I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 72

Qin Yi feels sweaty.

Sweat soaked his thin coat and made him a little dizzy.

Is this what it feels like to enter the susceptibility period?

Qin Yi breathed softly, and had little strength to break away from each other.

I don’t know how long it has passed. When Qin Yi’s consciousness is almost in a trance, Wu Hong seems to loosen him.

“Rotten…” he heard Wu Hong say in a low voice.

What’s bad?

Qin Yi blinked hard and lost the shelter of Wu Hong. Of course, he saw the scene clearly.

Qin Yi took a closer look.

Wu Hong’s broad cuffs hung down, and the whole was soaked with blood. Blood droplets trickled into the carpet. After a while, there was a pool of blood at Wu Hong’s feet.

And his other hand still grasped the bite stopper.

The belt of the bite stop was riveted at one place. Now it’s all broken and rotten.

Qin Yi’s anger was a little scattered: “rotten… Rotten…”

Wu Hong lowered his eyes, making people unable to see the light at the bottom of his eyes.

Wu Hong asked, “will there be a new one?”

Qin Yi was stunned, then nodded: “yes.” “are you bleeding?”

Wu Hong stood there rigidly without speaking.

Qin Yi wiped his face and said, “it’s all flowing on his face. It’s so hot.”

Omega certainly has a strong reaction to alpha’s blood, because the smell of pheromones escaping from it is too strong.

This physical attraction is simply beyond the average person’s ability to resist.

“Will you go to the medical cabin first?” Qin Yi asked calmly.

Wu Hong turned silently and went to the medical cabin.

Fortunately, I moved here yesterday and haven’t moved away.

When Wu Hong lies in, the alpha pheromone in the air will be much lighter.

Qin Yi then bent down, rolled the carpet with difficulty and kicked it aside.

Then he slowly sat down again and tried to adjust his breathing and state. At least he couldn’t turn into a walking hormone when he went out for a while.

The room was silent again.

Qin Yi licked his dry lips and asked, “is this really yours?”

Wu Hong stared at the dark ceiling across the medical cabin. His sight was slightly distracted: “HMM.” he tried his best to restrain all kinds of thoughts in his mind.

Qin Yi gently vomited his hot breath, took out the inhibitor from his pocket and pricked a needle in his arm.

He can’t stay long.

When the medicine came into play, Qin Yi, regardless of his soft limbs and dizzy head, got up and went outside.

Wu Hong is an alpha beyond his imagination.

He could almost guess that Wu Hong might have bitten himself at that time. Otherwise, he should have been marked.

So he doesn’t want to stay here and drive people crazy.

The door opens.

The smell of blood came, and the alliance soldiers outside knelt down with their legs soft.

When he looked up again, he could only catch a glimpse of Qin Yi leaving.

Obviously, he’s just a figure, but I don’t know why. He has a kind of hooked… Illusion.

The alliance soldiers quickly stopped their thoughts for fear that Wu Hong would know and kill him.

So the question is, what’s the matter with Mr. Wu now?

The Union soldiers hurried in.

Here, Qin Yi returned to the room, drank some energy supplements, took a bath and changed his clothes.

Destroy all the clothes that went to Wu Hong’s room.

But when all this was done, he found that the inhibitor seemed to be failing again.

Has its time limit been reduced to such a short time?

Wu Hong stared at the mirror.

In the mirror, my eyes are watery, and the corners of my eyes are a little red, a little seductive.

I have to get out of here for a while.

Qin Yi frowned.

If you can, it’s also good to cut off the glands

But cutting glands is too painful.

Qin Yi touched his neck and lay flat on the big bed.

Another day passed in the twinkling of an eye.

Zheng Yian turned passivity into initiative and decided to lead the fleet to advance towards the alliance.

Lu Ji left in a hurry, and Zhou Yiqing also left temporarily to pick up the pro army he still stayed in China.

Hols will also personally escort this precious material home.

At this point, there are only whales and Wuhong left.

Zheng Yi’an doesn’t know what Wu Hong came from, nor what his purpose is. Because this man seldom made any substantive moves except saying that Qin Yi was his wife.

