I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 73

Qin Yi listened to the alliance soldiers and just smiled.

This is just like the God court behind the wormhole preaching that the Supreme God loves him… Outrageous.

They soon went back to their resting place.

As soon as Qin Yi sat down, he took a look at the date and estimated that the time was almost up, so he sent Lu Ji a communication request.

Lu Ji left in a hurry. Why didn’t he mention a word.

Compared with Zhou Yiqing and hols, Lu Ji and Zheng Yi’an are not too concerned about the wormhole.

Qin Yi’s communication request was sent out. It took more than a minute to get through. There was a fluffy head dangling out.

“Sister in law?!” the man blurted out.

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes and recognized that the messy alpha was Lu Xing.

Lu Xing immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing. He coughed three times and changed his voice: “Qin Yi.”

“Why are you?” Qin Yi asked.

“The boss is sniping the army in front. Do you think the alliance is sick? They are too busy to take care of themselves and send someone to snipe the pirate route?” Lu Xing murmured.

“Allied forces?”

“Yes… Oh, the boss is coming.” Lu Xing’s voice fell, and someone changed at that end soon.

Lu Ji appeared in front of Qin Yi.

His hair was combed back, and his eyes were still a little cold. He didn’t look like him in peace, but more like Qin Yi when he first saw him.

Qin Yi raised his finger and pointed to the corner of his eye.

Lu Ji seemed to feel it and quickly raised his hand to wipe it. There was a bit of blood splashed on it, but when he wiped it, the blood stain was elongated and looked more sharp.

“Why did you go so fast?” although it was almost guessed from Lu Xing’s mouth, Qin Yi asked again.

“Seven days ago, a travel fleet passed near the Moore system. On this fleet, there was Prince omega of the independent kingdom of tomifaga. He was going to neighboring countries and relatives.”

“Tommy FAGA? I haven’t heard of it.”

“A small country doesn’t have any right to speak in the interstellar world, which is not worth mentioning.” Lu Jidun said, “but unfortunately, Prince omega of this independent kingdom encountered a small group of fleeing pirates. Surrounded by alpha, he jumped into outer space and committed suicide in order not to surrender his identity and maintain the dignity of the royal family.”

Qin Yi frowned and asked, “have any pirates done such a thing before?”

Lu Xing on one side couldn’t help but insert a voice: “what do you mean?”

Qin Yi: “it means robbing and killing people of similar status. The prince and Duke of an insignificant small country…”

Lu Xing: Yes! How do you know

Lu Ji twisted his eyebrows and pushed Lu Xing away. He said in a voice: “half a month ago, pirates openly robbed the Duchess of melken in the Principality of Searle…”

“Then these people jointly launched any new laws or announcements?” Qin Yi asked.

Lu Ji raised his eyebrow: “yes. Just three days ago, the alliance and its subordinate principalities, as well as the other ten independent kingdoms in the interstellar world, had not even heard the names of some kingdoms before. But they jointly signed a proposal to eliminate interstellar pirates.”

“It’s for you… Or more accurately, it’s for Zheng Yi’an and me.” Qin Yi said softly. Of course, the alliance prime minister will not be a complete straw bag. Even if he loses Wu Hong and resources, he still has something to rely on.

Lu Ji frowned and stubbornly corrected at the other end: “it’s for us.”

He bit the word “we” heavily. Anyway, he was unwilling to see Qin Yi and Zheng Yi’an tied together alone.

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted here.

Because someone knocked at Qin Yi’s door.

Qin Yi: “who?”

Wang Qing: “it’s me. I have something for you…”

Qin Yi pressed the button at hand and the door opened, but he didn’t move.

Wang Qing breathed a sigh of relief and walked slowly into the door. Then he looked up and saw Lu Ji’s projection.

This man once swept the universe, but his fleet also frightened some regular armies.

