I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 75

Qin Yi told Zheng Yi’an that he was going to leave the rebel team temporarily.

Admit it or not, they are all one now. Of course, he can no longer treat his “allies” with the attitude and tricks of the past.

After hearing Qin Yi’s meaning, Zheng Yi’an slowly got up from his chair and handed the water cup to Qin Yi.

The cup contains the specialty of the planet.

The juice of ginkgo.

In the past, this kind of fruit was very expensive in the whole universe, and the alliance strictly controlled its export.

Now, with the occupation of the planet, it has become a special offering on Zheng Yi’an’s table.

Qin Yi takes the cup from Zheng Yi’an and takes a sip.

Then I heard Zheng Yi’an say, “you’re too tired and dangerous to take this trip. Is it to repay me for jumping into the wormhole? If so, it’s not necessary

“You know, I’ve always had my own selfish heart. The jumping worm hole is not pure enough.”

Speaking of this, Zheng Yi’an lowered his eyes and hid a little gray light from the bottom of his eyes.

These calculations and interest considerations have long been engraved into Zheng Yi’an’s bones.

This is the real me.

Zheng Yi’an thought.

Qin Yi drank up the juice in the water cup at one breath, returned the water cup to him, and said, “it’s not for Mr. Zheng, it’s for me to let go, not just bragging. It’s also for such good juice to appear on my table, not on the table of the stupid and disgusting alliance prime minister.”

Zheng Yi’an pursed his lower lip and couldn’t tell whether he was more disappointed or more calm at this moment.

But he grabbed the cup body and raised his eyes to face Qin Yi’s eyes. At this moment, he couldn’t help smiling.

If you don’t get more.

Such Qin Yi is enough to make him happy.

“Now that the wormholes have survived, please Mr. Zheng try to live longer this time.” Qin Yi said, got up and patted his ass and left.

Zheng Yi’an smiled, “OK.”

After Zheng Yi’an came out, Qin Yi went to Wang Qing again.

Wang Qing is scared to death now. He is afraid that Qin Yi will cut off the glands when he wakes up. At that time, everything will be in vain!

She greeted Qin Yi and entered the door: “drink water?”

“Just had a drink.”

“Then have some fruit?”

“Hmm?” Qin Yi answered and glanced at the fruit on the table.

Wang Qing quickly explained, “all the people in your army are very kind. Maybe they all think I’m your mother. They gave me a lot of food just after winning the war.”

From here, Wang Qing deeply felt how popular Qin Yi was.

So… Wang Qing can also imagine that once Qin Yi has an accident, if those alpha still have the spare power to liquidate the spies, she may end up dead.

Qin Yi stared at Wang Qing, smiled and said, “I just ate it.”

“Well… You just came to me today and I made you something to eat myself?”

Qin Yi shook his head: “I can’t eat.”

The atmosphere was strained.

Qin Yi sat on the sofa for about five minutes and stared at Wang Qing for a while.

So until Qin Yi finally left, Wang Qing couldn’t keep him to eat.

When the door closed, Wang Qing couldn’t help sitting down.

“It’s too difficult…”

The closer you get to Qin Yi, the more difficult you feel.

Not just the difficulty of completion.

Wang Qing even had an idea in his mind. If he can’t do it the next day, why don’t you forget it?

What terrible consequences that medicine can cause.

I’m also an Omega now

The day after Wang Qing hesitated, he got the news that Qin Yi was no longer in the army.

This mission directly and completely failed!

Qin Yi may have seen through her purpose.

Wang Qing was trembling and didn’t wait for alpha’s execution. However, there were obviously more soldiers guarding her door.

She clenched her teeth and ruthlessly cut off the connection with the Empire, so as not to die here directly after the evidence is conclusive.

The emperor of the Yanhuang Empire found that Wang Qing had lost contact. It was three days later.

The emperor’s first reaction was to vent his anger on the Qin family: “did you give the wrong information?”

Of course, the Qin family was so frightened that they quickly explained that they didn’t dare. They were loyal to their majesty.

“Then you mean my fault?” the emperor asked with his head down.

The Qin family was stunned by his changing face and stammered no more.

The royal family of the Yanhuang Empire has been oppressed by Zhou Yiqing all year round. I don’t know how many years I’ve held my anger in my chest.