He first asked Wu Hong, “is Mr. Wu going to fight together today?”

Wu Hong nodded.

His face looked even paler.

Zheng Yi’an glanced at his right hand.

It was wrapped with medical tape.

Zheng Yi’an doesn’t even know where Wu Hong was injured… Well, anyway, as long as he doesn’t pretend to be beaten by them, he can go to Bo Qin Yi’s sympathy.

“Mr. Wu has no biological mecha. If something happens on the battlefield…”

Union soldier: “Mr. Wu said it was all right.”

Of course, Zheng Yi’an won’t persuade him anymore.

After all, they are love enemies, not each other’s father.

The alliance over there soon began an active confrontation.

The prime minister said coldly, “this is the only time to choose. That damn Luri doesn’t cooperate with me… Now Lu Ji wants to go back to his nest. Zhou Yiqing and hall have their own affairs. They have just finished a game, which has weakened their strength. Even a little… We must seize this opportunity!”

Then the prime minister witnessed Wu Hong on the battlefield and took out his second biological mecha.

That thing is ugly and ferocious.

It’s like a monster.

Falling in the middle of the battlefield can make people cry.

The prime minister was so angry that he fainted: “why does he still have?”

Everyone was also silly: “who, who knows?”

While reporting on the war of Zheng Yian’s return, the media discussed with netizens in real time what the biological mecha is and what its origin is.

At this moment, Qin Yi was tightly dressed and nestled in a chair. He also opened the live broadcast of the battlefield to watch.

He stared at the thing, tilted his head, and attracted a lot of interest.

It looks like a cow and sounds like a dog.

In the ancient records of the ancient earth, it is called… Poor strange?

Qin Yi was always interested in these things, and an idea flashed through his mind at that time——

I want to ask Wu Hong about his biological mecha

But the idea was soon put down again.

Qin Yi touched the back of his neck.

See you next time. Wu Hong can’t bite his left hand again, can he?

What about next time?

Qin Yi thought of this and thought that Wu Hong was miserable and funny.

We still have to find another way.

Qin Yi actually thought about marking.

If you mark it temporarily, you can still manage it for a month. If the temporary marking is deeper, it can be managed for a longer time.

But Qin Yi made a list of the alpha around him.


He thinks it’s a good alpha and doesn’t want to harm others. Yes, he feels that letting the other party mark is basically a disaster to people. Because he doesn’t like each other at all, doesn’t it give hope and disappointment?

And what about the alpha he finds annoying? It’s so annoying. How can you let others bite? Just think about it, I think I should.

Qin Yi knocked on the handrail impatiently, and then turned off the live broadcast.

The battle did not last long.

Even if Zheng Yi’an and Wu Hong are injured, they are still unstoppable.

Qin Yi got up after a nap and heard the message of victory from the robot.

In this way, the rebel territory moved forward again.

Qin Yi hesitated.

Are you going to congratulate Zheng Yi’an? Forget it, it’s so troublesome.

Qin Yi was about to lie back when the door was knocked.

Qin Yi: “who?”

Union soldier: “yes, it’s Mr. Wu and me.”

Why is he here? How dare he come?

Qin Yi hesitated for a moment and opened the door. At the same time, he pressed the inhibitor in his pocket with one hand.

“What can I do for Mr. Wu?” would you like to ask his new mecha by the way?

Qin Yi is really interested in this thing.

Wu Hong slowly raised his hand and put the broken diamond taken down by Qin Yi in the palm of his hand.

It was left by Qin Yi when he left yesterday.

What he thought was, if it was Wu Hong’s, give it back to Wu Hong. Anyway, Wu Hong has helped him investigate his mother.

Qin Yi looked down and said, “why give it back to me? Didn’t Mr. Wu say that he was Mr. Wu?”

The Union soldiers here were ready to send a message, but now they found that they couldn’t receive the message again.

He hurriedly turned to see Wu Hong.

Seeing the alpha move his lips, he even opened his mouth and said, “don’t leave it to me.”

Qin Yi blinked suspiciously.


Union soldiers were also curious.

Wu Hong stared at Qin Yi and said expressionless, “I’ll be hard when I see it.”

