I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 77

At this time, the strange Omega was a little confused at the bottom of her heart, but she had not been able to associate the florist with Qin Yi.

Omega just made a faint voice: “your shop is not very polite. It seems that you can’t see guests.”

Who knows, the alpha clerk here not only didn’t feel guilty or sorry when he heard his voice, but even looked back at him coldly.


Who has a good face for his fucking rival?

Really think we’re serious flower sellers?

The speechless Qin Yi had to turn his head and look at Omega: “what’s your name, please?”

Omega a meal, but still smiled and said, “Li Yuan, my name is Li Yuan.”

Qin Yi: “Hello, Hello, you sit first.”

The name seems to be, seems to be, or maybe a little familiar.

“I haven’t heard of such a person…” ah Lin couldn’t help muttering.

The rebel soldiers tried to hold Qin Yi’s respect and whispered, “could it actually be… Touching porcelain?”

Li Yuan:?

Beta’s men behind Li Yuan:?

Qin Yi: “ah, I remember.” as soon as his voice fell, everyone’s eyes focused on him again.

Qin Yi looked at Omega on the opposite side and said, “the Rose Queen Cumberland, once pseudonymed Li Yuan, entered colleges in other countries. Don’t say, this gentleman looks a little similar to the portrait of the Rose Queen.”

People suddenly realized that it was this “remember”.

Qin Yi picked his eyebrows, turned around and scolded them from the commanding height of morality: “didn’t you study history?”

People who learn from scum: ”

There is no retort.

“I didn’t expect anyone to remember.” Li Yuan smiled again, looking very good tempered.

He hasn’t heard praise for him for many years.

The only thing he can read over and over again is the two or three books recording his history.

But people along the way no longer talk about him.

More about the turmoil of the major empires.

At this time, ah Lin was confused and said, “why do you send flowers to Qin Yi?”

Others are also curious.

Even if Qin Yi doesn’t have an affair with Omega, they should also be wary of whether the other party is coming to Qin Yi’s safety.

Li Yuan’s eyes flashed.

your excellency.

Being able to use this title fully shows the strength and status of the other party.

“Do you know him? Can you tell me about him first?” Li Yuan asked.

When we heard this, we were even more relieved.

Well, I don’t recognize people right in front of you. It seems that I really don’t know anyone.

The rebel soldier looked at Qin Yi, smiled and said, “a powerful man.”

Union soldier: “a man with charisma.” boast so much that Mr. Wu won’t torture me in the future.

Alin sighed and pointed out, “it’s hard to get people.”

The smile on Li Yuan’s face is thicker.

Mr. whale rarely opened his mouth. He said, “the person who has the most fiance in the world.”

The smile on Li Yuan’s face disappeared. He blurted out, “is it a scum man?”

So many fianc é s?

His flowers are everywhere?

Alin: how can it be called slag

Li Yuan took a smoke from the corner of his mouth: “is it difficult to just want to give everyone a home?”

Arlene: it’s not impossible, but he won’t give it

Li Yuan: ”

That’s even worse.

Li Yuan asked, “won’t his fiance be jealous?”

Alin: “fight.”

“There’s still a fight,” said the rebel soldier

Li Yuan imagined the picture of several small Omega fighting, pulling their hair and tearing their clothes for Qin Yi


When did Omega become like this?

Fighting for alpha?!

Li Yuan asked again, “isn’t he afraid of killing people?”

Qin Yi blinked: “it’s good to die two?”

Arlene: poof

Other soldiers: “cough, cough.”

Li Yuan was shocked to death when he heard this.

“Why is he so scum?! he is willing to watch his fiance cry for him and hurt him?”

Alin imagined Mr. whale crying.


Not at all.

The soldiers also imagined Lu Ji, Mr. Zheng, general Zhou, the crown prince and Mr. Wu… Crying?

They couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

I should never see such a scene in my life… Right?

It’s a little scary.

So the soldier resolutely said, “men bleed without tears!”

Li Yuan was speechless.

Omega was deprived of the right to cry???

The chauvinism of the rimu Empire has spread all over the world? Not even the most basic rights of Omega? That’s a precious Omega!

Li Yuan: “I’d like to see if Qin Yi will cry for Omega one day?”

That’s how he used to punish those arrogant and powerful alpha.

