I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 76

At this time, the Limu empire was brightly lit.

People came and went in a hurry in the hall.

This has been going on for many days.

When the crown prince hols returned to China with relic resources, he urgently dispatched people to quickly use less materials to produce S-class mecha, and the ex factory yield was as high as 13%.


%Is it low?

no Not only not low! It’s already quite terrible!

You know, it’s an S-class mecha! Class s!

Before using these new resources brought back, the manufacturing of S-class mecha takes up to one year, and the yield of one batch is only 1%.

From 1% to 13%.

Even ordinary citizens who no longer know the military industry will know what a miracle this number represents.

It also represents what kind of new era their country will enter!

The yield of class a machine armor ranges from 5% to 22%.

The yield of b-pole machine a ranges from 20% to 50%

All kinds of data are more intuitive than the media hype and how to exaggerate that the kandalati relics will change the whole world!

When a new S-class mecha appears in front of the public in such a short time.

The people are crazy.

They shouted the name of hols.

After all, only a strong country can create people’s happiness.

The severe shortage of S-class and A-class aircraft throughout the universe will no longer affect them.

Not to mention that at this time, hols personally presided over a press conference to announce that these new materials are likely to develop more advanced new weapons.

The future war mode may be further upgraded.

At this time, hols does not need to make it clear what kind of weapons will be developed and what changes will take place in the mode of war.

The people are completely convinced.

The attendant stood behind hors and said with a complicated look: “at the sardins forum, the vote for Qin Yi to become the Crown Princess of the Limu Empire has reached 970 million votes.”

You know, the total population of the Limu empire is only 1.7 billion.

More than half of the people have voted.

Just knowing that hors went to the wormhole for Qin Yi and fought with Zhou Yiqing, Qin Yi returned from the wormhole and became the first time in history to rebel against Omega.

The people of the rimu empire are very unhappy.

But when they knew that the matching degree between Qin and Italy was as high as 100%, they were happy again. Although I still don’t have much respect, I only treat Qin Yi as an object.

Later, they knew that Qin Yi was Zheng Yi’an’s widow. They were unhappy.

But now it’s better.

The attendant recalled this series of ups and downs.

The heart said that Qin Yi left here to rise and fall, torturing people’s mentality? This is about to cure the people of the Empire for their problems with Omega!

Hols was not surprised by the result.

“They thought they could vote?” Holmes moved his lips. “Daydream.”

I don’t know whether this is about the people or himself.

HALS’s thoughts drifted away unconsciously.

He thought that if the whole universe had a vote, Qin Yi might get nearly 10 billion votes.

Even the passing ants couldn’t help but vote for him.

More than Lu Ji’s fans in the whole universe.

Then the attendant at the door whispered, “Your Majesty.”

His Majesty the emperor of the rimu Empire came in slowly.

He couldn’t help but say to hors, “you’re right. Under absolute persistence and power, those families who refused to give in also bowed their heads. But if you are carrying out the new deal for Qin Yicai, the price is still a little high.”

“No, you’re wrong.” hols denied him. “After the implementation of the new deal, my control over the imperial regime will be closer and stronger. Those nobles who once relied on the alpha of the family will kneel more respectfully in front of me. My control over the empire may reach an unprecedented height.”

“Yes…” emperor Limu couldn’t help boiling his blood.

Hols: “so these are brought by Qin Yi.”

He tapped the front screen below.

A mechanical arm immediately held the light brain and handed it to Emperor rimu.

“Have you found any changes in the implementation of the new deal these days?”

“Change? You mean those civilians Omega tried to take to the streets?”

“The survival rate of newborns is getting higher,” hols said.

The emperor of Limu seemed to understand something.

Can Qin Yi really bring so many changes virtually? From military, to politics, to the most basic thing in a country – newborn.

It’s been hols’s busiest time recently.

In order to pursue Qin Yi, he publicly stated that Ao was equal in power. Therefore, he dealt with the imperial aristocrats and giants. On the one hand, he also paid attention to the changes of the current situation, and then put a large number of new resources into production

At this time, the arrogant crown prince really felt like a person in power who shouldered the national destiny and assumed great responsibility.

Not just the crown prince who holds power and has high hopes.

He has far more to do than once outlined in the childish blueprint.

“Take your time,” said hols, opening the military communicator in front of him.

The emperor couldn’t help asking, “what are you doing?”

Hols: “say good morning to Qin Yi.”

