I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 69

Zheng Yi’an looks at Jing Yuan.

Jingyuan looks at Zheng Yi’an.

It was a dead silence.

The soldier felt a little hairy, but he still stubbornly looked at Jingyuan and asked, “Sir, are you looking for your wife? I’ll take you there?”

Zheng Yi’an answered softly, “OK, go over.”

The soldier was stunned.

It’s not because this man gives orders for no reason, but because his voice is so… So like Mr. Zheng’s voice?!

Seeing the little soldier stunned, Zheng Yi’an said again lukewarm: “go.”

The soldier shook unconsciously, then nodded back and quickly led the way in front.

At this moment, he had a little regret in his heart. They just… Couldn’t have said something wrong?

Xiaobing’s uneasy mood was maintained until he got outside Wu Hong’s temporary residence.

At this time, Qin Yi actually just walked into Wu Hong’s room.

I kicked someone when I entered the door.

Qin Yi:?

He looked down in confusion and found that he had kicked the Union soldiers sleeping at the door.

At the same time, the man deeper in the house heard the movement and came out almost immediately.

Qin Yi looked up.

The clothes on the young man were still neatly dressed, as if he had never laid down to rest.

Qin Yi put away his eyes in doubt and looked at the alliance soldiers again: “didn’t someone arrange accommodation for you?”

The Union soldier said, “I, I have to follow Mr. Wu.”

Now they all know that young men are not called “No. 2” at all, but Wu Hong. Of course, they change their name to “Mr. Wu”.

“Isn’t there a robot?” Qin Yi paused. “Do you want to follow Mr. Wu Hong as a ‘translator’?”

“Yes, yes!” the Union soldiers nodded.

What translation?

It’s a messenger.

He didn’t know why. There was no one in front of him, but he still had to follow the boss. It’s like… It’s like Mr. Wu waiting for someone to come all the time.

After nodding, the alliance soldiers were afraid of saying something wrong. They quickly turned to see Wu Hong.

Wu Hong only glanced at him, and then focused his eyes on Qin Yi.

The Union soldier turned his head again and opened his mouth smoothly: “are you here to send gifts?”

Qin Yi: ”

I’m really thinking about the “gift” of hols.

“In fact, Mr. Wu has more and better choices… Mr. Wu takes refuge with valuable resources and deserves our courtesy.”

Qin Yi felt that he was very rare. He took out the “kind and enthusiastic” search bar that ran away from home and gave repeated reminders and sincere suggestions.

“What Mr. Wu means… Is that the things he brought are nothing,” said the Union soldier, who felt like he was lying with his eyes open.


“And what?” Qin Yi asked.

And whatever comes out of your hands, madam, is valuable

The words came into the voice of the Union soldiers.

He was so shocked that he thought should he say so? Is that what Mr. Wu wants to express! Who says Mr. Wu doesn’t like Omega? It’s not very good

When my mind reached here, the Union soldiers were interrupted before they could speak.

Because the door was knocked.

Jingyuan’s voice sounded awkwardly: “is madam here?”

Qin Yi: “well, yes, what’s the matter?”

Inoue yuan:!


“Qin Yi.” the voice outside the door suddenly sounded, “did I call the wrong name?”

Qin Yi had a meal.

The sound is a little… Familiar

… Zheng Yian?!!!

Really bring liuliudashun?!

Qin yizhen.jpg

“Can I come in?” the voice outside the door asked again soon.

Wu Hong noticed the change of Qin Yi’s expression, so he looked up in the direction of the door.

The Union soldiers were in a hurry and blurted out: “no!”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

He’s in his territory and can’t get in yet???

It was polite of him to ask questions, but he never thought that someone was so bold that he wouldn’t let him in.

The people in his hands must not have such courage

Although Zheng Yi’an still has a smile on his face, there are some dark colors in his eyes.

The king of keabi, he has seen it.

So the person who spoke was Wu Hong?

