I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 80

The middle-aged male alpha soon sweated.

After finding that he had no way to ask for help, he finally squeezed out a begging voice from his throat: “I’m sorry, I’m wrong, you treat me as a fart… I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

Wu Hong frowned in disgust.

He wiped his clothes with his backhand, but soon found that his clothes were not clean.

Qin Yi handed him a handkerchief: “wash it.”

Wu Hong firmly grasped the handkerchief and resumed his silent appearance.

Qin Yi tilted his head.

Well, not only people like Li Yuan and doctors are very interesting.

It seems that Mr. Wu, who has different faces and mixes silence and loneliness, will be gentle, bad tempered, silent and frightening

More interesting.

He has two faces!

Qin Yi: “pick him up first, here…” Qin Yi waved to a small robot: “come here.”

The little robot skillfully took the man from Wu Hong, tied the man up, and held him firmly in his arms with a mechanical arm.

In this way, unless someone blows the robot to pieces, he can get out of trouble.

But if the robots are broken, he probably won’t live.

“No, no, what are you doing? You’re going to have an operation, right? I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it for you.” the man shouted.

Wu Hong went to wash his hands.

The water splashed down, and the man trembled even more.

Originally, Qin Yi thought that if he found a doctor, he could prepare for the operation.

But now, when the doctor appeared in the wrong place, Qin Yi pressed the idea.

We have to find out what the doctor has done these days.

Otherwise, Qin Yi can’t trust him.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time,” Qin Yi said softly.

Such a light and floating tone suddenly made men more afraid.

“Why are you looking for me…”

“What do you say?”

“I, I don’t know.”

At this time, Wu Hong finished washing his hands and walked back slowly.

He stopped beside Qin Yi, and the man couldn’t hold back his diabetes insipidus.

“I remember I didn’t have an operation accident…” the man was crying. It’s not that he doesn’t have seed, but the natural suppression between different levels of alpha, which is naturally planted into genes.


The man looked at Qin Yi carefully and asked, “do you want to ask about genes?”


What’s that?

Qin Yi didn’t speak, just looked at him.

The man had to stammer and say, “this matter will be known sooner or later. No, not sooner or later, just these two days. I was taken to the laboratory a few years ago. Before me, a doctor was doing genetic modification experiments with his students.

“But when I went, the doctor was dead. Li Yuan didn’t wake up at that time, so he slept in the incubator.”

The man spoke a little disorganized. Qin Yi had to interrupt him at this time: “who initiated the experiment? Who led it?”

“Empire, I don’t know which Empire. The people there are tireless and say it every day for the glory of the Empire.”

“Why did you take you with you this time? You who know the core technology should stay in the laboratory, shouldn’t you?” Qin Yi asked.

“As you said, only I know. Therefore, I can only introduce this technology to the Kayabi. Only I can convince the king of Kayabi.” at this point, the man’s neck straightened a little.

What kind of genetic modification requires a surgeon for glandular resection?

“Are you going to turn alpha into Omega? Turn Omega into alpha?”

“At the beginning, we planned to transform the failed beta into alpha or omega. At the same time, we improved the matching degree between omega and high-level alpha. However, later, we found that alpha genes cannot be transformed downward or beta genes can not be transformed upward.

“In other words, we can only turn beta into Omega. Alpha is still alpha, Omega is still Omega.

“But it’s powerful enough. Because there are too few Omega in the world, isn’t keabi facing such a genocidal crisis?

“While manufacturing more Omega, our technology can also improve the matching degree of these Omega. Holding such technology is equivalent to holding a large number of highly matched Omega. Which country will not compete for it?”

When the doctor said this, his waist was completely straight.

The doctor asked Qin Yi: “think about it, more and more Omega is also a good thing for you, right? Maybe some Omega will be free then?”

Qin Yi curled up his fingers and rubbed his lower knee.

Is this Li Yuan’s plan?

In this way, create more Omega and strengthen the front of Omega?

Qin Yi feels wrong.

This method treats the symptoms but not the root causes.

No, not even the mark.

Omega, which is highly matched but unable to protect itself, will only become goods.

A commodity of higher value.

Omega is still roughly graded because of its reproductive value.