Emperor: ”

The emperor thought, although Qin Yi is very awesome, now the whole universe knows that he is awesome, and I don’t deny it.

But you’ve done so much for him, and you still have to hurry to say good morning. Is it a bit of a loss?

As a result, there were two “didi” sounds at the other end, and there was no following.

Emperor: “what channel are you on?”

Hols: “the military band of the coalition rebels.”

When he left, he asked Jingyuan for it.

Emperor: “the signal of military frequency band is not bad…”

Hols: Yes, so the other end is occupied

The emperor suddenly reacted: “… Zhou Yiqing? Or Lu Ji?”

Hols: “it’s all possible.”

The emperor was shocked: “they don’t all want to say good morning to Qin Yi?”

Hols: “well, maybe I want to say good afternoon.” because the time zones are different.

The emperor showed a weak smile of “I have too little knowledge”.

So, son, you want to fold your body, but you have to queue up?

Lu Ji at the other end is swearing.

Either stupid hols or stupid Zhou Yiqing occupied the frequency band!

Finally, Zhou Yiqing was successfully connected.

But he just opened his mouth and asked, “where’s Qin Yi?”

Zheng Yi’an smiled very badly.

Zheng Yian: “not here.”

Zhou Yiqing: ”

He was about to cut off the frequency band and didn’t want to see his rival’s face again.

Zheng Yi’an: “I went with Wu Hong. Mr. whale followed me.”

Zhou Yiqing gave a meal and quickly responded: “have they found a new relic?”

Zheng Yi’an nodded, “Admiral Zhou is so clever.”

Zhou Yiqing stared at Zheng Yi’an.

General Zhou was just another alpha, and he couldn’t help being jealous at the moment.

“Qin Yi made up a story about how much he liked you.” Zhou Yiqing said. That nonsense is that after Zheng Yi’an came back, he broke it.

If you like each other, it’s false.

Then why

Zhou Yiqing: “I don’t quite understand why Mr. Zheng can get so much preference?”

Compared with them, Zheng Yi’an really got too many good things here in Qin Yi.

Not to mention the value of things themselves, Qin Yi’s “preference” is enough to make people sour.

Zheng Yi settled down.

Of course, he knows that it’s not because Qin Yi likes him.

But Zheng Yi’an still felt happy, even a little subtle complacency.

He never got any preference.

But it all makes up once.

Zheng Yi’an raised his eyebrows and said with a complicated look, “maybe it’s because I was miserable by Qin Yi before.”

Zhou Yiqing: “…?”

A road never imagined.

Didn’t we get enough?

The alpha people who lined up here to find Qin Yi failed to find Qin Yi in the end.

Trying to access Qin Yi’s private communicator is even more hopeless.

They even wondered for a moment whether Qin Yi had left a fake contact information when he sent resources.

Obviously, I was out of experience and began to answer.

“Innocent” Qin Yi sat in the spaceship and sneezed gently.

For a moment, everyone in the spaceship stared at him, all carefully, for fear that he would get sick.

Qin Yi sighed: “robots are not enough.”

It’s not just robots.

Qin Yi thinks that with robots, there must be transport ships or something.

It’s all in the military factory anyway.

You can’t come in vain.

So Qin Yi copied the military factories of the alliance and the Yanhuang Empire, not to mention robots, but also copied several transport ships.

Because it was the robot that Qin Yi sent out to steal the robot.

That’s a bit of a doll.

However, because there was no manpower, it was difficult for the military factory to prevent it. Afterwards, it didn’t even know where to find the suspect. After all, just watching the surveillance video, good guy, it’s your military robot driving your transport spacecraft.

Qin Yi just took the doll empty handed and used the ID card that had been in the hands of the stupid fugitive and was domineering on a remote planet to play an unprecedented new trick.

The Union soldiers on one side were speechless.jpg

But according to Wu Hong’s meaning, “Mr. Wu said they were too waste to keep up with the production speed.”

Union soldier heart said, I have never heard such a brazen speech!

Can make the alliance Prime Minister angry!

Qin Yi looked down and thought, there are four ruins… No more people can be assigned to transport and excavation.

After all, the relic is absolutely confidential and cannot be used by people who are not absolutely trusted.

That’s it.

Qin Yi thought.

Only he and Wu Hong know how many remains remain.

Qin Yi learned to leave a way for himself when he was young.

It’s the same today.

“Let’s turn around and send Mr. whale back to keabi first?” Qin Yi looked up and asked.