Zhou Yiqing can’t move. Can’t he get angry with the garbage of the Qin family?

The emperor sat there with a gloomy face for a while, and then suddenly said, “send them near the rebels,… Since fake mothers can’t do it, let’s see if your father can do it.”

The Qin family are stupid.

Qin Yi’s bad luck didn’t wait. Now, they’re bad luck first!

The Qin family reacted and cried for mercy.

But the emperor was impatient and asked people to drag them down.

The Qin family here was soon implanted with a burst chip.

The man who sent them to the spaceship patted Qin Fu on the shoulder with a smile and said, “I don’t care what you do. Anyway, things can’t be solved. It’s good for you to blow up several rebels. At that time, the state will award you a commemorative medal of loyalty.”

These words scared the whole Qin family.

On the other side, Qin Yi has been on the spaceship.

The appearance of the spaceship is camouflaged, which makes it difficult to see that it is actually equipped with all the facilities of military spaceships.

Qin Yi sits in front of the window. The small machines are like little wives waiting for the call. They carry food with their hands, waiting for Qin Yi to send it to whoever he calls.

Wu Hong stood behind him and didn’t mean to sit side by side with Qin Yi.

Qin Yi didn’t ask him why he didn’t sit, but just chatted with him lazily.

Qin Yi: “did you live in kandarati ruins before? Where did you get the money you spent? I remember I didn’t draw much money into your communicator.”

Union soldiers opened their mouths in the back.

Qin Yi suddenly turned back: “you stand there and don’t move.” he paused. “I’ll listen to Mr. Wu himself.”

The soldier paused in fear.

Wu Hong looked down at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi also turned to meet his eyes, magnanimous.

Their eyes met for about three or four minutes.

Then Qin Yi first turned his head and looked out of the window again.

Wu Hong couldn’t hold back. He whispered, “I don’t live in kandarati. I have money in Melly bank.”

Qin Yi nodded and asked, “did you buy flowers again?”

Wu Hong: “… HMM.”

Qin Yi actually asked. Unexpectedly, Wu Hong really bought it again.

Qin Yi said with a laugh, “I won’t buy those expensive flowers this time, will I?”

Wu Hong: “yes.”

Qin Yi has never seen him like this.

“I sent you flowers. How did you finally spend a lot of money to buy them?”

Wu Hong stared at him and whispered, “because you said you were fighting all the way and there were no more flowers.”

Qin Yi reacted.

good heavens!

Your brain circuit is really a little strange

Feelings, you buy so many flowers, just to let me have flowers for you?

Put it here and buy yourself a present, don’t you?

If the Supreme God is like this.

The God is a little cute.

“Since you bought so many flowers, let’s not waste it. How about carrying a boat of flowers and pretending to be a florist?” Qin Yi asked.

Wu Hong certainly won’t have any opinion.

He lacks interest in everything. Now Qin Yi’s opinion is his opinion.

The two sides soon reached an agreement.

At this time, Mr. whale came slowly.

Yes, Mr. whale and Alin followed their team.

After all, Mr. Jing has no formal alliance with the rebels. It’s no surprise that he runs to Qin Yi and then to Qin Yi.

Zheng Yi’an couldn’t stop him.

On reflection, Mr. whale can’t put out two beautiful farts every day. It’s not enough to be afraid.

So Mr. whale appeared on Qin Yi’s ship.

Qin Yi has no opinion.

He now cherishes his life. He must not die before the coalition prime minister is dead. Otherwise, he will lose face.

With Mr. whale, there is more security. It is also convenient for him to level a bowl of water.


At this time, Qin Yi turned around and told Mr. whale the camouflage method he had just told Wu Hong.

Alin immediately asked a key question: “how do we allocate identity?”

Qin Yi pointed to himself: “I, boss.”

Lin hesitated for a moment, pointed to Mr. whale and asked, “here, your wife?”

Mr. whale’s face twitched quietly, but at last he didn’t say anything and let Alin rush to the front instead of him.

Qin Yi was stunned.


Is Mr. whale so unruly? Can he do it?

If you say so

Qin Yi pointed to Wu Hong: “little wife?”

Now Mr. whale is stunned.

Mr. whale has no expression change on his face, but his eyes are quite complex.

How to say? It’s just a little sour.

How long has Mr. Wu Hong been here? He has his share in everything?

Qin Yi here also estimated that Wu Hong should refuse.

