I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 68

Qin Yi, standing outside the door, asked, “can I come in?”

Ji Yang said in his heart, beauty trick! Is this a beauty trick coming?

Then I looked back and wanted to see what the Admiral meant. What should I do… Eh?

As soon as Ji Yang looked back, he found that he had no need to see it.

Because Zhou Yiqing didn’t know when he was standing behind him. Then he heard general Zhou’s voice: “of course.”

Of course you can come in.

Then the door opened.

Qin Yi went in and Ji Yang was stunned when he passed by.

Is it my illusion? How do I feel that young master Qin Yi seems to have an attraction that is even more unclear?

Is it his heroic posture of driving mecha that even I firmly remember in my heart?

Jiyang didn’t get a result.

However, he was smart. As soon as Qin Yi stopped, he immediately asked wisely, “I’ll quit. Will you talk to the general slowly?”

take it easy.

You can say a few hours.

Zhou Yiqing heard Ji Yang’s voice and the light at the bottom of his eyes flashed.

Obviously I heard the meaning of Jiyang’s words.

Zhou Yiqing couldn’t help looking down at Qin Yi.

The young man’s gentle eyebrows and eyes have gradually revealed his edge

When he stood in front of him, there was an unspeakable beautiful atmosphere.

Qin Yi: “no, you can also listen together.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

The good atmosphere was broken.

Ji Yang: “no, no?”

Zhou Yiqing glanced at him.

Ji Yang rolled out. When he went out, he smoked his mouth. No, you don’t have to ask! Just get out?

When the door closed, Zhou Yiqing said, “sit down.”

Then he personally made a cup of tea for Qin Yi.

Mr. Zhou likes this stuff.

Also strict requirements, can not be machine bubble. No one said it tasted like that.

In the past week, Admiral once defined it as a boring act of “taking off your pants and farting”.

Now general Zhou not only made tea for me, but even said, “Beware of scalding.”

Qin Yi answered and skillfully pulled out a small nozzle from the table and sprayed it on the tea cup. In the blink of an eye, the hot tea inside cooled down.

Qin Yi said, “thank you.”

Then raise your glass to tea.

But this has lost the meaning of human bubble.

It was cooled by the machine.

General Zhou, who has never understood amorous feelings, did not expect that someone would understand amorous feelings more than himself.

forget it.

This is probably… Retribution.

Zhou Yiqing: “is it for the kandarati ruins?”

Qin Yi nodded: “Admiral Zhou is so clever.”

Zhou Yiqing rubbed his fingers: “it doesn’t make much difference whether Jingyuan says it or not.”

Qin Yi: “yes, as long as those resources are used, the outside world will find these relics sooner or later.”

Zhou Yiqing no longer treats Qin Yi with the standard of “little Omega”.

Qin Yi is very smart and doesn’t need his self righteous care at all.

At this time, he said covertly that nothing will happen. It’s not love and care, it’s his heart to be punished.

So without hesitation, Zhou Yiqing said directly, “your things belong to you, and I won’t take them. There are one and two ruins. Like the ore on the barren star last time, I don’t need them so urgently.

“But behind me, there are the imperial family, the Presbyterian, and countless people… Not everyone has reason. When they see the treasure, most people’s first reaction is to grab it.”

Others may be afraid when they hear such words.

Maybe I’ll ask him for help right away.

Zhou Yiqing also hopes that Qin Yi will ask him for help, but his reason is very clear that Qin Yi will not.

Qin Yi had thought of this for a long time. He nodded and said, “well, that’s why I came to see general Zhou.”

Zhou Yiqing stared at him in silence.

He wanted to know what Qin Yi would say. Like countless times in the past, did he throw a thunder when others thought there would be no turning around?

Qin Yi: “I’d like to share some resources with general Zhou. Would you like to? Here’s the list.”

Qin Yi tapped his communicator.

A light curtain pops up with the material name and quantity marked on it.

Zhou Yiqing’s eyelids jumped, and a trace of consternation crossed his heart.

Is this Qin Yi’s solution?