Alliance Soldier:!!!

Qin Yi: “cough…” after a fierce cough, Qin Yi felt that his chest and ear roots were a little burned.

He didn’t feel offended. Perhaps Wu Hong seemed too honest and didn’t intend to weave any lies for him.

Union soldiers stood there, full of shells.

Fuck, fuck!

How can Mr. Wu say such harsh words without expression?

For fear that Qin Yi didn’t believe it, Wu Hong added two words: “really.”

Qin Yi recovered from the shock and asked, “is there any residue of my pheromone on it?”

Wu Hong: “… No.”

Qin Yi was in a trance.

That’s not right.

It’s not written like that in the textbook… It’s out of the temptation of pheromones. Why would it be like this?

“Without pheromones, Mr. Nawu shouldn’t be like this,” Qin Yi said.

Wu Hong: “you don’t need pheromones.”

He could remember that when his consciousness fell on the robot, when he opened his eyes, he saw Qin Yi’s bright smile and gently clinking a glass with his iron body.

He will also remember that Qin Yi walked through the robot store and removed parts from countless robots with different uses, silver or blue, in an attempt to spell out a “No. 2”. He will remember that Qin Yi pushed the gift in front of him.

And raised his hand and untied the buttons a little, and the broken diamond was embedded in his body.

At this moment, he was not like a God, but more like a crazy believer.

From fingertips to chest.

Both are stuffed with the word Qin Yi.

It seems that he really caught the name “Qin Yi” from the light curtain of the communicator.

“Don’t you need… Pheromone?” Qin Yi looked into Wu Hong’s eyes.

Qin Yi was still a little stunned. He stretched out his hand and said, “well, give it back to me. If you need it when, I’ll give it to you…”

Wu Hong came forward slowly and gently put it back into Qin Yi’s palm.

At this time, Qin Yi smelled the blood on him again.

Qin Yi couldn’t help asking, “are you hurt?”

Wu Hong: “No.”

Qin Yi: “yesterday’s injury…”

Wu Hong tore open the tape and revealed the intact skin below, with only a shallow twisted scar.

Is it growing so fast?

Qin Yi had an absurd idea in his mind. Isn’t it okay to bite more times?

Qin Yi: “well, you’ve worked hard. Hurry back and have a rest.”

Then there was a sudden noise outside.

This is extremely rare in the army, because generally everyone will abide by military discipline and will not make a big noise.

Qin Yi looked out: “what’s the matter?”

The Union soldiers swallowed their saliva in a trance and volunteered to go out and ask.

After a while, he came back with Inoue yuan.

Jingyuan was also stunned when he saw Wu Hong: “Mr. Wu is here too?” jingyuanxin said that I have to go back and give a small report to Mr. Wu!

Wu Hong didn’t answer.

Inoue didn’t care.

Mr. Wu has made a lot of contributions to them. It doesn’t matter whether he likes people or not.

“What’s the matter outside?” Qin Yi asked.

Well Yuan said, “I’m going to tell you that there’s an Omega in the prisoner.”

Qin Yi frowned: “what?”

Inoue yuan sighed: “it’s not a good thing to have an Omega in the army. Of course, I’m not talking about you. You’re different… It’s hard for us alpha to respond to your pheromone. But ordinary Omega is different.”

Qin Yi: “can’t you let him go?”

Jingyuan said reluctantly, “she’s dying. She depends on our medical cabin to continue her life. If she is released, she will die immediately…”

Unconditional treatment of all Omega, regardless of his nationality and origin, is clearly written in the universal law.

Qin Yi: “then bring it to me.”

Jingyuan: “Hey, that’s what I mean to see you…”

Qin Yi thinks it’s also good. Maybe he can learn from each other. How can he cross the susceptibility period.

And Wu Hong still stood there and didn’t go.

Just because Rui is very excited at the moment.


Since he came to this world, he has been moving with Mr. Wu Hong. Except for one Qin Yi, there is no second Omega in the army. Now he’s waiting!

I’ll get into Omega’s body in a minute.

Josephine thought happily.

Before long, soldiers came in carrying the medical cabin.

