I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 79

It’s probably that the coldness of Qin Yi a has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The soldiers who came to pick up people didn’t think about Qin Yi and Wu Hong’s posture at all and thought about smelling pheromones.

Their hearts jumped heavily and said, it’s over! Can’t something happen?


They gathered together, their voices with deep concern.

Qin Yi was startled and his back instinctively tightened.

Wu Hong seemed to feel it. His fingertips gently pressed down along the back of his neck. It can be seen that Wu Hong is really serious and trying to control his strength.

So it itches.

Qin Yi breathed heavily.

“Is madam all right?”

“They have great courage. Do they dare to plot against the lady?”

The soldier’s mouth was full of chatter.

Qin Yi blinked hard and pulled himself out of the pheromone. Then he pressed Wu Hong’s shoulder and jumped off him with a slight force.

“I’m fine,” Qin Yi said.

Wu Hong looked down at his fingertips and his empty arms, hiding a little gray color from his eyes.

“Are you really all right?” the soldier asked anxiously.

Qin Yi: “nothing.”

He said, “Mr. Zheng didn’t tell you last time. Don’t you have to call me my wife again?”

Soldier: “no, No.”

“Well, let’s start today.”

The soldier was a little flustered. I haven’t changed before I left. I changed my address after I went out. If I go back to the army, Mr. Zheng won’t be angry?

Other colleagues have to wonder if they have done something wrong and offended their wife!

Qin Yi goes in the direction of the florist.

The soldiers hurried up and looked at me and you one by one. They wanted to speak and were tangled to death.

When he was about to go to the florist, Qin Yi suddenly looked back: “you are worried that the change of my ‘relationship’ with Mr. Zheng will have a great impact, right?”

The soldiers shut up, much less.

It turned out that my wife had already seen through their worries.

Qin Yi didn’t care what they thought. He smiled and directly said, “in fact, sometimes the relationship between partners is more stable and lasting. What do you say?”

The soldiers suddenly realized.

That means, madam, no, your excellency Qin Yi will have more cooperation with Mr. Zheng. They will always be allies on the same line. Such a relationship is clear and much better than guessing whether the other party likes me or not.

“You’re right!” I don’t know who answered.

After that, no one objected to Qin Yi’s words.

It’s not that we don’t help our husband get a wife!

The soldiers murmured.

Alpha competition is too fierce! It’s nice to be your friend!

After returning to the florist, no one remembered to ask, since Qin Yi was not injured at that time, why? What are he and Mr. Wu doing?

That evening, keabi’s spacecraft finally crossed the star belt and landed on the small planet.

Countless giant spaceships look like made of wood, with giant wings on both sides. When stretched out, they look like giant creatures flying in the sky.

Like something in a fairy tale.

Li Yuan looked at this scene and sighed.

Even long ago, Li Yuan already knew the special of the keyabi family, but it was not as shocking as seeing it with his own eyes.

In fact, it’s strange that the king of keabi will appear in the universe this time. Because their people are almost completely isolated from the world, so that the whole universe’s impression of the Kayabi people only comes from textbooks. Even thousands of years ago, some people doubted whether the kiabi people had become extinct.

Li Yuan thought, is it Qin Yi who forced them to appear?

Because there is an Omega with a matching degree of 100%, it is enough to make keabi lose his temper. This also shows how much keabi’s desire for newborns has reached.

That’s fine.

In this way, the things in his hand will be fully valued by the Kayabi people.

They might trade him at all costs.

All he had to do was to bring flowers from an isolated mysterious race and tell the whole universe that he had returned. He will lead the whole universe on a completely different path!

Li Yuan’s thoughts were interrupted here.

The kiabiths who got down from the wooden boat soon divided into two groups. One of them went straight to Qin Yi’s direction. That small group came to Li Yuan.


The keyabi looked excited and bowed respectfully to Mr. whale.

When they got up, they didn’t stop, but immediately turned to Qin Yi.

“This must be the princess?”

Qin Yi’s veto was crisp: “No.”

Because he had been prepared, and the princess didn’t say this by himself, he didn’t feel sad.

The kiabi opened his mouth in shock, looked left and right, and finally said nothing.

