I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 8

Qin Yi retched a few times, but he could still feel the choking spicy smell in his throat and nose.

He raised his head reluctantly.

Because I vomited, I used my strength all over. At the moment, my eyes looked slightly red and the water light at the bottom of my eyes jumped. A little crimson was added to the ends of the eyebrows and corners of the eyes.

It’s like adding a little color to the ink painting.

It has achieved dazzling beauty.

Qilia stared at his face. In less than five seconds, he heard the boy in front of him say, “thank you. Please stay away from me next time.”

Chilia: ”

Chilia: of course, I think so, too

Qin Yi straightened up slowly, leaned against the table behind him, and then turned to look at the servant.

Chilia took three steps back.

His legs were long and he took a long step.

The strong alpha pheromone was pulled away from Qin Yi.

Chilia turned her head and stared at one of the servants: “open the door.”

The servant shook his head and hurried away.

Qilia bowed her head, took off the dark red gloves stained with blood and threw them on the servant whose neck had just been crushed by him.

Then he walked out slowly.

At that moment, the robot photographed his appearance and sent it to Guo Kai.

Guo Kai, who looked at the current news uninteresting, immediately turned his head when he heard the prompt sound.

“Poof.” all the wine in Guo’s mouth gushed out.

He sat up straight and stared at qilia in the picture.

“Did that little Omega tear her skirt?”

It’s strange to think about it.

It’s as if the little Omega he brought back in person made a mess of the great beauty hidden in his house.

Guo Kai rubbed his forehead and slowly lay back.

“Impossible,” he comforted himself.

That’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

Finally, he sent someone to the restaurant to check the situation.

A peaceful scene has been restored in the restaurant. The beautiful Omega boy is sitting at the table and eating food gracefully and slowly.

It makes the whole space pleasing to the eye because of him.

“Do you know what happened to miss qilia’s skirt?” asked the person sent by Guo Kai.

The boy did not lift his head: “he fell.”

The visitor had to retell the words to Guo Kai honestly.

“Yes, master. One more thing…”


“I found another servant missing.”

In the last month, some of them have disappeared inexplicably.

But Guo Kai didn’t think so.

It’s the same today.

Guo Kai said lazily, “it’s just some Dalits.”

“But your deputy commander hasn’t come to see you for half a month.”

“This son of a bitch, he’d better not take my things to the Empire. Check it out…” Guo Kai said, squinting happily: “connect me with the monitoring of Building 2 in the East. Maybe… I can see the scene of this little Omega bathing.”

At this time, qilia on the other end connected a call request.

“Boss, Guo Kai caught a new man outside the port. Will this affect our plan?”

“I’ve seen it,” said Chilia.

The other party was surprised and said, “that…”

Of course I won’t tell you, it’s an omega, an Omega that makes vomiting after smelling my pheromone.

Qilia said with a smelly face, “go and get me some a723 reagents.”

“Boss, what’s that?”

“Inducer inducer.”

“I’ve never heard of this type of inducer…”

“That’s because you’re short-sighted.”

“…” the other end paused. “You’re right. But what do you need this for?”

“Someone boldly applied this inducer to me.”

“Ha? He doesn’t know that such a thing has never worked for you?”

“… useful.” Chilia’s face smelled even worse.

“What?” the man at the other end stayed for a moment, then trembled and raised his voice: “that thing has worked on you?!”

Not only did it work.

Or a particularly strong role.

Chilia recalled her loss of control and felt extremely bad.

“This thing must understand its principle immediately. We have to master it in our own hands…” the other said quickly, “I’ll get it right away! You wait! For so many years, there is not even a live Omega that can attract you. This inferior thing can attract you… It must be made by the Empire. Only they have your pheromone information in their hands…”

Chilia interrupted his excited voice: “well, go and do it.”

“By the way, wait.”

The young man paused and said, “huh?”

Chilia looked a little strange. He asked, “does my alpha pheromone smell bad?”