Under the command of Inoue yuan, the door of the medical cabin opened and the female alpha appeared in front of everyone

The happy Josephine action stopped suddenly.

Why does she look like Qin Yi’s mother?

The woman has long soft black hair and closed eyes. She looks very fragile.

She has a good figure and a beautiful face. She hardly shows her age.

When she struggled to open her eyes

The woman in the picture seems to really live in front of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi stopped.

Well yuan soon realized that something was wrong with the atmosphere. He hurriedly asked, “what’s the matter? Do you know her?”

Qin Yi: “she looks… Very much like my mother.”

At this time, the woman suddenly struggled frantically, as if she had seen something terrible. Tears fell from her face. Her hysteria was in sharp contrast to the soft and quiet just now. People couldn’t help but sympathize with what happened to her.

The well is still under great impact.

Looks like Qin Yi’s mother?


Jingyuan was barely calm and gave the woman a tranquilizer first.

The woman slowly stopped struggling, only her limbs were still shaking, and her mouth was vague, sending out the language of the Limu empire.

She sobbed and shouted: “ah Yi… Sobbing, no, don’t rob my ah Yi…”

Now I’m even more stunned.

It can’t be true?

Is it really

Qin Yi’s sight was momentary lax.

It seems that you can really see the past mother from this woman.

When Qin Yi came back, his face was wet and cold.

It turned out that even if he had little impression of his mother and lost his companionship with his mother and son… He would still cry because of such an ambiguous remark.

Jingyuan turned around and was scared to death by Qin Yi’s appearance.


What about that? Right away, sir?

Before Jingyuan turned around and ordered, Qin Yi had already walked to the medical cabin.

At this time, Wu Hong held Qin Yi’s hand.

Qin Yi couldn’t help turning to see Wu Hong: “Mr. Wu?”

Wu Hongshu opened his fingers and caught a tear on Qin Yi’s face.

It turns out that not only God’s tears will save people.

Wu Hong thought.

Half an hour later, everyone moved to another small conference hall.

Zheng Yian also came.

“Are you sure she is your mother?” Zheng Yi’an asked.

Mr. whale sat aside and watched quietly.

Ah Lin thinks he may be trying to please his future mother-in-law. It’s harmful. It’s a little better.

Zheng Yi’an: “I don’t mean anything else, but your value is too heavy. I’m worried about dishonest people…”

Qin Yi: “I know.”

He doesn’t dislike Zheng Yi’an now. Of course, he won’t misunderstand Zheng Yi’an.

Qin Yi paused and said: “In fact, I don’t know very well. In my memory, my mother died of illness. I’m sure Qin Jianlin, oh, my father, really didn’t move from it. I saw little face of my mother and had little memory of her… But she was really like my mother. Even what she said just now, I felt as if I had heard it.”

Zheng Yi’an pursed his lower lip: “then observe first. She can’t live with you. It’s best to arrange another residence first.”

Qin Yi has no problem with this.

It’s a little strange that a dead mother suddenly appears.

This Omega stayed.

Josephine also shed a lot of tears.

After all, he can’t be Qin Yi’s mother. Of course, he has to hold back and wait for the arrival of the next Omega.

Soon, at night.

The woman lay in the medical cabin and slowly opened her eyes. Sure enough, as his majesty said, a child can’t resist the natural admiration for his mother.

That amazing Qin Yi, who dares to bomb his own family, and countless alpha holding Qin Yi, actually really shed tears at her

This Omega is acquired.

Her real name is Wang Qing. She was an imperial agent before the division and had to marry after the division. Now the Empire needs her, of course, she can only come out to work.

Wang Qing had experienced special training before coming here, and he could be said to have mastered the role of Qin Yi’s mother perfectly.

So early in the morning, Wang Qing personally cooked a meal for Qin Yi.

Of course, there is no problem with this meal. After all, if you apply medicine when you first come, it’s easy to ruin everything.

“A Yi.” Wang Qing walked into the restaurant.

Her face was pale. It could be seen that she came to see Qin Yi reluctantly.

But as soon as Wang Qinggang stopped, he felt that there were people around him. How to say, it was not very beautiful.

Wang Qing nodded at the bottom of his heart, turned his head and looked carefully.

