I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 85

Qin Yi wondered, “what did you ask him for?”

The alpha people across the street were suddenly silent for a moment.

Is this protecting Wu Hong? Right, right?

A sour feeling spread quietly, but it was secretly held down to avoid Qin Yi’s vigilance.

“Kandarati.” Zhou Yiqing said.

Zheng Yian added: “ask about kandarati’s resources. His highness hors found some problems when casting new machine armor and new weapons.”

There is really no better person to consult than Wu Hong.

Qin Yi nodded and asked, “where are the Qin family?”

Zheng Yian immediately called Jingyuan to lead the way.

Qin Yi took two steps forward: “ah, yes, Mr. Zheng remembers to settle Mr. whale and his people together.” One second remember https://m.xswang.com com

Zheng Yian nodded.

The eyes of several alpha on one side unconsciously swept the back of Qin Yi’s neck. They took great efforts to resist the violent movement of pheromone.

They used to think they didn’t have a keen sense of smell.

They can’t perceive anything from Omega’s pheromone.

But now, they can not only smell the faint smell of Omega, but also feel the strong and disgusting alpha smell mixed with the seductive smell of Omega.

Alpha’s nature constantly stirs their nerves.

Wu Hong heard from the beginning to the end and stood there without refuting. He just silently watched Qin Yi go away, and then he slowly turned his head.

The silent young man raised his eyes.

“Dong” a loud noise suddenly came from behind.

Qin Yi:?

Jingyuan quickly smiled and said, “before, Mr. asked the factory to make a new robot and planned to give it to you. But the robot may not be well adjusted and always makes all kinds of sounds. For example, it hits the wall and overturns the table… It’s common.”

Qin Yi:?

It sounds like nonsense, but it’s very serious.

Jingyuan took him all the way and finally walked into the temporary prison of the base.

Qin Yiqian stepped in.

There’s a building behind it.

Zheng Yi’an: ”

Zheng Yian: “thank you. This is my base.”

The crown prince was a little weird: “I don’t mind going to Limu Empire, but Qin Yi doesn’t want to go to me.”

Lu Ji: “I’ll give Mr. Zheng Wumao repair base!”

While besieging Wuhong, they did not forget to fight among themselves.

The soldiers immediately retreated to 800 meters to avoid being affected.

Here, Jingyuan whispered, “Sir, you directly put people in prison because you know you are different from others. You probably don’t want them to appear in your reception hall when you treat the Qin family.”

Qin Yi nodded.

This is exactly what he wants!

Then he looked up at the top of the elevator.

Huh? Why do you think it’s shaking up a little?

Jingyuan: “maybe it’s an earthquake. This star field is like this. It seems that there are many strong elements buried underground, which is not very stable, but we have protective covers. You can rest assured.”

Qin Yi answered “Oh”, and he tilted his head and smiled: “really?”

Inoue was calm: “yes.”

Then the elevator door opened.

Jingyuan quickly pulled the topic aside: “there are so many Qin families, accounting for more than half of the prisons. Our soldiers patrolled in the morning and found Qin Jianlin’s spaceship, and then caught a bunch of them. Another question… The Qin family came, saying that they were forced into a desperate situation by the Empire and had no choice to come to you. But I think it’s more like a pawn thrown out by the Empire.”

Qin Yi was not surprised.

Most of the time, Wang Qing was unable to complete the task. The emperor was worried, so the Qin family appeared.

Inoue turned the corner and said, “open the door.”

The door opened.

“Long time no see.” Qin Yi’s voice rang slowly.

The Qin family, who packed the special prison room full, turned around when they heard the sound.

It was less than a year since Qin Yi left pan Daxing, but it seemed as if it had been more than ten years since he saw him again.

A strong feeling of “things are right and people are wrong” hit the hearts of the Qin family.

The gloom on Qin Jianlin’s face suddenly turned into a smile: “ah Yi, are you back?”

Qin Yi also smiled. He said, “it sounds a little numb.”

Qin Jianlin choked.

He stared at the smile on Qin Yi’s face. The expression of this Omega teenager is still very gentle. At that time, there were many young alpha on Pan Daxing, so Qin Yihui was identified as a “good wife and mother”.

Such “tenderness” kindled a little hope at the bottom of Qin Jianlin’s heart.

After all, when Qin Yi came back from the wormhole and blew up the Qin family, everyone couldn’t see him from beginning to end. Of course, there is no way to imagine his expression at that time.

At the bottom of their hearts, they still retain that sense of unreal, and can’t really hook that behavior with Qin Yi.