Wang Qing looked at the bloodstains in the corners of Lu Ji’s eyes, and his heart trembled instinctively. He couldn’t help scolding in his heart. He really didn’t know whether Qin Yi had found a treasure or hit a ghost. What alpha were all around him? Each one can kill!

Wang Qingzheng is going to say, why don’t I go first and come back later?

Lu Ji saw her, but he spoke first.

Lu Ji’s voice sank: “who is she?”

Wang Qing was almost scared and his legs softened on the spot: “I, I am…”

She suddenly remembered her current identity and quickly said, “I’m an Omega!”

Omega and Omega can’t happen. Can Lu Ji rest assured?

Who knows, Lu Ji still frowned unhappily, sneered and said: “there are really a lot of Omega shouting to marry Qin Yi on the Internet recently…”

Qin Yi:?

And that?

Wang Qing: ”

I didn’t expect Qin Yi to be so popular. It’s my omission!

Lu Ji really didn’t lie. There are already a small number of Omega at the bottom of the star. He thinks that a cow like Qin Yi is more suitable than alpha.

Wang Qing: “then, shall I go?”

Qin Yi turned his head and smiled gently: “it doesn’t matter. It’s almost over. Just wait here.”

Wang Qing unconsciously took a breath and said that she seemed to understand why Omega like Qin Yi could attract others beyond pheromone and gender.

Lu Ji grimaced and was very unhappy. Wang Qing stayed.

Over there, Qin Yi glanced at Wang Qing, and then whispered, “this is the abacus of the alliance. The alliance doesn’t want so many alpha around me to become my strongest Alliance…”

Lu Ji sniffed: “so what? These so-called regular armies are not enough for me to stuff my teeth…”

Wang Qing’s eyelids jumped and his heart said that these alpha were really arrogant.

“Is everyone under you as strong as you?” the Qin Yi asked.

After hearing this, Lu Ji not only didn’t feel angry, but also felt that Qin Yi was praising him for being particularly powerful.

Lu Ji pursed his lower lip, but his reason had not been completely lost.

He said in a deep voice, “I see.”

Qin Yi suddenly asked, “do you remember your original heart?”

Lu Ji was stunned: “of course…”

Qin Yi: “didn’t you choose to change your career just to pursue a broader world and have unrestricted freedom? If you get involved with other forces, this freedom will disappear…”

Lu Ji interrupted him: “are you going to persuade me again? You have already given me a share of the resources. Don’t you think it’s a loss?”

Qin Yi: “this is to thank you.”

Lu Ji pursed his lips and cut off communication.

Without blinking, Qin Yi turned to Wang Qing.

Wang Qingxin said that Qin Yi was also a talent who could make an alpha so angry!

“What’s up?” Qin Yi asked.

Wang Qing then sent the things behind him forward: “these are the things I have always brought with me before. Although I don’t remember them, maybe you still remember them. Look… Are you impressed with them?”

Qin Yi looked down.

An old-fashioned induction pen, a reader and writer, and a palm sized mechanical doll.

Qin Yi… I’m really impressed.

When his mother died, Qin’s father grieved seriously for two days, and then told Qin Yi that all his mother’s things were buried with him.

So those things slowly disappeared from Qin Yi’s memory.

“Put it down and let me see.” Qin Yi said.

Wang Qing nodded.

Of course, these things are true, but they are all provided by the Qin family.

As soon as Wang Qing put it down, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful box next to him.

She just touched it, raised her head and frowned at Qin Yi.

It seems that this box is very important

Wang Qing kept it in mind.

At this time, the door was knocked again. Outside the door came the voice of the Union soldier: “is madam there?”

Wang Qing was nervous again for fear that someone might break her real purpose.

I can’t help it. Who says there are terrible alpha around?

Qin Yi: “hmm? What’s the matter?”

Wu Hong: “the flower is dead.”

Qin Yi:?

Didn’t he just send a new one? You’re dead again?

Qin Yi opens the door.

Wu Hong came in and looked at Wang Qing first. Seeing this, Wang Qing felt out of breath. He even wanted to kneel down and worship him on the spot.