Even though he clearly knew that Qin Yi was not interested in him, Zhou Yiqing could not help but move from the bottom of his heart.

These things far beyond the times, plus a super-s alpha Wuhong… In fact, more people can’t give up scoring. It’s like you have been poor for decades and suddenly have 100 million cash. How can you give it to others?

And once separated, it is tantamount to giving others a signal of weakness

Zhou Yiqing held down these thoughts.

Qin Yi is smart

Of course he doesn’t want to show weakness

Zhou Yiqing pursed his lower lip and asked, “it’s only for me, isn’t it?”

Qin Yi smiled: “well, you can say so. It’s only given to general Zhou and general Zhou’s army.”

This separated him from the Presbyterian and the royal family.

It can even be said that as long as Zhou Yiqing nods his head, he will break with the Presbyterian and the royal family faster.

Qin Yi: “will general Zhou want it?”

Zhou Yiqing didn’t make a sound.

At this time, Zhou Yiqing’s communicator vibrated.

He looked down.

It’s a message from the military encryption channel

Zhou Yiqing didn’t avoid Qin Yi, so he opened the information.

The message came from the Presbyterian. They asked Zhou Yiqing to return to the Empire immediately.

Before, they had the idea of letting Zhou Yiqing lose on the alliance battlefield. Now, Zhou Yiqing not only didn’t lose, but also became closely connected with other forces because of Qin Yi’s relationship.

That doesn’t bode well.

The royal family was in a hurry and felt that the time was almost up. They could kill Zhou Yiqing’s spirit based on Qin Yi.

The empire made these ideas, even if they didn’t say it, Zhou Yiqing had come out of the short message.

Zhou Yiqing suddenly raised his head and said in a deep voice, “I want to.”

The smile on Qin Yi’s face suddenly became more brilliant.

“Then don’t disturb the admiral,” he said, rising quickly.

Zhou Yiqing: ”

No more words to say? Finish this and leave?

Think about the past

Zhou Yiqing felt that it was also like retribution.

After all, Zhou Yiqing didn’t like people around him to tell him anything except business.

Now he wants to have something personal.

But in private affairs, he grew legs and ran away by himself.

Seeing Qin Yi going to the door, Zhou Yiqing said, “wait.”

Qin Yi: “hmm?” he licked his lips unconsciously.

Did Zhou Yiqing go back on his word?

Zhou Yiqing: “can you add your communicator now?”

Qin Yi blinked.


I almost forgot.

Several alpha, no one has his communicator contact information!

Qin Yi stretched out his wrist: “of course.”

He has fair skin on his wrist.

Zhou Yiqing slowly pasted his communicator. The communicator sensed each other and recorded the other party’s communication mode.

Is it… Progress?

Zhou Yiqing thought.

At least he’s the only one who gets the contact information.

Qin Yi quickly closed his wrist and pushed the door out.

Zhou Yiqing watched him leave until he was completely invisible.

… wait!

Zhou Yiqing’s face turned pale.

Qin Yi won’t turn around and go to find hors again???

Based on Zhou Yiqing’s current understanding of Qin Yi, this… Is very, yes, can and can.

A bowl of water is flat, leaving no unique signal to anyone.

Old water master.

Zhou Yiqing… Zhou Yiqing is a little sour.

Outside the door.

Ji Yang didn’t know where he had gone. He had long disappeared. There was no one outside.

At this time, Qin Yi was quietly relieved.

At the beginning, he fought with several alpha of Zhou Yiqing. They didn’t understand him enough and despised Omega, so he could deceive them unexpectedly and run away.

But this time, I sat down at the table and negotiated.

Like a political guest.

This was something Qin Yi had never thought of before.

What was his dream then?

Inherit 800 million yuan and pursue the dream performance circle.

Dreams are big or small, but they are totally different from what they are now.

Qin Yi moved his steps and walked forward slowly.

The glass window on one side reflects his present appearance

Qin Yi glanced sideways.

Not bad.

These things he has never imagined and never touched are more interesting than the dream driven entertainment circle!