“You must be curious about why we are here…” Qin Jianlin started and smiled bitterly.

“No wonder. If the logo on your ship wasn’t big enough, it would have been destroyed by the military ion cannon when it was close to the military base.” Qin Yi let go.

Qin Jianlin: “….” feelings put them in prison. Are they treated gently?

Qin Jianlin tried to start again: “Your Majesty can’t accommodate us…”

Qin yuan suddenly yelled: “uncle, can’t you see that he came to ridicule us and see our jokes?” He can’t stand it anymore.

If it weren’t for Qin Yi, now he should be preparing to marry an alpha instead of being a prisoner here

“No, how can you say that…” Qin Jianlin’s face was flat.

Qin Yi: “he’s right.”

Qin Jianlin:?

Qin Yi: “I just came to see your jokes.”

The Qin family are all stupid.

Including Qin yuan.

They are used to beating around the Bush to achieve their goals. They hate to death in their hearts, and they won’t directly say, you die.

But Qin Yi said.

His directness and magnanimity made the Qin family feel humiliated.

At this time, they clearly felt the tremor coming from their heads.

“What’s going on?” The Qin family blurted out.

Qin yuan’s eyes sparkled with light.

Qin Yi tilted his head: “are you thinking, is it the Empire?”

Qin yuan was pierced and turned his face. For a moment, he didn’t dare to meet Qin Yi’s eyes.

Whether the Qin family admit it or not, even if Qin Yi puts on the same gentle expression, his momentum is different from the past. Did those alpha give him confidence? Qin yuan thought.

At this time, Inoue yuan came in after him.

He said: “to disappoint you, I don’t think the imperial army will have a chance to set foot here in the next 500 years. Unless…” “unless the leader is your excellency Qin Yi.”

The Qin family looked ugly. For a moment, they didn’t know to argue for themselves first. They didn’t wait for the Empire to save them, or they corrected them first. How could an Omega lead the army?

Qin yuan thought more, his face changed a few times, and finally blurted out: “since it’s not the army, what’s that? Is it difficult or are those alpha fighting for you?”

Jingyuan: ”

Jingyuan coughed and lowered his head with a guilty heart.

Qin yuan:?

Qin family:?

Qin yuan’s tone changed: “really?”

The comparison of completely different situations made Qin yuan a little angry. He thought for a long time and couldn’t think of a suitable word to describe Qin Yi.

“Aren’t you afraid to lead to worse unrest?” Qin yuan squeezed out his voice, “if they fight because of you, leading to chaos in the world, you will be nailed to the pillar of shame. After 10000 years, mankind will condemn you in the history book!”

Qin Yi:?

Has he become the praise Si on the ancient earth? Why didn’t he know he was so awesome?

Qin Yi: “if I have such ability, I will be the emperor myself.”

Qin yuan:?

The Qin family was even more angry. Qin Yi doesn’t have any sense of shame when he hears these words?

Qin Yi doesn’t care what they think. He then said, “if human beings can still see my name in history books ten thousand years later, I think I have obtained eternal life in another sense. And you, dead here, outside, in spring and autumn, I think no one will care about and remember.”

The Qin family’s face changed greatly.

They were stabbed.

Qin Jianlin’s face changed several times. Finally, he held back and asked cautiously, “ah Yi, are Mr. Zheng’s rebels going to kill us all here?”

Qin Yi: “I didn’t mean that originally, because in the past, you just let me be patient no matter what’s right or wrong. You told me in words that you are a waste in Omega,…”

As Qin Yi counted down, their counts increased.

The Qin family’s eyelids jumped wildly, and their faces were red and hot.

At this time, the faces of Jing Yuan and the soldiers waiting outside the door became more and more ugly, and the atmosphere gradually tightened

Qin Jianlin wanted to jump out and shout. Don’t count down!

Maybe they’ll all die here today

Oh, maybe they should also be glad that when Qin Yi came, he didn’t follow the top alpha of those “evil spirits”.

“Yes, I was a bad father in the past. I only knew that I was busy working. After remarriage, I handed over everything at home to my other half…” Qin Jianlin showed a guilty expression.

But this sounds like he’s admitting his mistake. In fact, he’s throwing the pot to his current wife.

“He’s already confessing. Don’t you say something together?” Qin Yi ignored Qin Jianlin and looked at the other Qin family behind Qin Jianlin.

The expression of the Qin family couldn’t hold.

Did he expect the Qin family to crawl under his feet and cry bitterly?

