I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 78

Maybe I saw too many things related to Qin Yi the day before, and these news were quite shocking.

So Li Yuan had a dream all night, which was full of Qin Yi.

The next day, when Li Yuan stood in the spaceship and looked at his debugging console, he looked out of the glass

Qin Yi stood there.

Li Yuan almost thought there was something wrong with his eyes and began to have an illusion.

But when he looked more carefully, he saw a pale and gloomy alpha behind Qin Yi.

Li Yuan can be sure that he has no flowers in his eyes.

Li Yuan opened the door of the spaceship: “how did you know I was here?”

Qin Yi smiled: “can you go up and sit down?”

For a moment, Li Yuan thought that if it wasn’t for the Omega logo on him, when a Qin Yi without pheromone flavor appeared in front of him, I’m afraid he might really regard him as alpha.

Qin Yi is higher than him.

Under the gentle appearance, there is a little strength.

Li Yuan doesn’t know where his strength comes from… Oh.

Li Yuan remembered that Qin Yi would start a in the news. But it’s not unusual. He can open it even with an inhibitor.

Thoughts flashed through Li Yuan’s mind. Finally, he invited Qin Yi to go up.

He needs to know more about Qin Yi before he can confirm whether this terrible Omega will become a stumbling block for him.

Just right, Qin Yi thinks so.

No matter how much speculation, it’s better to contact closely. It’s best to contact his environment together in order to learn more information.

The two Omega soon sat down opposite each other in the spaceship.

At this time, Li Yuan also wanted to understand that it might be because the planet was too biased. He was a stranger. Qin Yi can know where his spaceship is docked after a little inquiry.

“Just bring this gentleman, won’t the other be jealous?” Li Yuan asked.

The other probably refers to Mr. whale.

Qin Yi: “it doesn’t matter. They go back and fight slowly.”

Li Yuan: ”

It’s so reasonable!

Doesn’t he care about Omega’s dignity and reputation Oh, no, I almost forgot. He bombed his father’s ancestral house. What does he care?

He doesn’t care about anything.

Li Yuan’s thoughts stagnated. It is undeniable that envy and jealousy rose in his heart at this moment.

In his time.

He is bold, good-looking and capable, which is in line with everyone’s beautiful fantasy of Omega. Even Omega wants to be him.

But like Qin Yi, it is still a road he has never imagined!

Li Yuan looked up at Wu Hong.

He now knows the identity of this from the news. He is called Mr. Wu. It seems that he can still find some relics of kandalati. He is a very mysterious person

Li Yuan asked, “don’t Mr. Wu sit?”

Wu Hong didn’t speak.

And he didn’t bring a private phone today.

Li Yuan was hung up like this.

Li Yuan didn’t feel embarrassed. He immediately smiled and asked, “why doesn’t Mr. Wu speak?”

Qin Yi also pursed his lips, slightly raised a little corner of his lips and said, “because I like mute.”

Li Yuan: ”

He couldn’t help looking up at Wu Hong again.

The mysterious Mr. Wu’s eyes moved gently. He has an air field that looks terrible. He is not only not angry, but even a little… Moved?

What are you moving???

Li Yuan was at a loss.

Shouldn’t alpha feel insulted?

Li Yuan recalled how he was robbed by several alpha at the beginning… He thought, when he attacked them, no one liked to listen to this insult?

Each one is very arrogant. You have to attack your heart first, don’t you?

Li Yuan calmed down and could only tell himself again.

Times have changed.

Qin Yi looked at Li Yuan’s men and said, “put another chair.”

His men took a look at Li Yuan and then pressed the next button.

A chair soon bounced out beside Qin Yi.

Qin Yi reached out and patted the chair: “sit together.”

Wu Hong stared at him deeply for a few more seconds, and then sat down slowly.

Li Yuan was speechless when he saw it.

This Omega doesn’t even let them sit? Isn’t this really PUA?

He doesn’t know. Usually, everyone can only sit opposite Qin Yi.

When Wu Hong sat down, Li Yuan immediately felt that the sense of oppression seemed to be stronger.

He really can’t carry it.

Li Yuan touched out a black square and put it on the table.

Soon a white light was activated on the square. The white light instantly expanded into a protective cover, and then enveloped Li Yuan in it.

Li Yuan said: “sorry, Mr. Wu’s aura of alpha is too strong. I can’t stand it.”

Qin Yi gently picked the tail of his eyebrow.

He thought Li Yuan’s words sounded different.

If Lu Ji were here now, he would say, good guy, this is green tea! Learned!

Qin Yi was a little upset at the bottom of his heart.

He tilted his head and asked, “does the smell of pheromones make you feel oppressed?”

Li Yuan smiled and said, “right.”

Qin Yi pursed his lower lip and said that I didn’t smell it during my susceptibility period.

Li Yuan asked, “can’t you perceive the pheromone of alpha?”

