I Matched Six Alphas 100% Chapter 9

“Don’t you like Zhou Yiqing?” Qin Yi asked.

I haven’t waited for Chilia to respond.

Qin Yi said softly, “I don’t like it either.”

Chilia’s ill will at the bottom of her eyes was pressed down, and turned into an uncontrollable smile in her throat.

“That’s really a good thing, otherwise…”

Qin Yi looked up at him: “hmm?”

Otherwise, I’ll throw you out.

Chilia’s words came to her mouth, but she still didn’t say it.

“Can I have the blanket now?” Qin Yi asked softly.

“Are you going to sleep here?” Zilia swept the sofa under him.

Qin Yi nodded: “of course. Otherwise I’ll sleep with you?”

Chilia briefly outlined the scene in her mind, and then she was soon firmly held in his mind.

He didn’t want to see little Omega look up at him with red eyes.

He doesn’t want to try to get out of control.

Qilia finally asked the robot to send Qin Yi a blanket.

At this time, the love movie has come to an end.

Qin Yi brushed his teeth, took a bath, drilled under the blanket, listened to the ending song of the love movie and slowly fell asleep.

Chilia stood quietly behind the sofa.

He restrained all the expressions on his face and only looked at Omega sleeping calmly and coldly. He watched for more than five minutes. Then he suddenly bent down and stretched out his hand, trying to pull up the blanket that fell on the ground.

But as soon as he reached out, he stopped.

… will get out of control.

Chilia withdrew her hand and walked slowly and turned away.

Can sleep in such an environment.

Indeed, it is enough to show that the teenager is an Omega who seems to be pricked all over, but is actually naive and immature.

That night, Guo Kai stared at the monitor, his eyes almost protruded, and he couldn’t stare at the picture of Qin Yi taking a bath.

He couldn’t help but call the servant and ask, “where’s the little Omega I brought back? Didn’t he go back to his room?” he said angrily, “you should watch him carefully. It’s too big here and he’ll get lost. If you slip and fall into the swimming pool, he’ll die.”

The servant opened his mouth and stopped talking several times.

When Guo Kai finished venting his unhappiness, the servant finally put in his mouth and stammered, “he, he went to miss qilia.”

“What are you talking about?!”

Chilia is a female beta.

Zhou Yi is a male Omega.

It seems… There should be no relationship between them.

Thinking of this, Guo Kai’s green face eased a little.


Qin Yi did sleep safely and boldly.

He loved the day when he left pandaxing. He slept until he woke up naturally every day. His life was full of randomness and freedom.

And even better.

When he spent all the money given by the Qin family and couldn’t get the inheritance in time, his meal ticket was sent to the door.

In such happiness.

He not only slept, but also slept very soundly.

So when qilia pushed the door out, all she saw were Qin Yi’s sleeping face.

A little sunshine fell on his face and dotted his eyebrows and eyes with gold.

Like a sleeping beauty in a fairy tale.

Chilia: ”

What a naive and defenseless Omega.

Chilia can no longer doubt that all the actions of little Omega yesterday were intentional.

In the morning, qilia received a video communication from her men.

The young man asked carefully at the other end, “have you got the reagent?”

Not only did I get it.

And it stinks.

Chilia’s face turned black and finally decided to clarify for herself. Otherwise, if the news gets out, the whole world knows that he will be in love with this smell, and the whole world will think that he is a change of state.

“It’s not a inducer,” Chilia said.

The young man was stunned. Then he patted his chest and shouted, “I said how could you be so strange… Er.” he stopped his voice in time and didn’t finish the rest.

He quickly changed the subject and asked, “so did that Omega deceive you?”


It doesn’t sound very good.

Chilia’s eyes moved, and he said in a deep voice, “I misunderstood him first. In fact, there is no inducer. Only the attraction of pheromone. He should have a matching degree of more than 50% with me. The pheromone in his body can have a strong attraction to me.”

The young man was so shocked that he even broke three cups by mistake.

“50%?” his voice trembled.