Qin Jianlin’s expression is not very good.

His sincere repentance was the same as watching a play in Qin Yi’s eyes.

He was wrong.

They are all wrong.

They underestimated Qin Yi from beginning to end.

In the past, Qin Yi disguised tenderness, but actually carved indifference into his bones.

Qin Jianlin felt that the child was like the real Qin family, and even more cruel.

“Yi, have you ever thought about what kind of people those alpha behind you are?” Qin Jianlin suddenly broke in.

Qin Yi asked with great interest, “who is it?”

He felt that when he saw the Qin family today, he should actually prepare a chair in advance, sit down and slowly listen to their sophistry, beg for mercy, become angry from embarrassment and perform in turn.

One side of Jingyuan could not help frowning: “I hope you can understand your current situation and identity. What should you say…”

Qin yuan sneered, “protect him so much? Are you also his admirer?”

Jingyuan: “how can I match it?”

Qin yuan: “…” he was even more angry after listening.

Are these alpha brainwashed by Qin Yi?

“Qin yuan, shut up. Now is not the time for you to speak.” Qin Jianlin said calmly.

“Just because I married an ordinary officer alpha, which is far inferior to his Qin Yi scenery, do I even have no qualification to speak?” Qin yuan’s expression was slightly distorted because of extreme anger and jealousy.

At this time, Qin yuan couldn’t help remembering that there were some Omega comments on Qin Yi on interstellar Internet.

Some people believe that Qin Yi has damaged Omega’s good image and will make more Omega lose their status, but others believe that Qin Yi has given more Omega another possibility to make them realize that they can gain more self-control.

Even Qin yuan has to admit that, like Omega, he wants to become Qin Yi and have the freedom of Qin Yi.

The more he admired Qin Yi, the more he hated him.

“Why don’t I help you?” Qin yuan sneered and turned to Qin Yi, “They want to tell you that these alpha’s are high-ranking and powerful. If they can’t grab you, they will become angry and hate for love one day. You’re still young, you have only one person, and you don’t have any strength to borrow at that time. What should you do? So if you’re smart enough, you should keep the Qin family, and only your family will stand behind you …”

Qin Jianlin’s mind was pierced in front of the rebels, and his face couldn’t hang immediately.

“Qin yuan, what are you talking about? I just want to care about Qin Yi! I just want to know who he likes with so many alpha…” Qin Jianlin snapped.

“You Qin family don’t think much of the crown prince of Limu empire.” The cold and arrogant voice of hols suddenly sounded outside the door.

The Qin family jumped in their hearts. Out of their instinctive fear of the powerful and oppressive alpha, they raised their eyes, showed a little panic, and looked in the direction of the voice.

It’s hols! That’s right!

The distinguished crown prince of the Limu Empire, wearing a strong silver military uniform, and the golden badge on his shoulder is shining brightly.

It seems very incompatible with this place.

“Angry from shame, hate from love,… What kind of garbage can this be done? How dare you crown such garbage on my head?” Hols hung his head, his eyebrows cold, and squeezed a voice from his throat word by word.

“Live by yourself.” Zheng Yian’s voice followed, and his figure also appeared outside the door.

He also wore an old-fashioned suit, glasses and a vintage bow tie, like an old-fashioned and polite politician. But now all the stars know that the python that fought with the crown prince in the star domain is his animal shaped mecha… The Qin family shivered when they recalled the image of the python in their brain.

The Qin family has been detained here for some time. During this period, they have been asking to see Zheng Yi’an. If they can’t see Zhou Yiqing, they can’t see hols again

But from beginning to end, no one paid attention to them.

As if they were in a position that didn’t deserve them at all.

And now as soon as Qin Yi comes back

That’s good. Alpha’s all here!

The face of the Qin family pulled rigidly, shocked and frightened at the bottom of their heart.

“Your Royal Highness… Mr. Zheng… Why are you here?” Qin Jianlin’s face twitched twice and vomited a weak voice from his throat.

This man, who always had a strong and invincible image in Qin Yi’s youth, was too vulnerable at such a time. Qin Yi looked at him and couldn’t help being in a trance.

Qin Yi quickly turned to look at Zheng Yi’an’s direction.

The tall alpha almost completely blocked the door.

The unbreakable prison door looked a little shaky against their background.

“Aren’t you asking Mr. Wu about kandarati?” Qin Yi asked.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Wu is not feeling well.”

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi: “really?”

“Of course…” Zheng Yi’an’s last note was swallowed up unexpectedly.