Qin Yi opens his mouth, who will refuse?

The Union soldier said in his heart, don’t you know that you are a speaker now?

In this way, their ship carried flowers to keabi.

At this time, both the alliance and the Yanhuang empire are playing back the videos of military factories stolen.

The Prime Minister of the alliance said firmly, “this is Qin Yi’s pen. What does he want to do? He doesn’t want to use these robots and transport ships to dig mines?”

The Presbyterian court of the Yan and Huang empire was divided.

“There was a riot in the alliance last time, and now it appears more frequently… Beware of artificial intelligence!”

“How to guard against? Others are upgrading and becoming stronger by relic resources. Now you tell me to guard against artificial intelligence?”

The people of the Yanhuang Empire were also very unhappy.

They frequently ask:

Why hasn’t general Zhou come back yet

[didn’t we get the relic resources? I’m jealous to see the new mecha of the Limu empire!]

[general Zhou is also one of the fianc é s? You work hard!]

[it is said that Qin Yi gave it, but admiral Zhou can’t come back now. Well, the royal family feels that they have been elevated, so they deduct the army and military expenses. As soon as Admiral Zhou is angry, he fights on the border.]

[horizontal groove?!]

[general Zhou also said to completely transform the country and let the people be the masters]

Just when the imperial royal family still wanted to use indiscriminate means to return to imperial power, public opinion had wavered in invisible places.

Just when the alliance lost four more planets and the Yanhuang empire lost its border.

Qin Yi’s spaceship landed slowly on a small planet.

There is a very wide light band near the small planet. It is so long that you can hardly see your head.

Across this light band, you will enter the mysterious region of the Kayabi family.

This light band is special, and ordinary spacecraft can’t cross it at all.

This ensures the isolation and undisturbed of the Kayabi people.

So Qin Yi they stayed on the small planet for a while, waiting for the kiabi to send their own spaceship to meet them.

This small planet is really too marginal, but perhaps because it is close to keabi, the folk wind is like a Pali city-state behind a wormhole.

Qin Yi has worked here for two days, and his business is really good.

Romantic planet residents visit every day, and they like to chat with Qin Yi.

There is almost no alpha on this planet, because no alpha is willing to stay on such a remote planet without seeing the future.

Therefore, residents are inevitably curious about Qin Yi and his party.

“Is this your husband?” someone looked at Wu Hong and asked, “he’s really tall. It’s alpha, isn’t it?”

Qin Yi was about to say no, when the residents opposite suddenly screamed, accompanied by a soft sound of “bang”.

Qin Yi looked back.

I saw a pot of flowers on the shelf fried.

Qin Yi:???

The residents didn’t immediately call the police to accuse Qin Yi of carrying explosives. She just covered her lips and said in some panic: “your flower is different… I saw it suddenly… Grow rapidly, the petals relax, bloom, decline, and then… It exploded.”

The process of nature, which should have lasted for months, was completed in the blink of an eye.

Qin Yi quickly turns back to see Wu Hong.

Wu Hong stood upright, just slightly lowered his head, so that people could not see the look on his face.

It makes him look strong and dangerous.

It’s just that this is Wu Hong in other people’s eyes.

In Qin Yi’s eyes

Qin Yi called out to the good guy.

Now he can be completely sure why the two potted flowers sent to Wu Hong have completely different ways of death.

The first potted flower was killed by Wu Hong???

When he is happy, Mr. Wu Hong, who holds the power of the gods, will make the plants around him grow and blossom quickly, and quickly decline.

Last time I was happy because he gave him a gift?

This time, the residents were happy because they asked, “is this your husband?”.

Is this Mr. Wu Hong’s implicit, reckless and uncontrollable joy?

Qin Yi looked at Wu Hong again.

Wu Hong still lowered his head.

It seems that I can’t meet his eyes at all.

Qin Yi stopped his eyes and turned to look at the resident: “sorry, you may have heard such a legend? Many flowers are spiritual, just as the biological mecha has long been separated from the cold mecha itself. When it sees the most beautiful scenery in its life, it will try its best to bloom its beauty in order to repay the scenery in front of it.”

The residents in front couldn’t help but cover their lips and smile: “really? I’ve never heard of it. Although it has withered, I still want to buy it.”

Few people praise beta.

The beta woman was very useful for Qin Yi’s euphemistic praise, so she decided to buy it.

Qin Yi stood up and said, “wait a minute. I’ll refill the basin for you.”