Qin Yi walked briskly, and then knocked on HALS’s door.

Alin hid in the corner and murmured, “first Zhou Yiqing, then hols, when will it be your turn?”

Mr. whale: ”

If he was young, would Qin Yi find him earlier at such a time?

Mr. whale had to admit that his mood was indeed a little difficult at this moment.

Alin was curious: “what did he find them for? What did he tell them?”

Ah Lin didn’t say it was OK. He said so

Mr. whale felt even more difficult, even a little difficult.

You have to sew arlin’s mouth sooner or later

Here Qin Yi enters the door, and the opening remarks are almost the same as those in front.

Hols stared at Qin Yi closely, but his reaction was completely different from that of Zhou Yiqing.

He did not say that it would not have any impact, nor did he say what the attitude of the Limu Empire would be and what the people would be

He just suddenly said, “marry me.”

Qin Yi:?

The more hols thought about it, the more he thought it would work.

This was a sudden Wu Hong, which provided him with new inspiration.

Hols whispered, “Zheng Yian’s whereabouts are unknown. No second person will come out of the wormhole intact with good luck like you. We’ll treat him as dead…”

Qin Yi: ”

Zheng Yi’an will probably greet you. Are you polite.

Hols: “you should also know that the affairs of the rimu empire are actually entirely under my control. I can decide and accept the rebels.” he is confident to convince the whole country of the rimu empire.

Hols: “since then, all the threats and hostility encountered by the rebels have been borne by the rimu empire.”

I got a crown princess.

Make money without losing!

Qin Yi refused ruthlessly: “No.”

I don’t know what to do!

The idea came from the bottom of the attendants’ hearts, but they dared not say.

“Why not?” hols didn’t give up.

Qin Yi: “do you have any great advantages? The crown prince has, and Admiral Zhou also has, doesn’t he? He even has richer experience than you…”

Hall pursed his lips unhappily.

If you say so… Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to live for tens of thousands of years?

no way.

Hols: “I… compare…”

Compare what?

Hols couldn’t tell where he was stronger.

They are all alpha of the same level, have strong biological mecha, hold power status, and have a matching degree of 100%

Hols, who racked his brains, said, “I’m more obedient.”

Listen to the words of the crown princess, can it be called no Da a spirit?

That’s not called.

It’s called loving your wife.

Qin Yi:?


The attendants were stunned on the spot.

Is this still their noble and arrogant crown prince?

Qin Yi: “… OK.”

Hearing these two words, HALS suddenly raised his head, the light at the bottom of his eyes was bright and flickering, and his purple eyes looked more magnificent.

The attendants were also surprised.

Is this… Yes?

Qin Yi: “then you are obedient now. Here, sign this document.”

This is the same thing that Zhou Yiqing got.

Hols: ”

Qin Yi: “good.”

Hols’s throat moved.

Qin Yi pointed to him: “you see, you are not obedient.”

Hols: ”

What do you mean to lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot?

This is called.

Hols glanced at the documents in a hurry. In fact, he had to say that Qin Yi was willing to take the initiative to allocate resources to the Limu Empire, which was a great good thing for the Limu empire.

This means that they get the treasure without a single soldier.

This reminds hols that Qin Yi stole Zheng Yi’an’s home to raise him on the barren star a long time ago

Hols: I’ll sign it

Qin Yi got something: “OK, bye.”

Attendants: ”

What a ruthless Omega.

As soon as their psychological activities were here, Qin Yi suddenly had a meal, turned around, smiled very politely and asked, “do you want to add a means of communication?”

What a surprise!

Hols: Yeah

He stood up and strode to Qin Yi’s side. As if afraid of Qin Yi’s repentance, he quickly pasted the communicator with Qin Yi’s communicator and separated it.

This time, Qin Yicai really said “Bye” and went out.

The third one knocked was Lu Ji.

However, his words to Lu Ji were different.

“These things are to thank you for what you have done for me. I will not mention you, and no one will know that you have taken these things…”

This means that some of the risks of these resources will not be grafted onto Lu Ji’s head.

