I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 83

After visiting the second tomb, they returned to land from the sea.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Jing, keyabi held another secret meeting after many years.

Li Yuan took out his instrument.

It’s a big one that looks like a sleeping cabin. There are countless pipes connected outside, and one of the pipes is connected to something that looks like a light brain.

“It only needs a beta to lie in and undergo injection transformation of the gland. When he (she) comes out again, it will be an omega. It is an Omega that can achieve high matching with most alpha,” Li Yuan said.

His voice fell, and everyone couldn’t help looking at Qin Yi’s direction.

This thing is so mysterious and outrageous that it can mass produce Omega like making goods

Now, the most incredible Omega in the universe is Qin Yi.

The appearance of Qin Yi is strange enough.

Does he actually have something to do with this instrument?

Thoughts flashed through everyone’s minds.

Only Li Yuan clearly knew that none of the samples in the laboratory flowed out to the outside world.

Li Yuan said: “because the doctor is missing, I can’t explain the principle well for you. But with my demonstration, I believe you will see it clearly.”

He called a beta man.

Li Yuan asked, “are you willing to sacrifice yourself for this great race?”

Beta’s man: “I will!”

The Kayabi people are very happy to hear the “great race”, but

“Well, can you pick one that looks better?”

Li Yuan: ”

Most of keyabi’s people are really good-looking, and looking back at these beta men brought by Li Yuan… They are really not very good.

After all, if Li Yuan brings some good-looking ones, it’s not easy to manage!

Li Yuan has a headache.

He calculated everything. First, he didn’t calculate that there was no beta, and second, he didn’t calculate that he was picky and good-looking!

Just as Li Yuan bowed his head and thought about how to deal with the embarrassing situation, Qin Yi finally made a sound.

Qin Yi: “in fact, I’ve always wondered why my pheromone is so unique. Can it test where my pheromone changes come from?”

Li Yuan looked at him and said, “of course, do you want to try?”

Anyway, now Qin Yi’s opening has broken his embarrassment.

Li Yuan is actually thinking that he hopes Qin Yi is the sample from the laboratory.

Because in this way, the existence of Qin Yi will no longer be his obstacle, but his biggest and most effective advertising. From then on, the whole universe will deeply realize what a terrible technology he has in his hand.

And this technology, and the mineral resources he found on that planet, will lead the interstellar to a new future!

Qin Yi asked, “how to test?”

Li Yuan walked over, opened the instrument like a light brain and motioned Qin Yi to press his hand on it.

“It will extract pheromones from your blood,” Li Yuan said.

Qin Yi nodded and put his hand steadily.

Li Yuan didn’t know that many people stared at him behind him. Once the instrument is abnormal, Li Yuan’s head will probably be screwed off on the spot.

The “drop” sounded softly.

Nothing happened.

Li Yuan: “well, just wait for the result.”

Qin Yi nodded. His thoughts were hooked back by the “drop”. Long ago, he stood in the hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau, waiting for the memory of the matching results.

“Di -” the instrument suddenly gave out an ugly long beep.

On its light screen, there are countless flashing vertical lines.

It seems to be infected with a virus.

Li Yuan’s face immediately changed: “how could this happen?”

As he spoke, he looked back at Qin Yi. It is obviously suspected that Qin Yi has moved his hands and feet in it.

The instrument is expensive to manufacture.

Of course, fortunately, we can’t only make one

Qin Yi: “is it broken?”

Li Yuan: “obviously…”

Just when Li Yuan was cold and ready to ask for compensation impolitely and questioned Qin Yi whether he was intentional.

The instrument sounded the last “drop”.

“If the master pheromone is detected, please enter the password for collection.” the instrument sends out a cold mechanical sound.

After a while, everyone stopped.

Especially Li Yuan.

One second, two seconds and three seconds later, Li Yuan suddenly turned his head and stared at Qin Yi.

Maternal pheromone?


How is that possible?

Qin Yi had guessed for a long time, but when the real moment came, he still had an unspeakable loss and… Anger.

Maybe he should be glad that he is at least not a sample.

It was Arlene who broke the stagnant atmosphere. Lin: “what does this mean? The pheromone they extracted from wocao comes from Qin Yi?”

As soon as he said this, the last layer of shame cloth was torn off.

Li Yuan’s face changed and whispered, “there may be something wrong with the instrument…”

“We killed the doctor. Haven’t you guessed?” Qin Yi interrupted him. “Then we’ll ask what words from the doctor. You should know.”

Li Yuan was stunned and blurted out: “it’s impossible. What can he say?”

Qin Yi: “hmm? What did you inject into him? That’s why I let him walk around safely?”

Then why was the doctor forced by Wu Hong to say it that day?

Is it because Wu Hong is different?

Of course, that’s not the point.

Qin Yi slowly turned around and said, “Mr. Jing already knows about how you extract pheromones from your mother book.”

Li Yuan was silent.

After half a minute, Li Yuan asked, “so what? Doesn’t keabi need redemption?”

Qin Yi: “it’s not a crime. What’s the redemption?”

Li Yuan turned to see Mr. whale: “does Wang think so?”