Qin Yi walks to the fragment and is ready to squat down. Wu Hong squats down first, holds up the withered flowers in the fragment, and then hands them to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi took the flowers.

The flower has indeed withered badly. With the explosion of the flowerpot, its petals and roots even have some defects.

Qin Yi doesn’t really like flowers.

But that was the best thing he could ever learn.

Flowers are beautiful and fragile.

Qin Yi grabbed the withered flowers and the nutrient soil stained his hands. He didn’t feel dirty, but there seemed to be a feeling that Wu Hong’s happiness was held in his palm and kneaded by him.

Qin Yi dispelled this strange idea, then refilled it and handed it to the female beta.

She happily hugged the potted flower and left.

At this time, Qin Yi remembered, ah, patronizing to appease her fear, and forgot to tell her that this is not my husband, but now it is my “brother”.

It is certainly unnecessary to catch up and clarify.

Wait another time, Qin Yi thought.

Next to another male beta, she couldn’t help scratching her head at this time.

But unfortunately, no next pot of flowers bloomed and exploded at him.

Male beta had to give up, turned to look at Mr. whale who came slowly from the other side and said, “he’s your brother? Don’t say, he looks like the king of keabi.”

Qin Yi nodded: “well, it’s a bit like.”

Male beta said: “I’ve heard that a spaceship will come to meet their princess in two days. Maybe your brother should ask. Maybe he’s a wandering Kayabi?”

Qin Yi caught another word first: “princess?”

At this time, Mr. whale just came over. He almost blurted out, “it’s not me.”

Qin Yi looked back: “hmm?”

Mr. whale was silent for a moment and said, “I didn’t order it.”

Alin sighed and said, “I’m sorry. I told the family that I was coming to meet the princess.”

Male beta:???

His eyes widened and he said, “what did I hear?”?

Here, Qin Yi nodded and said, “well, I believe Mr. whale. Please bring another pot of flowers to Mr. whale.”

Mr. whale answered.

He knew that Qin Yi ordered him just to politely alleviate his sense of guilt.

Mr. Jing could not be happy for Qin Yi’s consideration.

He turned to carry the flowers, and Alin followed.

The small warehouse in the back is full of flowers bought by Wu Hong.

Lin stood between the flowerpots and asked in a low voice, “why do you deny it? If it was the crown prince of Limu and Lu Ji, they wouldn’t deny it…”

After that, Alin sighed, “so you are not them. The long years have only taught you silence and rejection.”

Ah Lin murmured, “Wu Hong is so treacherous. He didn’t speak. He took a telephone with him. He said everything he wanted to say. He won’t offend you.”

Alin said in a painful voice, “you don’t have their deep mind and many means… I think it’s hopeless.”

Talk here.

The door on the other side.

A beautiful Omega came in slowly with some beta men.

He said, “I want to buy flowers.”

Qin Yi looked up and said, “well, choose it yourself.”

After a rough sweep of Omega, it was a little shocked that such a small flower shop on a remote planet actually had so many precious varieties.

After his shock, he soon picked it carefully.

At last he picked a pot of Mrs. Boli.

“How much is it?”

Qin Yi: “30 million star coins.”

Beta’s men behind Omega blurted out, “so expensive?”

Qin Yi: “Mrs. Boli has always been this price. If it is at the auction, it will be more expensive.”

Beta’s men hesitated for a moment and whispered to omega, “we are short of funds…”

Omega said, “there will be one soon. Don’t worry.”

Beta’s men asked, “are you going to take it to keabi?”

Qin Yi gently raised his eyebrow when he heard this.

At this time, Mr. whale also brought out the flowers.

I only heard Omega say, “no, I’ll give it to Qin Yi.”

Qin Yi himself sitting opposite him:?

At the same time, Mr. Jing and Wu Hong, alliance soldiers and Alin almost all set their eyes on Qin Yi.

Mr. whale was already in a low mood.

He could not help but say, “where did you meet?”

Qin Yi:???

Well, Wu Hong is one of my fiancees. It really has something to do with it, but I really don’t know this! And he’s an Omega! What do you think I’m doing?

The Union soldiers sighed.


It turned out that alpha kept coming to the door. Now Omega has it! He also provoked in front of several alpha and said he would send flowers to Qin Yi!

The rebel soldier sent by Zheng Yi’an to follow him hesitated: “why don’t you listen to his wife’s sophistry first, no, explain…”


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