I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 70

Before Zhou Yiqing went to see Zheng Yi’an, they all contacted their people first.

Hols was even more urgent with one key, and the backhand handed it to the desk of his Majesty the emperor of rimu.

Tell him directly that Qin Yi has shared the resources with me, so we should firmly stand with the rebels. The alliance is a bad pen

In the messages sent by Lu Ji and Zhou Yiqing, although the contents are different, the central idea is the same:

  1. Qin Yi sent me;
  2. Alliance writing.

The imperial palace of the Limu empire was suddenly lit up.

Many officials were rushed into the palace.

“The last famine star is just the beginning. This time it indicates that kandalati’s treasure will completely appear in front of people.”

“Your Highness will lead us to a more brilliant future!”

Everyone was excited.

The pirates on the other side are also full of “cow force”.

“My tears are coming down with envy…”

“Omega offered to give him something! It’s still such a precious thing…”

No one is not sour!

So when the coalition Prime Minister spared no effort to expose the treasure owned by the rebels to the world.

The expected scene of competition did not come immediately.

The Yanhuang empire was unconventional and kept silent on this matter.

The rimu empire is much more high-profile. Their emperor, his majesty, publicly announced his gratitude to Mr. Qin Yi for donating rich mineral resources to the Empire and listed a long list.

The whole world was really shocked.

[I feel that history will be rewritten soon…]

[it’s related to the kandarati relics, right? Is there really kandarati in this world?]

The Prime Minister of the League was so angry that he vomited blood.

Yes, history should have been rewritten by me.

Qin Yi is to blame!

It’s a disaster!

The alliance didn’t think about it. Qin Yi took the initiative to allocate resources to the rimu Empire, so he gently resolved the crisis of being encircled and suppressed.

“What shall I do, sir?” an official’s voice of flesh pain came from one side.

Can you stop the pain? Now people and money are lost!

The prime minister stopped thinking and asked coldly, “what is the attitude of other small countries and forces?”

“As soon as the Limu Empire publicly stood up, no one dared to make a statement easily.”

“Yes, that’s OK. You know what? The rebel garrison fought today, and all the videos were uploaded to the STARNet.”

“There’s a fight? Who did it? Isn’t that a good thing?” the prime minister frowned.

“What good thing? I’ll show you the video and you’ll know.”

The video has been crazy on the Internet. As soon as the prime minister opened it, he was dazzled by the sharp light on the screen.

Yes, there was a fight.

It was Zhou Yiqing who fought with several alpha!

“Are they crazy?”

“No, they said it was a competition.”

Netizens are also discussing it now.

[this media is really hanging. They dare to broadcast live now…]

[shit, why are we fighting again? This is a wife fight???]

[every time the picture trembles, I tremble with my heart. I feel the sword on my face!]

[actually, I think Qin Yi is a living Bodhisattva. If it weren’t for him, none of us would have had a chance to see such a scene!]

[well, how about the person who lost the bet last time]

[thank you for your invitation. I’ve already jumped into the galaxy]

Prime Minister: ”

Do these people think they’re watching a movie? The tone is so comfortable.

[why is there a strange alpha? Er, is it my illusion? It seems that everyone is fighting around him?]

[… Sleeping trough! What’s that!]

A machine armor is full of silver, with a pair of bone wings behind it, with cold light. Its tall body stands like a powerful and ruthless killing machine in classic science fiction.

Another mecha was painted blue, and the blue flame wrapped its body, like the dark fire from hell in a fantasy novel.

And a dragon.

What a magical and shocking scene it was.

[I saw such a scene when the negotiation broke down, but I still couldn’t help getting excited. This is a powerful force…]

It was under such a siege that a python squatted in the wide training ground and raised its head.

An evil, cold smell emanated from its body.

When the Golden Snake pupil swept the direction of the lens, all netizens outside the lens felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

“It’s terrible…” the Secretary murmured.

The prime minister also felt his heart shrink.

Yes, it’s terrible.

The prime minister stared at the thing on the screen, and then squeezed out a voice from his throat: “that’s Zheng Yi’an’s biological machine armor…”

“What?!” everyone turned pale.