Zheng Yi’an saw several alpha staring at her.

Ah Yi.

Nice call.

We haven’t had a chance to call last time.

Wang Qing took a deep breath and did psychological construction for himself several times. Then he came to Qin Yi and put down the food with a smile.

“I don’t remember many things before,” Wang Qing said, “but I always think you should like to eat these. It seems that I’ve made them for you before.”

Yes, Wang Qing pretended to have amnesia.

Otherwise, I can’t explain why I didn’t go to Qin Yi for so many years. Then she had to pretend that she lost her memory by accident. Only when she saw Qin Yi again did her memory be triggered. That makes sense even if you remember something wrong.

Qin Yi looked down and smelled.

“In fact, I don’t remember what I ate, but the smell is really familiar. Thank you.”

Wang Qing breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly pretended to get up to prepare fruit juice to leave them space to check the food.

When they check it, their trust in her will rise.

When Wang Qing was in a daze in the cooking room, Zheng Yi’an went in.

Wang Qing also saw Zheng Yi’an’s biological mecha in the live broadcast. It was terrible… So she instinctively stepped back and thought uneasily in her heart, has she shown her feet? No! Who would suspect that an Omega has a bad heart? Besides, she plays so well! Qin Yi’s reaction is no problem!

Wang Qing’s back was soaked with sweat.

Just then she heard Zheng Yi’an ask, “what else does Qin Yi like to eat?”


That’s all?

Oh, no, it must be Zheng Yian to verify my identity and confirm whether I really understand Qin Yi’s preferences!

Wang Qing frowned: “I, I think… I can’t remember a lot…”

Zheng Yian mercilessly threw her a list: “list it.”

Wang Qing had to stay here and put up with humiliation to make a list first.

When Zheng Yi’an confirms, he will trust her more, won’t he? Thinking of this, Wang Qing felt that the future was bright.

Soon came the third day when Wang Qing entered the rebels.

Like yesterday, Wang Qing came to the restaurant with his own food, but found that Qin Yi had moved his chopsticks.

Qin Yi: “enough, enough, can’t eat.”

Qin Yi: “… Don’t you really want to support me?”

Wang Qing walked forward and looked down at the food in front of Qin Yi——

Crispy Golden ant meat, hibiscus mixed with fragrant slices, colored bean paste

Isn’t this all the food she listed on the list???

Wang Qing looked up at Zheng Yi’an in disbelief.

See Zheng Yi’an, Wu Hong and Mr. Jing on the side, all brought some color. Wang Qing didn’t know that they had a fight yesterday to grab the menu.

Until this morning, I came to Qin Yi with a rich breakfast according to the list.

How hard it is!

Their preference for Qin Yi was unknown, so they sent such a person to provide them with.

Wang Qing showed a pale smile: “has ah Yi been eating?”

Qin Yi: “well, sorry, I can’t eat your today.”

Wang Qing: “it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, ha ha, they are very kind to you…”

Qin Yi smiled and didn’t follow this sentence.

Wang Qing was so angry that he thought that I would come early tomorrow and be the first to deliver dinner to Qin Yi!

There is no “mother cooked rice” to cultivate “mother child love”!

At this time, the emperor of the Yan and Huang empire on the other side also angrily overturned the table.


Lu Ji’s gone?

what? Zhou Yiqing and hols are gone, too?

“Who told Zhou Yiqing that we were going to do it? Now that they left Qin Yi’s side, even if Qin Yi entered the susceptible period, how can they fight? How can they consume their strength?”

“Maybe, maybe the alliance is fuelling the flames…”

The emperor was angry: “this bad dog! If I had known, I should have promised him on the surface and stabilized him first, so as to save him from cutting me off!”

“Well, what about now?”

“We have to change the plan… Find a way to steal Qin Yi. If he wants to make love, he can only be around Zhou Yiqing! Zhou Yiqing doesn’t conflict with other alpha and lives or dies, we can’t beat Zhou Yiqing all the time!” said the emperor coldly.

He didn’t know that Omega he sent out had a lot of problems here.

Another day passed in the twinkling of an eye.