This is more deterrent than Lu Ji across the communicator.

Wang Qing said without thinking, “well, I’ll go back first. It’s very late.”

Then he hurried away for fear that Qin Yi would say “don’t hurry to go”.

Qin Yi stared at her back and smiled.

Wu Hong doesn’t care about this. He doesn’t care what Qin Yi does to others, just what Qin Yi does to him and what Qin Yi does to him.

Wu Hong walked slowly to Qin Yi.

The Union soldier spoke in his place and asked, “are you going to see the flowers?”

Qin Yi: “wait.”

He first pointed to the things in front of him, which Wang Qing had just put down. Qin Yi said, “Mr. Wu, please help me see if these things are different?”

Qin Yi is now very aware of his situation. He may lose control of his physiology at any time. Of course, he should be careful and careful.


What kind of is called strange?

Wu Hong reached out and took it up. He held it in his palm. He stared at the induction pen for two seconds, and then a smoke curled up from the induction pen

Qin Yi: poof.

Qin Yi: “forget it, just take it for me, Mr. Wu.”

Wu Hong nodded and held the pen with his two fingers, but because he couldn’t control his strength, the alliance soldiers watched helplessly. The pen was pinched into shape, and the pen head bent down and broke.

The alliance soldiers trembled and looked up, but they saw Wu Hong looking at Qin Yi. It seemed that he was innocent and helpless

Like you weren’t the one who broke the pen just now? The Union soldiers make complaints about it.

Qin Yi was not angry. He just said, “lower your strength.”

Wu Hong stretched his fingers and picked up another mechanical doll again. This time his action was very light, like holding the light air, and holding Qin Yi in his hand.

Union soldier: ”

It’s my humble opinion. Pinching things out of shape is nothing.

He felt a little out of place here.

“Don’t move.” Qin Yi instinctively stretched out his hand and pressed Wu Hong’s arm.

The man looks thin and tall, but the forearm hidden under his robe has obvious slightly raised muscles. As soon as Qin Yi pressed it, he clearly felt that the other party’s muscles were tighter, as if strength was ready to go.

Qin Yi was stunned and said, “there is a string of codes on it.”

The Union soldier looked at it and couldn’t help but say, “isn’t this all coded?”

“Do you know what information the code is composed of?” Qin Yi asked him without looking back.

“No, I don’t know.” who cares about this at ordinary times?

“Every regular commodity entering the market consists of six field digits, a total of 13 digits. There are 14 digits in Limu empire.” Qin Yi said faintly.

“And this… There are only 11,” said the Union soldier in a stunned voice. “What is it less?”

Qin Yi tilted his head: “the first two figures refer to the sales location, and the latter respectively represent the production year, functional features, size, product image, etc…”

The soldier said it was really insightful.

Omega knows more than I do.

“What’s less is the sales location. It shows that it is a small-scale domestic product. There is no formal record, but only information for internal circulation,” Qin Yi said.

“So it’s something from the black market?” asked the Union soldier in a stunned voice.

Qin Yi stared at him with a smile: “have you ever seen children’s toys circulating on the black market?”

The soldier smiled awkwardly.

That’s right. What circulates on the black market are things that are prohibited from private sale on the market. Toys are bullshit.

“This is really my mother’s thing.” Qin Yi sighed lightly, then looked up at Wu Hong, “can Mr. Wu see anything?”

If you can’t see anything, of course you can’t.

Wu Hong then withdrew his eyes from Qin Yi and fell on this thing. At one glance, Wu Hong really saw something.

“Its material is different.”

Qin Yi paused and leaned closer: “well, if you say so, it’s really different. Most normal mechanical dolls use X34 composite copper as their external body. But this… Uses m3i4 alloy material. I’ve seen it in books related to mecha repair. It often uses della metal as the repair material of mecha Center.”

The Union soldier blurted out: “then what talent will be too busy to make toys with this professional material?”

