I rely on Farming Chapter 1

“Eat these dishes first. When you’re finished, aunts will think of a way.”

“Yes, don’t be reluctant. Nothing is worth the body. Only by raising the body can there be others.”

“Also advise your sister, what support? So many angry people around can starve your sister and brother.”

Listening to the earnest words, Jiang Cheng’s eyes were astringent, sucked his nose, choked and said, “thank you, aunts, aunts’ great kindness, our sister and brother will never forget.”

“Well, what? What hope can we have in this world if we don’t unite?”

“They all help each other. What do you owe? When your parents were alive, they helped everyone.”


The sound insulation effect of simple houses is almost nil.

Jiang Ning lay on the bed, his eyes looking up without focus.

A day ago, she was still struggling to survive in the wave of zombies. When she opened her eyes, she became a star girl whose parents had just left unexpectedly and depended on her brother.

The original owner died of radiation sickness.

Although there are no zombies in this world, the diffuse high concentration radiation is no less threatening to people living at the bottom than zombies, and countless people die every year.

After all, he was an adult and experienced the apocalyptic disaster. Jiang Ning soon accepted the reality. Even if the internal organs of this body are damaged by radiation, it will only live for one month in the future.

“Sister, aunt Hu, they sent some natural ingredients. I cooked a handful with nutrient solution. You can eat it while it’s hot.” while thinking about the future, a little boy knocked at the door with a bowl.

Jiang Cheng, the original brother, is seven years old.

Because of poverty and radiation, the little face is waxy yellow, not as tall as a modern six-year-old, and a pair of dark eyes stand out.

The cabbage in the bowl is said to be a handful, but it’s actually just a few pieces of vegetables.

Struggling to sit up, Jiang Ning took the dishes and chopsticks and picked up a piece.

In this world, any natural food is extremely expensive. For the poor living in District 9, it is more luxurious than luxury. However, only natural ingredients can cure radiation diseases.

The cabbage at the entrance is made of firewood, chewed constantly and full of plant fiber. Even if he has adapted to it for a day, Jiang Ning, a wood power, refused.

Jiang Cheng stood beside him, glancing at the soft cooking help from the corner of his eye, and subconsciously swallowed his saliva. After the reaction, quickly look away and find the topic.

“Aunt Hu, aunt Wei and aunt Qian have just sent vegetables. Sister, how are you feeling now? If you’re better, I’m going to help them work in the afternoon and come back before dinner.”

He is young, and he is not old enough to go out mining. But he can do small jobs such as cleaning the yard and helping run errands. This time, my sister can survive safely. Thanks to the surrounding uncles and aunts, Jiang Cheng wants to do more.

“Better than yesterday,” the original owner had left. When it was her turn, although the body organ was still dilapidated, it was still healthy for a while and a half.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ning accelerated his eating speed and swallowed the food in his mouth.

The throat was uncomfortable, but a trace of vitality spread from the stomach to all around. Suddenly, the originally numb organs were quiet for a moment.

As for Jiang Cheng’s small movements, Jiang Ning saw them. But this is something that can save lives. She is not willing to give anything away, just as she ate everything without finding anything.

After taking the empty bowl, Jiang Cheng went out and brought in a bowl of water after a meeting.

The water is the water of the Shabu pan. By the way, the bowl is also rinsed.

Jiang Ning didn’t have to abandon it. He gulped into his stomach with his eyes closed and really didn’t waste any natural ingredients.

“Sister, I’ll go out. Call me if you feel uncomfortable. I’ll be right back.” after washing the dishes, he burned a bottle of hot water and put it next to the bedside table. Jiang Cheng looked around and saw that there was nothing missing.

“Well,” Jiang Ning nodded.

As the door closed, it was quiet.

Empty her brain and stay in a daze. Jiang Ning began to try to mobilize her powers – she could feel that her powers were still there, but there was an invisible film separating her from her powers.

Time passed bit by bit. Until Jiang Cheng’s voice sounded again outside, Jiang Ning still got nothing.

Unlike Jiang Cheng’s optimism about the future, he believes that with the help of so many neighbors around him, everything will soon be on the right track. Jiang Ning is pessimistic. She only believes in herself and only her strength can give her a sense of security.

This sense of anxiety soon proved not to be groundless.

Three days later, when only two meals of natural ingredients were left at home, Jiang Cheng walked in with half a cabbage in his white face.

The seven year old child, even if he is stable and sensible on weekdays, couldn’t help crying when he saw his sister. “Uncle Hu, they met a second-class mutant dog, several people in the team were injured, and Xiao an’s father’s calf was bitten deeply.”

Accidents outside the security zone occur every day. Their parents were killed in a strange animal attack. Jiang Cheng sympathizes with these people and is vaguely worried about his sister.

My sister’s radiation disease has not been completely controlled and needs more natural food. But the whole sixteen Branch Road family was very poor, which suddenly added new casualties. What about sister’s assistance?

Thinking that Aunt Hu had planned to give him a cabbage, but in the end only half of it, Jiang Cheng felt a little heavy.

He knew that Aunt Hu was right, and other people were equally eager for help, just as they were at the beginning. But his sister is his sister. He has only one sister. If something happens to his sister, he can’t imagine.

Jiang Ning had thought of this situation for a long time. There was no accident at this time. Seeing that Jiang Cheng was always in a low mood, he scolded: “why do you face bitterly? It’s also supported by a tall man when the sky falls. Cheer up.”

Methods are always more difficult than difficulties. Jiang Ning doesn’t believe that she can’t find a way from the end of the world to the stars.

After trying these days, she obviously felt that the membrane that blocked her from connecting with the power was loosening. She believed that she would be able to use the power again soon. At that time, others can’t guarantee. Planting is what she is best at. Life is absolutely no problem.

