I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 82

The first thing Qin Yi did when he went out was to find Mr. whale and tell him, “we killed a man.”

Mr. whale responded quickly: “the doctor?”

Qin Yi nodded.

Ah Lin said in one side, if you don’t kill him, we can’t bear to come and kill him!

What’s this?

It’s nothing!

Qin Yi didn’t hide Mr. whale, so he relayed all the information confessed by the doctor.

“It’s man-made Omega for a long time?” Alin said silently. “Where does beta in our family make it for him?”

Since ten thousand years ago, Qin Yi went through the wormhole to Pali city-state, reminding the young king at that time. Have you considered that the problem may be that the whole family is slowly becoming alpha, so he can’t find a wife

When the Kayabi people moved home, they knew that according to the interstellar judgment method, they were all alpha.

Qin Yi was a little surprised: “hmm? So you’ve been single for so many years because you’ve never considered marrying someone outside your family?”

This… This is almost to the extent that passing ants can’t help saying that they deserve to be few.

Ah Lin drooped his eyelids: “who doesn’t want to? However, there has never been a precedent of intermarriage between the family and outside the family. Wouldn’t it be more sad to have a monster all his life? Of course, the bigger problem is…”

Alin sighed heavily: “people in the stars are afraid of the yappies. We think they are outsiders, and they also think we are aliens. Marrying us is as terrible as running to marry the Zerg.”

Qin Yi was silent for a moment: “then I think your prototype is much more lovely than the Zerg.”

Alin was moved to tears: “thank you.”

He also wants to marry Qin Yi.

“If you have the opportunity to integrate into the interstellar society, would you like to?” Qin Yi asked.

Alin said dryly, “where is the question of whether we are willing or not? Every time we appear outside the territory of keyabi, they have to worry about whether we are going to start a war…”


Alin sighed: “this is about to start when we are just about to settle here. How will you feel when countless huge marine creatures suddenly fall into the air?”

Qin Yi: “… Alien invasion?”

Arlene: that’s right. Now that’s what you write about us in interstellar history

They feel wronged.

We’re just moving.

But for the language exchange later, it is estimated that the two sides would have to fight to the death.

After a long time, keabi will really become a mysterious existence in the interstellar world.

No one knows them, and no one dares to know them.

Mr. whale whispered, “do you want to kill Li Yuan?”

Qin Yi:?

Huh? Why do you suddenly become so decisive and bloody and violent?

Qin Yi shook his head: “I want to take something from him. Don’t worry. I also want to know why he hasn’t died until now.”

Mr. whale lowered his eyes and said, “the keyabies are doomed to extinction.”

They both know very well that keyabi doesn’t have a beta, but they can go outside and tie some betas back. Even take Yabi’s resources and interstellar exchange, so that interstellar regularly send beta over.

But such an act is shameless.

Qin Yi tilted his head: “people are not goods, but people have feelings.”

Speaking out, Qin Yi was surprised. He would never have said that people had feelings in the past.

But people do have feelings.

Whether this person is bad, cruel, or deep-seated, he will have feelings.

“If you like it from your heart, it will naturally change this situation,” Qin Yi said.

Alin fell into a daze: “will there be that day?”

Qin Yi: “yes.”

Qin Yi went back to his room after talking with them.

The room has been cleaned without any trace. And the little machines were repaired.

Wu Hong sat there and waited for him to come back.

“You’re great.” Qin Yishun boasted.

Wu Hong’s eyebrows moved, and his sight on Qin Yi suddenly became hot.

Probably because of the marked relationship, Qin Yi became more sensitive to the pheromone on Wu Hong. It’s not the sensitivity of feeling when you smell it, but a sensitivity that can be smelled from a distance.

After smelling it, there will even be a good feeling to comfort him.

Can’t you boast?

Qin Yixiang.

Will Wu Hong’s pheromone respond to this boast?

Qin Yi couldn’t help walking up to Wu Hong.

He wanted to know if it was his illusion, so he tried.

“I found Mr. Wu very good-looking.”

“Yes, really?” Wu Hong stammered and closed his mouth tightly again.

“Nice hands, too.”

“Well, and…”

Before Qin Yi finished, he was almost out of breath wrapped by the strong alpha pheromone.

Is this Wu Hong in love?

Qin Yi stepped forward: “don’t blow up the flowers, and you can’t blow up the spaceship.”

He said, “hold it.”

He thinks he’s really overbearing.

He also tried out human pheromones.

Wu Hong blinked slowly, and the deep color in the fundus of his eyes became thicker, like a layer of fog.

He replied seriously, “hold it.”

Qin Yi thinks this man is really interesting.

Strong and lovely.

Qin Yi came closer. He stood on tiptoe and kissed Wu Hong.

Alpha’s pheromone was not appeased, but became more intense and even violent.

But Wu Hong held back.

Qin Yi paused and licked his lips instead.

