I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 86

After Qin Jianlin’s expression changed, he calmed down slowly.

Instinctively, he stepped back and avoided Lu Ji’s terrible eyes. He only looked at Qin Yi and asked, “do you really believe what he said?”

“I know I’m not a qualified father, but is that the image of ‘father’ in your heart?” Qin Jianlin skillfully used that move, threw the problem back to Qin Yi, and tried to suppress Qin Yi’s questioning from the commanding height.

As soon as Yu Hong’s face changed, he didn’t wait for him to say more supporting words

Several alpha are impatient to listen to his sophistry.

Qin Jianlin is calm enough and smart enough. He doesn’t mess with himself. He still knows how to play tricks at the moment.

But who are the people standing opposite him?

Zheng Yian, Zhou Yiqing… Which one is easy to fool? In their eyes, Qin Jianlin’s disguise is really ridiculous.

“Well deep.” Zheng Yi’an suddenly made a sound and pressed Lu Ji with one hand.

Inoue answered, “sir?”

Zheng Yian: “do you know what to do?”

Jingyuan forced his lower lip and said in a deep voice, “I know.”

“It’s easy for any of us to kill him accidentally. Qin Yi needs to know something from his mouth.” Zheng Yi’an said without delay.

Lu Ji frowned and put away the blade spreading from his fingertips.

The other alpha’s faces were full of uncertainty. They didn’t speak, but their muscular bodies were tight, which could vaguely reveal a little evil spirit.

The Qin family was soon separated temporarily.

Yu Hong and Qin Jianlin were taken away alone, leaving the rest shivering in place.

When the shining white door closed in front of them again, the Qin family squeezed out a voice hard in their throat: “it’s over…”

“We’re done.”

It’s true this time.

Qin yuan sat there blankly and embarrassed.

So… Isn’t Qin Yi uncle’s child at all?

What’s his secret rivalry with Qin Yi for so long?

“How can Qin Jianlin do such a bastard?” I don’t know who started and said gnashing his teeth.

Others woke up and immediately followed, gnashing their teeth and scolding loudly, as if they wanted to cut off their relationship with Qin Jianlin immediately.

Qin yuan thought that such a scene was a little ridiculous

As Zheng Yi’an said, it’s too easy for him to interrogate a person, especially after Yu Hong has given the lead.

Less than ten minutes in a row.

Qin Jianlin was thrown back.

“Qin yuan, you, you go and have a look… Is that still your uncle?” The Qin family looked at people who were not human on the ground and could only be judged by their clothes.

Qin yuan didn’t move.

At that moment, his hair stood upright, and he realized how ridiculous and ignorant he was just shouting at Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s admirers can easily make his life worse than death.

In fact, you don’t need Qin yuan to go up.

The human figure on the ground, he staggered up, and the blood dripped down his chin on the floor.

Everyone finally saw what he was like now. His skin was like the scales of fish and snake. The turtle cracked bit by bit, and the blood seeped out from the bottom. His eyes were abnormally swollen and bulging.

Suddenly, he jumped heavily at the door: “… I said! Don’t go! Don’t go!”

His throat sent out a sharp, as if the vocal cords had been torn apart, not like a human voice.

The Qin family trembled.

At this time, their eyes were attracted by a thin line between Qin Jianlin’s neck.

When they looked carefully, they found that it was not a thin line at all, it was a long and thin blood line

With Qin Jianlin’s crazy action, the blood line suddenly burst and split, and the skin and flesh were torn… Everyone was thrilled and always felt that his head was going to fall off.

What kind of torture Qin Jianlin suffered under the hands of these alpha… They dare not think.

“You and none of you have a good relationship with Qin Yi?” Asked the son-in-law of the Qin family in a trembling voice.

Qin yuan stared blankly. He said, “No.”

“You… Don’t blame him. The first thing he did when he came back from the wormhole was to blow up the Qin family and completely cut off relations with the Qin family in front of the whole universe.” The son-in-law and son-in-law of the Qin family are even more gnashing their teeth.

The Qin family looked desperately in the direction of Qin Jianlin.

Regret it?

Of course I regret it, but is it still time?

