I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 74

After a long period of confusion, Qin Yi vaguely confirmed that Wu Hong’s hard bar seemed different from the hard bar he understood.

Good guy, it’s really hard from head to toe and become like a stone.

Qin Yi breathed softly and whispered, “Zheng Yi’an, why are you here?”

This is a tried and true method.

People like Lu Ji and hols, even if they are as steady as Zhou Yiqing, usually stand up immediately after hearing the name of “love enemy”.

But Wu hongleng didn’t move.


Qin Yi licked his lips and was a little nervous.

Probably because of the tension and the solidification of the surrounding atmosphere, Qin Yi felt that the blood circulation all over his body was speeding up,… He nodded and fainted.

He unconsciously released his hand and took a staggering step.

Originally motionless, Wu Hong suddenly moved and grabbed Qin Yi’s wrist. In a few seconds, his strength quickly changed from strong and strong to light buckle and grasp.

Obviously, I still remember that I pinched and deformed things just now. Qin Yi reminded him of the sentence “move gently”.

“Thank you, Mr. Wu.” Qin Yi paused.

I wish people were still alive.

He almost thought that his pheromone was about to be comparable to biological and chemical weapons, and hook could kill a top alpha.

“Let’s go and see the flowers,” Qin Yi said.

Wu Hong lowered his eyes, looked vaguely at Qin Yi’s hand for a few seconds, and then loosened and nodded.

They turned and walked in front, and the Union soldiers walked behind, breathing heavily.

When he arrived at Wu Hong’s house, Qin Yi saw the flowers on the windowsill.

The flower did die again.

This time, the way of death was different from the last time. Last time, it seemed that in a very short time, the flowers suddenly bloomed to the extreme and quickly withered away. This time it was suddenly dead, directly strangled at its green age.

The Union soldiers followed closely and took a look. They were startled. They said that the flower was still good when we left. How can we say that death is so complete?

The flower died strangely.

Qin Yi’s eyes moved, then turned his head and whispered to Wu Hong, “there are wars all the way, and there are not many flowers.”

Wu Hong seemed completely surprised by the result. He was stunned for a second.

Qin Yi sighed lightly: “forget it, it seems that you are not suitable for raising flowers.”

Wu Hong’s eyelids jumped and pursed his lips.

The Union soldiers quickly and carefully peeped at his face. Ah, it felt that Mr. Wu’s mood seemed to fall to the bottom at once.

But Wu Hong didn’t say anything in the end.

Qin Yi saw the flowers and went back first.

That night, the Union soldiers found Wu Hong sitting on the sofa again and sitting alone all night.

The next day, the alliance fought with the rebels again, and Wu Hong went out with his mecha as usual.

The soldiers around Wu Hong couldn’t help but smack. Is this iron?

Qin Yi, who doesn’t need to join the war at the other end, rarely took the initiative to find Wang Qing.

Wang Qing didn’t sleep well all night, so he thought about whether to report the call he heard from Qin Yi yesterday to the Empire.

She felt that Qin Yi deliberately let her listen, just to test her

I’ve heard so many rumors about Qin Yi before, which is not as good as the real feeling at this moment.

After Qin Yi came to the door, Wang Qing clearly realized that Qin Yi was difficult to deal with.

“Do you still have such things there?” Qin Yi smiled. “I’m impressed when I see them.”

Qin Yi turns the mechanical doll in front of him.

Wang Qing: “no, no more.”

Obviously, Qin Yi is born Omega, and she is post differentiated. But she felt an inexplicable sense of oppression in front of him.

Qin Yi smiled regretfully, “OK.”

He asked, “do you have any way to get through the susceptibility period?”

Wang Qing came to the spirit: “are you… Pheromone out of control?”

Qin Yi: “come on.”

Wang Qing was very happy, but she couldn’t show it on her face. She smiled and said, “this is a normal phenomenon. You don’t have to worry about it. Why don’t you let Mr. Zheng mark you?”

Qin Yi: “too much trouble.”

“How could it be troublesome…”

Qin Yi: “so I decided to ask a doctor to cut off my glands.”

“Er, what are you talking about?!” Wang Qingteng stood up in shock.

what the fuck! what the fuck! How could Omega be so cruel? It’s fucking… It’s completely beyond the expectation of the Empire! Your Majesty’s plan does not envisage this direction at all!

