’s it!”

Qin Yi: ”

Hols sneered.

They can see clearly that Wu Hong came to Qin Yi. That’s right. The same is a love enemy, each other’s psychology can be guessed almost.

As soon as he said they all had it, Wu Hong asked for it immediately.

Yes, yes.

It’s better for him to be a whip and leather pants… See how he gives up his face

A few alpha, none of them are kind.

Even Mr. whale was quietly looking forward to another person to crack the tattoo. So he can respect.

When Inoue came back from counting things, he bumped into such a scene.

The atmosphere is so weird.

Jing Yuan was surprised. He said that it was a little like working together to exclude the newcomers who had just entered the door!

But it doesn’t matter

Rao has seen the world, and Jingyuan can hardly suppress the height of his voice: “I’ve finished counting! And I’ve taken some for experiments. I don’t know why the purity of these minerals is very high! A large part of them are energy used for biological mecha! Even, there are materials that can make biological mecha… Some materials even exceed the highest level materials developed in interstellar space! That is to say, they are really It’s like a gift from another civilization! ”

Everyone was stunned, and then their emotions became complicated.

The emergence of these things is not just about the rebels and the Alliance… For political reasons, dividing up the alliance is not the best solution at this time.

Let the rebels not hold these things alone, and then a behemoth such as the Empire will take the lead to organize and divide them up. This is the most common practice

Their interests are in conflict.

Qin Yi glanced around, took everyone’s appearance into his eyes, and then said lukewarm: “no wonder the alliance prime minister was full of confidence before.”

With such mineral resources, what else does he worry about?

Jingyuan pursed his lips and realized that he had just been impulsive.

These alpha are admirers of Qin Yi. Yes, but at the same time, they also come from two empires and the power holders of a big family

The prime minister over there is still swearing. He doesn’t know that hols hates him at the moment.

Prime Minister: “what does Qin Yi think he is? It’s great to have alpha love?”

The Secretary on one side sighed, “but he has Mr. Wu Hong.”

The prime minister clenched his teeth and said, “wait and see! The urgent mail from the Presbyterian court will soon be sent to Zhou Yiqing’s desk! The storm in the Limu empire will soon restrict hols’s action!”

Secretary: “but he has Mr. Wu Hong.”

Prime Minister: “how can an Omega convince the public? He can be a rebel mascot, but he can’t be a backbone! No one will listen to his orders…”

Secretary: “but he has Mr. Wu Hong…”

Prime Minister: “……”

Prime Minister: “don’t say if you can’t speak! Get out!”

The Secretary had to sigh at the bottom of his heart, and then hung his head and withdrew.

He’s right

This Omega has Wu Hong!

Can’t touch, touch will die!

Haven’t you read fantasy novels in your spare time?

However, the prime minister’s determination is not without reason.

Qin Yi is very clever

He directly chose to personally disclose the problem of matching degree, which suddenly brought down the two empires.

Now even if outsiders want to get him again, they dare not fight against the two empires.

So a delicate balance has been formed.

But now what if the whole world knows about the existence of kandalati relics?

If the whole world knows… The treasures of kandalati relics are in Qin Yi’s hands?

The reason why it can be balanced is that the interests involved are not terrible enough.

When the interest reaches 1000%, everyone is willing to take risks.

At that time… It will be the public opinion that general Zhou and the crown prince cannot compete with!

On this day.

Several explosive news have appeared on the interstellar Internet——

Super-s alpha of the alliance is also one of Qin Yi’s fiance

“This alpha, for Qin Yi, turned against the water on the spot”

Omega talks big and wants to take everything from the alliance to comfort Zheng Yi’an


However, no one paid attention to “another treasure of kandalati ruins” personally contributed by the Prime Minister of the League!

These damn netizens only pay attention to the love and hatred of alpha and Omega!

Unexpectedly, he only stared at his house stolen by Qin Yi. Wu Hong turned his face and laughed heartlessly!

You ignorant netizens!

Qin Yi on the other side came to Zhou Yiqing’s door.

Raise your hand and knock on the door.

Ji Yang in the door was flattered: “God, this Omega took the initiative to come to the door?”


The channel, which had been silent for a long time, actually connected the signal.

A compiled text is turned into a special radio wave and connected to this channel.

Inoue yuan trembled and jumped up.

… sir?!

Sir, I came back alive! This is… A miracle!

Afraid of another accident, Jingyuan took two close friends with him. They didn’t care to say hello to Qin Yi, so they took a spaceship so quickly to meet him.

Finally, he saw the man standing in front of a pile of ship wreckage.

After a long flight, the spacecraft finally couldn’t carry it.

But the man looked as if he was unharmed.

He slowly turned around, as always elegant, but the alpha breath on his body became particularly strong for some reason.

In fact, many people don’t know what level of alpha Zheng Yian is.

This was deliberately concealed by the alliance.

But now Zheng Yi’an, who is standing here, clearly and frankly shows his real strength.

At least s level… Maybe 2S?

While feeling a great sense of oppression, Inoue yuan thought in a trance.

The super-s-class Mr. Zheng smiled and asked, “where’s my wife?”




How can I explain to Mr. Zheng that I coaxed your wife to pretend, but in fact he is not your wife. All this is false. You don’t have a wife at all?


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