“Zheng Yi’an has a biological mecha?”

“This is what has been locked in the basement? Unexpectedly, it is…”

“No wonder Zheng Yi’an never took it out.”

Of course, it’s not just because it looks terrible. Said the prime minister.

“Wait!” someone finally responded, “Zheng Yi’an’s mecha is here, Zheng Yi’an…”

Prime Minister: “obviously, he came back alive.”

The voice fell.

The dragon’s tail was heavily beaten with the python. Both of them were top biological mecha, and the scales splashed in the fight.

The officials trembled unconsciously as they looked at the scene, and then they squeezed out a voice: “this is a demonstration…”

If they were him, they would not expose the information that they were still alive, but hide in the dark first. When the rebels broke the alliance in one fell swoop under the banner of revenge for him, it is the general trend to show up at this time

This is Zheng Yi’an’s plan.

But now Zheng Yian doesn’t care.

They know that, of course, there is no problem with Zheng Yi’an’s brain, which can only show that Zheng Yi’an has completely broken away from all constraints and has to resist the alliance to the end.

That doesn’t bode well!

They hurriedly turned to see the prime minister.

I saw the prime minister staring at the screen coldly

Kill him!

So many top alpha, why don’t you kill him?

Others seemed to have guessed the prime minister’s mind and sighed: “if I were Qin Yi, I would definitely come to persuade the quarrel…”

Therefore, it is impossible to expect them to kill Zheng Yian.

It is more likely that those who covet kandalati resources will see how powerful they are and dare not rob them.

As a result, the alliance didn’t expect. After waiting for a long time, Qin Yi didn’t show up.

Everyone in the League was stunned.

“Isn’t he afraid of an accident?”

“These alpha will really kill people…”

Netizens are also asking:

[Qin Yi doesn’t come out to fight?]

[the last time I saw the scene of more a competing for one o was in the era of Queen rose.]

[yes, the film released last month also reproduced the scene at that time. The queen Rose came out to fight. The scene was so chaotic that the emperor couldn’t help but propose to him on the spot…]

[what about Qin Yi? Only indifference. JPG]

Qin Yi: “a sneeze.”

Who’s talking ill of me?

He frowned and thought, oh, there are so many people who hate him now, but there are too many people who speak ill of him.

Then the center of the eyebrows will stretch.

Many enemies are not afraid to worry.

What is Qin Yi doing now?

He not only didn’t pull a carriage, but even chose an excellent viewing position for himself.

[shit, here comes another one! Is this their alpha wholesale base]

[that’s him, that’s him, standing in the League last time…]

[I said that when the negotiation started, it was very wrong to see him driving his mecha and bending over to pick up parts for Qin Yi]

[… Up to now, I can only say that Qin yiniu is forced]

In the exclamation of netizens.

Wu Hong drove his mecha and quickly stepped into the field.

Because the body was too tall and burly like a mountain, the whole land trembled.

[I feel out of breath looking at him]


[it’s not surprising. After all, it was made according to the God of war Xing Tian in the ancient Chinese books of the ancient earth period]

Many netizens really haven’t heard of such a name and asked them one after another.

At this time, Zhou Yiqing didn’t look at Wu Hong.

Because this person’s sense of existence is too low, he only opened his mouth once in front of Qin Yi. It looks gloomy and clumsy. It’s hard to get close.

In contrast, Zheng Yi’an, who is eloquent and occupies the name of “cheap husband”, is so hateful

Zhou Yiqing’s armor bones and wings suddenly contracted and then opened, and his huge body soared into the air, making a sound of mechanical friction, cold and deadly.

The strong wind stirred.

The cold liquid trickled down from the snake’s head.

The soft snake rose from the ground to meet each other.

Qin Yi couldn’t help but marvel at such a picture, which brought the beauty of power to the fullest.

“It seems that one person is missing…” Xiaobing stood behind Qin Yi and muttered in a low voice.

Qin Yi held the water cup in one hand, tilted his head and made a funny noise: “ha? How do you know there is one missing person?”