Pheromones are passed into the mouth from the tip of the tongue to complete the exchange.

Alpha’s pheromone was immediately appeased.

Everything in the room slowly returned to normal.

At this time, Wu Hong seemed uncontrollable. He picked up Qin Yi, kissed Qin Yi’s neck side quickly, and then put the man down.

This is the meaning given to pheromones, Qin Yi thought.

When moving together, pheromones let them get deeper integration and stronger happiness.

When they returned to calm, they all received great comfort.

It seems that fatigue and all the dark sides have been smoothed.

When Qin Yi’s thoughts flew disorderly, a voice suddenly came from the door: “you have a new visitor.”

The camera opens.

The image of the man outside the door floated indoors.

Qin Yi glanced.

It’s Li Yuan.

That’s strange.

You have to turn off this function.

Otherwise, when the image of people outside the door floats, it is as if the other party is watching them and all their intimate movements.

“Is Qin Yi there?” a voice came from outside the door.

Qin Yi touched the back of his neck and said, “wait.”

Wu Hong nodded and stood still.

Qin Yi opened the door.

Li Yuan swept in first at a glance, and then he said shyly, “our doctor hasn’t gone back. I just wondered if he really bothered you.”

Qin Yi: “he’s not here. Do you want to come in and see?”

Li Yuan glanced at Wu Hong and his heart sank.

The presence of such a powerful alpha here in Qin Yi is not a good signal. If the doctor comes at this time, he will be caught by this alpha.

How possessive is alpha? You can kill everyone who covets Omega for this.

Li Yuan could only smile and didn’t ask, so he turned to find Mr. whale.

However, he was disappointed that Keya, for example, could not provide him with surveillance videos on the grounds of privacy.

Even if he repeatedly stressed that the missing doctor was related to the ethnic reproduction of Yabi. The Kayabi still won’t let go.

They are as stubborn as stones used to forge mecha!

No wonder you’ve been single for years!

Li Yuan couldn’t help being angry and scolded in his heart.

But Li Yuan is not the time to tear his face. No matter how much anger he has, he has to press it down first.

He never wanted more than that.

He had to hold back for a bigger plan.

This forbearance, forbearance until the spacecraft landed.

All the Kayabi people came to meet them. They knelt down in front of the ship and shouted, “the king is back! The king is back!”

Then he stared at every suspicious Omega around Mr. whale.

Li Yuan was full of horror at the moment.

They are all alpha!

The Kayabi are all alpha!

If he can reach an agreement with the Kayabi, they will become a strong army for him!

But there’s no beta here

Li Yuan thought of his plan.

Fortunately, he has prepared several betas in advance. As long as he needs them, they will stand up and voluntarily become the samples of the experiment.

Li Yuan is very excited.

The Kayabi are also very excited.

Just when Li Yuan thought they would hold a meeting immediately and couldn’t wait to deal with the problem of racial reproduction, Mr. whale whispered, “go to the second grave.”

Keyabi people nodded in surprise.

The senior elders of the clan crowded them to the second tomb.

They went to the bottom of the sea by elevator.

Huge glass curtain walls have been built on the seabed.

Through the curtain wall, they can see the huge ecological cycle formed by whale fall after whale fall in the blue sea.

Qin Yi has seen it.

But no one else has seen it.

They looked at everything in front of them with shock, and then they felt that they really knew the race of keabi.

Mr. whale: “there are many people you have met. They are all here.”

Qin Yi raised his head slightly and unconsciously shed tears.

Mr. whale couldn’t help looking at him sideways.

Sure enough, maybe the keabi people ten thousand years ago could be more liked by him.

When he becomes no longer young and loses his pure heart, when the long years give him wisdom and government, kill all his impulses.

… it seems that he is doomed not to win the young self ten thousand years ago.

When he was young, he could fall in love at first sight when he saw Qin Yi.

He was kept in a long and repeated time prison and lost his instinct of courtship.

Mr. whale stood in front of the glass curtain wall and shed a tear.

At this time, Wu Hong stretched out a hand obliquely, and he carefully caught Qin Yi’s tears.

The only two who haven’t moved are probably Wu Hong and Li Yuan.

Wu Hong has seen too many creatures die out. He can’t feel sad. His eyes only fall on Qin Yi.

In the face of such a scene, Li Yuan was shocked. What he thought was that since the keyabi family had been difficult to this point, once the keyabi people saw the power in his hands, they must flock to it.

The most outstanding Omega in the stars thousands of years ago and the most outstanding Omega in the stars thousands of years later.

They stood under the same sky.

A Rose Queen loved by countless people put away all his tears. He thought he had a broader pattern and ambition, and he went to a bigger battlefield.

Another Omega, who once had a small dream and wanted to spend his life alone, was born with pheromone defects. He learned to cry and went to every great, small and sincere emotion in the world.


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