I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 71

Qin Yi is rarely in a trance: “OK, Mr. Wu, take your time. I’ll have someone send the medical cabin later.”

Wu Hong nodded and silently watched him go out. Then he picked up the communicator and sat back on the sofa.

The alliance soldiers couldn’t help looking at him for several times. Finally, they determined that Wu Hong really didn’t mean to take down the thing and was about to retreat to the corner.

“Can you use it?” Wu Hong asked.

Union soldiers quickly said, “yes, yes!”

He quickly introduced the usage of this thing to Wu Hong in detail: “you see, there is a contact information here… Hmm? One has been saved in?”

Wu Hong looked down.

The only contact information belongs to Qin Yi.

It’s not difficult to use this thing. The reason why we let the alliance soldiers demonstrate is that Wu Hong doesn’t want to break it. Don’t have any bad possibilities.

By now, Wu Hong had fully understood this thing. The soldier only saw his finger move gently, and a light curtain suddenly popped up above the communicator.

The word “Qin Yi” floated above, emitting light green fluorescence.

“Mr. Wu…” the soldier was stunned.

But Wu Hong raised his hand and gently bent his fingers. He rubbed the two words as if he had seen something interesting.

But words have no entity.

With a slight movement of your finger, of course it went through.

The soldier suddenly had a very wonderful feeling, as if Mr. Wu’s fingers firmly grasped the two words.

At this time, the doorbell rang, and a voice came from outside: “Mr. Wu, we’ll send you something.”

Wu Hong withdrew his hand and changed back to the person who lacked interest in everything.


Now + everyone knows that Zheng Yian has come back alive. So the first thing Zheng Yi’an did when he came out of the medical cabin was to ask Jingyuan to call the whole army up and down.

Of course, Qin Yi is not included.

Qin Yi has gone back to his room to sleep now.

Half an hour later, in the huge conference hall, the generals and generals of the rebels gathered together. They looked at Zheng Yi’an eagerly and excitedly.

When they saw him, they even couldn’t help crying.


“It’s really sir. Sir is back…”

The hard-blooded alpha on the battlefield and the changeable beta officials in the political arena have choked their voices.

Zheng Yi’an’s footsteps paused and he was stunned for a short time.

So many people would cry for him.

With his selfishness, if he hadn’t met Qin Yi, he wouldn’t have done wormhole jumping in his life. Of course, he probably wouldn’t have seen it. It turned out that his subordinates had such sincere loyalty to him.

“Well, I’m back.” Zheng Yi’an whispered, smiled, and then took his seat.

“Sir, after receiving the news that you have entered the wormhole…” Jingyuan started over there.

Next, in the report Zheng Yi’an heard, the name “Qin Yi” appeared too much.

Just like when he first went through the wormhole to another world, it seemed that he could hear the name from everyone’s mouth.

“He can manipulate the robot to be violent and chaotic?” Zheng Yi asked.

Well yuan nodded: “it’s incredible…”

Other subordinates couldn’t help but exclaimed, “madam, these are all good? Can’t he control the brain?”

Zheng Yi’an shook his head: “it’s not the same thing. Have you ever heard of the key to the city of machinery? It’s about something left over from kandalatti, which can control robots, and it’s only limited to robots. Once there was a fugitive with a ‘key’ in his hand, but with his anonymity, it disappeared…”

Well yuan nodded and said, “that should be in his hand.”

“So anyone who owns this thing can manipulate robots to kill everywhere?” asked a subordinate.

Zheng Yian: “not necessarily. In the hands of fools, it can play a different role than in the hands of smart people.”

“That’s right. Otherwise, how can the fugitive need to remain anonymous with such a thing? Only in the hands of smart people can he carry the regular army of the alliance and save our commander Jing!” his subordinates smiled.

Zheng Yi settled down and asked, “what else did Qin Yi do?”

Of course, the others would not hide. They told the alliance what role Qin Yi played in their several battles.


“Er, but it seems that everyone thinks you are dead, so since the king of the keyabi family asked to board the ship, I think they all seem to be looking forward to…”

“Looking forward to what?”