Xiaobing Xin said, hey, aren’t there a few alpha’s around you every day? Don’t say we know. It feels like the whole universe already knows.

At this time, a sound of footsteps came from behind. The soldier suddenly turned back and was stunned: “well, here comes…”

Qin Yi looked back.

Mr. whale, followed by a Lin, came slowly towards him.


It’s him!

Mr. Jing soon came to Qin Yi’s side and sat down. Ah Lin was one step behind, but he opened his mouth first.

Ah Lin thinks it’s not enough to rely on the king alone.

Someone has to stand up first.

So ah Lin opened his mouth and said, “why don’t you ask Mr. whale why he didn’t participate in the group construction activities?”

Qin Yi: poof.

League building activities?

Is your league building activity to beat Zheng Yi’an?

Qin Yi’s relatively immoral heart gave birth to a little pity for Zheng Yi’an.

“Who is Mr. Jing? Of course he won’t do such a thing.” Qin Yi fooled casually.

Now his eyes fell on Wu Hong.

He could vaguely see that a man was stretching his neck and shouting something next to Wu Hong’s mecha.

The man was a Union soldier and Wu Hong’s special microphone.

He couldn’t keep up with Wu Hong’s steps. It can be said that he rolled all the way. He had to help Wu Hong make a noise before he could stand firm here.

“Stop fighting,” he shouted with a wooden face.

The battered soldier couldn’t understand why he finally shouted this sentence.

“Stop it! Stop it!” he shouted even louder.

Leaning against Wu Hong’s mecha, he looked like an ant that would die if he stepped on it.

At this time, the camera in the live studio noticed this disharmony in the picture, so it also divided a camera and pushed him carefully.

[? Why not him?]

[this man looks like a soldier of the alliance. Why did he run to shout stop fighting? He laughed to death. I don’t know. I thought several alpha were fighting for him]

The messenger soldier was tired to death now. He wanted to climb onto the giant’s shoulder and shout. But he was really afraid of the headless giant mecha. He was afraid that he would fall half paralyzed as soon as he climbed up.

He could only raise his voice and yell, “Qin Yi is my wife! Qin Yi is my wife!”

The distance is too far. With the aid of equipment, Qin Yi and Mr. whale have just vaguely recognized his voice.

Qin Yi:?

Mr. whale:?


Mr. Jing and Alin turned their heads slowly almost at the same time and stared at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi:

Does it matter with me?

Mr. whale suddenly said coldly, “madam, how many times have you seen him? How many words have you said?”

Alin tut said, “this man has a lot of courage.”

Mr. whale: “…” is bolder than me.

It seems to be connotative.

At this time, the barrage in the live studio was also very shocked.

[what the hell is this man doing here? The soldiers of the alliance are so iron]

[wocao Yong! To tell you the truth, Qin Yi is really good-looking and energetic, not to mention the problem of high matching thieves. I also like it… But I never dare to say. This man is awesome. He shouted in front of Zhou Yiqing]

[… Not afraid of death?]

At this time, Zhou Yiqing and other talents noticed the alliance soldier.

Hols: what did he say

Lu Ji: “he said Qin Yi was his wife.”

Zhou Yiqing & Zheng Yian: ”

Wu Hong:?

For a time, all alpha stopped fighting, and Qi Qi set his eyes on the soldier.

It can be said that this moment is the highest light of his life.

It was also the most frightening time in his life.

The Union soldiers trembled and quickly took out their own mecha. They first loaded themselves in to get a little sense of security, and then waved their hands again and again: “no, it’s not me! I mean… It’s him! It’s Mr. Wu! It’s just a message for Mr. Wu! What Mr. Wu thinks, I’ll say… I’m just a microphone…”

Give him courage for eight lifetimes, and don’t dare to be Qin Yi’s husband.

The sound from the mecha is very loud. It is assisted by an external loudspeaker. Let alone out of the camera, Qin Yi heard it.

Wu Hong thinks so?

Qin Yi took a swipe at the corner of his mouth. Oh, he knows. Is this the way Wu Hong stopped people?

Well, it’s very chic.