Mr. whale looked at him coldly without making a sound.

Qin Yi took out his lightsaber and cut off the pipe on the instrument in front of Li Yuan.

Li Yuan shouted angrily, “what are you doing?”

Qin Yi: “I don’t want more than half of Omega in the universe to come from my pheromone in the future. I’m not interested in painless motherhood. I don’t want to go so far as to make the population of half the universe seem to be my offspring in the future.”

Li Yuan: ”

Other people call it a sleeping trough when they hear it. Yes!

Wu Hong’s face was particularly ugly.

Even Mr. whale, who had never been in any mood, frowned now.

“Take all his things,” Mr. whale said.

The bottom man got the order and did it immediately.

Li Yuan: “no! You can’t do this…”

He tried to calm himself down.

This scene is not in his plan at all!

He found that he didn’t count too many things.

He didn’t count a Qin Yi.

He didn’t even think that driven by pheromones, the king of keabi would love Qin Yi so much. Even keabi people were willing to give up the event of racial reproduction

How could he lose here?

All this has just begun!

“Wang, why? Wang has been single for tens of thousands of years. It’s not easy to find a suitable Omega, but he doesn’t belong to Wang. He has several alpha! And…” Li Yuan said, “didn’t you find it? He has just been marked!”

Others may not find out.

But Li Yuan himself is Omega. He has more experience of being marked. It can be said that he knows much more than Qin Yi.

As soon as the words came out, the air seemed to be evacuated for a moment.

Everyone was shocked and couldn’t find their voice and thinking for a long time.

Except Qin Yi and Wu Hong.

The first to break the silence was Mr. whale.

He looked at Qin Yi: “who is it?”

He added, “can I know?”

Li Yuan was speechless.

At this time, you’re still here. What’s polite? Aren’t you angry?

Alpha’s desire to invade has always been so strong!

Qin Yi was also very calm. He nodded boldly: “I asked Mr. Wu to help me mark temporarily.”

Now everyone has become more stupid.

Why Wu Hong?

Why him?

He is more mute than Mr. whale! Mr. whale is more likely than him!

“Remember the gift I bought for you last time?” Qin Yi asked.

Mr. whale: “… Remember.”

“At that time, I was about to enter the susceptibility period. I wanted to buy something that could alleviate this symptom, but unfortunately, all regular businesses refused to sell to single Omega, which was unreasonable, right?” Qin Yi said faintly.

Mr. whale reacted.

Those gifts… May not be gifts.

Those strange emotional and interesting products are Qin Yi’s dissatisfaction with Ao’s inequality.

At that time, Qin Yi could not accept any alpha to show his love.

Why can Wu Hong?

Is it because he defected for Qin Yi the first time he saw him? no Maybe it was the first time he saw Qin Yi. On the chaotic battlefield, he bent down and picked up Qin Yi’s mecha parts.

“I am very grateful to Mr. Wu for helping me solve my dilemma, which makes me realize that if it is the right person, it feels good to mark temporarily.” Qin Yi stated flatly.

He didn’t look back at Wu Hong, but he could feel Wu Hong’s eyes.

Wu Hong stared at him hotly, his muscles tightened, and a deep light flowed in his dark eyes.

Wu Hong’s feedback is like artificial intelligence. He will give you what he gives immediately.

Simple and straightforward.

But it’s not like artificial intelligence, just cold programs.

His simple and straightforward feedback is mixed with more complex and strong emotions.

This moment and every moment before.

Qin Yi felt that the other party seemed to give himself the right to dominate his emotions without reservation.

No one knows. Wu Hong is already thinking that if someone is incited by Li Yuan, he will kill everyone. Well, a rival like Mr. whale can stab more.

Then leave with Qin Yi. Maybe Qin Yi can kiss him when he leaves.

Just like the last time he killed the doctor.

In this stagnant and terrible atmosphere, Li Yuan couldn’t stand it.

Why didn’t they fight? Aren’t you alpha? Aren’t you the top alpha in this era?

He doesn’t know, but anyone who says in front of Zhou Yiqing, hors, Lu Ji and Zheng Yian can fight on the spot today

Li Yuan slipped a little sweat on his forehead. He interposed and asked, “have you figured it out? Do you really want to give up the last chance of ethnic continuity for an Omega that has been marked? Qin Yi doesn’t like you.”

Mr. whale looked down at him: “if I left you, I would hate myself today.”

Li Yuan:?


He doesn’t understand.

Of course Li Yuan doesn’t understand.

He didn’t know that God’s consciousness would one day come to a robot. And at the moment of his arrival, he opened his eyes and fell in love with Omega, who raised his glass to him.

He didn’t know that Wu Hong would go through the wormhole to another time and space ten thousand years ago and meet the young Mr. whale. From then on, he conquered keabi, so that later, the old, mature, calm and self-contained Mr. whale also hoped to follow his mind ten thousand years ago.

There are too many things he doesn’t understand.

Arlin, who was on the other side, was rarely cold. He sneered: “you probably never thought that this technology in your hand would push more Omega into a more terrible abyss in the world. They would completely become goods.”