“Looking forward to inheriting your widow.”


When the subordinate said this, he smiled again and said, “fortunately, madam is fake. He is not your real wife! So you don’t have to be green capped! Hey hey!”

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Jingyuan: “…” Jingyuan is a little ashamed. How can they laugh? Hey, hey, ghost!

“But madam, if you really want to go with them, I’m a little reluctant…”

Zheng Yian drooped his eyes and made no sound.

Not just reluctant?

What he heard in another world was all about Qin Yi’s “evil deeds”.

But this time I heard something different.

Zheng Yi’an never thought that he would get so much tenderness from Qin Yi by jumping a wormhole.

After Qin Yi returned from the wormhole, he devoted almost all his energy to the rebels.

Is this for him?

At least, Qin Yi can be moved.

Jingyuan quietly walked behind Zheng Yi’an and whispered, “Sir, what’s next…”

“Am I a soft eater?” Zheng Yi’an chuckled.

Jingyuan was stunned.

Zheng Yi’an: “next, let’s see if I can eat this soft rice…”

In other words, everything depends on the meaning of Qin Yi.

The rebels held a grand dinner that night.

Zheng Yi’an returned safely, and even the news of competing with several alpha made star headlines.

At this time, someone pointed to the news page and asked, “is it terrible?”

The man opposite was livid and didn’t speak.

“These alpha surrounding Qin Yi represent the highest level alpha in the whole star. They represent the most powerful force… Haven’t your majesty figured it out yet?”

The man opposite still didn’t speak.

“Did Admiral Zhou mention the resources from kandarati to his majesty? I don’t think so… Admiral Zhou’s intention is very obvious. He wants to swallow them alone, or even take Qin Yi as the hub to connect with other alpha and become the help of his usurpation of power…”

“Stop talking!” the man opposite shouted angrily.

The man was wearing an ordinary suit, with black hair, gray eyes and fine lines at the corners of his eyes. It seemed obvious that he was not young and might have been more than 300 years old. Some are ugly.

But he was Luri, the unsubstantiated emperor of the Yanhuang empire.

Luri’s ancestors once had the famous Chengfeng emperor, but with the advancement of the times, the later emperors also learned from the former Chengfeng emperor to marry the civilian Omega, so that their blood became worse and worse. To his generation, there is no power to speak of.

“I hope we have a pleasant cooperation. Bye.”

Communication is cut off.

The talent around Lu Rui dared to say: “the alliance has no Zheng Yi’an, no alpha to support the field, and even the prime minister’s own son has died. Now the resources are in Qin Yi’s hands… Even if we cooperate with him, it’s useless. Your majesty, think twice!”

“I don’t need to cooperate with him. I have a plan.” the emperor, who has no sense of existence, showed his wrist for the first time.

At this time, someone stepped carefully into the door and said, “Your Majesty, we have picked up people.”

“Your Majesty, who?”

“Qin Yi’s father’s family.”

“What’s the use of your majesty finding them? Qin Yi has no concept of flesh and blood. Have you forgotten the bombing case he made on panda star?”

“Who said to threaten Qin Yi with them? I think, after living together for so many years, you always know some information that others don’t know?”

The person next to him immediately brightened his eyes: “what you said is!”

“It’s amazing. Our iron general will also stop for an omega. We should thank this Omega. If Zhou Yiqing doesn’t have him, it’s really troublesome…”

“You’re right.”

At this time, the Qin family was slowly brought into the hall.

They are afraid.

Because I know that a lot of things have happened to Qin Yi recently

Won’t you threaten Qin Yi with them?

Qin yuanzhan knelt down gingerly, scared to death, and scolded Qin Yi thousands of times in his heart.

He can’t figure out how people like Qin Yi can do so well in front of such big people. They can even play with those top alpha in the palm of their hands and let them compete and fight for him!

Qin yuan felt instinctive fear when he met the emperor of the Yan and Huang empire.

So… Qin Yi is a natural snake and scorpion! Born to play with men!

Otherwise, how can you be afraid?