I knew that they should have confessed with their hearts at that time. Was Yu Hong released? Just because he answered Qin Yi’s question, so he was let go?

The Qin family’s brain was full of chaotic thoughts. They could only help Qin Jianlin shout loudly at their throat: “Mr. Zheng! General Zhou… He is willing to say, he wants to tell the truth! Come back quickly!”

“Speak quickly, Qin Jianlin, speak quickly!”

If they knew the truth, they would hate to speak for Qin Jianlin now.

Qin Jianlin leaned over the door and pressed his hand on it, leaving a mark.

His brain is in a mess.

The hierarchy between alpha makes him vulnerable in front of them.

Qin Jianlin shook his head and opened his mouth again: “Qin Yi… Qin Yi is brought by Wen Lvsi. Wen Lvsi is his mother. No, Wen Lvsi is not his biological mother…”

“What are you talking about?”

“How can he speak without logic?”

The Qin family frowned.

But Qin Yi and alpha, separated by a wall, understood Qin Jianlin’s meaning.

Especially Qin Yi.

He knew very well that his mother should have taken him back from the laboratory. He is not his own child.

But she raised him. Although the Qin family was bad, she did her best to leave him a roof that could survive.

“Wenlux’s father… Yes, from the capital star. They said he was an officer. Wenlux was also an omega. A beautiful, female Omega.”

The family background of the officers in the capital, plus such a beautiful Omega.

“Many people pursue her, but only I know… She has a child. That’s you, Qin Yi!”

Qin Jianlin said intermittently. He swallowed the blood foam in his mouth and felt red in his sight.

“I didn’t know… One year, she was going to another planet to mourn for her father. After she left, a group of people, a group of strange people came to panda. They were looking for wenlux.

“They… Claim to be from the capital star and are under the jurisdiction of the royal family. They say wenlux stole something… They asked me to cooperate with them and catch wenlux.”

Under the jurisdiction of the royal family?

Qin Yi blinked slightly. So, the resurrection of the original Rose Queen is related to the imperial royal family in the whole laboratory? This logic is consistent with the information obtained by Qin Yi before.

But why?

Just because the Zhou family is too brave, let the royal family feel that their status is not guaranteed? Can’t sleep at night?

The Qin family listened in silence. No one answered Qin Jianlin’s voice.

Qin Jianlin collapsed and patted the door: “where are the people? I said, I said! Don’t go! Ah!” The electric current on the door rushed and almost cut off his hand.

Qin Jianlin let out another scream in his throat.

“I didn’t promise them. I turned around and worked with wenlux. We… Killed the people from the capital star. It was the star officer of panda who covered us at that time.” Qin Jianlin hissed.

Qin Yi was stunned.

Qin Jianlin actually helped her? Instead of choosing to betray her?

Is this his character?

Zheng Yian said in an old voice: “obviously, it’s more valuable to let your mother live than to kill her.”

Qin Yi: “hmm?”

He soon recovered himself.

Yes, this is Qin Jianlin.

This is the reason why he was able to unite with the interstellar officer. Obviously, the interstellar officer at that time also saw greater interests. That’s why this group of “earth buns” from remote planets dare to put all their eggs in one basket and kill the Royal people from the capital star.

Zheng Yi’an soon frowned.

Other alpha is also very speechless and cold. I glanced at him.

What Zheng Yi’an said with his mouth open is a little unpleasant.

It was in the warmth of Qin Yi, which was not much, that something colder was filled in.

But there was no emotion on Qin Yi’s face.

He stood there calmly and continued to listen.

Qin Jianlin didn’t know that they were standing here. They could hear his every painful cry and see his miserable and ridiculous appearance.

“What else do you want to know? I said it!” Qin Jianlin fell feebly, and his special clothes were soaked with blood.

“I said it all! Why is there no one yet?” Qin Jianlin patted the ground.

His expression was a little distorted, because he couldn’t get a response for a long time, and finally broke out: “Qin Yi! Qin Yi, you come out! Anyway, I raised you! Can you really watch me die? Why are you so ruthless?

“Qin Yi, in fact, you hurt Wen Lvsi! If she didn’t take you, she didn’t have to marry me. She could get married on the capital star. She didn’t have to come here, she didn’t have to die

“Qin Yi, why don’t you reflect on yourself? From small to large, why do others look at you like looking at an object? Why don’t you think about it? It’s your own problem!”