Wang Qing really got up early in the morning and was almost tired to death.

She took the food and went outside the restaurant. Then she was stopped by the soldiers

“Sorry, our husband is having breakfast with his wife.”

Wang Qing: ”

Dog day alpha!

Powerful and great?

At this time, Mr. whale also came.

Wang Qingyan watched them put Mr. whale in.

Wang Qing: “he can go in. Why can’t I go in?”

The soldier counseled rightly: “because he can kill me with one blow.”

Wang Qing: ”

What soldiers are Zheng Yian taking?!

In this way, Wang Qing’s plan miscarried in the competition of several alpha.

But it doesn’t matter. There’s something else.

Qin Fu said that when Qin Yi was a child, he liked to hear his mother tell him stories from ancient books.

Bedtime story, parent-child time, what a wonderful bridge to cultivate feelings!

After Qin Yi finished his breakfast, Wang Qing went to Qin Yi with ancient books.

“Maybe I’m your mother, maybe not, I don’t know. But I have a habit in my memory. I’ll tell you stories, just the stories in these books…”

Qin Yi took a look.


He loved the ancient books and legends of the ancient earth. Was he inspired by his mother?

Qin Yi: “tell me about it?”

Wang Qing is under great psychological pressure against the eyes of alpha around him. She took a deep breath and began: “It is said that in the ancient earth, there was a mountain god who was once a part of Pangu’s body. It later turned into a dragon. Opening his eyes is day and closing his eyes is night. It can also invite rain and rain. In 6627 years of the ancient earth calendar, the rain and rain it fell flooded the mountains and plains. At the same time, it closed his eyes forever, so there was only darkness left on the earth…”

Union soldiers interrupted, “Mr. Wu said, how can it have such a great ability?”

At that moment, Wang Qing felt that her throat was blocked by an invisible force. She didn’t even dare to look into Wu Hong’s eyes.

She twisted her neck and found her voice for a long time: “it’s written in ancient books.”

Union soldier: “Mr. Wu said that this dragon, named candle dragon, is the God of Zhongshan. It can illuminate the Youdu, but it can’t equal the brilliance of the top ten golden crows. It is a subordinate of choking. It was cramped and scratched as early as 1237 in the earth calendar. Its ointment fell into the East China Sea. Since then, the lights in the East Sea are bright, and the mackerels often walk…”

Wang Qing: “……”

Do you want me to tell a bedtime story?

Wang Qing was so angry that he couldn’t hold it. Pointing to Wu Hong, he asked, “does Mr. Wu know better than the records in ancient books? Mr. Wu has seen it with his own eyes?”

Qin Yi said, “well, let’s change a story.”

Wang Qing didn’t forget what he came for, so he had to calm down his anger and continue to tell another story: “In the 3379 year of the earth calendar, the great flood swept the earth. Countless people on earth sacrificed their blood and begged the gods for mercy. Ancient books say that the gods only need to shed a tear to save all living beings. Unfortunately, the gods are always cold. He is high above the world and does not speak of compassion. Countless people died in that flood. Finally, only a few people left the earth and came to outer space to establish a hot and yellow society Empire, the later emperor thought that there were no gods in the world. If there were gods, how could they not take care of mankind and see mankind, men, women, young and old, go into such a catastrophe… ”

No one interrupted Wang Qing this time.

Wang Qing said enough.

But Qin Yi’s mind drifted a little.

After the night fell, Qin Yi asked someone to send Wang Qing back, and then he went out with Wu Hong.

Qin Yi asked in a low voice, “does Mr. Wu like these ancient books too? I think Mr. Wu’s two mecha come from legends in ancient books.”

Wu Hong: “yes.”

Qin Yi: “Mr. Wu seems to know better whether what is recorded in those ancient books is true.” he paused and said, “I heard the name of a God at the other end of the wormhole. It’s coincidental that it’s very similar to Mr. Wu’s name. Will there really be gods in the world? If there are gods, as in the story she told just now, are they always superior and cruel?”

Union soldier: “Mr. Wu said no,… Gods will always be charmed by people.”

Union soldiers said Mr. Wu, isn’t this bullshit?

Who has seen a God? It’s true.


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