He was hit by a behemoth behind him and staggered forward, suddenly losing most of his statesmanship.

Zheng Yi’an: “…” can’t Mr. whale restrain his noumenon? ”

The Qin family looked up, and then their throat seemed to be locked, and they couldn’t even make a sound.

People are afraid of huge and unknown creatures. Especially when they look out of the door, the feeling of peeping at the tip of each other’s Iceberg is even more terrible

Kayabi… This is the original face of the mysterious Kayabi people!

This is more terrible than the countless giant whales floating in the air in the image!

They found it hard to imagine how Qin Yi came down among these alpha? Didn’t he feel scared when he faced them?

The Qin family recovered from the huge impact, and then found themselves in fear and unconsciously stepped back.

The whale saw their horror.

That’s why the keabi can’t enter the stars and make friends with people outside the clan.

How sad is it? No, Do you feel how offended you are? No, The starmen felt afraid of them, which should be a proof of the strength of keabi.

What whales have is only a dead silence in their hearts.

The fate of the Kayabi family has long been written, and they will calmly usher in that

“If I’m right, Admiral Zhou is also behind?” Qin Yi looked at the whale and asked.

The whale’s mind was pulled back.

The whale moved its lips and squeezed out a syllable: “ah.”

Zhou Yiqing is really behind.

Alongside him is Lu Ji.

Lu Ji’s eyebrows screwed up and his face was full of impatience. His eyebrows and tail rose, with a sharp arc. He sneered and opened his mouth: “I said long ago that I can’t walk behind this fish. He’s in front of him. I don’t want to see Qin Yi in my life!”

Whale: ”

The time for consensus has passed, and now it’s time for everyone to be unhappy.

The whale’s body really blocks too much sight, and vision affects hearing, so that Qin Yi can only hear the vague words and sounds of “fish”, “this life” and “eh”

Qin Yi looked at the whale and gently asked, “ask Mr. Wu, will it make Mr. whale like this?”

The whale fell silent.

Now the Qin family reacted.

These alpha’s just had another fight because they were jealous?

Is Qin Yi… Asking them?

How dare Qin Yi?!

At this time, Zheng Yi’an smiled and said, “is this because Mr. whale is too happy? So suddenly he can’t control it.”

When Mr. whale heard this sentence, he suddenly opened his eyes. He blurted out: “I’m glad to see you. So…”

He didn’t finish the rest of his words.

Mr. whale, who has lived for thousands of years, felt that such words were not suitable to be said from his mouth. Only when he was young could he speak with no scruples and sincerity, and every word he said was full of affection.

It sounds very stiff now.

Other alpha is actually quite shocked.

This keyabi with a very low sense of existence has learned to say such words?

… fortunately, one sentence can only hold out half a sentence.

Worse than me.

Holstein said.

The alpha’s eyes fell back on Qin Yi.

Or is Mr. Wu more threatening, they think.

“No more confessions?” Zheng Yi’an asked the Qin family.

His voice pulled the topic back to the right way.

The Qin family’s face changed and they couldn’t spit out a voice at all.

At this time, the whale finally put away his huge body, and Zhou Yiqing and Lu Ji also appeared in their sight.

“Admiral Zhou…!” The Qin family cried out.

In any case, Zhou Yiqing was once a general of the Empire and an object they instinctively wanted to trust and rely on.

We are all from one country! The Qin family shouted in their hearts!

Zhou Yiqing swept them coldly: “hasn’t Qin Yi taught you a fact?”

“What?” Qin yuan answered in amazement.

“When alpha admires an omega, it’s not the only way to go, such as extortion, coercion, inducement, and ruthlessness.” Zhou Yiqing frowned and said.

His hatred of the Qin family is the deepest.

Qin Yi didn’t feel very good about him for the first time, probably because the Qin family expected Qin yipan’s high branch last week.

Qin Yi didn’t appear on the surface, but he was proud in his bones. How can Qin Yi rare these things?

Lu Ji said, “you’re so stupid. Didn’t the news these days teach you another fact?”

Qin yuan wanted to ask something else, but he felt too ashamed, so Sheng held back.

Lu Jicai doesn’t need him to answer.

They can’t talk with Wu Hong for three hours, except for Qin Hong

Of course, general Zhou may have a smaller vocabulary.

Lu Ji took a step forward. His temperament was publicized. As soon as he stepped forward, he gave people a sharp sense of oppression.

Lu Ji: “he dares to escape from the Empire and hit general Zhou in the face.”

Zhou Yiqing: “…” was offended.