“First, people with money and power, but I don’t think so. The Qin family is too far away from money and power, and my mother doesn’t look like such a person. If so, she won’t marry the Qin family, and she won’t even appear in her mother’s family after she dies.” Qin Yi immediately denied this prediction.

“Second, they only get access to such materials, but not ordinary materials. Therefore, the producer may be engaged in some kind of confidential research industry. In this way, the code on this thing makes sense. Because the industry is confidential, everything cannot flow to the outside world. It is also because the industry is confidential, my mother’s occupation before marriage may be similar to it Guan… Because outsiders can’t get the things circulating inside. “Qin Yifei quickly put forward the final conclusion.

The soldier was stunned and shouted to lie in the trough.

Isn’t this an Omega?

Why have you even read books on mecha repair?

Wu Hong looked at Qin Yi. From the past to the present, he felt that Qin Yi was the best interpretation of human beings in his heart.

Wu Hong’s eyes flickered.

The soldier said, “Mr. Wu said that its skeleton material comes from kandarati.”

Qin Yi looked at him in surprise.

No one knows kandarati better than uhong. Qin Yi certainly believed him.

“How many relics are there in kandarati?” Qin Yi asked.

Soldier: “there are eight here.”

Qin Yi looked at him, smiled and asked, “is this Mr. Wu’s words?”

The soldier nodded. Of course, if it wasn’t Mr. Wu’s intention, how could he know so much as a small soldier? Now it’s the most hanging thing in his life to stand in front of the most awesome alpha and omega.

Qin Yi: “original words?”

Soldier: “yes, yes.”

Qin Yi has always been curious about how the soldiers can fully convey Wu Hong’s meaning.

Is it some kind of simultaneous interpretation accessory?

But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the soldiers use a word – here.

There are eight.

What exactly does this mean?

Of course, it doesn’t mean the galaxy at your feet. The remains of kandalatti are not cabbage. There are enough eight in a Galaxy! If there were so many, wouldn’t it have been discovered long ago?

Qin Yi felt that it was more like referring to the whole universe.

So, with “here”, is there “there”?

It’s like another world behind the wormhole.

The world also praised kandalati.

Now the problem comes

In Wu Hong’s concept, there are “here” and “there”. What kind of origin and identity does he have to have to have the ability to see two worlds?

The Supreme God?

Probably because Qin Yi has been staring at Wu Hong for too long.

Wu Hong’s figure trembled slightly.

A strange silence spread through the air.

The soldier slowly shed two drops of sweat.

What’s the matter?

I’m so flustered.

At this moment, Lu Xing at the other end sat down in front of Lu Ji and whispered, “why don’t you go on with him?”

Lu Ji was cold and didn’t make a sound.

Lu Xing sighed heavily and said, “why don’t we go our separate ways like this? Qin Yi is very good, but I think it’s too good. And I think he seems smarter than you…”

Lu Ji: ”

Lu Xing carefully looked at the boss’s face and confirmed that the boss didn’t mean to turn over. Then he went on to say, “you can’t catch up with him, either…”

I can’t play with him.

Lu Xing whispered in his heart.

Lu Ji answered, “yes.”

Once, because he mistakenly thought Qin Yi was his true love powder, he paid more attention to Qin Yi. But the more you understand Qin Yi, the more you realize that his achievements are not worth mentioning. He thought his love was so shallow.

Lu Xing was frightened. Unexpectedly, Lu Jizhen would answer.

That, that is really to give up the pursuit?

At this time, Lu Ji suddenly sat up straight and dialed out the communication request again.

Lu Xing felt a little uncomfortable when he saw this. Alas, no one would have thought that there would be such an excellent Omega in the world who despised their boss

Qin Yi’s communicator suddenly lit up, breaking the strange atmosphere.

Qin Yi looked down and allowed communication access.

Over there, Lu Jifei quickly said, “my original heart has not changed.”

