I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 84

Ji Yang, Zhou Yiqing’s deputy, looked coldly at the speech of Lu Rui, emperor of the Yan and Huang empire.

“How many years has the queen of roses died? Where did he get a queen of roses? It’s not easy for people who stay in the times to move now! It’s still useful for him to resurrect a Chengfeng emperor.” Ji Yang sarcastically said.

Do not retain half of the respect because the other party is the emperor.

“It has long been rumored that the gene sample of the Rose Queen has been preserved,” Zhou Yiqing said calmly.

“Why do you say that you have the technology to transform Omega? The Empire will have more alpha in the future? Let’s blow it! If you had such technology long ago, would Omega be directly used as goods in exchange?” Ji Yang sniffed.

However, he followed another meal: “I’m afraid. Some people really believe these nonsense. There’s nothing to say about the resources in his hand. I don’t believe there are better mineral resources than kandalati relics…”

Zhou Yiqing was still very calm: “it’s inevitable that some people are excited, but it’s better to eliminate them. Lu Rui’s speech is useless. If I were him, I might as well make up that we collude with the Zerg in an attempt to unify the world. But it’s also very difficult…”

Zhou Yiqing said this and stopped unconsciously.

He also suddenly found that the world seemed to have undergone earth shaking changes unconsciously.

Now, with Zheng Yian’s return, the alliance is losing ground.

Hols has completely mastered the rimu Empire and become the most prestigious crown prince in the history of rimu.

The rimu empire was firmly controlled by him, so it could not be easily incited.

Of course, the alliance is unable to join a larger war.

These changes

It was less than a year since he first heard the name Qin Yi.

When Zhou Yiqing fell into memory, his communicator suddenly vibrated.

Zhou Yiqing turns on the communicator.

In the encrypted channel, a line of words pops up.

At that moment, Ji Yang found that general Zhou, who was as calm as Mount Tai just now, suddenly changed his face.

This scene also happened in the fleet of space parade.

In the imperial palace of the rimu empire.

In the front command post against the alliance.

“How could it be him?!”

No one thought of it.

At this time, Qin Yi at the other end came to Li Yuan.

Omega’s physique is relatively weak. Li Yuan stayed in keabi’s prison and became haggard in just a few hours.

He sat there pale and saw Qin Yi coming. His mood fluctuated, but he soon pressed it again.

Li Yuan said coldly, “I didn’t expect that Omega, like me, would eventually put me in such a situation.”

His original intention was to satirize Qin Yi’s fellow cannibals.

But Qin Yi sat down in front of him and only asked faintly, “do you think of it now?”

Li Yuan was pierced and shut up.

“Have you seen her?” Qin Yi opened the picture of his mother stored in the messenger.

Li Yuan glanced: “No.”

Qin Yi nodded. It was estimated that Li Yuan might still be sleeping at that time.

So when Li Yuan saw him, he didn’t know that he was his mother.

Maybe we need to get back all the people who worked in the laboratory at that time.

Qin Yi turned and left.

It was Li Yuan’s turn to be stunned.

Li Yuan: “is that why you came to ask me this?”

Qin Yi nodded lightly: “well, she is the most important.”

Li Yuan pursed his lower lip: “can we talk again?”

Qin Yi: “what are you talking about? In fact, you don’t have to die. When things calm down, you can go back to the basement.”

Li Yuan suddenly changed his tone and said in a cold voice, “but I don’t want to go back! The dark underground… How can it be the place I want to stay?”

Qin Yi asked, “don’t you know you’re just a person cloned according to genes? Do you have the complete memory of the Rose Queen? He used to live in the slums. You didn’t experience one ten thousandth of his suffering, so you just want to have resplendence?”

“What about you?” Li Yuan looked at him coldly. “You only have today because your pheromone matches up to 100% with many excellent alpha. Now let you live a bad life, will you?”

Qin Yi: “me?”

Qin Yi: “in your opinion, my pheromone is a mother parent that can be used. But it was once a defect ridiculed by countless people. I have suffered enough, and I don’t want to eat now. I want to live a happy life.”

He said that, without looking at Li Yuan again, he turned and left.

He thought it was a waste of energy to talk to the “Rose Queen” now.

After Qin Yi left.

Li Yuan lowered his head and continued to think about what else he could use as chips and what he could exchange

He couldn’t figure out why Mingming had more things in his life than at that time, but he lost faster.

Just then.

The prison door gave a “Zila” sound of electric current, and then opened quietly.

The young, pale skin, like a man walking down the road of death, slowly came to Li Yuan.