What a coincidence

This name, unexpectedly, collided with the gods believed by those ignorant believers in the divine court in the world behind the wormhole!

The idea flashed through his mind.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Jingyuan hurried forward and lowered his voice: “madam, there is a very important thing, you see…”

Qin Yi in the door almost immediately turned around.

It’s different since Zheng Yi’an jumped into a wormhole.

What’s more, it doesn’t make any sense to hide from Zheng Yi’an now.

More lice are not afraid to bite, and more alpha is not afraid of noise.

So Qin Yi opened the door.


Who is this?

Qin Yi looked at the strange man’s face outside and was stunned for a moment. Then he reacted. This should be Zheng Yi’an’s disguise.

At this time, Zheng Yi’an also saw the alliance soldiers first.

… so ugly?

Qin Yi: “Mr. Wu, I’ll come back later.”

The alliance soldiers looked blankly, and then worried: “no, no!” he looked at Mr. Wu Hong behind him, looked at a group of people in front of him, and said, “we can and can work together! Yes, right?”

Speaking of the last two words, the Union soldiers have stammered.


Jingyuan: ”

You are so brave!

However, such a passage of words drew Zheng Yi’an’s attention to Wu Hong.

Obviously, this is the Lord.

Is the so-called “Wu Hong”.

The eyes of the two men met, and they saw a gloomy color from each other’s eyes.

Zheng Yi’an clearly realized that this young man was completely different from Zhou Yiqing, Lu Ji and others. As long as Qin Yi doesn’t change the mind of Zhou Yiqing and others, they are not afraid.

But this man is different

Zheng Yi’an smelled something of the same kind from each other.

Even… The other party seems more crazy than him.

At this time, the Union soldiers suddenly opened their mouth again. This time, they were much more fluent: “it doesn’t matter, madam. Go talk about things, and then come with gifts. It’s the same.”

Qin Yi nodded and looked back at Wu Hong: “Mr. Wu is generous.”

The voice fell, and Qin Yi also looked into Wu Hong’s eyes.

Young men are still silent.

Standing there, like a cloud of ink on a snow-white paper.

He seems indifferent to everything. The cold and lonely smell enveloped him firmly.

Qin Yi couldn’t help looking at him for a few more seconds.

At this time, Zheng Yi’an took another look at Wu Hong.

Look at this.

… good guy!

This is still a poor man!

His feeling really didn’t go wrong! This man is much more troublesome than Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi turned his head slowly and couldn’t help wondering as he walked out.

What is the relationship between uhong and kandalati relics?

Speaking of it, in the ancient books of shenting, it is also mentioned that their supreme God is a young man named “Wuhong”. But because of different times, the fonts used are different. Qin Yi is not completely sure that this Wu Hong is bi Wu Hong.

And if it’s a God

Qin Yi chuckled.

Is the Empire’s matching system so strong? Even his match with the gods can be calculated! If you really have such ability, the Empire should dominate the universe long ago, rather than allowing the rimu Empire to grow up together with the Alliance

Qin Yi’s mind flashed countless thoughts and slowly walked out.

Zheng Yian naturally walked behind.

Jingyuan and others followed along.

The door closes.

The Union soldiers fell to their knees with a “poof” as if they had lost their strength.

To say that Wu Hong “defected” from the alliance at that time, the two soldiers randomly ordered were also two alpha. Otherwise, they are not qualified to stand so close.

But even if they are alpha, the alliance soldiers have to realize the big gap in power

The soldier raised his hand and held his head hard. He felt as if there was a sense of arrogance, which turned into brain waves and hit his brain hard.

“Mr. Wu?” he said cautiously.

He wanted to ask, did I say anything wrong today? Did I perfectly understand what you mean?

But the young man at the other end only glanced at him indifferently, still without saying a word, turned his head and went back inside, and then sat down by the sofa.

The sun fell on him through the glass window.

He didn’t move. He looked like a sculpture.

It seems that only the next time the door is knocked will he come back to life.