Wang Qing was scared crazy by Qin Yi. She stammered, “you, don’t get excited, you’re still young…”

Qin Yi looked at her and whispered, “if you are really my mother, you can have another child, can’t you? I can take good care of him instead of you.”

Now Wang Qing is really scared crazy.

Qin Yi, is this a threat? Is it a threat? Has he seen through me?

But before Wang Qing made a sound again, Qin Yi got up and walked away lightly.

She was left in a daze.

Half an hour later, Wang Qing couldn’t help it anymore and began to try to contact the Empire.

At this time, the other side of the battlefield had just been cleaned up.

They also occupied a planet belonging to the alliance, which was mostly made up of craftsmen. Only after these people are captured can the resources in their hands produce real results.

Otherwise, you can’t hit the enemy directly with the alloy, can you? Of course, you have to refine it first and then make it into equipment.

After winning several battles in a row, Zheng Yian ordered the soldiers to rest themselves on the planet.

In fact, let them eat, drink and relax.

Wu Hong is certainly among them.

Several rebel soldiers walked behind him and couldn’t help muttering.

Their feelings towards Mr. Wu are really complicated. Mr. Wu brought them resources and did not do less on the battlefield. He and Mr. Zheng were almost invincible.

But the key is to wait for their husband to die quickly, so as to inherit their wife’s

“Mr. Wu.” a soldier in the back couldn’t help calling Wu Hong, “there’s nothing in front…”

Wu Hong kept walking.

They turned around and looked.


Flower market?

On the day of rest, the soldiers bought wine, materials and weapons

Only Wu Hong emptied the flower market of the whole star.

Melly bank on the other side:???

The person in charge of the bank tried to contact upward in great fear: “we suddenly disappeared and flew a large amount of money!”

The person above was also very confused and asked, “did you encounter any new fraud? Or did some star hackers hack into our system? Quickly trace where the money went?”

Here stammered, “on henrita.”

“That’s the territory of the Alliance…”

“No, just a few hours ago, it was occupied by the rebels.”

“Is it a rebel hacker?”

“No… which hacker would use such a huge sum of money to buy three tons of flowers?”


Melly bank is still crazy.

As soon as Jing Yuan and Zheng Yi’an came back from the inspection, they were fascinated by the fragrance of flowers coming from the camp and almost fell dizzy.

You know, if things that smell too sweet get together, the smell will stink.

Jingyuan fixed his eyes and had to admit it.

The scene was quite shocking.

Flowers and plants are already rare on some planets, not to mention in the military camp. When such a shop opens and the wind blows down, it is not like being on the planet of henrita, but like stepping into the famous tourist attraction Danxia flower sea.

“Sir, look…” Jingyuan hurriedly turned to see Zheng Yi’an.

You can’t learn this?

Zheng Yi’an: ”


I didn’t expect Wu Hong to have such a move.

Zheng Yian has done a lot of things in his life. How can he disintegrate a small country without bloodshed, and how can he cultivate his own power under the all-round monitoring of the prime minister

But it really depends on how to please a person.

I’m afraid he’s not as good as Lu Ji.

Zheng Yian’s eyes twinkled: “let me think.”

Qin Yigang at the other end raised his hand and pressed the button.

The plating color on the glass faded and became transparent. Of course, the scene outside the glass window came into view.

Qin Yi:?

I just went online to study where there were doctors doing surgery. How did I change places as soon as I opened the window?

Is it in the flowers???

Qin Yi first called two small robots and asked them to open the door and go out to check the situation.

After a while, the little robot came back with pollen all over his head, followed by Wu Hong, Zheng Yi’an and Jingyuan.

Qin Yi:?

All right.

Seeing the three of them, he knew he was still where he was and there was no problem!

“Won?” Qin Yi asked.

Zheng Yian nodded.

“Congratulations, Mr. Zheng.”

“You’re welcome, madam.”

Qin Yi tilted his head and smiled: “I’m going to discuss with Mr. Zheng. You see, we didn’t have a legal marriage certificate. Since Mr. Zheng came back alive, can I be laid off?”

In an instant, Jingyuan’s cold sweat came down.