As long as he’s not afraid of being killed.

“Mr. Wu said so, where did you put Mr. Zheng’s position?” Zhou Yiqing slowly opened his mouth at the other end.

Zheng Yian pulled at the corners of his mouth.

Now you know how to crush people with my “original match”?

The cold sweat of the Union soldiers is coming down.

Can you say that?

Forget it, you can’t say it. If you don’t say where he is, he will die.

The Union soldier stuck his neck and said, “Mr. Zheng is dead… Mr. Wu said!”

[who the hell is Wu Hong? He’s also very fierce. I’m really not afraid of the rebels killing him after listening to him?]

“Who said Mr. Zheng was dead?” Lu Ji snorted.


[didn’t Zheng Yi’an disappear in the wormhole? It’s no different from dying]

Zheng Yi’an sighed and said slowly, “let Mr. Wu down…”

[lying trough! Lying trough! Zheng Yian’s voice!]

[Zheng Yian really came back alive!]

[Er, so the strange alpha we were beating up was actually Zheng Yi’an? Was Zheng Yi’an able to beat so much]

We are in a trance. We can’t connect python with Zheng Yi’an.

The Union soldier swallowed his saliva and said, “don’t be disappointed. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, according to the cosmic law, Qin Yi is also me. No, his wife… That’s what Mr. Wu said.”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

He is “dead” and others are waiting to marry his “wife”; He “lives” and others are still waiting to marry his “wife”.

So it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Lu Ji: “too arrogant.”

Hols: “well,” he said in front of everyone.

Zhou Yiqing didn’t speak, but suddenly turned the direction and pointed at each other.

The object of the siege was so tacit, silently and instantly changed into a person.


[don’t tell me, these rival lovers have a tacit understanding?]

[Zheng Yi’an escaped, but he didn’t feel happy]

[speaking, where are the kings of keabi]

Mr. whale looked at Wu Hong’s direction and his eyes flashed.

They all talk the same little.

Wu Hong was almost silent.

But Wu Hong dared to “say” anything!

What’s more amazing is

Mr. Jing turned and looked at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s face didn’t have any rejection and unhappiness

For a moment, an idea even flashed through Mr. whale’s mind——

If he had known this, what he could not say should also be said by others.

By now, the barrage had suddenly realized.

[didn’t Mr. Jing sit and watch them fight, and then take the opportunity to chat with Qin Yi?]

[no, no, the king of keabi is so noble and indifferent. Will he have such a dog than mind?]

At this time, Mr. whale of “dog ratio” is still regretting.

The giant raised his axe and carried several alpha.

The building closest to them shattered the glass curtain wall in an instant.

Over there, Jingyuan rushed to carry the medical cabin to meet Zheng Yi’an.

Zheng Yi’an had dark eyes and didn’t say anything. He also wanted to give Wu Hong some color to see. But he changed his mind.

Jingyuan sighed with relief: “are you okay?”

Zheng Yi’an shook his head calmly. He had put away his mecha. Of course, he could only look up at the remaining alpha at the moment.

Zheng Yi’an: “Wu Hong was found by Qin Yi.”

Inoue yuan: “what?”

Zheng Yian’s mouth turned up, and the gloom at the bottom of his eyes dispersed. This smile more or less had a taste of sincerity.

Zheng Yi’an: “maybe I’m afraid I’ll be killed… How rare. This is the tenderness of Qin Yi.”


Are you sure? Are you sure this is his tenderness?

Zheng Yi’an pursed his lower lip and vomited a little blood, but the figure moving forward was so tall and straight, and unprecedented relaxed.

Jingyuan was stunned and hurriedly followed up.

Weren’t you angry before? Why do you seem happy to be beaten up?

The scuffle lasted more than two hours.

They have never played so thoroughly. After all, due to their status, the relationship between countries, and the relationship of national treasure level alpha, they can not easily show their skills, so that they almost maintained a state of “king does not see King” before meeting Qin Yi.

Until this moment.

Even the discussion on the Internet has been upgraded.

The people of the Limu Empire said, “Your Highness, you are not willing to lose!”