Wu Hong said, “No.”

Qin Yi nodded and was ready to move on to the next topic.

Wu Hong: “I don’t make small ones.”

Qin Yi:???

Mr. whale: ”

Do you still want to be big?

Alin was also shocked.

I can’t wait to turn around and say to Mr. whale, “look at others! Look! How dare you say!”

Wu Hong turned his head and stared at Mr. whale.

The two are not human alpha. They look at each other and see a trace of strength from each other’s eyes.

Qin Yi had to interrupt: “forget it, I don’t really want to have two alpha wives…”

It’s okay to fight somewhere else.

Later, if a fight blows up his ship, he will kill alpha!

Finally, Qin Yi made the decision. They dressed up as a family of three.

Which three?

Two alpha brothers and one Omega brother.

Otherwise, no one wants to be a son. It’s not.


The silent Mr. whale opened his mouth: “brother, do you have the difference between big brother and second brother?”

Qin Yixin said the question was simple. He clapped his hands and said, “according to age.”

Mr. whale: “I have lived in the universe for more than 30000 years.”

It’s rare for Mr. whale to be so successful.

Because of his race, no man can match his age.

Wu Hong: “I have no age. I can’t see the origin and the end when I come…”

The Union soldiers were stunned when they heard it. They said you didn’t want to say that you live the same life as the universe, did you?

Looking at the two people beginning to argue about age, Qin Yi was speechless.jpg

The ah Lin thought, looked at Qin Yi and said, “which of them do you think is older?”

Qin Yi pointed to Wu Hong and completely blocked their way to argue again.

Ah Lin muttered that he had to learn from his rival!

Then I thought about pulling Mr. whale down to make up lessons.

Mr. Jing here doesn’t know Wu Hong’s true identity at all. He thought Qin Yi was deliberately partial to Wu Hong, and the light in his eyes darkened quietly.

Mr. whale and Alin are ready to leave.

Qin Yi suddenly remembered another thing: “Mr. whale, wait.”

Mr. whale missed a beat in the bottom of his heart.

Are the peaks turning around?

Qin Yi asked, “did Mr. Jing just communicate with his family? What happened?”

Zhou Yiqing was constrained by the Empire. Lu Ji met the pirates and the initiative army to eliminate pirates.

If Mr. whale has trouble here

Of course, ask clearly. It’s better to prepare early.

Mr. whale: “… Yes.”

“It’s nothing else, but the people reported that they had received a strange telegram. The other party claimed to be able to solve the problem of ethnic continuity that has plagued the Kayabi for many years,” he said

This sounds like good news, but Mr. whale’s expression doesn’t look very happy.

Qin Yi blinked slowly.

This sounds incredible, but it’s not impossible.

Qin Yi asked in a low voice, “will Mr. whale go back to the keyabi system to have a look? Mr. whale may find a real bride there.”

When he just learned the news, Mr. whale was happy.

But when Qin Yi said this, he felt that his mood fell uncontrollably.

Mr. whale pursed his lower lip and said, “wait a minute. The other party has agreed to arrive at keabi’s clan land on August 11, and they will show their sincerity at that time.”

“That’s next month?”

“Well,” Mr. whale said, adding, “it’s still early.”

Qin Yi nodded and turned to command the soldiers to drive the spaceship and turn to another direction to meet the flowers bought by Wu Hong.

Seeing this, Mr. whale unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s good not to let him go at once.

They soon picked up the flowers.

Countless precious flower seeds were filled with spaceships, and the alpha were able to see that Qin Yi would cultivate flowers.

They followed the route and soon reached the first place.

The planet is located between the border between the alliance and the rimu Empire, probably in a three no matter zone.

The doctor Qin Yi is looking for is on this planet.

Instead of going straight to the door, he first implanted a program into a small robot, and then sent it out.

After all this, Qin Yi looked back and found that Wu Hong was sitting behind him, looking at the little robot.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yi smiled. “Do you like robots, too?”


This word is wonderful.

Wu Hong drew an equation directly.

Qin Yi likes robots = Qin Yi likes me.

The Union soldiers stopped talking and finally opened their mouth: “Mr. Wu wants to say that he can go too. He is better than a robot…”

I think Qin Yi likes robots very much.

The meaning received by the alliance soldiers turned a corner and became: “he is as powerful as a robot.”