“It must be hard for Mr. Zheng to come back from the wormhole…” Qin Yi and Zheng Yi’an walked side by side, whispering.

Mr. Zheng.

It’s no different from what he called before he left.

It’s totally different from what you think

Even if I had guessed that Qin Yi had become his “widow” for some reason, I still felt unspeakable regret at the moment.

“OK,” said Zheng Yi’an.

After that, he said, “maybe I should tell you, yes, it’s not easy. It’s a completely strange world. There’s no light in the world, only the night. The believers of the divine court fight with other city states, and everyone is like a madman…”

Jingyuan was stunned: “is the world behind the wormhole… So?”

Zheng Yi’an didn’t answer Jing Yuan’s words, but paused first, looked at Qin Yi and whispered, “if I said so, will you have a little pity for me?”

“Does Mr. Zheng need my pity?” Qin Yi asked.

Zheng Yi’an never needs the pity of others.

But if it’s Qin Yi, he wants it. Qin Yi has a slight preference for anyone,

Qin Yi said again, “but is the world Mr. Zheng went to the same as mine?”

“Of course.” Zheng Yi’an stared at him with a smile. “As soon as I went, I heard a lot of legends about you…”

“Legend?” Jingyuan asked suspiciously.

Zheng Yian: “yes.”

Speaking of this, Zheng Yi’an can’t help gnashing his teeth.

How ridiculous!

Even to another world

Zheng Yi’an: “local residents mentioned a princess of pari city. His name is Qin Yi. Do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Inoue yuan:!

Zheng Yi’an: “it’s nothing. The former divine official of the divine court is also called Qin Yi. It is said that he is the only believer loved by the Supreme God in the world…”


Even though he has suffered a great impact here in Qin Yi, Jing Yuan is still in a trance.

“… that’s all… Madam?” Jingyuan asked in a daze.

Zheng Yi’an looked at Qin Yi: “what do you say?”

Qin Yi blinked softly without feeling guilty:?

It seems to be me, and it doesn’t seem to be me.

Let’s say the princess of Pali city… Well, isn’t she bound to be a priest of the divine court? But the only believer loved by the Supreme God… Well, I didn’t see the Supreme God when I left. What does the supreme god look like? The statue of the Supreme God was all blown up

If there is a supreme God in that world, how can he watch his statue explode?

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Zheng Yi’an thought Qin Yi was very guilty.

Zheng Yi’an’s voice was low: “madam, I’ve only been in that world for a few months. When I left, I tore a big hole in the sky of the divine court, which made the divine court a mess.”

He used the same name as Inoue.

It’s like calling his “wife”, and it’s just like the “honorific” like Inoue yuan and others.

But he glanced at Qin Yi.

The Omega in front of me seemed to be born to understand the customs. Without blushing and jumping, she said, “the big hole in the sky? I didn’t do that.”

Inoue was relieved.

He said, no matter how strong Qin Yi’s ability is, he won’t step into the fantasy script. Can the sky be torn apart?

Qin Yi paused: “but the world is really magical… The big hole in the sky has two hands. From the outside, yes, from the outside, it tore open the curtain of heaven and explored into the world.”

In fact, this paragraph was also recorded in later books of shenting, but it was said from Qin Yi’s mouth, which made it more credible.

And such a bland remark made Jing Yuan feel a little cold.

Well yuan: “ha… Is there really a God? It reminds me that in previous science fiction, I loved to write fish tank theory, comparing human beings to fish in fish tank. Besides fish tank, there are more powerful life bodies that we can’t see…”

Inoue fought a cold war with real feelings and said, “I felt terrible when I read this story when I was a child, and it’s the same now.”

After that, Jingyuan turned to see Qin Yi and Zheng Yi’an, but found that there was no change in their faces.

All right… Inoue smiles bitterly. I am the only one who is ordinary.

“Did you come back from the torn hole?” Zheng Yi’an asked.

