I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 81

All Qin Yi’s understanding of Ao gender comes only from textbooks.

Perhaps people’s bones are full of longing for the unknown.

He blinked and thought, if alpha can get happiness from Omega, why can’t Omega get happiness from alpha?

Qin Yi’s calm thinking came to an abrupt end here.

A sudden force hit him.

It didn’t hurt, but it seemed to wrap him all at once, and his mouth and nose felt a strong sense of suffocation in an instant.

He was pressed against the door.

Wu Hong used only one hand and pinned the other to one side.

Qin Yi’s eyes dropped gently, and he could still see the red residue on his fingertips.

That’s the hand that got dirty just now.

When Qin Yi’s eyes were scattered and his thoughts drifted away, a strong pain of piercing the skin came from the back of his neck.

Wu Hong tightly bound his waist. He was so strong that he seemed to knead him into his body.

He bit the back of his neck.

Unlike a marked o, Qin Yi felt in a trance that it was more like the instinct of mating between beasts and spreading love.

The little robot thought Qin Yi had been attacked and immediately surrounded him anxiously.

“Warning! Warning! First warning now!”

But no one paid attention to them.

Manic and sweet pheromones quickly fill the whole space.

Before that, no one could imagine what it would be like when the match degree reached 100% Ao.

The smell of blood lingered in Wu Hong’s nose and stirred every nerve of him.

At this moment.

He has a great desire.

He tried to restrain himself from doing more indulgent things.

But the temperature transmitted by the skin is like a signal to cater to.

The sweat slipped slowly and blurred my sight.

Vaguely, he could see the hair beside Qin Yi’s ear, which was wet with sweat and tightly stuck to his cheek. The young man’s eyes and tail are slightly upturned, proud and indulgent, and there is a taste of love.

He wants to hold Qin Yi up.

But maybe I should wash my hands first.

Wu Hong thought.

At this time, Qin Yi blinked gently.

His eyelashes seem to be wet, too.

The body that has never been invaded by any pheromone, like a spark, quickly started to stir up.

Just when the little robot people became more and more restless and thought that Wu Hong was going to kill Qin Yi like killing the alpha just now.

Qin Yi reaches out and grabs Wu Hong’s frozen hand in the air.

It’s just that I missed it. I just grabbed my fingertips.

The wet and sticky blood also touched Qin Yi’s hand.

The light in Wu Hong’s dark eyes beat. He clasped Qin Yi’s palm, then picked Qin Yi up, turned and walked into the lounge.

At this time, the first wave of attacks by the small robots came out and hit the air with a “boom”.

They were stunned.

“Warning, warning again… Zila…” the small robots suddenly sounded the sound of electric current, and then they stopped working as if disturbed by some force.

No more interruptions.

Pheromones belonging to alpha are injected into the glands.

Wu Hong temporarily marked Qin Yi.

The pain of skin pricking soon passed, and instead the fast – feeling of pheromone blending.

Qin Yi’s legs were weak and he couldn’t stand alone. He leaned firmly in Wu Hong’s arms, his temperature rose rapidly, and even his breath was hot. He even longed to have more intimate actions with Wu Hong

Wu Hong quietly licked the back of Qin Yi’s neck, like a soothing action.

Then there was no other action.

Only hung his eyes and stared at Qin Yi tightly.

Qin Yi was a little dizzy, but he tried to keep a calm tone and said, “I may have a fever.”

Then he closed his eyes gently.

Qin Yi guessed right.

In adulthood, the biological instinct suppressed by inhibitors doubled at this moment.

He officially entered the susceptibility period.

In another sense, he has really grown up.

A few minutes later, Qin Yi’s temperature rose to 40 degrees.

Wu Hong trimmed Qin Yi’s hair and dared not kiss him.

He sat there as if he had fallen into a powerful, anxious shadow again.

Josephine carefully detected the consciousness wave.

Josephine: “well, it seems that it’s just a fever. It won’t destroy the world…”

Wu Hong remembered that Josephine still existed.

Wu Hong slowly opened his lips: “what do you see?”


He quickly reacted and wished he could raise his hand and swear: “I didn’t see anything! Really! When Qin Yi invited you to bite him, my brain waves fell to the low side to travel. I just came back from travel, really!”

Wu Hong managed Qin Yi’s neckline without expression, and didn’t make a sound again.

Ruixin was relieved to know that he had escaped.

Then he glanced at the next medical cabin and said, thank you for high technology!!!

“Why don’t you put him in the medical cabin, sir? I’m sure he won’t have a fever again soon.”


Qin Yi felt that he had slept for a long, long time. When he opened his eyes.

It’s dark all around.

He was startled, instinctively groped around, and then the light suddenly lit up, and he realized that he was in the medical cabin.

No, to be exact.

It was Wu Hong holding him and lying together in the medical cabin.

Wu Hong put his arm behind his neck, half held him in his arms and stared at him.

If Qin Yi hadn’t been used to it for a long time, he would probably feel that such a Wu Hong looked very terrible.

Qin Yi asked, “are you worried?”

Wu Hong nodded.

At that moment, Qin Yi even felt that he seemed to see the leaping fire from the bottom of his eyes.

Qin Yi wants to ask him.

Are you in love, too?

But I feel like I’m too provocative. It’s a little unkind.

After waking up, Qin Yi has no symptoms of high fever. He feels refreshed and relaxed as never before.

For a long time, he should not lose control of pheromone.

Thinking of this, Qin Yi moved his legs and wanted to sit up.

As a result, there were only one person lying in the medical cabin, but now there are two people lying in the medical cabin. Of course, the space is small.

Qin Yi moved and kicked Wu Hong.