Qin yuan thought bitterly.

Then the emperor’s voice sounded over their heads: “Pan Daxing’s officer once reported that Qin Yi’s mother died very early. When Qin Yi died, Qin Yi was still very young and didn’t remember anything at all. It’s reasonable for Qin Yi to hate you, but I think a child who hasn’t seen his mother a few times will beautify his mother’s image infinitely in his heart. Even now, his heart must be full of admiration…”

The Qin family at the bottom was stunned.

This means

“I need a living mother of Qin Yi, and I need her to get close to Qin Yi,” said the emperor.

Qin yuan was ecstatic.

So we have to find a way to deal with Qin Yi! That’s great! He said, how can the world allow the arrogance of the first Omega?

Qin’s father’s eyes twinkled and understood the meaning of the emperor.

This is to find someone to pretend to be Qin Yi’s mother and pretend to be a sign that his mother is still alive.

“But what’s the use even if you succeed in approaching Qin Yi? Bring him back alone? It will only cause the anger of other alpha.”

The emperor smiled: “I know what you’re thinking. You’re afraid that if you don’t succeed, your son will hate you more. Next time, it’s not just bombing the ancestral house, but directly killing you. Are you still afraid of the Revenge of his fiance, right?”

Qin’s father repeatedly argued that he didn’t mean that.

“Your son has just grown up, hasn’t he?” asked the emperor.

“… yes.”

“It’s reasonable to say that Omega will enter the susceptibility period as an adult, let alone meet alpha with such a high degree of matching. However, he has not ushered in the susceptibility period, which shows that he has used a lot of inhibitors… I want his mother to live, not to steal him from the rebels. It’s just to let him inject the pregnancy stimulating needle without defense. Omega, who has been using inhibitors for a long time and has just grown up, and On the pregnancy stimulant, he was surrounded by a group of alpha with a matching degree of 100%… ”

Qin Fu looked at the man on the throne in shock.

Even Qin yuan could guess what would happen later.

In the army, several top alpha are violent at the same time.

In order to compete for the right of delivery and distribution, they will start. At that time, they will not just see blood like in the news.

It will only be life and death.

Qin Yi may even be killed by crazy alpha

With this move, the alpha can digest their strength and send Qin Yi to die.

Qin yuan almost laughed happily.

Qin’s father thought it over and over again, and finally had to face the fact that Qin Yi had not regarded him as his father for a long time.

Since there is no benefit

Qin Fu asked, “won’t your majesty feel pity? An Omega with such a high degree of matching?”

“The same precious Omega will appear soon,” said the emperor carelessly.

Hearing that there were other meanings in his words, Qin Fu sighed that the overhead emperor was not so incompetent, and bowed respectfully: “the Qin family are willing to listen to his majesty!”

In this way, the Qin family was regarded as “distinguished guests” and stayed in the palace temporarily.

Not to mention the Qin family who have suffered a lot and been ridiculed now, but even for the Qin family in the past, such treatment can’t be asked for in eight lives.

The Qin family was so excited that they immediately regained their former high spirited appearance.

When your Majesty’s major event is completed, they will be meritorious heroes, right?

On the other side of the ANGA galaxy.

Qin Yi slowly got out of bed and went to the breakfast restaurant first.

Zhou Yiqing and others have also arrived.

Their faces were colored, and they didn’t know what their psychology was. They didn’t use the medical cabin to treat those hanging colors.

When Zheng Yian enters the door

Lu Ji sarcastically said, “Oh, where are you still alive?”

Zheng Yi’an smiled and said, “the wormhole is not dead. Of course, it’s not easy for Mr. Lu to kill me.”

What about Wu Hong?

Are you dead?

Lu Ji turned his head and looked at the door with tacit understanding.

Qin Yi first asked, “where is Mr. Wu? Did he use the medical cabin he carried yesterday?”

The soldier shook his head blankly: “I don’t know…”

Qin Yi: “you knock on the door and invite someone to have breakfast.”

The soldier looked at Zheng Yi’an.