“Of course not!” said the young man excitedly.

“The pheromone in your body represents a powerful force. It emits a mellow and fragrant wine aroma. It is spicy enough and extremely aggressive. This makes everyone who follows you feel intoxicated by it from the bottom of his heart…”

Chilia used to think so.

Until I met this little Omega.

Chilia: forget it

“What? Forget what?”

“Nothing.” Chilia certainly wouldn’t tell her subordinates that an Omega was disgusted with his pheromone.

The young man at the other end hung up his communication and immediately went to the black market to get this a723 reagent.

People on the black market have never heard of it.

It can be seen that this kind of thing is really terrible!

But it didn’t keep him waiting too long.

The people in the black market soon re contacted the youth. The other party said strangely, “we have sent you what you need immediately.”


The young man was stunned.

Shouldn’t it take at least ten days and a half months to get such a rare thing?

The young man was puzzled and went to receive something.

Until he opened the package.

The young man contacted Chilia again with a more confused look.

“I’ve put it in the same place for you, but… Are you sure it’s this?”

“Well,” said chiliaxin, unless the boy lied to him.

“It turns out that you always like the taste. No wonder no Omega has ever charmed you.”

The young man hung up in a trance.

Full of ideas——

Although I can’t understand it, I feel very shocked.

Chilia got what the youth had sent.

He hid his things under his skirt, then turned around and slowly returned to the small building where he lived.

He opened the door and hadn’t stepped in yet.

“You’re back?” the boy’s voice sounded.

Chilia’s step jerked and looked around.

I saw the Omega boy I saw during the day, leaning against the railing and slowly walking towards him from the dark corridor. The light fell on his face and slowly passed from darkness to light.

Little by little, he unconsciously amazed the people watching him.

“Why are you here?” Chilia narrowed her eyes.

“I asked the servant,” Qin Yi said.

“How could they tell you?”

“Well, because you said it in front of them during the day, you will protect me.”

“…” qilia gave him a complicated look.

He really knows how to use everything at hand.

Chilia pushed the door in and said faintly, “I’ve got a723 reagent.”

Qin Yi answered softly, “yes.”

He looks too calm.

He shouldn’t have lied to me.

Chilia thought.

Guo Kai probably knew Chilia’s power, so he arranged a building for him alone.

It’s very quiet here.

After pushing the door in, there is a very spacious living room.

Qin Yi looked at the soft sofa not far away and the fireplace with melting heat on one side.

He yawned slowly.

Then he went straight to the sofa and lay down against his pillow.

He raised his eyes, reached out to Chilia and said, “thank you. I need a blanket.”

Never has an Omega been so bold to enter the room, lie on his sofa and reach for something from him.

Does little Omega know what she looks like at the moment?

Like a kitten invited to kiss.

Chilia’s eyelids jumped heavily.

Suddenly I remembered the impulse that spread from the blood to the bones and was irresistibly attracted by him.

Chilia did not approach him.

He stopped and smiled, “well, wait, I’ll get it for you. Minor Omega always needs to be more delicate, I understand.”

But the smile didn’t reach the bottom of my eyes.

His eyes were filled with deep colors, which made him look a little cold.

Qin Yi feels like he hasn’t felt it.

He still lay on his back and said calmly, “I am an adult, just half a month ago. Otherwise, at the moment you jump at me, you will be convicted.”

Chilia: really

All the laws have become invalid pages for him now.

Little Omega doesn’t know yet.

Chilia walked upstairs with a smile.

Little Omega is still too young, he thought.

The other party is just an adult, and some are just instinctive, defensive claws stretched out against the outside world.

Instead of rushing to get the blanket, Chilia walked into the bathroom alone.

Then he opened the package and carefully took out the “a723 reagent” from it. Its shell packaging is very common. It is a glass tube with a rubber cap tightly fastened on it. It contains a transparent colorless liquid with slight sediment.

Chilia opened it.

Then the next second

Chilia was almost fainted by the smell.