His face was beautiful, but it really made people tremble.

“What can I do for you?” Li Yuan asked.

Wu Hong stood firmly in front of him, condescending.

“Have you ever heard of gods?”

Li Yuan: “… Of course. Many people are familiar with the legend of kandarati.”

Wu Hong: “do you want to do it again?”

Li Yuan was alert: “what do you mean?”

Wu Hong’s tone was calm: “I’ll teach you how to summon the Supreme God, how?”

It was just a series of brain waves, shivering to try to access Wu Hong’s radio channel.

Rui: “are you going to…?”

Wu Hong didn’t make a sound.

He can’t enter the world directly. The world will collapse because he can’t bear it.

Because there are few believers in this world, and his consciousness cannot be directly projected here.

He can only call.

But the call comes at a price.

Those believers will die at a price.

Wu Hong thought that in order to stay in this world for a longer time, he needs more believers to recharge his time in this world.

As for how they will die

It doesn’t matter.

A long time.

Li Yuan raised his head and asked, “is there really a God?”

Wu Hong didn’t speak.

His shadow fell on the ground, grew rapidly, and swallowed the cell completely.

Li Yuan was pressed to the ground by an invisible force and couldn’t even straighten his waist.

A shudder rose from the depths of his soul.

This is the power from a higher civilization that transcends the flesh body of alpha itself


When Wu Hong returned to his room, it was already late at night.

He opened the door and found Qin Yi waiting for him inside.

Wu Hong paused, and then slowly came to Qin Yi.

The Union soldiers stood aside, a little frightened.

He opened the door for Qin Yi.

I don’t know if it’s right.

Qin Yi asked, “did you see Li Yuan, too?”

Wu Hong didn’t wonder why he knew.

It’s not surprising that Qin Yi is so clever.

Uhong paused for a moment and nodded.

Qin Yi looked at the Union soldiers and smiled: “go out and wait.”

The Union soldiers had to go out.

Just waiting for the door to close, only he knew the feeling of loss and fear. Mr. Wu doesn’t use him much as a microphone recently.

His usefulness seems to have come to an end

Do you have to die?

Union soldiers were disappointed outside the door.

Inside the door, Qin Yi asked, “what did you say to Li Yuan?”

In fact, he was not sure whether Wu Hong would answer, but he still asked. If you can communicate clearly, don’t prevaricate.

Wu Hong and Qin Yi have opposite eyes.

Wu Hong’s eyes were still so black and white that they were terrible.

But he suddenly squatted down in front of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi:?

Wu Hong moved his lips and explained word by word: “I taught him how to summon the gods…”

Just didn’t say why.

Qin Yi didn’t expect Wu Hong to be so frank.

“I see.” Qin Yi stood up. “We’ll leave keabi tomorrow.”

Wu Hong turned his head and stared at Qin Yi.

Does he stop asking?

In fact, Qin Yi almost guessed it now.

He asked, “by the way, the last one to call the gods was the coalition prime minister, wasn’t it?”

Wu Hong replied, “yes.”

Qin Yi: “that’s all right!”

Wu Hong watched him go out, stood there for a while, and then sat down.

the second day.

Qin Yi is ready to leave.

Keabi people also know that Qin Yi once went to keabi ten thousand years ago through the wormhole, and once fought against the divine court for the sake of the Pali city-state.

He almost became the king’s bride.

Even if it’s a little close.

But the connection between time and space has also filled their hearts.

It seems that when you see Qin Yi, you can also see the people who died ten thousand years ago through him.

This emotion is subtle, but especially precious.

When Qin Yi walked out of keabi’s palace.

A huge ancient whale suddenly floated in the sky.

He swung his body.

Clumsy dancing.

His mouth whispered, as if it were a voice hundreds of millions of years ago, cutting through time and space and coming here.

“What ceremony is this?” the accompanying soldiers couldn’t help asking.

It was the first time he had seen such a scene.

Kayabi: “it’s a courtship dance.”

He paused and said sadly, “I haven’t jumped for many years. If I go down again, I may not jump. Or there will be no more keyabies at all.”

The magic of creation makes them different from other races in strength and longevity.

But it finally ushered in extinction.

Qin Yi glanced back at the keyabi.

The keyabi people met Qin Yi’s eyes.

He took a deep breath and ran to the sky.

Under the dark starry sky.

Countless whales poured into the sky.

They had no one to love.

But they all danced a courtship dance.

This is not because they all love Qin Yi.