Zheng Yi’an smiled and said, “what am I doing? When I was away, you listened to my wife. Now that I’m back, you can still listen to my wife.”

The soldier nodded quickly.

Only a few alpha’s face sank unhappily and went forward. One took Zheng Yi’an’s shoulder and the other pushed his back. They wanted to talk to him about who was the legal fiance stipulated in the interstellar law

Qin Yi turned his head and looked at it, but he didn’t care.

Fight, fight, who hurts, who goes home early.

The soldier moved quickly and returned soon. His expression was very strange. It was as if he had just been split by thunder.

“Here comes Mr. Wu,” he said.

Then slowly let go of the people behind him.

At this time, the other alpha also turned their heads, and then Qi was shocked.

Qin Yi was also shocked.

Wu Hong actually came out wearing that thing!

Lu Ji and others turned their heads to Qin Yi and asked, “did you give it to him?”

Qin Yi: “ah.”

Lu Ji: “does he know what this is?”

The Union soldier said, “Mr. Wu knows.”

I explained it myself.

Lu Ji: “then he…”

Union soldier: “we Mr. Wu liked the gift from his wife and decided to wear it for a long time.”

Qin Yi:?! Lu Ji several people:

Almost at the same time, an idea came to their minds:

Fucking lost!

This man has no shame. He has a thick skin and thick blood. He can’t die easily

Lu Ji was a little sour at the bottom of his heart and said, “you’re not the only one who has this thing, you know?”

Union soldier: “Mr. Wu knows. Where did Mr. Wu ask you?”

At home.

No one brought it out.

As a result, the surnamed Wu was cheap, which made him stand out!

Lu Ji couldn’t hang on his face. He always felt that he couldn’t compare with Wu Hong in this regard.

Wu Hong doesn’t look like a person!

Lu Ji had to turn his voice and ask, “after Mr. Wu went back yesterday, is the mecha okay? The biological mecha is connected to the human body itself. Is Mr. Wu still hurt?”

Of course, this is not to care about Wu Hong, but just to show their generosity.

Union soldier: “Mr. Wu said nothing. The mecha just fell apart.”

Just falling apart

That’s a biological mecha!

Several alpha stared at Wu Hong and watched the man look calm. When the soldier said that he was falling apart, he didn’t even blink his eyelids, as if he didn’t feel hurt at all.

He installed it!

This man is difficult to deal with!

The idea came to everyone’s mind. Even Zheng Yi’an didn’t hate very much.

“Mr. Wu, come and sit down.” Qin Yi suddenly made a noise.

Zhou Yiqing almost turned over by this sentence.

Qin Yi even took the initiative to invite!

It was loaded by Wu Hong again!

Lu Jixin said it was more green tea than Lao Tzu!

Over there, Wu Hong stepped up to Qin Yi.

Zhou Yiqing’s envy, jealousy and hatred were useless. He had to sit down next to the table.

Qin Yi pushed his food in front of Wu Hong at this time: “Mr. Wu, please first.”

Of course he heard Wu Hong’s mecha fall apart.

He has read some books about mecha repair and knows how troublesome this situation is. Especially biological mecha. There are only a few people in the world who have the qualification to repair biological mecha. At least for now, there are no rebels here.

Qin Yi sighed quietly at the bottom of his heart.

Sure enough, it’s a little silly.

Stop it and put your own mecha in.

“Did Mr. Wu use the medical cabin?” Qin Yi asked.

Union soldier: “yes.”

“That’s good.”

Union soldier: “but, but the flower is dead…”

Qin Yi: “died so soon?” he smiled gently and said, “it doesn’t matter. I’ll prepare another basin for Mr. Wu.”

Union soldier: “yes, sir.”

Lu Ji almost broke his teeth.

What kind of fairy treatment is this?

Had known this, even if the gift was a dog chain, he tied it around his neck!

As soon as Lu Ji thought, the communicator moved.

He looked down, then his face changed slightly, suddenly stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

Qin Yi took a distracted look, and then took back his eyes.