Is Li Yuan sure that he can be the one who controls the overall situation, not the one who is divided because he holds the treasure?

Qin Yi: “what is the core technology?”

The man didn’t answer.

Qin Yi: “kill him.”

The man was worried: “are you Omega? How can you have such a cruel Omega?!”

Qin Yi chuckled: “what? Do you want you to smell my pheromone and confirm whether I’m an Omega?”

The man opened his mouth, then glanced at Wu Hong’s face.

The man was scared to death and quickly said, “no, no, I don’t smell it. How dare I? You are, you are Omega. Your Omega is unique and awesome!”

“Don’t be poor. You know what I want to hear.”

The man was ruthless: “well, in fact, there is no core technology at all! Because they removed countless glands for research, but they finally found that they were useless! Until later…”


“They got a pheromone mother. To be exact, it was a person. All the subsequent modifications came from the genes and pheromones extracted from this person…”

Qin Yi tilted his head: “from the queen of roses?”

“No,” the man paused. “It’s a child.”

Qin Yi thought of his pheromone with extremely high matching degree.

Has he experienced this transformation?

What role did his mother play in the laboratory of Li Yuan?

“Do you know how to distinguish the transformed Omega?”

“Do a blood test.”

“You should have instruments around you,” Qin Yi whispered.

“You, you want to have a test?… yes, but it’s in Mr. Li’s hand.”

Qin Yi: “I see.”

“Can I… Go now?”

Qin Yi thought, “kill it.”

He actually said this to men.

But before the man could even show his stunned expression, he was poached by Wu Hong.

The smell of blood quickly penetrated into Qin Yi’s nose.

Qin Yi turned his head and was a little surprised. He could even see Wu Hong holding the heart in his palm, still warm, and blood droplets dripping down.

However, before Qin Yi could see more, Wu Hong lowered his eyes and hid his hand behind him in silence.

Is hiding still useful now?

Seeing Wu Hong’s action, Qin Yi felt less oppressive, and he even felt a little funny.

He didn’t expect that Wu Hong would really listen to him like this.

Wu Hong’s mood at this moment is also very complicated.

Like nervous, like something else. His temples are jumping suddenly. He can’t smell blood. What he can smell more is the smell of Qin Yi.

This tension made him unconsciously strengthen his hand.

He almost crushed the heart.

What should I do?

too dirty.

Wu Hong regretted that he had handled it in such a rude way.

So that he didn’t know where to throw the dirty thing now, and he couldn’t scare Qin Yi.

Wu Hong slowly raised his head. All he could think of was to divert Qin Yi’s attention.

Wu Hong asked in a dumb voice, “don’t you have an operation?”

Qin Yi: “it’s too bad if we can only live better in this way. Not every omega can afford gland resection.” he thought that if more scientists are willing to develop more advanced Omega inhibitors to reduce physical damage like alpha inhibitors.

When Omega meets her favorite alpha, she will willingly put down the inhibitor, hug and kiss each other’s neck, won’t she?

Qin Yi said softly, “forget it.”

He didn’t look at the man lying on the ground anymore.

Wu Hong thought he was afraid.

But Qin Yi thought Wu Hong looked more nervous.

Wu Hong tried to divert his attention.

Qin Yi thought for a moment and planned to divert Wu Hong’s attention.

Qin Yi turned and walked to the door. While pressing the clear button in the room, he said, “we’re going to Li Yuan to get the testing instrument.”

He paused, rarely a little sad: “it is very important for a person to find out his origin. Because he has an origin, he will have a sense of belonging. Otherwise, he will be like a rootless duckweed.”

Wu Hong answered and lost his things.

It hit the head of the little robot next to Qin Yi.

Then Wu Hong strode to keep up with Qin Yi. His tone was very light: “are you going to kill Li Yuan?”

Qin Yi couldn’t help looking back at him.

Hmm? Are there any murderous gods?

Oh, it seems that there are. In ancient times, Buddha was divided into compassion and anger.

Qin Yi: “… That’s not necessary. We have more gentle means.”

Wu Hong: “Oh.”

What else can he do for him?

Qin Yi suddenly stepped down, turned his head and looked at Wu Hong. He said calmly, “you bite me.”

How incredible.

Wu Hong felt sweat oozing from his palm.


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