The young man said angrily, “he is much more important than what Guo Kai has in his hand! You should take him back immediately! Is he beautiful? Guo Kai likes beautiful beta and omega. You should be wary of Guo Kai! Where is he now?”

The more excited others are.

Chilia became more and more calm.

“Is he important?”

“Of course… It’s not easy, it’s not easy to have such an Omega that matches you up to 50%. You haven’t tasted hair love since you were a young adult?”

Chilia: ”

The young man quickly explained, “I, I don’t mean anything else. That is, I just want to tell you that this person is really important!”

Qin Yi got up slowly from the sofa.

He stepped on the carpet barefoot, quietly walked behind qilia, and then tilted his head to look at the communication screen.

The young man’s eyes widened.

Because he saw Qin Yi behind qilia.

A very, very good-looking teenager.

The young man’s thoughts were in a trance. At that moment, he heard each other’s voice.

“Qilia, do I need to avoid?” Qin Yi asked.

What a clever voice it sounds. Young heart said.

But then Qin Yi opened his mouth again: “but I’m hungry.” he said and blinked.

Chilia looked back.

I was not surprised by Qin Yi’s proximity.

He glanced down at Qin Yiguang – his bare feet on the carpet.

The boy’s ankles are also very beautiful.

Even the fingernails look round and clean.

Zhou Yi won’t know. Even if he takes off his shoes, I can clearly hear his footsteps.

Alpha’s senses are quite sharp.

Chiliaxin said.

Just now he deliberately indulged the other party and wanted to know what the other party would say when he sneaked behind him.

As a result… Hungry?

Chilia looked back and said, “don’t avoid it. There will be food later.”

Qin Yi nodded, slightly raised his face and yawned lazily.

The young man was staring at him now, and his facial features were distorted and flew out because of too much shock.

He stammered and asked, “he, he…”

“That Omega,” said qilia, “his name is Zhou Yi.”

The young man nodded absentmindedly, and then apologized: “I’m sorry, I talked too much. So you brought someone to you last night… Um…”

Too fast!

It shocked his family!

Is this the terrible explosion after many years of being single?

Compared with the boss, I’m a brother!

The young man shouted in his chest.


Chilia: “when I came back, he was waiting for me at the door.”

what the fuck!

The youth were shocked again.

Such a beautiful Omega, which is hard to find, and the boss rarely achieve such a high degree of matching, even sent it to the door automatically? Why is it never my turn to do such a good thing???

I’m so sour.

Lemon fruit on the lemon tree, only me under the lemon tree!

Chilia took a strange look at the young man and simply interrupted the communication.

By this time, Qin Yi had finished brushing his teeth and washing his face.

He looks fucking good now.

Chiliaxin said.

The robot suddenly knocked on the door: “miss Chilia, the master is downstairs.”

Qilia said, “it seems that we have to go to the restaurant for breakfast.” he turned and stared at Qin Yi: “I want you to go with me. What do you think? At least I can protect you. It’s too dangerous for an Omega to be alone, isn’t it?”

Qin Yi was not surprised by his proposal. With a powerful alpha like Chilia, he will not allow an Omega that can attract him to become his threat.

So Chilia will take him until he finds out what’s going on with him and finds an effective solution.

Qin Yi followed qilia out and asked in a low voice, “do you have meat to eat with you?”

What’s the problem?

Chilia stared at him with a smile: “of course.”

Then soon he couldn’t help thinking, didn’t the Zhou family even give him meat?

Qilia said generously, “you can have whatever you want.”

Qin Yi nodded and asked, “clothes…”

Chilia: “it’s not a problem. After you leave here, I’ll take you to buy new clothes.”

Qin Yi smiled: “HMM.”

Isn’t the meal ticket stable?

Or a free escort.

They went downstairs together and opened a distance of more than one meter.

Today’s qilia changed into a crimson skirt. The style is exactly the same as the previous one. It looks as if it changed color only after it was soaked with blood.

As soon as Guo Kai saw him, his eyelids jumped and couldn’t help but move away from his sight.

Guo Kai didn’t think so before.