It should be Lu Ji’s own business

“Mr. Wu finished his breakfast. Let’s go over and see what happened to the potted flowers.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

After dinner, Lu Ji didn’t come back.

Zheng Yi’an and others had to leave first because they had to deal with military affairs at hand.

Qin Yi followed Wu Hong to his room.

It is difficult to make precious plants survive in the interstellar age, but Qin Yi is a good hand. He also specially selected more precious but not easy to die varieties for Wuhong.

How could he die so fast?

Watering and rotten roots?

Qin Yi went straight to the windowsill, but the plant didn’t rot and die as he thought.

When he brought it, the flowers were not fully open.

But now it seems that this flower directly skipped the growth process, never fully blossomed, and directly withered.

Its petals stretch very beautifully, but they have withered yellow and gray.

“It’s strange. Wait for another potted flower.” Qin Yi said and turned around. Qin Yi whispered, “I have one thing to ask Mr. Wu.”

Union soldier: “please sit down and talk.”

Qin Yi nodded, “please bring me a chair.”

Union soldier: “no, please sit on the sofa.”

Qin Yi looked at Wu Hong in surprise.

This group of sofas is very narrow and can barely squeeze two people, but it’s always strange to squeeze together.

“Please,” said the Union soldier again.

Qin Yi just walked over and sat down, while Wu Hong stood in front of him and didn’t move. He didn’t know. He thought Wu Hong was his subordinate.

Soldier: “please go ahead.”

Qin Yi pursed his lower lip and didn’t care about the details. He looked up at Wu Hong and said, “the alliance Prime Minister found Mr. Wu in the ruins of kandalati, right?”

Soldier: “yes.”

Qin Yi: “then can I think that Mr. Wu and kandalatti have some kind of relationship?”

The soldier looked at Wu Hong: “… Yes. Mr. Wu said that he would tell you anything you want to know.”

So refreshing?

Qin Yi tilted his head, opened his communicator and called up a picture. He asked, “have you ever seen this man?”

Wu Hong looked down.

That’s a picture of a woman.

The woman has long black hair and black pupils. She looks gentle and looks forward with a smile.

The room was silent and there was no sound for a long time.

Qin Yi couldn’t help saying, “haven’t you seen it?”


Qin Yi had to turn his head and look at the alliance soldiers. The alliance soldiers moved their lips hard: “Mr. Wu, Mr. Wu has nothing to say, really.”

He didn’t know why. At that moment, he could almost feel the cold from Mr. Wu Hong and coagulated him in an instant.

Oh, he knows!

The soldier stared and thought Mr. Wu wouldn’t eat a picture, would he?

Qin Yi: “I think too much.” he raised his hand and gently clicked the picture: “this is my mother’s picture.”

The soldier suddenly relaxed.

He said in his heart, would you have said no earlier?

Qin Yi: “before she died, she left me a sentence, ‘can the farthest wind reach kandalatti?’ that was the first time I heard the name kandalatti… I thought my mother would have any connection with this place…”

The soldier said quickly, “Mr. Wu said he hadn’t seen it, but he can let someone check it. He will find it for you.”

Qin Yi smiled: “really?”

What exactly is Wu Hong? Have the courage to say such a thing? Before that, his name was completely absent from the stars.

Union soldiers said they didn’t seem to believe it.

Wu Hong bowed slightly, dipped in water and drew a symbol on the table.

The Union soldier asked, “have you seen this symbol?”

Qin Yi looked: “… The emblem of Melly bank?”

The Union soldier nodded, looked at Wu Hong, and then said, “Mr. Wu means that Melly bank will be responsible for investigating this matter.”

Qin Yi smiled: “that’s good.”

Did his mother keep money in Melly bank not just because Melly bank was in the rimu Empire?

Why can Wuhong drive Melly bank?

Qin Yi asked, “does Mr. Wu have any other family?”

Union soldier: “No.”

Qin Yi: “is Mr. Nawu a descendant of kandarati?”

Union soldier: “No.” just finished, he paused, “Mr. Wu asked, can he have a good look at this picture?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Wu Hong raised his hand slowly and bent his fingers, as if he had grasped the picture in his hand.