Qin Yi:?

Lu Ji: “it was wrong from the beginning. No one in the world can have absolute freedom. I have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the pirate fleet, which is not freedom in itself. Relative freedom will bring happiness. Qin Yi, my original heart should be to do what I want to do, even if it is to put shackles on myself. Wait, I will come back…”

He finished happily and cut off the call.

Union soldiers shouted a few more sleeping slots.

How awesome is Qin Yi’s charm?

Will Lu Ji come back after he’s gone? It doesn’t matter to fight with your rival?

After Lu Ji over there finished the call, he hung a statement on his backhand that “I’m not a pirate”.

What’s the point of being a pirate?

Lu Ji thought.

Later, when it was written in the history book, it soiled others next to Qin Yi’s name.

The alliance didn’t expect that Lu Jineng was so shameless that he became a pirate just after he issued a proposal to combat piracy.

What about your alpha dignity?

It’s agreed to be a pirate all your life. What about being unruly?

Lu Ji quickly pointed his gun at the other pirates nearby.

Just when the alliance wondered if he wanted to protect his reputation, break away from the pirate team and break off relations with Qin Yi… Good guy, Lu Ji fought with the initiative army led by the alliance.

It’s crazy.

Lu Ji also felt that his brain was not as smart as Qin Yi, let alone an old political monster like Zheng Yi’an.

But he can kill!

Hols overthrew the alpha doctrine, Zhou Yiqing and the imperial power were on the verge of breaking, and Zheng Yian and the alliance were completely turned over.

And he wants to make himself clean.

When written in history books in the future, maybe someone will write that a hero pursued Qin Yi, not a pirate and Qin Yi.

Lu Ji here is full of pride.

Zhou Yiqing’s call over there was also connected to Qin Yi.

Union soldier Xin said, this is really busy. Every day, Alpha’s greetings don’t stop.

Zhou Yiqing said, “Lu Ji was beaten by the Alliance Army?”

“Well.” Qin Yi answered and asked, “what’s the trouble with general Zhou?” if the alliance wants to carry it, it must first try its best to disperse the forces around him. Qin Yi was not surprised.

Zhou Yiqing: “you should have guessed.” he paused. The righteous Imperial General said in a calm tone: “Before that, I always had heavy shackles on my body, which was heavier than Zheng Yi’an. Countless honors were added to me, so I could not betray the country. The more people go up, the more complex forces on my body will become. I have long represented not only myself, but also my army, officials and families. Military power and imperial power are different Li, it has been like this since ten thousand years ago… ”

He wouldn’t say these words to his father.

Because his father is a firm loyal to the country.

If it was on his father, it’s not surprising that Mr. Zhou was willing to die.

“From Zheng Yi’an, the best opportunity has come,” Zhou Yiqing whispered.

This is what he didn’t expect in the past.

The former enemy and opponent, the only alpha in the world that can become an opponent with him, now we are standing on a nearly consistent line.

A year ago, no matter who it was, I couldn’t imagine it in my dream.

But it’s wonderful that this day has come.

And Qin Yi is this opportunity.

“Maybe you don’t care at all, but I still want to tell you about it, Qin Yi.” this is the most rebellious thing general Zhou has done since he folded paper roses last time.

“Maybe in a few days, all my glory and praise will disappear.” Zhou Yiqing said in a deep voice.

Qin Yi: “yes.”


Do you think I’ll walk around you in the future? A few months ago, it did. But it’s not for this reason.

From Qin Yi’s memory, it’s not too much to say that the whole empire depends on Zhou Yiqing alone.

He doesn’t like the marriage with Zhou Yiqing, but it doesn’t mean he hates Zhou Yiqing.

There is no doubt that Zhou Yiqing is powerful.

“How could it be? General Zhou’s glory has been cast on him for a long time and will not change because of anything. General Zhou’s loyalty to his country does not mean that he must be loyal to the imperial power, does he?” Qin Yi said slowly.