After all, being alone and widowed is not two or three days. They are used to being engraved into their genes.

Qin Yi stared at them and sighed.

Qin Yi: “there are no familiar faces.”

Mr. whale was a little moved when he heard this sentence.

He even had the feeling that someone shared the racial pain with him.

Mr. whale whispered, “well, many of the people you have seen have died.”

Although he almost guessed it, Qin Yi still had a little subtle melancholy when he heard this sentence.

This is a wonderful emotion, because Qin Yi won’t feel melancholy or sad for anyone when he just walked out of Pan Daxing in the past. He is only happy for the coming new life.

Qin Yi was stunned for a moment. And the kiabi couldn’t help looking at him suspiciously.

How can you listen to the tone of this? It seems that you have been to keabi many, many years ago?

Qin Yi turned and asked Mr. Jing, “I remember Mr. Jing once told me that the young king led the Pali city-state to fight against the divine court after I left the divine court, right?”

Mr. whale paused and replied, “yes.”

Keyabi was even more stunned.

Pali city-state, what an ancient word. It will almost become a page that will not be opened in the annals of Yabi.

Omega is so young in front of him. How could he experience it?

Qin Yi thought for a moment and whispered, “then I should always go to worship.”

Mr. whale smiled and said, “well.”

Look silly. There are a bunch of keyabies opposite.

Huh? How many years has Wang not laughed?

It’s not just laughter.

Any species that has been lonely for too long may no longer be able to show rich expressions.

Seeing this, the kiabi couldn’t help laughing.

At this time, Li Yuan just came over. He was stunned when he saw the expressions of keabi people.

Aren’t these people never expressionless?

If he had not done his homework early and had a deep understanding of this race, he would have thought that these keyabies had a bad attitude towards themselves just now.

But now in contrast

It seems that the attitude is really bad???

Li Yuan is confused.

Qin Yi noticed the arrival of Li Yuan. He turned his head and looked at Li Yuan: “is Mr. Li ready? If you are ready, let’s go.”

Li Yuan nodded, turned and told beta’s men, “go and drive the ship.”

“Wait a minute.” the keyabi interrupted him. “No ship other than keyabi can enter our star domain. Please take your hands and luggage and take our ship.”

Li Yuan frowned, but he still understood.

After all these years, keabi hardly has any contact with the outside world. No matter how the outside world fights, the war can hardly spread to keabi. This is because they directly blocked the outside world.

Kayabi people have their own principles. It’s best not to provoke.

Li Yuan nodded, but when he turned to see Qin Yi, he asked, “are they the same?”

The principled Kayabi hesitated for a moment: “he is different.”

No matter if you are a princess now, maybe in the future? If you don’t do better now. Maybe not even after that!

Li Yuan: ”

Is your principle eaten by Qin Yi?

But Qin Yi didn’t plan to make a special one. He said, “we also changed the ship and took Mr. whale’s main ship directly.”

The kiabi nodded again and again, “Okay, okay!”

The bottom of my heart can’t help but like Qin Yi more.

If Alin’s memory is still there, he will probably sigh. You liked him many, many years ago!

Also because he was unyielding and tried to protect Paley, everyone was shocked and admired!

Qin Yi’s good words made this trip very smooth.

They all gave up their ships and sailed to the other end of the Star River in the surprised eyes of local planet residents.

Maybe it’s the light of Qin Yi.

Li Yuan pulled at the corner of his mouth and thought.

So he could take his men and be qualified to ride in a big ship with the king of keabi.

Li Yuan was thinking, when Qin Yi suddenly walked into the small hall, pointed to a man and asked, “is that Mr. Li’s man?”

Li Yuan looked down Qin Yi’s line of sight.

It was a middle-aged male alpha dressed in black and covered in a tight cage.

His hair was as long as weeds and his face was very black, but it was obvious that he had put something on it. Because between the gaps of the tangled hair, I can vaguely see a little pale.

Or the kind of pale that hasn’t seen the light for a long time.

Such a man who looks a little sloppy.

Li Yuan pursed his lower lip, smiled and said, “he’s our doctor. He looks a little strange because he doesn’t have a formal business license. Sorry, did he scare you?”