Then he let go and turned back.

Qin Yi’s crooked hair gave a confused voice: “hmm?”

Soldier: “you wait.”

He didn’t know what Mr. Wu was going to do.

And Wu Hong in the compartment took out Josephine.

“Become a person.”

Josephine replied tremblingly, “OK, OK.”

Don’t say it’s human.

You can be a pig.

“Who is it?” asked Josephine.

“Qin Yi’s mother.”

Josephine almost knelt down on the spot.

How dare you?

How dare I? Isn’t that a mess? You have become Qin Yi’s fiance! Then i

Wu Hong was impatient and said, “hurry up.”

“Mr. Wu?” Qin Yi leaned on the sofa and headed in the direction of Wu Hong’s departure.

At this time, the footsteps sounded, and Wu Hong came out slowly. Then he spread his palm towards Qin Yi.

Countless blue silk threads look like data chains. They slowly form a human shape.

The figure stepped on the ground, slowly raised his eyes and smiled at Qin Yi.

That’s the appearance of Qin Yi’s mother. It’s very real.

Qin Yi was a little surprised, but not too surprised.

Now the holographic projection technology is so developed that it is not difficult to cast such a human shape.

At this time, the human figure slowly approached him, stretched out his hand and touched Qin Yi’s forehead.

Qin Yi trembled slightly, like an uncontrollable instinctive reaction.

This thing… Is it real?!

When you touch him, you really have touch!

Qin Yi was stunned. For a second, Wu Hong suddenly stretched out his hand, frowned, and clapped the human hand with a gloomy look.


Qin Yi looked carefully and found that it was not “open”, but more like a rough cut.

The man dropped his arm to one side and lost his hand.

At this time, Wu Hong grabbed the human figure in his hand and turned away.

Union soldiers choked.

It should have been a very moving scene. I thought you used this to trick Omega? So you’re over?

And the Wu Hong in the car smashed Josephine against the wall.

So the building suddenly shook violently twice before it stopped.

Qin Yi:?

Josephine lay on the ground and whispered, “Omega is so fragrant…”

Then the building shook again.

However, Wu Hong bent down and picked up the Josephine, which turned into a data stream. Wu Hong whispered, “what’s the taste?”

Rui hung tears and asked miserably, “don’t you smell it? It’s impossible… No…” Rui looked at Wu Hong in shock, “have you turned off the five senses?”

Wu Hong just asked him, “what’s the smell?”

Josephine: “it’s hard to describe… It’s fragrant.”

Ruixin said I also want to smell it every day. I want to be Omega!

Rui: “don’t you smell much? I can only give you an analogy, like… Uh huh, uh huh…”

He found himself speechless.

Wu Hong closed his mouth and couldn’t even transmit the consciousness waves in his brain.

Wu Hong left him, turned and went out again.

Wu Hong’s eyes flickered gently, like a candle beating in the night.

He wants to smell it himself.

Wu Hong returned to Qin Yi.

The Union soldier immediately opened his mouth: “Mr. Wu said that next time you want to see your mother, he will pinch another image for you. This image is just like a real person. It can do everything a person can do except that he can’t die or live.”

Qin Yi nodded lightly and suddenly remembered another thing.

Qin Yi: “I’d like to ask Mr. Wu to appreciate it for me. Is this kandalatti’s thing?”

Union soldier: “what?”

Qin Yi raised his hand and began to unbutton.

rank-and-file soldiers:!!!

Is this what I deserve? I, I’m so flustered!

The soldier didn’t dare to say anything, so he quickly rolled out of the door.

Qin Yi: “… Hey?”

Qin Yi: “you’re gone. Who will deliver the message?”

The soldier trembled outside the door panel and said in his heart, if I send another message, I will die.

Qin Yi: “… OK, or Mr. Wu can write down what he wants to say.”

Wu Hong’s eyes were frozen now.

There is no difference in writing it down, just like the Oracle obtained by the divine court at the beginning, that is, it is written on paper.

Wu Hong thought.