Qin Yi:?

Want to replace robots?

Qin Yi couldn’t laugh or cry: “Mr. Wu is reserved for his use. Such a small thing should be left to a small robot.”

Union soldiers found that after Qin Yi said this, Mr. Wu seemed to be in a better mood.

It’s so easy to coax???

Gland surgery is illegal in this era, and the circumstances are quite serious.

So the doctor hid in such a place, which is very difficult to find.

After the little robot went out, he didn’t come back until the next morning.

The little robot pushed the door in, and its arms and legs were a little broken.

It limped to Qin Yi and broadcast a bad news with a mechanical radio: “he’s not there anymore. Someone took him away.”

“Hmm?” Qin Yi frowned and fell into silence.

That’s not reasonable.

Who will take the doctor?

You should know that staying with a doctor, once discovered, will be punished with the same crime.

Qin Yi went out with a new little robot.

I’ll come back after the dispatch.

Wu Hong stared at him in silence, his eyes black and white.

Qin Yi explained to him, “Mr. Wu is a big killer. It’s not suitable to take it out like this.”

Wu Hong dropped his eyes in an instant, as if he didn’t dare to meet his eyes again.

Should it be dismissed?

Qin Yi smacked his mouth and stood up. When he walked past Wu Hong, he found that the man’s body seemed to be shaking gently.

Qin Yi was stunned and hurriedly asked, “is Mr. Wu okay?”

Wu Hong shook his head.

Qin Yi wants to see his expression.

Is he sad? Angry? Or what?

But Wu Hong didn’t mean to look up.

Qin Yi had to give up.

It turns out that alpha heart is also a submarine needle.

Ah, No.

The heart of the gods is also a submarine needle.

Thinking of this, Qin Yi thought it was very interesting. After walking two steps away, he smiled gently.

He thought, if this is God, it is completely different from the records of the divine court.

The Union soldiers over there thought they’d better be a qualified dog leg, so they cautiously came to Wu Hong.

“Mr. Wu, you……” as soon as he opened his mouth, Wu Hong raised his head.

Wu Hong’s cold, pale and gloomy face suddenly added something fresh.

Union soldiers recovered

Mr. Wu… Laughing?!

Are you happy to say you’re a big killer?

Isn’t it scary to say that you’re going to the next stop? This is scary, so don’t expect to get any information from the local population!

Is this the art of speaking?!

Change a way from Qin Yi’s mouth and say it, you can coax Mr. Wu.

Union soldiers were shocked.

In fact, he should be glad that Wu Hong is not interested in what he is thinking.

Otherwise, Wu Hong has thrown him to make flower fertilizer.

Another day passed.

The little robot came back with a lot of information about doctors, including all the gossip.

Qin Yi patted the skull of the little robot with satisfaction: “you’re great.”

Even though he clearly knew that the little robot was not a living body, he sincerely praised each other.

Qin Yi: “wait, go to the ruins first.”

Wu Hong looked at the little robot for two more eyes before he caught up with Qin Yi.

Under the leadership of Wu Hong, they soon arrived at the first ruins.

Qin Yi sighed: “unfortunately, there is no allied army to help transport this time…”

The number of rebels is still less than that of the coalition army. Now the war is in a white hot state. It is risky for them to draw out manpower.

But things have to be transported.

So Qin Yi stayed here for two days.

Two days later, on a border star of the alliance, people in the military factory woke up and found that all the military robots in the factory were missing.

Under Qin Yi’s new instructions, these robots served as porters who were not afraid of hardship and fatigue.

Qin Yi also left some insect shaped robots as supervisors.

Then he rushed to the next relic.

But this relic

“Been mined?” Qin Yigang made a confused voice as soon as he landed.

I saw a large area of land defect on this barren star.

The nearby mountains have also been excavated in half.

Wu Hong lowered his eyes and swept away.

The Union soldier spoke instead of him: “Mr. Wu said that only 5% of the resources of this relic have been excavated.”

Mr. Jing and others couldn’t help looking at Wu Hong more.

How can he know at a glance?

Qin Yi still believes in Wu Hong.

He nodded, opened the mecha, sat in and headed for the mountain.

Of course, the others quickly followed.