The people on Pan Daxing sighed: “at the beginning, the Qin family would not do anything better to him today. Watching their son talk and laugh with so many big men, even the Prime Minister of the league would be bullied by him. What a good son the Qin family has given birth to…”

Otherwise, those former students in the school exclaimed with horror: “if Kong Jiaxiang were to be replaced, it would not be enough for others to pinch it with one finger. I remember someone said before that Qin Yi should be his lover…”

“I don’t, I don’t! Don’t talk nonsense! Qin Yi’s Omega is so awesome. Where can we match it?” at this moment, each one turned pale and refused quickly, like alpha who was really afraid of the fierce battle in the camera. He turned around and tore them in half to vent Qin Yi’s anger.

The kiabi people said, “where is my king? Where is my king?”

Still looking for Mr. whale on the screen.

When the giant axe fell to the ground, the Prime Minister of the alliance finally couldn’t help crushing the small communicator in his hand.

The official sighed: “Qin Yi really played these alpha around…”

The prime minister sneered: “what do you know? They are mutually beneficial in nature. Qin Yi circulates and exchanges precious resources among them. If you look at this video, it even seems to provide them with a natural training ground, where the equal alpha will be greatly improved…”

The official was stunned.

what the fuck!

Can you still do this?

Think about it like this. Isn’t that terrible?

“More than that,” the prime minister said again.

“You mean…”

“You can now regard these alpha as one, no matter how ferocious they are, but the core of Qin Yi has turned them into a strange community of interests…” the prime minister felt a tremor.

The official was also shocked. For a long time, he trembled and said, “if it is such a community of interests, how terrible will it become?”

Yes, how terrible.

The royal family of the Yan and Huang empire was angry and frightened, and broke a lot of things.

“Zhou Yiqing, betray!” the emperor, who holds virtual power and rarely appears in front of the people, said gnashing his teeth, “kill him! You must kill him!”

At this time, the film ends with the scales at the tip of hols’s tail exploding, and the camera suddenly goes black.

Netizens facing the empty live room, the tremor at the bottom of their hearts has not completely dispersed.

[that’s it?]

[even want to pay on demand longer]

[good guy, do you want to see Mr. Renwu killed?]

After the fight here, each alpha was colored.

They are all top alpha. Of course, they don’t care about this injury. When they put away the mecha, they didn’t even look at it.


Luzi: “where is the king of keabi?”

Yes, the man didn’t appear from beginning to end. HALS suddenly turned his head and said firmly: “he must have gone to find Qin Yi.”

Zhou Yiqing: “tell us that Zheng Yian is back. It’s his people.”

Lu Ji: “… Can you still play yin?! we fight and he goes to tease Qin Yi?”

Zhou Yiqing thought silently and calmly said, “if it’s him, you can rest assured.”

Lu Ji put a hook on his lips and said impolitely, “Oh, that’s right. Three sticks can’t fart. What are you afraid of?”

“What about uhong?” suddenly HALS interposed.

Let’s look back.

Wu Hong is gone.

The man hardly talked to anyone. When he was silent, his sense of existence seemed to be lower than that of Mr. whale.

After the cruel words, he had a fight, and no matter how badly hurt he was, he left quietly.

Lu Ji suddenly made a sour voice: “isn’t it Qin Yi who specially invited him to help Zheng Yi’an block his fist?”

When hols and Zhou Yiqing heard the sound, their faces suddenly changed subtly.

Sour, unhappy, this damn Zheng Yian.

But soon they looked at each other and thought almost invariably——

Compared with tool man Wu Hong, we should be much better.

At the moment, the “tool man” Wu Hong returned to his temporary residence, opened the door, and his eyes coagulated.

Qin Yi sat on the sofa he had sat before.

Because that group of sofas is not wide, they are almost sitting in the same position. After all, there’s no other place to move.

Wu Hong’s eyes tightly tied Qin Yi, and then stared at him like this. He pulled out his legs and walked slowly towards him.

The Union soldiers walking behind were still a little frightened. He thought Mr. Wu looked terrible

He didn’t know that the terrible Mr. Wu had been dazzled by the huge surprise in front of him.