Qin Yi nodded: “the hole sucked me in. When I woke up, I had fallen on panda star.” Qin Yi paused, “but I remember when I left, the world had the difference between day and night…”

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes flashed an amazing light, and then he whispered, “this is also recorded in the ancient books of the divine court. They said that it was after the divine official left that the whole world couldn’t wait for dawn…”

Qin Yi was stunned.

Jingyuan was also stunned: “the world is really strange. Even the dawn will disappear… Is it their world that the stars that provide lighting are dead?”

Zheng Yi’an: “I read their ancient books. In the records, night and dawn are controlled by different gods. In their words, the God of dawn is dead…”

Jingyuan thought it was really novel: “will God die?”

Zheng Yi’an: “yes, they think it was their priest who called the God in charge of dawn. When this God tried to eat Qin Yi, the Supreme God who no one had ever seen came. The God of dawn died under his hands.”

If Zheng Yi’an knew now that the so-called supreme God was an enemy of love, he wouldn’t say such words to beautify Wu Hong.

“Is that so?” Qin Yi pursed his lower lip and was a little interested in the hands stretched out from the big black hole.

Inoue is still immersed in shock.

No wonder Mr. Xin said that the Supreme God loved Qin Yi

Jingyuan slowly pulled back his thoughts and suddenly thought of another question: “how did Mr. come back from the wormhole?”

Qin Yi is also curious about this problem.

Zheng Yi’an’s eyes twinkled and glanced at Jing Yuan lukewarm.

It is reasonable to say that he should first question Qin Yi. Why did alpha get together?

Now Jing Yuan and Qin Yi came to ask him.

Sweep the well to the left and right.

The other soldiers had retreated three meters away and followed closely.

Is it inconvenient to say, sir?

At this time, Zheng Yi’an still opened his mouth: “I thought that in a world that believes in gods, their faith may be powerful. I just used their faith…”

Zheng Yian said it lightly.

Alin on the other side watched helplessly. Qin Yi came out of the rooms of Zhou Yiqing, hors, Lu Ji and Wu Hong… Finally, he followed Jingyuan and his party away.

Leng didn’t look back at them.

Alin opened his mouth earnestly: “… Wash and sleep.”

Mr. whale: ”

Mr. whale suddenly pulled out his legs.

Alin was startled. What’s up? Is it finally going to explode? Are you going to take the initiative?

“That’s Zheng Yian.” Alin heard his cold voice.

“What?! isn’t that even worse for you?”


The next Mr. whale did the only thing in his long life.

Mr. whale said expressionless, “other people don’t know the news.”

“Yes, I just heard what you said… Hmm?” ah Lin turned around and hurried to remind Lu Xing, Ji Yang and the attendants from the Limu empire.

It’s less than five minutes. Well… They’re not the only ones with heart.

Everyone feels bad together! not bad

When we found that everyone opened the door and came out.

Ah Lin couldn’t help but sigh. Love really turns people into demons… Wang has learned badly!

Learn bad!

Here, Qin Yi and Zheng Yi’an have just sat down.

Jingyuan asked in a low voice, “do you want to make a big fuss about your return, or let it go, or cover it first…”

Zheng Yian: “someone will soon find that it is meaningless to cover up.”

But when Zheng Yi’an said this, he didn’t expect people to come so soon. In his imagination, at least four or five days after his return, he quietly contacts Qin Yi under the eyes of other alpha, and then is found a little bit… This is a process.

As a result, the process was pressed to death.

The soldier ran in blankly and said, “sir! Admiral Zhou, they all came suddenly and wanted to see his wife…”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

“Are they dogs? Come so soon?”

At this time, there was a voice outside the door.

Lu Ji: “Mr. Zheng hasn’t died yet?”

Qin Yi suddenly turned and asked Zheng Yi’an, “are you hurt?”

Zheng Yi’an: “the medical cabin is almost repaired. What’s the matter? Madam, are you concerned about me?”

Qin Yi sighed: “to tell you the truth,… I really thought you couldn’t come back.”

Do you care about him?