Qin Yi looked at the rock fault of Dashan: “the excavation seems to have lasted for many years. There are old and new fault traces. I said, why didn’t there be any news of the discovery of relics before. It seems that the excavation work here is not organized troops, but some private organizations, so the progress is so slow…”

Alin suddenly exclaimed, “here… There’s an underground passage.”

In an hour.

They went straight to the bottom of the passage.

This is a huge underground factory.

They process here and try to make more advanced biological mecha. It is also equipped with a laboratory.

The numbers of these mecha parts are only 11 digits.

Qin Yi took out the mechanical toy from his mother and put it together with those parts.

Qin Yi’s eyelashes trembled slightly and then hung down. He whispered, “it’s a little interesting.”

Then he looked up at a huge groove in the middle of the room.

The grooves connect countless pipes, which are transparent and floating with transparent or blue liquid in the middle.

“The people here didn’t expect us to find here. They took this place as their base camp, so they stored a lot of data here and didn’t intend to take it away. Now there is no one here, so they should just leave for a short time.

“Search all the information here and take away the light brain.

“Then we go to the next relic.”

Qin Yi made a decision soon.

Alin was a little surprised: “don’t we go to find the people here?”

Qin Yi: “if you had a rare resource and left this place for the first time after years of isolation, what would you do?”

Alin: do something big

Qin Yi nodded: “well, so we don’t have to find it. They will take the lead. It’s more important to find the rest of the ruins first.”

Arlene couldn’t help talking.

Xin said that if you become the bride of our king, maybe in a thousand years, keabi will be able to expand its territory and dominate the whole universe.

There are still a few ruins that are not unexpected. They can be sure that they have not been found by anyone.

Then the alliance lost three more batches of military robots.

Later, Qin Yi thought that he was embarrassed to catch a place to collect.

So that day, the emperor of the Yan and Huang Empire got up and found that the following people reported a very outrageous thing——

Three batches of military robots in the military factory have been lost!

The emperor’s face was gloomy: “is it only such a small matter that deserves to be reported to me? What about military affairs? Is it only Zhou Yiqing who deserves to listen?”

His jealousy and anger finally burned to the extreme.

The emperor bowed his head and asked the people at the lower level, “what do you think of general Zhou colluding with the Zerg?”

The emperor did not know that this was actually a thing handed to his desk, which would change the Empire, no, even the whole universe, the biggest thing!

The other end.

A spaceship quietly landed on the territory of the Yan and Huang empire.

A beautiful Omega came down from above.

His face is young and beautiful, but his eyes are a little old, which makes him look a little disobedient, but it doesn’t matter.

Wearing a white shirt, grey trousers and an emerald watch, he is gently asking a beta: “do you know who is the most powerful alpha in the world?”

The other party was stunned, and then said with a smile, “which country are you from?”

Omega was unhappy when she heard this, but she held it down.

Beta said, “no one.”

“No one?”

“Because there are more than one of the most powerful alpha in the world. General Zhou Yiqing, crown prince hols, Mr. Lu Ji, the king of keabi and Mr. Zheng Yi’an… Oh, maybe with the new Mr. Wu, they are all the most powerful alpha.”

Omega paused and smiled, “Oh, there are so many capable people in this era.”

“You can go,” Omega said, giving him some money.

Beta couldn’t help muttering. She wondered why anyone gave cash these days?

He held the currency in his hand, turned his head and took two steps. Suddenly he remembered something, so he turned back and said, “but they are not the most powerful. If you really want to say, in fact, the most powerful is Qin Yi.”

Qin Yi?

The name is strange.

Omega keeps him in mind.

Is he even stronger than the kiabi who lived tens of thousands of years?

That’s him.

The first thing he woke up was to choose the most powerful alpha for himself.

The beta over there muttered to himself as he walked: “an Omega can control several top alpha. Isn’t he the best? No one in the world can beat him!”

He muttered and dropped the money in his palm.

The money flew in circles and hit him hard in the palm of his hand.

Beta looked down and was stunned.

“Grass.” he couldn’t help swearing, “which backward planet did Omega come from? If you don’t want to give money, you won’t be so stingy. Take out all the money during the reign of emperor Cheng Feng!”

Chengfeng emperor.

In the history of the Yanhuang Empire, an emperor with considerable talents and skills, his personal strength has reached the 4S level.

He is also famous for his civilian Omega wife, the queen of roses.

An early generation fan recorded in history.


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