“Qin Yi! Come out!”

“I tell you, we know you’re a monster from the laboratory. We’ve been waiting until you grow up and show your value. Yes, Yu Hong is right. I once thought, if you’re a valuable Omega, why can’t you belong to me? But in those years, you can’t even release pheromones… I feel like I’ve left a waste in the Qin family, I spent so much effort, but only left a waste. I knew it was so. Why should I kill wenlushi?

“Yes, I deliberately ignored you and watched the Qin family crowd you out…”

“Hahaha, it’s all because you’re a monster from the laboratory! You’re not a normal Omega! It’s you who attract the coveted eyes of others, it’s yourself! General Zhou, crown prince… If you think clearly, he may change the world, he will harm everyone and damage the rights and interests of all alpha!”

“You’re crazy, don’t say…” the Qin family was afraid again and felt flustered with fever on their face.

Qin Yi’s life was originally created in this way

“Boom -” a loud noise.

The whole wall of the prison room collapsed under the power of several top alpha, and the Qin family with slow response was directly pressed below.

Qin Jianlin’s madness was suppressed.

He was picked up.

The violent mecha crushed his throat bone.

Qin Jianlin did not die immediately.

He heard alpha.

“All this is the fault of the Qin family and your Qin Jianlin.”

“It’s the fault of selfish people that he is coveted and admired.”

“There are too many despicable alpha, why can’t the world change?”

“Damn you.”

“You should be executed.”


Countless sounds intertwined.

Qin Jianlin, who was on the verge of death, could not tell which sentence was said by which alpha.

He could only see their angry, gloomy, hostile… Terrible faces that were even slowly twisted in his sight.

Qin Jianlin is dead.

He was nailed to the ground by a mecha.

Dead twist.

The Qin family shed frightened tears.

They heard alpha say, “he died too cheaply.”

“And these people…” Lu Ji turned to look at the Qin family.

The Qin family was scared crazy for a moment. The one who could play quickly knelt down and kowtowed: “we, we confess to Qin Yi

Zheng Yian turned around in silence.

Hols was keenly aware of his movements and immediately narrowed his eyes: “what are you doing?”

Zheng Yian: “nothing.”

Lu Ji also turned back and frowned: “fart, you Zheng Yi’an must have no good intentions. What are you doing?”

Zheng Yian was helpless.


There are too many rivals in love. They can slip away under one eyelid, but they can’t slip away quietly under the eyes of several people.

Zheng Yi’an: “… Didn’t you find that Qin Yi was gone?”

Hearing the sound, everyone’s face changed slightly and quickly looked around.

you bet.

There is no Qin Yi.

“Instead of wasting time here with these little ants, maybe we should…”

“Comfort Qin Yi.” General Zhou answered coldly.

Lu Ji said, “yes.”

He didn’t want to run out immediately to search for Qin Yi’s figure.

The anger and hatred towards Qin Jianlin were not as good as comforting Qin Yi in time.

Qin Jianlin’s words

Those truths uncovered by naked naked naked seem to make the world cruel.

Qin Yi will be sad.

Several alpha almost turned around and rushed out.

Then he crushed the door.

Back of the well: “…”

The Qin family trembled.

It looks more terrible.

Where is Qin Yi at this time?

After politely asking the two soldiers, he found Wu Hong accurately.

Wu Hong sat alone in the small restaurant.

There was sunlight outside the transparent glass window, but the sunlight only fell thinly, spilled a little and fell on his shoulder, which made Qin Yi see the huge blood hole on his shoulder when he entered the door.

Qin Yi’s eyelids jumped, and they all felt a pain.

How to describe this feeling?

It’s like watching a movie on StarCraft. There’s a plot in the movie. It’s a sharp weapon to pick up the flesh and drill into your fingertips… And then you’ll get hurt.

Qin Yi came closer.

Alpha’s pheromone fiercely broke into his nose, and Qin Yi’s heart beat a little faster, thumping, thumping. But this feeling doesn’t make him physically violent.

He just thinks pheromones… Smell good and close.