Qin Yi shook his head: “no, I just think he’s very interesting.”

Hearing the sound, middle-aged alpha immediately turned to Qin Yi. His eyes twinkled, like praise for such a beautiful Omega, which was very useful.

Mr. Jing and others behind Qin Yi: ”

Qin Yi praised Li Yuan so much. He said Omega was very interesting. Later, facts proved that Qin Yi’s meaning was really different from everyone’s meaning.

So now we are more or less calm, and do not impulsively go up and throw the strange doctor without a formal business license off the ship.

“Interesting?” the opposite Li Yuan was stunned.

He is more shocking than Mr. whale and others.

He found himself completely confused with Omega in front of him.

Have the changes of the times made the generation gap so big?

Qin Yi stood up and said, “I’ve always been interested in medicine, but I’ve never had a way to learn…”

Li Yuanxin said of course.

Omega can’t learn these things. Even he hasn’t learned them.

Qin Yi went to the middle-aged male alpha and said, “can you teach me?”

The middle-aged alpha trembled and said in a low voice, “but, yes…” but with that, he immediately realized that he had promised too quickly, so he quickly turned his head to see Li Yuan.

Li Yuan: ”

Is it still useful for me to say no now?

Li Yuanquan didn’t see it.

“Come to my room later.” Qin Yi said with a smile, patted the middle-aged alpha on the shoulder, and then walked away in the shocked eyes of the people.

The middle-aged man immediately gathered a lot of envy, jealousy and hatred.

This made him more determined. He must go to Omega’s room later.

He hasn’t seen another Omega for many years.

Hey, Omega, hey, hey.

He couldn’t help rubbing his hands.

Although he is a bottom alpha, Alpha’s desire for Omega is innate!

And the head Qin Yi hooked up with Wu Hong: “come here.”

Wu Hong immediately followed.

When he got to the rest room, Qin Yi pointed to the position behind the door: “Mr. Wu, stand here first, will you?”

Wu Hong stepped over and stopped.

Ten minutes later, the middle-aged male alpha rubbed his hands and came to the door.

He said softly, “I’m coming.”

Qin Yi stood far away and rushed to Wu Hong to lift his chin.

For a moment, the invisible tacit understanding spread, and Wu Hong opened the door.

The visitor rushed in happily with open arms.

Wu Hong’s eyes sank.

The next second, the man felt a powerful force from the higher alpha, which made his knees soft and knelt down unconsciously.

Then the vest hurt.

Wu Hong stepped on his back.

He was suddenly silly. When the door closed behind him and made a slight sound, the man reacted. There was no sweet shoulder half dew waiting for his Omega.

Only a more powerful and terrible alpha is waiting for him.

He was fooled!

He raised his head in embarrassment and anger.

At this time, Qin Yi slowly walked up to him, squatted down and asked, “you can do gland resection, right?”

The first time he saw the man, he recognized that this was the missing doctor he was looking for. Why did he become Li Yuan’s subordinate?

He was even brought here by Li Yuan… How did Li Yuan say that the key to solving the problem of ethnic continuity still have something to do with the doctor?

At this time, the man’s face changed. He asked Qin Yi suspiciously, “do you want to have an operation?”

When he finished, he tilted his head and looked at Wu Hong, sneering: “is your alpha OK?”

Wu Hong bent down expressionless and grabbed his head: “No.”

The pain made the man “ow”.

Man: “you… Are you crazy?”

Wu Hong couldn’t say it when facing Qin Yi, but when facing a man, he said it quite smoothly.

Wu Hong: “… I’ve heard every word he said since a long time ago.”

Qin Yi was stunned.

A long time ago?

Man: ”

Shit! I ridiculed you for your mental illness, and you two showed love?! I shouldn’t have come here! I regret it!

Wu Hong’s other hand fell slowly and pressed the man’s neck.

Wu Hong said in a deep voice, “in fact, I can also cut off your glands. As long as I bend my fingers and go down, I can dig them out.”

From a strong alpha mouth, this is certainly not a joke.

I’m a medical surgeon.

You are physical transcendence.

The man collapsed on the spot.


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