He closed his lips tightly, but the next second he coughed uncontrollably, so his mouth was forced to open and inhaled some flavor.

“Vomit, vomit…”

Chilia was already very angry.

But when he thought again, the boy faced his pheromone and made the same voice.

So he almost equated his pheromone with such a tube of shit!

Chilia is even more angry!

He felt himself going out of breath.

How fucking strange it is!

Even if Zhou Yiqing personally took the fleet and bombed his hometown, he was not so angry!

He has never had this moment in his life

Qin Yi downstairs found the button of the projector.

As he turned on the projector, he thought carelessly – a723 reagent. It is composed of durian, garlic, coriander and hell pepper.

This is about 40 years ago, someone tried to restore the most disgusting taste of mankind in the ancient earth, and finally made it.

It’s a very interesting thing.

Qin Yi only saw it once and remembered it.

At this time, the classic love movies began to play on the projector.

Qin Yi held down his thoughts and began to look seriously.

Qilia upstairs sealed the glass tube again with a black face.

At this time, he remembered why his men sounded so strange… He probably thought that I should be in love with this smell?

At the thought of this, Chilia is not very good.

Chilia threw the glass tube into the trash can and asked the robot to deal with it.

Then he went downstairs with a black face again.

“Zhou Yi.” he called each other’s name coldly, trying to frighten each other first.

He wants the other party to realize what a stupid thing he has done!

Qin Yi: “hmm? Is my blanket here?”

“No blanket,” said Zilia.

“I opened a723 reagent, and you told me it was a inducer?” his voice was low and a little angry.

Qin Yi: “it’s not.”

Chilia: ”

He did not expect that the boy should admit so openly.

Chilia said gloomily, “so you admit you lied to me, don’t you?”

At this time, such a passage happened to be broadcast in the film.

Male alpha asked female Omega coldly, “you lied to me, didn’t you?”

Female Omega cried pitifully: “I don’t. am I not your favorite?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Two phase comparison.

Little Omega has an excessively beautiful face, but she can’t even make a weak expression.

He even gave a reasonable answer without even saying a word of excuse.

Chilia’s mind wandered unconsciously.

He was suddenly curious.

What should a teenager look like when he cries?

At this time, Qin Yi spoke again. He said, “if I told you at the beginning that there was no inducer, it was my pheromone. Would you believe it? You won’t believe it. You firmly believe that I used some inducer, don’t you? Of course, I have to follow your words.”

He sat up from the sofa and blinked. His eyes looked more innocent than the female Omega in the movie.

He calmly accused Chilia and said, “after all, you looked too fierce at that time.”

Damn it.

For a moment.

Chilia thought he looked more pitiful and pitiful than the tearful female Omega in the film. Even if there is no superfluous expression on his face

Chilia pressed her thoughts in time.


Indeed, he firmly believed that it was the result of inducers.

Because before that, Omega had never been able to make him so rude. This is just a fantasy!

Chilia always kept a distance of three meters from him.

But now qilia tried to get close to Qin Yi again.

He has to find out what’s going on.

“If your pheromone attracted me, why didn’t Guo Kai smell it?” qilia asked.

Qin Yi actually thought about this problem.

He replied casually, “he’s too delicious.”

Chilia raised her eyebrow and miraculously got some comfort from it.

Little Omega, is this a disguised way to say he’s great?

“Have you ever had a match test when you were an adult?”


“The stronger the alpha, the better it matches you?”


Chilia sat down at the other end of the sofa.

Even in a skirt.

He also has an extremely strong breath.

He smiled and asked, “well, maybe our matching degree is not low.” he deliberately frightened the little Omega: “why don’t you marry me?”

Qin Yi paused.

He tilted his head, as always calm, and did not show the panic and grievance in Chilia’s expectation.

He said, “it’s not that you can’t. You have to call Zhou Yiqing dad.”

Chilia: “……”

Either he killed Zhou Yiqing or he committed suicide in situ.


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