But in their poor cognition, Qin Yi is the best Omega. Qin Yi is more like an image. It’s the beauty they want to pursue.

Li Yuan is locked up in a prison in the sea.

He could see such a shocking scene through the transparent top curtain and the blue sea.

Wait until a courtship dance is over.

Qin Yi patted the head of the small robot next to him: “did you record it?”

The little robot nodded.

Mr. whale quickly changed back to normal form.

He still came to send Qin Yi personally, and countless keyabi people followed him.

It’s not too much to say that Qin Yi is a top VIP.

Qin Yi swept the kiabi people, raised his head and asked Mr. whale, “the war should be over soon. Would you like to take your people out for a long trip?”

Mr. whale moved his lips: “this will cause them to be highly nervous, they will be afraid, and even call an army for this…”

Qin Yi: “No.”

Qin Yi smiled: “they will soon know what a lovely race keabi is!”

The kiabi looked at him.

The fundus of the eye surged out more light bit by bit.

Qin Yi set off soon.

Li Yuan was still detained in keabi, because only in keabi, no one can take him away from here.

This time, more than half of the keyabi people took a spaceship to keep up with Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s spaceship was dotted with many flowers.

Wu Hong bought them at a high price.

When the ship shuttles by.

Those petals will fall, and then slowly wither from the blooming state

The Kayabi looked at the beautiful petals falling back, as if new hope had blown into their hearts.

The day Qin Yi returned to the rebels.

There’s a video on StarCraft.

Countless huge whales dance in the air.

Their bodies are shining blue, beautiful and dreamy, like scenes in fairy tales.

No one can resist beautiful things.

[but the question is, what ceremony is this?]

[it’s a koabi courtship dance! Mr. whale said it himself! Go and see his social account!]

[sleeping trough, is it for Qin Yi? It’s amazing!]

[such a beautiful race, why is it a little clumsy to dance courtship dance, ha ha]

[you know what? The Kayabi are all alpha!]

[horizontal groove]

[no wonder their race is difficult to continue…]

[well, I have a question, are the keabi good-looking?]

[don’t you know when you look at their king?]

[OK, I see! With the gentle tolerance of whales, dreamy and beautiful bodies, the strength of alpha and good-looking… I have a bold idea… Why hasn’t anyone married keyabi for so many years?]

[it seems that… We haven’t seen the yappies for thousands of years before]

[? Such a house? I’m shocked!]

[no, it was terrible when they appeared. It really felt like an alien invasion. But now look at their huge bodies, um, used to dance clumsily, um, it doesn’t seem so terrible…]

This mysterious race took this as an opportunity to really enter the sight of cosmic residents in another way.

After really understanding them, it’s hard not to like them.

While talking about the yappies on the Internet.

Qin Yi and his party landed in the Rebel fleet.

The door opens.

Qin Yi walked in and saw countless pairs of eyes sweeping over.

Zhou Yiqing, Lu Ji, hols, Zheng Yi’an.

A lot.

Qin Yi:?


Have they taken care of their own affairs?

Qin Yi turned to look at Zhou Yiqing: “how’s the war over there, Admiral Zhou?”

Zhou Yiqing: “the Rose Queen has never appeared… The imperial guard is vulnerable. The Presbyterian is urgently discussing peace negotiations.”

Qin Yi looked at Lu Ji.

Lu Ji raised his eyelids: “together with the star pirates, the initiative army went to the death star to eat shit.”

Qin Yi looks at hols again.

Hols stroked his gloves and whispered, “the arrogant alpha nobles of the Empire who refuse to bow their heads are waiting to lick your shoes.”

Qin Yi:?

That’s not very necessary.

“I remember I didn’t seem to have been away too long? You move so fast?” Qin Yi wondered.

Ji Yang behind Zhou Yiqing sighed.

You never know how violent alpha can be without a wife

“Ah Yi.” hols suddenly uttered a voice and shouted very close.

Lu Ji answered, “the Yanhuang Empire sent the Qin family. Do you want to see them?”

Zheng Yi’an smiled and said, “if you are angry, you can throw it directly into space. Anyway, no one will know that they died here.”

Zhou Yiqing was the last to speak.

Zhou Yiqing whispered, “Mr. Wu is all right. We want to ask Mr. Wu some questions.”

Lu Ji: “can’t wait.”

Hols: right now

At the other end, they mentioned the emperor of the Yanhuang empire.

And the nobles of the rimu Empire who refused to implement Ao equality.

They are also thinking about a problem now

If you can, can you clone a Qin Yi?


Alpha without a wife really hurts!


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