Qin Yi lifted his eyelids, his long eyelashes trembled slightly, the light fell on his face and pulled out a beautiful and fragile silhouette. At this time, Li Yuan felt that he was indeed an omega and a very beautiful Omega.

Qin Yi slowly rolled up his sleeve.

Before the pinhole on it could be eliminated, it came into Li Yuan’s eyes.

Li Yuan: “you injected so many inhibitors?!”

Is he crazy?

Li Yuan didn’t dare to do so at the beginning.

Li Yuan: “is it because Mr. Zheng is not here and no one can mark you?” Li Yuan couldn’t help asking, “how long have you been an adult?”

No, it’s never been marked, has it?

Isn’t he afraid of an accident?

Qin Yi: “I don’t need to be marked unless I wait until the day when I really want to…”

You’re talking nonsense.

You don’t know how ridiculous you are.

Li Yuan didn’t say these words in his heart.

“Find someone to mark you,” Li Yuan said.

If you want to rely on not being marked for the time being to hang the appetite of these alpha, it can’t last long.

Li Yuanxin said.

Qin Yi lowered his eyelashes and hid a little disappointment from the bottom of his eyes.

He smiled and said, “thank you for your valuable advice. The tea is also good. Let’s start together tomorrow.”

Then Qin Yi left.

Waiting for Qin Yi to get off the ship, Li Yuan found that he only captured a little information in the end of today’s invisible confrontation.

That’s why Qin Yi is playing inhibitors, but it’s still revealed to him by Qin Yi’s generous side.

Another is that Qin Yi is suspected to be in PUA, a group of powerful alpha.

Is that possible?

He took his meat body to PUA?

If it’s so simple, Qin Yi can’t be his stumbling block.

Here, Qin Yi got off the ship and saw the rebel soldiers after walking some way.

The soldiers were waiting for him eagerly, probably for fear of an accident.

Qin Yiyang smiled at them and then restrained his smile.

“Did you see that? The square that Li Yuan pulled out also has a code on it. It’s also only 11 digits.”

Wu Hong didn’t make a sound.

But now Qin Yi doesn’t need him to speak.

Qin Yi whispered, “it may be him who presided over the excavation of kandalati ruins. I even suspect that he is the queen of roses. But if the queen of roses is just like this, I’m a little disappointed.”

Wu Hong still kept silent.

Qin Yi is not very happy at the moment.

But when he turned his head and looked at Wu Hong, Qin Yi was in a better mood.

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, stared at Wu Hong and said, “I don’t like mute now.”

Wu Hong moved his lips and squeezed out a word from his throat: “… Oh.”

Qin Yi licked his lower teeth.

His teeth actually have a little sharp canine teeth, but he is very gentle every time he smiles, so few people find this.

Qin Yi asked Wu Hong, “Omega has a susceptibility period. Do you have it?”

Wu Hong… Wu Hong doesn’t know.

He knows nothing about abo.

If you let him pinch the people in the world, maybe he will only pinch one Qin Yi and the other is himself.

Qin Yi had heard of their pheromones, but he was never interested in alpha pheromones.

But he was suddenly interested in the taste of the gods.

Does God have an expression?

Qin Yi really wants to know.

“Can I smell your pheromone?” Qin Yi asked.

He didn’t miss a physiology class.

But the problem is that Qin Yi has never been in love! He didn’t know. If he opened his mouth and asked, it was basically an invisible provocation.

But it happened.

Wu Hong has never been in love!

I haven’t even had a physiology class.

So Wu Hong looked down at him and said hoarsely, “where do you smell?”

Qin Yi:?

What else is there besides the back neck? The glands are right there.

Can’t your glands grow on your waist?

Qin Yi: “the place where you heard my pheromone last time.”

This sentence once again aroused Wu Hong’s memory.

Wu Hong felt that there seemed to be a little instinctive desire in the surging blood.

No, not just a little, a lot.

Wu Hong’s eyes changed rapidly, as if streamers passed from the bottom of his eyes.

He knows. It’s the back of his neck.

Wu Hong stretched out his hand and grabbed Qin Yi’s waist. Unexpectedly, he picked up Qin Yi with one hand, and then pressed Qin Yi’s head on his neck with the other hand.

Qin Yi ran into his arms and was firmly strangled by his powerful arm.

Pheromone aroma.

Very thick.

Wu Hong’s thoughts were also lax for a moment.

Although he doesn’t know ABO, he knows beasts.

The back neck of animals is always weak.

It seems that he can’t wait to bring his weakness to Qin Yi’s mouth.

Even if Qin Yi didn’t bite down.

But he still had an uncontrollable shudder and excitement rising from his body.

He wants Qin Yi, but he can’t let Qin Yi know.

Unless it’s like Qin Yi said he likes mute today.

Would Qin Yi like me to bite him on the back of his neck?

The God thought sadly.

He thought he might not be able to wait all his life.

Who likes to be bitten?


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