They all know that if that day comes, Qin Yi will really and completely hate alpha in the world.

When all Omega in the world fell into a desperate situation, they really ushered in the extinction of the race.

Li Yuan was stunned.

No, it’s not

He wanted to refute, but the impact was so great that he couldn’t find a starting point for refutation.

He’s a little dizzy.

He steadied himself with difficulty.

He has to get out of this situation quickly, rather than arguing with them whether this technology will benefit Omega or harm Omega.

“Wait, OK. Even if you don’t want to use this technology because of Qin Yi. What about other things? To tell you the truth, I have the most precious material and the most advanced mineral resources in the world… Maybe we can talk again.” Li Yuan squeezed his voice from his throat.

Qin Yi interposed: “do you mean the mineral resources on a barren star? Is it such a thing?”

Qin Yi took out an iron.

This iron is unusual. It is used to make combat ships.

Li Yuan looked down and was stunned: “how could you have?”

He bit his teeth, which really made him angry.

“Have you been to that place? Did you take the things there?” Li Yuan asked loudly.

“Haven’t you heard of kandarati relics? These things come from different kandarati relics.” Qin Yi tilted his head and asked.

Compared with Li Yuan’s gaffe, he even had a few leisure.

“Now it’s my turn to ask you.” Qin Yi paused. “Why take my boyfriend’s things?”

Qin Yi also said the word for the first time.

He couldn’t help licking his lips.

In fact, I haven’t confirmed the relationship at all, but… I’ve marked it temporarily, so it’s even a temporary boyfriend? Anyway, fool Li Yuan first.


Alin is sour out of the sky.

He thought, Wang’s heart must be more bitter.

“Boyfriend? Mr. Wu?” Li Yuan glanced at Wu Hong and said angrily, “are you kidding? Since you also said these relics from kandalatti, how could it be his stuff? Who is he? Do you think he is the master of kandalatti?”

Qin Yi nodded and said softly, “yes. He is.”

If this is the feeling of God preference

Qin Yi thinks it’s good.

Li Yuan: “…?”

He was so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

How is that possible?

How could kandarati’s ruins belong to him? Does he think he is the God of kandarati?

Li Yuan felt his head more dizzy.

He stepped back and tried to look at Wu Hong again.

But he fell.

Tension, anger and great disappointment, as well as the strong alpha pheromone around him, made him faint.

At this moment, only Wu Hong is probably happiest.


Li Yuan, including all his men and everything he brought, was detained in this way.

Even the spaceship he left on the small planet was soon taken away by the Kayabi.

He didn’t think about his great journey. It ended before it officially began.

Li Yuan had to explain everything.

“It turned out that it was his husband, the emperor at that time, who saved his gene sample because he loved him too much. Once he died unexpectedly, he would clone another one immediately. Now Li Yuan is the clone of the Rose Queen. However, it is not his husband who has died for many years who is in charge of this cloning. It is the current Yan Huang The emperor of the Empire, Luri.

“He wants to borrow the reputation of Queen rose, reproduce the glory of the Empire and arouse people’s support for the royal family. But I think he may want to use queen rose as a political capital that can be traded. Or more disgusting, he may also want to have a super-s alpha with queen rose…”

Ah Lin and Qin Yi said.

“When Queen rose woke up, she accidentally discovered the local mineral resources. When Luri knew it, she thought he could finally usher in the spring of power. Just after the alliance chaos, Luri thought the most appropriate time had come, so the clone of Queen rose walked out of the laboratory… Luri may still be waiting for Queen rose to go with countless resources, Omega and the army of Yabi “See him,” Alin said.

Qin Yi gently answered “ah”.

Is this a mistake, and has it relieved Zhou Yiqing’s trouble?

“Can I ask him a few words?” Qin Yi looked at Alin.

Arlene: Yes, I’ll have you sent right away

At this time, the Yanhuang empire on the other side.

The emperor’s majesty Luri, who has not appeared in public for a long time, summoned all officials, including the Presbyterian and some generals stationed abroad.

Those who could not reach the scene also opened the communication.

At the same time, he started a global live broadcast.

He showed his spirit for the first time in front of the camera: “my ministers, my people, I will tell you a good news. You don’t have to envy the resources and alpha owned by other countries.

“I’m here to tell you that we also have a huge mineral resource, and the resurrected Rose Queen, the legendary Rose Queen, will return to the world with the mysterious Corps

“He will bring great wealth and a real technology that can change the world

“We will have more Omega than other countries. These Omega will be better than Qin Yi. They have high matching, strong docility and excellent reproductive function. They will combine with the powerful alpha of our country, so as to produce more excellent alpha for our empire

“General Zhou shamefully betrayed the Empire. He thought he would win. No, he was wrong. I will tell him what he regretted and couldn’t recover in his life.

“Follow his soldiers. I know you didn’t mean to rebel. It’s still time to look back.”


Tossing and turning, unable to sleep, Mr. whale, who was about to set off a tsunami at sea, did something.

He sent a message to Zhou Yiqing, hors, Zheng Yian and Lu Ji. No one fell behind.

[Qin Yi was temporarily marked by Wu Hong]


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