Equivalent to a simple free gift.

But Lu Ji did not feel happy.

At this time, he would prefer Qin Yi to be worse and be a serious bastard Omega.

In this way, Qin Yi will leave him in order to take advantage of him.

Lu Ji breathed softly and said, “I’ll take things, people, I won’t go.”

He raised his eyes and stared at Qin Yi: “in fact, at this moment, I’m glad I changed my career… If it was my former career, it wouldn’t mean anything except countless cheers and admiration. But at least now, I still have a little ability to stand by your side.”

Qin Yi had a meal.

How should he persuade Lu Ji?

Tell him that Wu Hong brings not only treasures, but also accompanying risks? You don’t have to get involved in these things?

But Qin Yi actually knows more about the character of each alpha.

Lu Ji changed his career because he yearned for a broader and more magnificent star region. For this, he can walk on the tip of the knife.

Adventure is the bright color of his life.

He was born without fear of adventure.

So these words can’t persuade him.

Qin Yi’s eyes moved and whispered, “but you can’t get any return.”

Lu Ji: “yes, you are paying me back now. Are you willing to give me these precious things…”

It’s enough for them to envy Lu Xing for three days and three nights!

Qin Yi: “you know what I mean.”

Unrequitable… Love.

Lu Ji’s smile stopped. He bent his fingers and gently flicked down the table, whispered, “so what?”

“I have hundreds of millions of fans. Do I have to like one by one? Of course not.” he said, pointing to himself, “I am your fan now. I love you, and you don’t need to love me.”

Qin Yi was stunned.

He didn’t think that he didn’t enter the entertainment industry, but someone would become his “fan”.

Lu Ji whispered, “maybe there will be more and more fans in the future, but I hope I must at least be a front-line fan, right?”

Lu Ji finished and quickly asked, “well, if Mr. Wu Hong knew, would he be jealous?”

Lu Ji gave himself a compliment.

You really have enough tea, Lu Ji!

It’s not in vain.

Qin Yi: “well, I’m going to find him soon.”

Lu Ji: ”

good heavens.

Green tea failed and pushed people over there.

Qin Yi: “I’ll ask Jing Yuan to deliver things in a moment…”

Lu Ji: “OK.” he paused. “Don’t persuade me next time. The more you persuade, the more I like it.”

Qin Yi: ”

Lu Ji: “my character is like this. I don’t care. I don’t know how to restrain…”

Qin Yi wanted to say a polite compliment. It’s good, but he thought about it and shut up. He was afraid that as Lu Ji said, the more he said, the more he liked it.

Qin Yi turned and walked out.

Lu Ji added with another chirp: “if Mr. Wu Hong is very angry, I can return everything…”

Lu Ji took another cup of tea.

Unfortunately, Qin Yi has gone far.

At this time, Jingyuan finally accompanied Zheng Yian back to Zha camp.

Zheng Yi’an made a simple disguise. As long as he kept quiet, no one would recognize him for the time being.

Just as Inoue yuan had not figured out how to explain, he was silent all the way.

Until Zheng Yi’an, who was standing in the camp, asked in a low voice, “where’s Qin Yi?”

The passing soldier paused, looked at Jing Yuan and Zheng Yi’an, and then replied, “madam, it seems that general Zhou has gone there.”

Another soldier passed by. He interrupted: “nonsense, I just saw that I was going to the prince of Limu empire…”

Another soldier pondered for a moment: “isn’t it with Mr. Lu Ji?”

“Now I seem to have gone to Mr. Wu Hong!”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Jingyuan holds his forehead and hangs his head. Please, stop.

What to do is even harder to explain

Xiaobing didn’t know Zheng Yi’an’s identity and said, “I don’t know if I will go to Mr. whale later…”

What else???

Zheng Yi’an: “……”

There was no imagined excitement.

Only open the door big green.

Zhou Yiqing, hols, Lu Ji, and the sudden emergence of Mr. whale and Mr. Wu Hong

One, two, three, four, five.

Good guy, I gave the whole five alpha in one breath and waited for him at home.


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