Union soldiers call the sleeping trough.

Zhou Yiqing is going against?!

Is this what I can hear? Will you kill me later?

Zhou Yiqing at the other end had a good meal.

His weak words just now are false. He has a hard heart and can only do it or not. Once he chooses to do it, of course, he will not waver. He just has a faint hope in his heart. He wants to listen to one or two words of comfort from Qin Yi’s mouth… After all, now he has learned that Qin Yi eats soft rather than hard.

But Zhou Yiqing didn’t expect that Qin Yi’s words just fit his heart.

“When you win, you can not be the emperor, so you can reduce more charges against you.” Qin Yi followed.

He didn’t like the imperial class and all kinds of rules, and didn’t like the imperial officials, but for the past Qin Yi, he just didn’t like it.

Now it’s different. Qin Yi completely jumped out of the circle of the past and saw a broader world.

“Have you ever heard of Gonghe?” Qin Yi said.

He read the word after he had read countless ancient books from the ancient earth.

Almost no one in the whole world knows the word.

Because few people are interested in books so far away.

Zhou Yiqing paused: “I’ll find out.”

Qin Yi seemed to open another door for him.

When the communication is cut off here, the alliance soldiers are completely in a trance.

It turns out that Omega can still talk to alpha about these things? Even if Qin Yi said that he had learned the art of war and would lead troops to the battlefield one day, he would not be surprised.

“You must have read a lot,” the soldier said absentmindedly.

“Not much. You can’t finish reading books in the local library on a planet alone. It’s even less valuable than the cosmic library.”

“No, it’s still a lot. You seem to read all kinds of books. How did you read it?” the alliance soldiers felt that they were an alpha and seemed ashamed in front of him.

Qin Yi tilted his head and said lightly, “if you were deprived of most opportunities to learn and forge ahead in your childhood, you will read a Book hungrily when you see it.”

Union soldiers were stunned.

Is that so?

No wonder Qin Yi bombed the Qin family… Maybe he didn’t live well in the Qin family… Other Omega are often treated as precious resources in the family. But they don’t have their own freedom before or after marriage.

Union soldiers suddenly felt that those delicate Omega were more like frogs cooked in warm water.

Everything experienced by Omega seems to be just a sugar coated gun bomb deliberately thrown by alpha. Their protection and pursuit are just to better dominate Omega.

He was startled at the thought.

The Union soldiers shook their heads and said that they were dazed by the recent turmoil

When the soldier looked up again, he found that Wu Hong was staring at Qin Yi with burning eyes, as if he was going to eat others.

Are you jealous? Or do you feel soft after listening to Qin Yi’s words?

If it were me, my heart would be softened into a pool of water… No, no, no, I can’t think of it! The soldier quickly pressed his mind for fear that Mr. Wu around him would know and kill him.

But soon he found that Mr. Wu had no time to care what he was thinking.

Because the Omega boy across the street pressed Wu Hong’s forearm again. He said, “don’t move.”

Then, Qin Yi’s fingers moved along the muscles of his forearm and rubbed them a little until they clung to the back of Wu Hong’s hand, bent his tail finger and gently hooked it.

When the pheromone was out of control that day, Qin Yi’s brain was dizzy. He hardly had time to observe more, but today

Qin Yi is very curious.

If it is really the Supreme God

Will Wu Hong blush?

Does God blush, too?


Then Wu Hong turned into a stone statue and didn’t move.

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi:!

Qin Yi: “why didn’t he breathe?”

Union soldiers were numb.

You ask me, where do I know? Is the next thing I can see? Will I die?


The imperial Presbyterian court killed the fierce lion regiment 2 stationed at the border star for no reason, and quickly ran to the headlines of STARNet. Immediately after that, Zhou Yiqing rebelled.

It rained all the galaxies that day.

The dark clouds are low.

The soldiers on the battlefield breathed out hard and said, “how do you feel that you are out of breath today? It seems that the sky is about to fall…”


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