But with Zhou Yi’s comparison, he felt more and more that qilia looked too sharp and murderous. He didn’t look like a woman.

Guo Kai’s eyes flickered.

forget it.

Anyway, he can’t get it. He might as well kill her with the weapon in his hand… He just needs to keep holding Zhou Yi.

Guo Kai’s mind flashed, but his face didn’t show it at all.

He stared at Omega carefully and confirmed that the boy didn’t even change his clothes. Then he put down his heart and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect your relationship to be so harmonious.”

He said: “I met Chilia three months ago. She was so cold and arrogant that she wouldn’t even say a word to me. Later, she helped me kill a man who secretly attacked my rimu empire.

“Have you ever seen her weapon? Hidden under her hands, the sharp blade can easily cut each other’s throat and slice the meat off each other… Isn’t it terrible?”

Speaking of this, in fact, Guo Kai felt a little scared.


Chiliado is terrible.

However, because Chilia saved him, he safely and boldly left the woman with him. But facts have proved that the woman is an unfamiliar white eyed wolf.

Chilia pinched her fingertips now. She was really a little unhappy.

Little Omega just smelled his pheromone and began to retch. Guo Kai added fuel and vinegar, huh? Do you want little Omega to really spit out later?

Guo asked jokingly, “aren’t you afraid to stay in qilia to sleep last night? Maybe you don’t want to sleep alone in a strange place, so in fact, you can come to me…”

Chilia rubbed her fingertips.

What are you?

I can’t even smell his pheromone.

Only I can smell it.

Guo Kai loosened his collar at this time.

Why is it a little cold today?

Did the temperature control system fail?

Qin Yi whispered, “I’m not afraid. It’s very safe to stay with Miss qilia.”

Chilia smiled in her heart.

Little Omega is very deceptive at this time.

Guo Kai was disappointed.

Is it because you’re too young?

Zhou Yi doesn’t understand it at all. He and qilia are in a competitive position. Only one of them can get his favor!

Zhou Yi not only didn’t know how to please him, but praised qilia.

It’s really a simple child who has scored too many points. Guo Kai thought reluctantly.

Qin Yi suddenly made a noise again. He smiled and asked, “I’ve never seen a blade hidden under my gloves…”

Guo Kai immediately turned to qilia and said, “show him.”

Qilia narrowed her eyes slightly, and the fundus of her eyes jumped with a gloomy and cold light.

He didn’t move.

Guo Kai immediately felt that there was no light on his face.

He is the master of this planet!

He is the king here!

All who can breathe and can’t breathe are his subjects!

How can anyone not listen to him?

He turned his head with a calm face.

Then he saw the Omega boy take a slow step forward, and he grabbed qilia’s hand.

There is no doubt that Chilia is a very strong woman.

But Chilia, who had always been so strong that no one else could touch her, let the boy seize her wrist at this time.

More Than This.

A little red cloud slowly appeared on qilia’s indifferent face, and her body even trembled slightly.

His eyes were fixed on the boy.

Physical contact.

It is more difficult to resist than simply smelling pheromones.

Chilia used great strength to forcibly suppress the impulse to tear the clothes on the boy here.

Is little Omega playing tricks on him again?

Or just… Really just… Want to see his weapons?

“Cha”, a crisp sound.

Qiliashu’s slender and powerful fingers burst out a sharp blade. The blade was dark and burst into a sharp and piercing cold light.

There is a cold beauty of the combination of machinery and human body.

I asked her to show little Omega that she didn’t move!

But little Omega just grabbed her wrist and she showed it completely!

Guo Kai is going mad.

He’s going to kill Chilia.

Damn Chilia, he’ll beat him by an alpha!

Qilia didn’t notice Guo Kai’s reaction at all.

He always stared at Qin Yi.

This is what little Omega wants to see.

Are you scared?

Qin Yi stared at the blade at the moment: “well… It should be good to cut the steak. I always bite the tendons connected to the steak.”

He smiled. “I like this trip.”

You see, the cook has it all.

Chilia stared at the smile on his face.

Perhaps bewitched by pheromones, he unconsciously licked his lower gums.


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