Lu Jixin said it’s good to call you “general”.

Lu Ji: “he dares to blow up Zheng Yi’an.”

Zheng Yi’an: “……”

Lu Ji: “he dares to cheat the prince of rimu and escape into the star region alone.”

Hols: ”

Pull hatred or you can.

Jingyuan’s face couldn’t help pumping.

While holding Qin Yi and stepping on his rival, who can’t say six?

“At the other end of the wormhole, he can rise from the wind and water.” When Lu Ji said this, he was more or less gnashing his teeth.

Isn’t it easy?

Wearing a wormhole can provoke a whale. No one in the whole fucking universe can think of it as so outrageous!

“He can fly high-class ships. He can fight the alliance prime minister without fear of life and death…”

“He has done so many things. Have you seen what he is afraid of? He never needs to rely on you.” Lu Ji raised his chin and looked contemptuous. There was a smell of glory?

Qin Yi stood in situ.

He blinked slowly and recovered from so many sugar coated guns and bullets.

The Qin family even heard that their faces were red, green and colorful.

Of course, they thought that Qin Yi would refuse them and firmly believe that he could live well alone.

But they never thought that it was not Qin Yi who stood up and sneered and refuted them, but his admirers, these powerful alpha.

Don’t they want to have Qin Yi alone?

The Qin family didn’t understand.

Maybe just like Zheng Yian’s saying of “living by oneself”, they will not understand it all their life.

“Then who knows what Qin Yi was like?” Qin yuan trembled.

He summoned up all his courage to say such a sentence.

“What do you want to say?” Asked HALS, squinting and condescending.

This time, Qin Jianlin didn’t stop drinking Qin yuan.

He doesn’t have to open his mouth. If he can teach Qin Yi a lesson, it’s the best.

Qin yuan turned his head and took a look.

He saw his husband.

This alpha is 1.8 meters long and has correct facial features. It is the sheriff on panda star. But he is so weak and worthless against the background of these alpha.

Qin yuan turned back: “he is very gentle in the face of every alpha on Pan Daxing. He was once the first person selected by Pan Daxing as the most suitable wife… No matter what happened to him, he never said it. Don’t you think his change is a little big now? If he can have two sides, maybe there will be a third side and a fourth side… He can climb up to you before…”

Just exposed – revealed his nature and became arrogant and domineering.

Qin yuan didn’t finish this sentence.

“Is old news worth telling?” Zhou Yiqing interrupted.

Zhou Yiqing: “don’t you remember I’ve been to pan Daxing?”

He heard a lot of comments from Qin Yi’s classmates.

It is precisely because the evaluation is completely different from what he saw with his own eyes and the contrast is great that it really attracted his attention and made him want to explore more about Qin Yi.

Lu Ji sniffed: “what do you want to say? He used to pretend to be weak?”

Zheng Yi’an answered calmly, “isn’t that more interesting? It shows that he is a smart Omega.”

This is exactly what he is fascinated by.

In the past, Qin Yi, who knew how to disguise, made him feel that they seemed to be a kind of people, and their hearts were infinitely closer.

Hols is condescending: “If you want to say that he was weak, his strength is only a representation, only the result of external forces… Then I want to ask you, what makes him have to be soft? Is it because of the coldness of being a father? Is it because of the indifference of other people? Is it because of the obscene gaze of those stupid and damned alpha on panda?”

Hols showed more coldness in the fundus of his eyes.

He may have been tempted to destroy the bad alpha on panda, including Qin Yi’s “ex boyfriend” crazy on the interstellar Internet. That ridiculous, seedless man.

Qin yuan stood there trembling. He didn’t dare to look at alpha.

He tilted his head and looked at Qin Yi.

His familiar cousin listened quietly with his lips pursed, without showing much surprise. But the bottom of young Omega’s eyes was shining. His eyebrows and eyes were no longer from the disguised tenderness, but really softened.

Qin has a round throat and a stem of hair. He can’t speak.

True love will not change because of status and power.

What Qin Yi gets… Is all true love.

Not from the nature of Ao combination, not from the gaze of desire and hope.

Qin yuan suddenly woke up… Moved his eyes away from Qin Yi and returned to himself.

How could Omega’s life be so muddled?

What is he doing?

Omega, who has been muddled by herself, will never have what Qin Yi has.

Qin yuan sat down, hung his head and never spoke again.

“Anyway, it’s a family…” after a while, Qin Jianlin’s voice sounded again.