He did it again!

Now Mr. Bai is happy

Who knows, Zheng Yi’an didn’t change his face. He quickly nodded and said, “OK.” after a pause, he immediately said, “I really want to thank you for everything you have done for the armed forces… I probably can’t pay it off in my life.”

Qin Yi looked at him in surprise.

Huh? Zheng Yian is so easy to talk?

Well, that’s right. Zheng Yi’an is not a fool. He’s a smart man. Of course he won’t entangle too much.

This is the most comfortable

Qin Yi smiled and then turned to Wu Hong.

“This is the flower Mr. Wu bought?” Qin Yi’s brain turned a corner and almost guessed.

Wu Hong nodded.

Qin Yi: “very beautiful, but… They are not as valuable as the flowers I gave Mr. Wu.”

Zheng Yian:?!


What, Qin Yi sent him flowers? Now it’s all sending flowers to each other?!

Jingyuan had to look at Wu Hong again.

Maybe Sir should learn from him?

Here, Qin Yi went on to say, “I gave you one basin of royal clothes yellow and one basin of Mrs. Boli… Their adult flowers are sold at an auction of 50 million per plant.”

The Union soldiers who came late behind heard this and called for the sleeping slot.

Such a cow?

So this Omega is still a big money maker? Even if he doesn’t do these things, he can raise flowers to make himself worry free and happy all his life!

Wu Hong nodded and said nothing.

He stared at Qin Yi for a while. His black and white eyes usually made people feel indifferent and terrible. But in front of Qin Yi, it seems to be covered with a layer of wet meaning.

That night.

The Union soldiers slept in a daze, as if they saw the flowers on the balcony. Slowly, they stretched their bodies a little bit.

It’s like being cast some magic. It’s alive.

When he woke up, it was busy outside. He got up and looked.

what the fuck! Those three tons of flowers are all dead!!!

He couldn’t help looking back at Wu Hong.

At this moment, he felt a real shudder. Will these things move with Mr. Wu’s mind? Just like him, I can’t resist Mr. Wu’s will.

Is this the power of Mr. Wu’s moodiness?

The soldier shivered.


Today’s weather is not very good. It’s foggy in the morning. As soon as I go out, I feel shrouded by water.

Qin Yi opened the door and went out. A dark shadow fell in front of him.

Qin Yi gently blinked: “Mr. Wu?”

Wu Hong stood outside his door holding the pot of flowers that should have died. Dew condensed on his black hair.

Qin Yi looked down.

Huh? Is this… Afraid of his anger?

good heavens.

If you can control the life and death of plants, don’t you already know your identity?

Qin Yi smiled and said, “didn’t you ask Mr. Wu last time how many relics of kandarati are there? Can we go to the next one if it’s convenient for Mr. Wu?”

The war of the whole universe is just around the corner.

Qin Yi doesn’t intend to wait like this.

Only advanced technology from a higher civilization can reduce the dimension of the battlefield with the lowest casualties.

Qin Yi even plans to go here and find the only doctor who has done gland removal surgery.

Wu Hong nodded, and rarely opened his mouth and asked, “is it just us?”

At this time, Zheng Yi’an just got up and walked on the way to the conference hall.

Along the way, everyone looked at his eyes and sighed a little.

Zheng Yian:?

Zheng Yi’an shouted to Jing Yuan, “what’s going on?”

Jingyuan: “all the flowers are dead.”

Zheng Yian: “Oh.” that feeling is good.

Zheng Yi’an’s thoughts suddenly came back——

Huh? What does it matter to him that the flower is dead??? Although he is the city government, deep-seated and dark, it really doesn’t matter to him!

Zheng Yian was speechless.

He has done so many bad things that no one believes that he is innocent.

Can he do it and kill his rival’s flowers all night?

Zheng Yi’an thought about it carefully.

… can do it.

You can even kill your rival and bury them with flowers.

Zheng Yi’an: ”

At this time, Melly Bank found that they had another larger private fund belonging to old Glaister.

That sum of money is 700 million!

What did you do this time?

Buy fucking flowers! It’s all precious flowers! Do thieves need to propose with flowers? So many expensive flowers, do you think the object of your proposal is Qin Yi?!


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