Qin Yi quickly took off his robe and showed his beautiful figure inside.

Wu Hong’s breathing stopped.

The Josephine at that end only felt that for a moment, she seemed to be thrown into some cover. It was dark and closed him tightly. He couldn’t feel anything outside.

At this time, Qin Yi lifted up his coat and revealed a part of his waist.

The waist is thin and white.

At first glance, it seemed that it was going to cost people’s eyes.

Wu Hong stood tall and straight, like a stone pillar.

“That’s it,” Qin Yi said, pointing to his belly.

It’s like a diamond.

It is bright and translucent, reflecting several beautiful lights.

It is embedded in the belly button of Qin Yi.

It looks noble and has an unspeakable desire.

Why did Qin Yi put this thing here?

The main reason is that it is too small and easy to lose. Qin Yi’s memory of his mother is not deep, and even his feelings are not much. But even so, he didn’t want to lose it. Even if he had used it as a keepsake and took away all his inheritance at Melly bank… He still wanted to keep it.

Qin Yi asked softly, “have you seen Mr. Wu?”

Wu Hong looked at it calmly.

The air in the room flows slowly, blowing Qin Yi’s body and dyeing his skin with a little powder.

At that moment, a fierce idea flashed through Wu Hong’s brain.

I want to smell him.

“Mr. Wu?” Qin Yi paused and looked up at Wu Hong.

For a moment, he had the illusion that Wu Hong seemed to have stopped breathing.

But the illusion was an illusion, and Wu Hong soon moved.

Wu Hong leaned over slightly and his voice was hoarse. He opened his mouth: “… Yes, this is my thing.”

The ancient earth calendar is 3379 years.

A great flood swept every inch of the land, and His believers knelt down in the sand and shed their blood to beg the mercy of the creator.

What should God do?

God should have mercy on the people and save them.

Ancient books record that when the great flood destroyed the world, God dropped a tear, which purified all the darkness, sin and pain in the world.

But Wu Hong was born without mercy. How could he cry?

Wu Hong cut more than a thousand holes in his body.

When the blood was running out, his body finally had an instinctive reaction and shed a tear.

Tears mixed with blood rolled into the flood and became this thing

Qin Yi looked at him in surprise.

Wu Hong’s stuff? Really?

Wu Hong opened his sense of smell.

A strong aroma rushed into his nose.

As Rui said, Wu Hong actually smelled very little. Because he stayed in that dark space all year round and rarely went to the world called by believers.

He can’t smell the flowers in the world and see the fireworks in the world.

He only smelled his tears mixed with blood.

Qin Yi’s taste is like his tears mixed with blood, with the purity of tears and the sweetness of blood.

Wu Hong’s eyes suddenly turned pure lacquer black.

He fixed his eyes on Qin Yi’s neck.

Before Qin Yi recovered, he was pressed and fell on the sofa, and all the glass products in the room exploded in an instant. It’s like being attacked by some kind of runaway energy.

Qin Yi reacted quickly… Did the inhibitor fail again? Before he came, he had just been injected just in order not to have an accident!

Qin Yi’s face changed slightly.

And Wu Hong lowered his head and bit hard on the back of his hand. Sheng tore off the flesh and blood.

The smell of blood rushed into Qin Yi’s nose.

Qin Yi didn’t feel any pain.

Wu Hong pressed his hand firmly, and he was so strong that he seemed to crush his bones inch by inch.

But there was no pain in the back of his neck.

Under his suppression, Qin Yi slowly turned his head.

As soon as the blood color came into his eyes, Wu Hong covered his eyes.

There was darkness in front of me.

Qin Yi could hear Wu Hong’s heavy breathing.

Also, the smell of pheromone belonging to alpha… Sandalwood mixed with a little cold.

As if at that moment, he set foot on a dark and rugged road, with flowers wet by dew on the roadside.

When you pass through the shadows of trees, and then raise your head, you will see the towering, simple and decadent temple in front of you.

The gods enshrined in the temple looked down at him, and finally showed Wu Hong’s handsome face and looked at him gloomily and gently.


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