He said: “blood ties are constantly cut, and our DNA is closely linked. The Empire will not let us go because you bombarded the Qin family. When you go to war with the Empire, the first thing the Empire does is to cut our Qin family. Ah Yi, can’t you really think about it for me and so many people in the Qin family?”

“We are not related by blood.” Qin Yi suddenly made a noise.

Qin Jianlin’s expression solidified.

The Qin family didn’t know where they were. They all said, “what are you talking about?”

“Qin Yi, how can you deny the blood relationship? You can be angry with your father, but…”

Qin Yi looked at Qin Jianlin and said, “when I came here today, do you think I came to listen to your nonsense? Of course not. I came to ask you something about my mother who died early.”

Qin Jianlin: “what are you talking about, I’ll listen…”

“Of course, I won’t ask you until I have some evidence.” Qin Yi doesn’t want to hear his nonsense.

It’s so boring.

Qin Yi used to think it was fun to watch the hypocritical performances of the Qin family.

But now he suddenly felt that his limited life should be used to listen to some more meaningful words, oh, just good words

It would be a lot happier.

In the book, people’s desire and hope needs are divided into physiological needs, security needs and social needs… From low to high.

Qin Yi thought that he has now obtained higher satisfaction from it.

His need for respect and self realization are filled.

Thinking of this, he blinked gently.

Well… He won’t doubt others’ love and appreciation for him anymore. He just has a ulterior motive.

“Do you know what she does?” Qin Yi asks Qin Jianlin again.

Qin Jianlin avoided his eyes and looked a little strange.

“She’s a government clerk. What’s the matter? Is there a problem?” Qin Jianlin asked, “are you questioning your own mother’s unfaithfulness to me?”

Qin Yi: “as always, you like to blame others first.”

He was not so cold-blooded from the beginning and didn’t take the Qin family as his family.

When he was very young, he had seen Qin Jianlin’s ability to make a mischief many times. All his emotions will be perfectly blocked back by Qin Jianlin, and he will not reveal his true self in the back.

“There are many ways to ask him to speak…” Lu Ji couldn’t help interrupting.

Zheng Yi’an also nodded: “Qin Yi, I always have a set of interrogators.”

Qin Jianlin trembled when they spoke.

Zheng Yian’s means

Qin Jianlin dared not think.

And Lu Ji has been an interstellar pirate. Can you expect him to be soft hearted?

But… I can’t say.

Qin Jianlin bit his teeth and said that these alpha would destroy the Qin family more thoroughly and mercilessly.

Qin Yi suddenly raised his hand and waved, indicating that the alpha behind him didn’t have to intervene.

Qin Yi looks at Yu Hong. Qin Jianlin later married this man’s wife, which is his “stepmother”.

The expression on Yu Hong’s face is also very strange, but it is different from Qin Jianlin’s.

Yu Hong’s eyebrows hide a little anger, a little surprise, only a little.

So Qin Yi asked him, “did you doubt it before? But when you asked Qin Jianlin, he didn’t admit it?”

Yu Hong pursed her lips.

Qin Yi: “don’t you want to say anything? Don’t you want to say anything about a man who puts all his faults on you?”

Qin Jianlin’s face changed as soon as Qin Yi said this.

Because he knew that Qin Yi had stabbed Yu Hong in the pain.

Sure enough!

Yu Hong soon raised her eyes, In a calm tone: “Yes, I doubt it. He’s indifferent to you. When you cried as a child, he never hugged you or even looked at you more. He didn’t have much feelings for your dead mother. But he wanted to support you. Not only did he support you, but he was angry because you didn’t come home on time and because you went too far for school activities. He told me that you were very important.

“It really makes me doubt that you are not his own son, that time…”

The alpha frowned.

Especially that sentence, when you cried as a child, he never hugged you.

What does Qin Yi look like when she cries?

They haven’t seen it.

But Qin Yi in his childhood must be quite lovely. Will crying melt people’s hearts?

But what did Qin Jianlin do to him?

While treating him coldly, we must firmly control him

“Which time?” Qin Yi asked Yu Hong.

Yu Hong pulled at the corners of her mouth, revealing a little sarcastic, even with a little disgusting and disgusting smile.

“What are you talking about?” Qin Jianlin moved and wanted to catch Yu Hong.

But such action stimulated Yu Hong even more.

“That time I caught him looking at you as an adult Omega.” Yu Hong paused. “Do you understand what I mean?”

Except for the Qin family, there are no fools standing here.

Everyone soon understood what this meant.

“I killed you.” Lu Ji made a sound with a gloomy face.


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