I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 7

The woman stepped back three meters.

He bowed, stood stiff, paused for a while, and then straightened up slowly as if he had slowed down.

The deformed black skirt made him look taller.

Qin Yi couldn’t help wondering for a second.

Where did Guo Kai get his confidence that he could win the “woman”?

“You smell delicious.”

“Woman” looked at Qin Yi. After calming down, the “woman” narrowed her eyes slightly and looked a little gentle. He asked, “is it some kind of inducer?”

I hope it’s a inducer.

Qin Yi thought unhappily.

Before the age of eighteen.

He thought he could be a single dog until the big bang.

When he died, the tombstone was engraved with “this person is single”.

Others think his pheromone defect is a terrible experience.

But he thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

This allows him to easily get rid of Ao’s natural law of attraction. He can travel at will without worrying about being forcibly marked by alpha during the hair estrus period, and finally become a tool for giving birth to children.

He has the most rare freedom in the world.

But all this has undergone earth shaking changes with his adulthood.

First, in the test results, the six inexplicably matched him with 100% alpha. Now there is an alpha that can smell his pheromone.


Qin Yi didn’t answer.

“Woman” thought she guessed right.

“Are you from the Limu Empire? From the alliance? Or… From the Yanhuang Empire?” he asked.

The Yanhuang empire is the Empire where Qin Yi is now.

It is said that they are the descendants of the Chinese people in the ancient earth period. At that time, the Chinese people were called the Chinese people.

After unifying the territory, the first king of the Empire set off a wave of retro frenzy and named the Empire “Yanhuang”.

Qin Yi met the eyes of “women” at this time.

When the “woman” looked at him carefully, he was also looking at each other carefully.

From the way the other person asks.

He does not belong to any of the three parties.

Even… He may be particularly wary of people from these three parties.

What kind of person would be wary of two empires and an alliance at the same time?



Or a terrorist terrorist murderer?

Qin Yi thinks they are very similar.

It doesn’t look like a good man anyway.

“Don’t you answer?” “the woman” gently raised her eyebrows, “afraid I’ll eat you?”

Qin Yi shook his head, looked at the remaining servants and whispered, “I’m thinking, if Guo Kai comes back and sees it, will he kill you or me?”

“Are you scared?”


Qin Yi should finish the sound, and then slowly put away the energy sword.

“Woman” couldn’t help looking back at Qin Yigang’s actions. Methodical, but can not hide the strangeness. This is the first time he has used this thing. There is nothing wrong with it.

“My name is Chilia. I can protect you, but tell me what inducer you used, where you came from, why you came here, and what’s your name?”

“Does it matter if they hear?” Qin Yi glanced back at the servant.

“You can ask them whether they are more afraid of me or Guo Kai.” qilia didn’t even blink when she said this.

The servants trembled and lowered their heads, obviously afraid of following the man with a broken neck.

The servant fell to the ground, his neck hanging askew, and there seemed to be a cavity in the middle. It looks terrible!

Qin Yi: “OK.”

He nodded slightly, bringing out a taste of low eyebrows, giving people a gentle and beautiful feeling.

He said, “my name is Zhou Yi.”

“Zhou?” Chilia is very sensitive to this surname.

Qin Yi: “well, actually I’m Zhou Yiqing’s illegitimate son.” his tone is calm, but the corners of his eyebrows and eyes naturally show a trace of sadness.

Chilia looked strange and smiled.

“Zhou Yiqing has illegitimate children?”

“HMM.” Qin Yi nodded his head gently.

He didn’t repeat too much how pitiful he was. Although it was outrageous, it was true.

On the contrary, Chilia felt much more credible.

The young man looked at him coldly and quietly. There was indeed a point overlapping with Zhou Yiqing.

“Have you ever heard of a723 reagent in the case of inducer inducer?” Qin Yi said again.

“Sounds like a pheromone number.”


Chilia kept the number in mind.

“You should know which country I am from? Including why I am here…” Qin Yi said calmly.

Guo Kai can’t smell pheromones from him.

It means he may be a crippled Omega.

Such a person may be a disgrace to a big family like the Zhou family.

So Chilia said, “I see.”

At this time, the door of the closed restaurant was knocked, and the cold voice of the insect robot came out: “Dear Mr. Zhou Yi, the food selected by the master for you has arrived.”

The robot stretched out its front foot and slapped the door.

It didn’t open.

Qin Yi asked, “can you let them open the door? I’m hungry.”

Chilia jumped at the end of her eyebrows and was pressed down again. The boy looks calm and naive. At such a time, he will worry about his hunger.

“Wait a minute,” said Chilia.

“Hmm?” Qin Yi looked at him suspiciously.

The boy’s eyes are beautiful.


Chilia: let me smell it again

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi bowed his head and seriously thought about the feasibility of killing qilia with a mecha for five minutes, and then escaping alone

By this time, qilia had walked within one meter.

He could clearly feel that the blood in his body almost instinctively rushed through his blood vessels. Adrenaline soared to the extreme at that moment.

Every cell in his body is telling him.

You long for the boy in front of you.

You need to hug him, hoop him, bite his neck, pierce the glands, and inject your pheromone

At the same time, he could smell the strong aroma from the boy.

It was the best smell he had ever smelled when he was a teenager. He couldn’t describe it carefully. He couldn’t even remember what it was

But the aroma made him feel comfortable and produced a stronger desire.

Chilia strained her limbs as hard as she could.

This time, he didn’t fly up again.

His eyes were all on the young man’s face, and he was observing him.

He found that he was crazy in the face of teenagers, uncontrollably eager for each other and instinctively close to each other. Therefore, he had an unprecedented gaffe.

The boy sat there calmly all the time.

He was not affected at all.

He remembered that when the scene got out of control just now, the boy asked him, “are you a dog?”

Chilia’s expression sank.

Suddenly there was an extreme dissatisfaction and unwillingness.

At this time, the boy’s expression finally changed.

His facial features wrinkled slightly.

But even so, he is still good-looking. Even after frowning and wrinkled nose, there is a pitiful and exciting beauty.

I didn’t wait for Chilia to move.

Qin Yi: “vomit.”

People who haven’t drunk.

In the face of too spicy alpha pheromone.

Qin Yi: “vomit, vomit, vomit.”

Chilia: ”

This is the most embarrassing time in his long and always popular career with fans all over the universe.


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