Zheng Yi’an instinctively felt something was wrong.

If this is the case, Qin Yi could have said it just now. Why do you say it now? When Zhou Yiqing and others gathered around.

Zheng Yi’an smiled and curled up his fingers: “then what? What did you do?”

Qin Yi: “in order to make my identity sound more reasonable, I didn’t pretend to be a widow, but sincerely wanted to revitalize your army after you left, so I had to make up a moving love story between me and you…”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

For a moment, he really didn’t know whether it was a surprise or a shock.

But he knew very well that it clearly drew enough hatred for him.

Especially when he came back alive.

Zheng Yian: “… Go and carry a medical cabin.”


At this time, Jingyuan realized that when his husband came back, he would not only lose his disguised wife, but also be beaten together!

Qin Yi on this head is a little sorry.


No one expected Zheng Yi’an to come back, didn’t they?

Qin Yi looked up and said, “I can’t help you, otherwise, they may ‘compete’ more fiercely…”


Qin Yi suddenly thought of Wu Hong.

The alpha, also on the matching list, was not involved in Zhou Yiqing.

It is a completely independent force.

Qin Yi: “Mr. Zheng, please hold for seven or eight more minutes…”

He dropped his voice and hurried away.

He knows himself very well. He may be the most powerful in Omega, but he has several super-s alpha on the front, which is not good.

He’s just a “weak” Omega

Qin Yi blinked gently.

Here, Zhou Yiqing pushed the door and entered. He raised his eyes coldly: “Mr. Zheng, haven’t seen you for a long time…”

Over there, Qin Yi also carried the gift, returned to Wu Hong’s door and knocked gently: “is Mr. Wu there? There’s another thing here…”

Mr. Wu is really different.

Take it easy, keep it quiet, er, it’s a little independent

He doesn’t think the other party likes him as much as Zhou Yiqing.

Qin Yi’s brain is simulating. What should he say in a moment to convince Mr. Wu.

The door opened abruptly, revealing the pale and gloomy face behind.

The young man kept his eyes on him.

In the house, he stared at Wu Hong’s move from the sofa to the door almost like a gust of wind, which still couldn’t get back.

At the same time, Wu Hong’s strong will enveloped him in an instant.

The Union soldiers leaned against the wall, resisted the urge to kneel down with soft legs, and squeezed out a voice from their throat: “Mr. Wu asked, what’s the matter? He… He will do it right away.”

Don’t follow the others.

The thought of Wu Hong passed quickly through the soldier’s mind and soon disappeared.

So this sentence was stuck in the soldier’s throat. He hesitated and didn’t convey it.

Union soldiers felt that a strong man like Mr. Wu Hong should not have such an idea.

That must be my illusion?

“Will Mr. Wu compete?” Qin Yi asked with a smile.

The Union soldier said, “No.” but… Mr. Wu meant that he could learn! ”

Qin Yi: “you don’t have to learn much, just general Zhou and Mr. Zheng. Does Mr. Zheng know?”

The Union soldier blurted out, “you, sir?”

With that, he suddenly fell on his knees uncontrollably.

Qin Yi:?

The Union soldiers broke out in a cold sweat and quickly waved their hands and said, “I didn’t stand firm. I fell. Ha, ha… Is Mr. Zheng Yi’an? Mr. Wu may not know…”

Qin Yi: “it’s all right. Don’t know who is being beaten. Just stop Mr. Wu.”

Wu Hong’s eyelids drooped gently.

It makes him look more lonely and cold. It’s hard to get close.


Wu Hong thought expressionless——

I see.

Just pull all the hatred on me.

This is what Qin Yi personally said.

Wu Hong licked his lower lip and a glimmer of excitement flashed through his eyes.

He put his hand on the door frame and went happily.

What to say?

I mean, Qin Yi is good for my wife? Or do I love Qin Yi and Qin Yi love me?

Qin Yi:?

Ah, I really haven’t seen a group fight with a group of super-s alpha so excited!


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