Don’t those noble alpha fight to rob him in the end?

The soldier felt that the man seemed to be a little ill and said, “he will only cry for his mother.”

Qin Yi nodded in agreement.

Li Yuan sneered: “that’s not necessarily.”

The soldier asked politely, “who do you think you are?”

I almost didn’t say anything.

Li Yuan: “me? I am…” he paused and said, “if it is the famous Rose Queen in history, can’t he really like Qin Yi?”

rank-and-file soldiers:?

Alin et al.:? They felt as if they had been opened up to new ideas.

Yeah! Qin Yi doesn’t like so many awesome alpha. Is that because he actually likes Omega?

They couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi: ”

Qin Yi: “I don’t think so.”

Li Yuan looked at him, just smiled and didn’t speak.

You don’t think so?

who are you? What makes you think

Qin Yi asked him, “do you still buy flowers?”

Li Yuan: “of course.”

Li Yuan asked someone to carry a box. As soon as the lid was opened, the currency in it was exposed.

“Here are 20 million star coins,” said Li Yuan.

Soldiers make complaints about Tucao: “it was hundreds of years ago, but no one used it.”

Li Yuan didn’t panic at all and said, “but the bank is recycling old money, isn’t it? You can also change it into new money at that time. I gave more on the original basis. This business is worth it.”

He said, “of course, I also hope your flowers are really worth the price.”

Qin Yi nodded: “yes.”

Because of Qin Yi’s good words, Li Yuan immediately had a better impression of him.

Qin Yi asked the soldiers to carry the star coin away, and then he handed the flower to Li Yuan himself.

Li Yuan personally held the flowers in his arms and didn’t wait to cover the heat.

Qin Yi: “OK, give it to me.”

Li Yuan frowned at him: “what’s for you?”

Qin Yi pointed to the flower: “don’t you want to give it to me?”

This business is doing really well.

I took the money and spent it.

This flower was even bought by Wu Hong.

At this moment, Qin Yi felt like an ultimate white whoring monster.

Li Yuan and the beta men behind him are not in such a good mood.

Their brains slowly turned around the corner.

Li Yuan: “… Are you Qin Yi?!”

Qin Yi nodded, “well, it’s me.”

Li Yuan suddenly raised his tone: “are you an Omega?”

Qin Yi: “well, otherwise?”

Li Yuan roared in his head. He didn’t know whether it was angry or surprised for a moment.

After a long time, he found his voice: “you are still an Omega without pheromone smell.”

Mr. whale said coldly, “yes.” “you just can’t smell it.”

After saying this, Mr. whale felt that he was at least a little special.

I just can’t smell it?

Li Yuan’s thoughts are biased.


That’s not the point!

Li Yuan’s face sank, thinking that I had been deceived?

He hurried to fly to the planet of the Kayabi people. In addition, the scientific and technological equipment in their hands was backward and had not been updated, so they did not connect to the star network to check the latest news. All the information came from his inquiry in the street.

Li Yuan asked, “what level of alpha is Zhou Yiqing?”

The rebel soldiers said, “very powerful.” then they said without blushing, “but Mr. Zheng is the strongest.”

Sir, even if you are not here, we will try our best to praise you in front of your wife!

“What about Luji? What about whales? And what about hols?”

“Of course, they are very powerful…”

“They are all super-s alpha, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then why do you say that Qin Yi is more powerful than them? Even they have to listen to Qin Yi?”

The soldiers said for a moment, “yes, it is.”

Arlene: “who can not listen to the future wife?”

If you don’t listen, your rival will squeeze you out every minute.

Alin thought that Mr. whale couldn’t, maybe he didn’t rake his ears enough.

Li Yuan:???

Beta’s men behind him were also shocked.

Li Yuan finally understood: “Zhou Yiqing and hols… Are Qin Yi’s fiance?”

The soldier wondered, “yes, the whole universe knows about it.”

Li Yuan choked in his throat.

Qin Yi looked at Li Yuan with a little more deep meaning.

Qin Yi smiled softly: “did you just come from some remote planet?”

Li Yuan: “… HMM.”

He’s not going to hide his identity, but now is not the time. Because he suddenly found that the world has changed more than he thought.

“What are you doing here?” Qin Yi asked again.

This planet has no special products or scenic spots.