Jiang Cheng doesn’t know Jiang Ning’s plan. He reluctantly mentions his essence, Qi and spirit, but his brain continues to think of ways.

He looked down at his eyes and hands. If only he could grow up overnight, he could go out of the safety zone to dig mines, earn money to buy natural ingredients for his sister and help others.

It’s not like you can’t do anything now.

No matter how careful you are, the natural ingredients at home are also decreasing a little. Although several aunts came here to deliver vegetables, everyone had a hard time. In addition to helping them, there were several other families who were willing but unable!

Seeing that the natural ingredients ran out, Jiang Cheng was very anxious, but he didn’t want to show it, causing his sister to worry.

Thinking about it, I was in a trance when I remembered who said that the natural food store would clean up the damaged products regularly every day. Jiang Cheng’s eyes brighten. He can’t afford to buy it intact. He should be able to buy it if it’s damaged.

Holding only 30 credit points, Jiang Cheng set foot on the road to the natural food store nervously and fearfully.

The security zone is divided into nine districts, of which nine districts are closest to the periphery and the poorest. There is only one natural food store in District 01 to maintain the daily needs of residents.

Under the guidance of the kind-hearted man, Jiang Cheng rubbed three buses for free by virtue of his height advantage, and finally successfully arrived at his destination.

Looking at the exquisite and spacious shop in front of him, Jiang Chengwei opened his mouth and his outstretched feet unconsciously shrank back. His small hand grabbed the corner of his clothes and stopped timidly.

He pursed his lips and thought of his sister. Jiang Chengcai summoned up the courage to take another step.

The natural fruits and vegetables inside are full of beauty. They are delicious. Jiang Cheng couldn’t help swallowing his saliva and didn’t dare to see more.

After looking around, the shop assistants were busy. Only a middle-aged man sat on the chair at will and brushed his head leisurely. Jiang Cheng approached and said politely, “uncle, do you have any damaged dishes to deal with here? I have 30 Credit Points and want to buy some.”

Glancing up and down, Jiang Cheng determined that it was the son of a poor man. After the middle-aged man hung his triangular eyes, his annoyance was immediately released without concealment: “where’s the beggar? You can come here and don’t take care of yourself?”

“Do you still want to buy natural ingredients at 30 Credit Points? Daydream,” the middle-aged man shouted at the clerk next to him after hissing, “do you have eyes? Cats and dogs have to be let in. Don’t get out quickly.”

The angry shop assistant dared not answer back. The middle-aged man is the manager of the shop. In the grower association and backstage, let alone this degree of reprimand, he can tolerate even more serious insults. He needs this hard won job.

“Go, don’t pestle here. Brother Liu is in a good mood today, otherwise…” the clerk pushed Jiang Cheng rudely to save some impression in front of the middle-aged man.

Jiang Cheng was frightened!

Although District 9 is called a slum, which is often associated with dark words such as chaos and cruelty, the 16 branch roads in division 08 where he lives are very peaceful under the management of Uncle Hu. Everyone is twisted into a rope and tries to live upward.

Jiang Cheng had never seen such a fierce man before. He was in the strange 01 division. His small face turned white and his courage dispersed.

When he took the person to the dead corner of his sight, the clerk lowered his voice and reminded him, “don’t come in again. It’s forbidden to sell damaged fruits and vegetables. If there is an urgent need, wait outside and deal with it uniformly.”

After that, no matter what Jiang Cheng’s reaction was, he quickly walked back. The moment I entered the door, I glanced at the corner of my eye, and then returned to the original state.

Jiang Cheng was stunned by the sudden change of attitude, and his fear also decreased. I want to catch up and confirm, but the guard of the store has already paid attention to it. It’s not easy to let people in.

Looking at the out of place shop in front of him, Jiang Cheng’s nose was sour, but thinking of his sister, he quickly looked up at the sky and pressed down the tears at his eyes.

Jiang Cheng didn’t understand what the clerk said. Since he asked him to wait, he would wait.

I don’t know how long I waited, the sun gradually set, and the darkness around me bit by bit.

“You need natural ingredients urgently?” a voice came from behind.

Jiang Cheng was startled. When he saw the speaker later, he was only half a head taller than him. He was also a child. He relaxed and nodded honestly.

“Someone at home was injured?”

“My sister’s body radiation exceeds the standard. She needs natural food materials to recover her health.”

“I can give you some natural ingredients, but you should recognize me as the boss, follow me and listen to me. Can you promise?”

“Do you have natural ingredients?”

It’s easy to tell whether a person is rich or poor from his appearance that Jiang Cheng is not stupid. He doesn’t believe that his little brother, who is more shabby than him, will have precious natural ingredients.

“Anyway, I can let you have natural ingredients. I also said that you don’t want to save your sister. Do you want to watch your sister die?”

“I want to save my sister,” Jiang Cheng was a little excited. “What do you want me to do? I don’t do bad things, and I won’t leave my sister.”

“What bad things can you do? Can you beat or run?” the boy smiled disdainfully. “Just follow me. It’s really not difficult to repent one day and spit out as much as you eat.”

“Er?” he looked down at his small arms and legs. Jiang Cheng was asked. On second thought, it seemed that there was nothing to be done. When his sister is well or he reaches the age of mining, he can double return to his little brother.

“… well, I’d like to follow you, but it’s agreed that I won’t leave my sister or do bad things.”

bad thing?

Hehe, what is a bad thing? What’s a good thing? You can still have such a stupid idea in District 9. The boy wanted to laugh inexplicably, but he had to say that sometimes stupid people are better than smart people.

“Well, come with me to meet others. Today’s natural ingredients will not be less than you.”

“Oh,” looked around, Jiang Cheng paused, then followed up with his lips.


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