Qin Yi paused and asked softly, “I seem to have met something?”

The color of the fundus of Wu Hong’s eyes changed. He held Qin Yi’s hand around his waist and moved it up, tightly hooping his shoulder. Finally, he reluctantly stroked the position of Xia Qin Yi’s gland, and Wu Hong seemed to slowly restore calm.

Qin Yi seemed to understand what he had just encountered.

He opened the medical module.

The cold air outside poured in, and only a little pheromone remained in the air.

That pheromone made Qin Yi’s heart beat faster. There was nothing else.

Both sides have calmed down a lot.

Of course, he quickly got out of the medical cabin.

Qin Yi: “I’ll take a bath. Wait for me.”

Wu Hong really sat there waiting for him.

When Qin Yi turns around and enters the bathroom.

Wu Hong could not help looking at the direction of the bathroom.

Qin Yi walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the huge mirror.

“… Wu Hong.”

Wu Hong heard the sound and immediately went to the bathroom door.

“Did you tear my clothes?”

Wu Hong’s eyelids jumped and his throat itched.

The door in front of him was so fragile.

But it was such a fragile thing that stopped him in the end.

Wu Hong leaned against the door and hung his head: “… I’m sorry.”

Qin Yi smiled gently: “your hand is really strong… This dress is made of special fabrics. You can stay in outer space.”

Not angry?

Wu Hong.

Wu Hong said in a dumb voice, “I’ll find you better materials.”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

He knew that Wu Hong would not lie.

Qin Yi soon finished taking a bath and came out.

He felt that if he didn’t go out earlier, Wu Hong would soon stand as a fossil at his door.

Qin Yi was wearing a white shirt and black trousers, and the neckline was not fully buttoned.

The tattoo on the back of his neck to cover the mark was also washed clean, revealing the mark.

Qin Yi doesn’t regret not cutting off the glands at all.

Because Shuang is actually owned by both sides.

Qin Yi feels very comfortable and good.

If the gland is removed, there will probably be no such feeling. Through temporary marking, the soul can tremble.

That may be a lot less happy?

Qin Yi doesn’t feel bad about Omega now. He is very satisfied with his body, including glands.

It’s just

Qin Yi stood in front of Wu Hong with water vapor and asked softly, “can I bite you?”

He paused and said, “I don’t know what Omega bites alpha…”.

Before Qin Yi could finish the second half sentence, Wu Hong bent down and lowered his head in front of him.

Just like the last time he wanted to smell his pheromone.

Qin Yi took a breath gently without hesitation.

He hooked Wu Hong’s shoulder, jumped on him, and then bit Wu Hong’s neck.

“… it can’t break the skin at all.” Qin Yi raised his head and said silently.

Alpha skin and Omega skin are really not of the same grade.

Wu Hong’s eyes flashed, held Qin Yi’s waist and walked forward with him in his arms.

Wait until you come to a low cabinet.

Wu Hong took out a knife from the inside. He cut a short but deep cut in the back of his neck with his backhand.

Qin Yi was surprised.

good heavens.

If you go deeper, you can dig out the glands yourself.

Wu Hong looked the same, as if he didn’t feel any pain. He tilted his head to the side and showed the skin to Qin Yi better.

But Qin Yi was silent for a moment: “it’s a little bloody…”

I can’t talk anymore.

Wu Hong pondered a little impatiently.

Change the blood into another color?

Or give it a strawberry flavor?

Qin Yi still quickly lowered his head and tried to bite his neck.

The smell of a large number of pheromones enters the mouth, mixed with a faint fishy smell.

The mood seemed to soar, driving adrenaline up.

It doesn’t feel like the whole body cells are mobilized for Omega when alpha marks it.

There are no physiological markers to prove it.

But it will also make people feel happy!

Qin Yi lowered his head, wiped Wu Hong’s blood back on himself, and then raised his head: “why don’t you go back to the medical cabin and lie down?”

Wu Hong pulled out a sterile paste from the medicine box and roughly pasted it on the back neck.

And then it’s okay?

Qin Yi blinked: “doesn’t it hurt?”

Wu Hong pursed his lips and didn’t answer. It seemed that he had something very difficult to say.

Qin Yi then asked him, “why don’t you always open your mouth in front of me?”

Qin Yi raised his hand and pressed it on Wu Hong’s Adam’s apple.

He jokingly said, “well, Mr. Wu, is there a recognition system installed here? When facing me, it will close the vocal cords?”

Qin Yi’s fingers have a warm touch.

Wu Hong’s Adam’s apple rolled.

Then he suddenly pressed the back of Qin Yi’s head, and then quickly kissed Qin Yi’s lips. But maybe it was because he moved too fast and kissed a little askew, more like kissing on the corner of his mouth.

Wu Hong straightened up and held Qin Yi tighter. His eyes opened darkly: “kiss, it won’t hurt.”

Is that what you want to say and you’re embarrassed to say?

Qin Yi hooked his neck, straightened up, had enough up, and then took the initiative to kiss Wu Hong.

This time I really kissed the lip flap.

Although the same touch is divided, the sweetness becomes thick.

Qin Yi smiled and said, “well, don’t you kiss more and the wound can be cured by yourself?”

Wu Hong’s body trembled slightly, as if trying to restrain something.

He squeezed a voice from his throat: “… HMM. it’ll be fine.”

Qin Yi broke away from him and pointed to the small machines on the ground: “have you broken it? You have to fix it.”

Wu Hong: “yes.”

Qin Yi crossed the body of the middle-aged male alpha before.

Qin Yi smacked his mouth: “it’s really not polite.”

Someone is jumping on someone else’s grave.

He’s marking and kissing a dragon at the grave!


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