“Sorry, I came in early with a gift to wait for you.” Qin Yi said and patted the box on the tea table.

Wu Hong stopped in front of Qin Yi, bent down and pressed his hands on the tea table.

Qin Yi saw that the hair in front of his forehead had been soaked with blood and sweat. His indifferent and cloudy eyes had a little more water color, which seemed to have a strange tenderness.

Wu Hong is wearing a black robe today.

I can’t see if there are other injuries on him.

Only the faint lingering blood gas in the nose.

Why do you want to stop people in that way?

Isn’t it good to form a temporary alliance with Zheng Yi’an against the other three people?

In front of Mr. Wu Hong, after escaping from the gloom, there seemed to be a simple and not very clever heart.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, couldn’t help but sip his lower lip and said, “I’ll have someone carry a medical cabin.”

The man in front of me didn’t speak.

Coalition soldiers did not speak.

In fact, the soldiers also feel strange. Why doesn’t this have anything to say?

But Wu Hong held out his hand and pressed the huge gift box.

The gift box is white with a red bow tied on it.

As soon as he pressed his finger, he left a little wet blood mark, and the color seemed more beautiful than the red bow.

Qin Yi gave a meal and didn’t stop him.

Wu Hongfei quickly tore open the gift box.

Inside is a communicator and two other boxes.

Qin Yi: “I don’t think you have this thing, so I bought you one and filled it with some money.”

He doesn’t know Wu Hong. So far, he hasn’t been able to ask what Wu Hong likes. For those who can generously rebel with these precious resources, gold and silver seem to be tacky things. He doesn’t even lack mecha.

Wu Hong still didn’t make a sound.

He quickly tore open another square box next to him. There was a pot of flowers in it.

Qin Yi: “I cultivated it myself. I haven’t raised flowers for a long time. It hasn’t opened to the most beautiful time, but I’ll teach you how to raise it.”

Wu Hong looked at the last box.

Qin Yi reluctantly pressed his forehead and whispered, “this is the same gift as general Zhou. If you don’t like it, you can give it back to me.”

Because these things are almost like blind boxes, Qin Yi doesn’t know what “good things” are in them at the moment.

Wu Hong’s knuckled fingers grabbed the box and tore it faster this time.

The contents soon came out.

The black belt braided bundle – bundle has become a new thing that breaks through the lower limit of human shame.

Qin Yi: ”

This thing is more terrible than before. No one can take it out.

Qin Yi stretched out his hand and was about to politely say “sorry”, but he saw Wu Hongfei quickly pick up the thing and gesture twice, as if he was still a little… Happy?

Wu Hong quickly turned to look at the Union soldiers.

Qin Yi had to turn to see the alliance soldiers: “what?”

Union soldier: “Mr. Wu asked me, what is this…”

The soldier’s heart has rumbled over 800 aircraft carriers. He is shocked and cracked. His mind is full of Omega. Qin Yi is so fierce. How dare he

The soldier swallowed his saliva, as if under some pressure, and said with difficulty, “this is, is… A bite stop.”

He said a rather civilized name.

In fact, it is more widely called mouth flail, dog mouth cage and so on.

At this time, Wu Hong lowered his eyes and grabbed the black bandage with his pale fingers.

Then… He put it on.

He put it on?!

Qin Yi:?!

Wu Hong raised his hand and touched the outline of this thing. He was more or less satisfied.

In this way, you can always remind yourself not to speak to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi: “do you want to calm down?”

Wu Hong stared at Qin Yi with a pair of dead fish eyes. He had a silent refusal. It seemed that he was unwilling to take it down.

The Union soldiers stumbled and said: “Mr. Wu means that he, he likes it very much. He has never… Never liked a thing so much…”

The soldier was numb and stared at a pair of dead fish eyes. He thought that the alpha forced by the cow was really beyond our understanding.

At this time, Mr. whale, sitting alone in the empty building, also got a warm new suggestion from his manager: “I think you might as well take another road and dance a courtship dance directly to Qin Yi!”


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