I rely on Farming Chapter 10

When all the natural vegetables in the Space folding bag were sold, Jiang Ning had 2000 more credit points on hand.

The dawn is near.

Three days later, the cabbages and carrots matured again. After Jiang Ning reselled them in the same way, he finally made up 5000 credit points. At present, without hesitation, he went straight to the inspection area, the administrative department of the ninth district.

Detection is divided into anonymous detection and real name detection. The real name detection will be kept on file. If the result is a capable person or a gifted person, it will be reported to the star network, and then synchronized to the capable person page to generate an account.

Jiang Ning chose anonymous detection without thinking.

The staff were not surprised. Anonymous detection is 500 credit points cheaper. Most people in District 9 will choose anonymous mode. If the final result is good, add another 1000 credit points for archiving, so as to facilitate the next study or job search.

Lying in the detection cabin, Jiang Ning acted one by one according to the prompt of the auxiliary surveyor.

It seems that after a long time, it seems that soon. With the sound of Ding, the cabin door opened, and the auxiliary surveyor formulated the tunnel: “the test is completed, and the results will come out in three days. At that time, just read the serial number of the test plate.”

Looking at the bar code with a string of numbers on the detection board, Jiang Ning nodded.


The process of waiting is very painful. My heart is looking forward to the passage of time.

The brain is also completely two-sided. Think about how to plant as an ordinary person if it is detected as an ordinary person, but it has not been noticed by powerful people; Then she thought about how to develop her planting plan if she was a capable person.

Some did not, thought a lot, the mood also followed for a while up and down.

Finally, on the third day, Jiang Ning couldn’t wait to scan the detection card with the communicator early in the morning.

After a while of operation, a test sheet appears on the page. He slipped up quickly, and Jiang Ning’s eyes fell on the last line of words.

[Conclusion: those with ability will be planted in the wrong direction]

After being stunned for a while, Jiang Ning fell to the ground with one heart. Jiang Ning greatly relieved his breath and finally could let go of his hands and feet.

“Sister, why are you so happy?” Jiang Cheng asked curiously when he saw Jiang Ning smiling as soon as he entered the door. After a pause, he reflected back, “sister, is the test result out?”

Although she had been determined early in the morning that her sister was capable, Jiang Cheng was not less happy.

Jiang Ning nodded. “We’ll celebrate in division 01 later.”

When the worries were gone, Jiang Ning looked at the cabbages and carrots in the planting frame, and was ready to enrich them. Strawberries, apples, rice and wheat. How about some.

It’s boring to live with nutrient solution all the time. It’s the staple food plus dishes and fruit after dinner.

“Sister, why are you so happy? Is there anything good?” Jiang Cheng asked curiously as soon as he entered the door.

“Wow,” Jiang Cheng clapped his hands and his eyes were bright. “Sister, can I bring two cabbages to brother Jiang Zhao? I promised him to return double the natural fruits and vegetables if I didn’t go.”

For such a long time, Jiang Cheng has been thinking about it. But my sister was busy making money, so she didn’t say it.

“OK,” Jiang Ning didn’t object. The two cabbages were really nothing to her, and she was curious that Jiang Zhao appeared in Jiang Cheng’s mouth several times, and thanked him for taking care of Jiang Cheng.

Compared with the first time they went to zone 01, they not only looked much more relaxed, but also made a through express in rare luxury.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, Jiang Cheng nervously grabbed the corners of Jiang Ning’s clothes, but his face was taut and his chest was straight, trying not to lose face for his sister.

After arriving at zone 01, he first bought some daily necessities, followed Jiang Ning to the store where he bought nutrient solution last time, and spent 500 credit points to buy Jiang Cheng a lollipop.

The last time she saw it, she wanted to buy it, but she was shy.

Watching Jiang Cheng open his eyes in amazement, and then show a small expression convinced by the sweetness, Jiang Ning is finally satisfied.

In the future, their days will be as sweet as this sugar every day.

They strolled until the sun went west and came to the alley next to the natural fruit and vegetable store.

There, there were many children similar to Jiang Cheng. The biggest one was only ten years old, and they were not old enough to go out mining.

“Jiang Zhao,” I haven’t seen anyone for a long time. Jiang Cheng’s voice was a little excited and said hello from a distance, “this is my sister. My sister is well. I can’t follow you in the future. You said double return, well, these are mine.” as he said, Jiang Cheng took Jiang Ning and handed over the black bag, “here.”

Jiang Zhao cautiously looks at Jiang Ning and confirms that he is not threatening before taking over. Subconsciously took a look and was frightened by the tender cabbage and carrots inside. This look is worth a lot of credit points.

“Thank you for taking care of Xiaocheng before. There is our little thanks,” Jiang Ning said quietly when he saw Jiang Zhao.

Close the cloth bag and Jiang Zhao looks at Jiang Cheng. At the beginning, it was just spreading a net. Unexpectedly, there was an unexpected harvest. Understanding Jiang Ning’s potential meaning, Jiang Zhao readily replied, “I’ll take it. The past doesn’t count. Let’s get to know each other again from today. My name is Jiang Zhao.”

A very clever child. However, after touching Jiang Cheng’s little head, she still prefers her silly white sweet brother.

“If you need help in the future, you can contact me,” glanced at the other party’s communicator, and Jiang Ning reported his communication.

I don’t know if I’ve been in this world for a long time and have been exposed to more sunshine. Jiang Ning’s heart is much softer than in the past. Some hands are willing to do small things.

At this time, Jiang Ning only thought he was being kind, and he didn’t think that one day he would give feedback.

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