Li Yuan: “I haven’t seen any keabi people. I’m curious. Come and see them.”

Mr. whale was also alert.

He whispered, “the kaabi don’t go out often. You can’t see them.”

Li Yuan only said, “I have my way.”

Qin Yi leaned against the counter and tilted his head: “is it a way to solve the problem of keyabi reproduction? Take this as a stepping stone and you can knock on the door of keyabi.”

As mentioned earlier, this is a very remote small planet. Usually no outsiders will come.

Now, in addition to Qin Yi and his party, there are only those who have contacted keabi early and said they want to come to the door to solve the problem of reproduction.

Li Yuan’s eyelids jumped and wanted to step back, but he held back again.

“Do you know so clearly that your fiance told you?” Li Yuan asked calmly.

He didn’t know that when he entered a flower shop by the side of the road, he entered such a bloody mouth and became passive and dangerous.

Without waiting for others to speak, Li Yuan quickly asked, “in fact, I’m curious, why do you have multiple fianc é s at the same time?”

Almost pocketed the strongest alpha in the world.

This is what queen rose failed to do.

After all, the law doesn’t allow it, and it’s too insulting to alpha. Those alpha are willing to be jealous for him, but they don’t want to share a title.

Qin Yi: “you have to ask the brain what it thinks.”

The matching degree is measured by the brain, and Omega is distributed according to the law. It hasn’t changed for so many years. It began as early as the period of Queen rose. At that time, the Rose Queen attracted the attention of the whole world by virtue of the matching degree.

Then he entered the palace as a civilian and won everyone’s respect.

Li Yuan: “it means… Because your matching degree is very high?”

The whale raised his eyelids and said, “100 percent.”

Li Yuan changed his face: “it’s impossible!”

Li Yuan looked at Qin Yi and his eyes changed.

Qin Yi looked at him as if he hadn’t felt it.

Qin Yi smiled and said, “why don’t Mr. Li enter the territory of keabi with us.”

Li Yuan vigilantly said, “no, the kiabi people will come to pick me up.”

“It’s very likely that you can’t get in.” Qin Yi pointed to Mr. whale: “but now the king of keabi is standing in front of you…”

Li Yuan was stunned and set his eyes on Mr. whale again.

Maybe it’s the evolution of the times, the progress of genes.

Perhaps it is because the race of Yabi is mysterious and powerful enough. This handsome man looks better than alpha in the era of the queen of roses.

But Li Yuan’s restless heart suddenly lost all his interest when he thought that all these alpha damn belong to Qin Yi.

Li Yuan is too angry.

This is completely different from what he imagined.

Li Yuan suddenly looked at Wu Hong who had been silent behind Qin Yi.

The man looked equally handsome, but his face was pale, his eyes were alienated and covered with shadow. This makes him look a little strange.

It’s like you’ll die if you get close.

Li Yuan believes in his intuition.

He must be a powerful alpha.

This man can’t be Qin Yi’s fiance, can he?

Li Yuan smiled: “OK, I’ll enter keabi with you.”

Then he left.

It seems that if you stay a little longer, you will be more stimulated.

After he left, Alin asked, “why did you let him go back to keabi with us?”

Qin Yi: “I think he is very interesting.”

The crowd cheered up: “… Huh?”

Qin Yi: “I mean, the secret hidden in him is very interesting.”

People: “… Oh.”

“I really don’t like Omega,” Qin Yi said.

The crowd was excited: “Hmm!”

Qin Yi: “but I don’t like alpha either.”

The crowd wilted and said, “ah.”

Qin Yi thought it was funny to be stirred by Li Yuan today.

He thought for a moment and said, “I like artificial intelligence.”

“Cute, tall, good-looking, follow instructions, only belong to me, and can’t speak.”

He never looked like a traditional Omega.

He has ambition, ambition, disguise and calculation.

He also has the same strong possessiveness as alpha.

For the first time, Qin Yi was so positive about his own desire – hope.

Li Yuan at the other end began to urgently supplement his knowledge about Qin Yi.

Even if you don’t understand.

Using the local network, Li Yuan knew that the chaos of the Empire and the collapse of the alliance seemed to be caused by Qin Yi.

The man even went through a wormhole.

Li Yuan: ”

I just brought disaster to two countries.

You brought disaster to the whole universe???


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