Is it because he allowed Wu Hong to mark him temporarily?

The Omega pheromone in his body temporarily stabilized?

Maybe it’s because Wu Hong looks too painful. Qin Yi feels that the choked tone in his chest seems to have been dispelled a lot.

Qin Yi came a little closer.

Wu Hong seemed to feel it. His cold and straight figure suddenly turned to his side.

He stared at Qin Yi.

Then he suddenly bent down and wiped the blood from the ground.

Qin Yi:?

Qin Yi went over and sat down and asked, “why not enter the medical cabin?”

Wu Hong: “medical class?”

His thoughts flew to Qin Yi’s body and only unconsciously responded to Qin Yi’s words.

Qin Yi’s eyebrows and eyes are as beautiful as ever.

But it seems that the flowers in the early morning hold a little water vapor.

Did he cry?

Or are you going to cry?

Qin Yi: “well, medical class. Can you cure the injury?”

Wu Hong: “it? If you just want to cure it, you don’t need medical class.”

Qin Yi remembered that during their pheromone riot last time, Wu Hong didn’t bite his neck side, but took a hard bite on the back of his hand. The meat was torn off. But soon he returned to business as usual.

Also, for the God with higher dimension and higher civilization, what is this?

Qin Yi: “well, do it yourself.”


“Why?” Qin Yi looked at him suspiciously.

Qin Yi came to express his condolences to Wu Hong, who was obviously besieged by the alpha.

But now it seems that Mr. Wu Hong doesn’t need the slightest sympathy.

He’s so broad-minded? Will he not be angry because he took out resources and was beaten?

But when he faced his followers, he didn’t seem to be so broad-minded

Qin Yi tilted his head, and his doubts deepened.

Wu Hong: “… Is evidence.”

Qin Yi:?

Yes? Is it evidence of who is going to court?

Wu Hong drooped his eyes. In those terrible black and white eyes, he showed a little fascination and happiness… Is he happy?

Wu Hong: “it’s evidence of courtship.”

Qin Yi couldn’t help laughing. He patted the table and laughed. The water evaporated into real tears and squeezed out of the corners of his eyes.

“Are you a beast? When beasts compete for courtship, they will regard the scar as a medal of victory.” Qin Yi asked.

Wu Hong answered him seriously, “I’m not a beast.”

He paused. “I don’t know what I am.”

Qin Yi slowly smiled and curled up his fingers: “I don’t know what I am, even if I came out of the laboratory, but I should be a person. What kind of person am I?”

Wu Hong did not answer the question: “… Lovely… Person.”

Qin Yi stared at him for two seconds and suddenly asked, “do you have parents?”

Wu Hong: “… No.”

Higher dimensional God, no parents?

Where did he come from?

Qin Yi: “neither do I.”

Wu Hong moved his lips.

The frequency of his blinking eyes quietly accelerated.

He thought, what’s this called? It’s called a natural couple.

Qin Yi told Wu Hong what Qin Jianlin said.

Qin Yi: “he thought I would feel bad after listening to it? So he tried to die, but he also had to respond to me. He had to blame my mother’s death on me.”

Wu Hong raised his hand.

But I don’t know how to fall.

How should he appease the boy in front of him?

Kiss the corner of your eye? Maybe he’ll have another hole in his shoulder. It may be Qin Yi.

But symmetry is also good.

God’s aesthetic thought it was also very good-looking.

So Wu Hong moved instinctively.

Qin Yi: “my mother died too early. I have no memory of her. I seem to be a bad and indifferent person.

“Today, I know that my mother loves me very much. She loves me very much.”

Qin Yi quietly shed a tear.

Not tears of laughter.

It’s real tears.

Wu Hong straightened up and bent down. He kissed Qin Yi’s tears.

Qin Yi didn’t take out the mecha and opened a big blood hole in his other shoulder.

It’s sweet.

Wu Hong thought with blood all over his body.

Before Qin Jianlin died, he thought he would leave a lifelong shadow on Qin Yi.

He spared no effort to use his last time to provoke the relationship between Qin Yi and alpha

The light outside the window faded away.

The dark night came.

But Qin Yi has the ability to learn to love others.


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