I rely on Farming Chapter 11

The next day, Jiang Ning didn’t go mining again.

And Jiang Cheng got up early in the morning and prepared to trim the two sides of the yard against the wall so that they could be used to grow natural vegetables.

Without planting robots or decent farm tools, Jiang Ning had to use mining tools to temporarily transform a shovel and half bow to shovel the earth.

Jiang Cheng squatted beside him and smashed the earth blocks shoveled by Jiang Ning into fluffy soil conducive to plant growth.

Over the years, the land has been pressed flat and become the road surface. It is hard and like stones. Neither Jiang Ning, who shoveled the soil, nor Jiang Cheng, who knocked the soil, was panting after a while.

Straighten up and stretch his sour arms back and forth. Jiang Ning looked at Jiang Cheng, who was not complaining or tired, and felt distressed. “Take a break and knock again later.”

“Sister also rest?” wiped away the sweat that was flowing to her eyes, and Jiang Cheng looked up and asked.

Looking at Jiang Cheng who doesn’t rest and doesn’t rest, Jiang Ning smiled and reluctantly compromised, “OK, sister also has a rest.”

The purpose of planting is to enjoy yourself, not tired. In this way, there is really no need to rush for this moment and a half.

Work for a while and rest for a while, people are much easier, but their efficiency also decreases. It was originally scheduled to loosen the soil on both sides in the morning. After half a day, one side was not completed.

“Jiang Ning? Are you at home?” there was a sudden noise outside the courtyard. It was Wan Xin.

Put down the shovel and Jiang Ning is ready to open the door. After two steps, he paused again, looked back, looked carefully in the corner, and saw the green pointed planting basin. He hesitated for a while, but he didn’t cover the cover.

“Why have you been resting these days? It’s too lazy. Don’t live any more.” as soon as the door opened, I heard Wan Xin’s loud voice, “… Er? What are you doing at home? You’re disheartened.”

Tang Jin was a step behind. “Haven’t you recovered yet? That’s what Wan Xin and I wanted. Uncle Hu knew we were coming to see you and asked us to take a message to find him if there was any difficulty.” as he said, he handed over a handbag containing two natural vegetables.

Jiang Ning looked down, opened the door completely and invited them in.

“I’m sorry to make you worry. I’m fine. It’s just that the space in the yard is open. It’s too wasteful to waste all the time. I just want to make good use of it.”

District 9 is the poorest district. The only one that can win is Diguang bar. The per capita floor area is super rich, and every family has a single house.

When the original owner’s parents were alive, their family was fairly good compared with their surroundings, and the enclosed yard was even larger. For all sides, you can build two more houses on it.

“Why are you doing this? It’s laborious and thankless. When it rains, when it’s washed by the water, it’s too muddy to fall on the ground,” WAN Xin frowned and disagreed with the tunnel.

“Don’t do it. Tang Jin and I will help you with the whole…” halfway through, WAN Xin suddenly burst into tears. His eyes stared at the green that loomed through the gap between the wooden frames not far away, and he was stunned in situ.

This, this

Wipe your eyes, no dazzle? Still there!

So, is this true?

The huge shock completely broke Wanxin’s mind. Ignoring his words, he ran straight to the planting frame. The plants with high fingers are surrounded by green leaves and buds. They are so lovely and beautiful.

Tang Jin was stunned by Wan Xin’s sudden appearance. He looked down his line of sight. When he was about to ask, he also saw the vibrant green. Suddenly, the whole person froze and repeated Wan Xin’s heart journey.

“Sister,” Jiang Cheng pulled Jiang Ning’s clothes. On the one hand, I was afraid that my sister would plant this thing, which might lead to consequences after it was found, and on the other hand, I was worried about the two brothers in front who seemed to be greatly stimulated and become stupid.

“It’s all right,” he soothingly rubbed Jiang Cheng’s round head. Jiang Jingjing waited for WAN Xin and Tang Jin to recover.

“Did you plant it? Can you plant it?” for a long time, Tang Jincai found his voice and asked tremblingly.

After asking, I feel like an idiot. This half of the vegetable sprouts are not planted by ourselves. Where can they come from? Natural fruit and vegetable stores always only sell natural ingredients in mature stage.

Jiang Ning nodded.

Since she allowed them to enter the yard in a generous and undisguised manner, she naturally planned to expose them.

The left and right test results can confirm that she is capable and has no worries. What’s the difference between making it public in advance or later. It really depends on her and Jiang Cheng to engage in planting. They are so tired that the efficiency is frighteningly low.

The whole 16 roads, she also stayed for such a long time, I dare not say that everyone knows, but most of them are good. Then why not liberate yourself, find more help and live a good life in advance?

“Are you a planter? God, we have a planter in our 16th branch road. After that, we have more face when we go out.” WAN Xin was still silly. The whole person fell into incoherent excitement and unknowingly thought he was a planter.

“What are you going to do next? Study, choose a career, or join the planting association?” Tang Jin’s shock was no lower than Wan Xin, leaving only a trace of soberness.

Originally, it was in WAN Xin’s face that he agreed to form a team to dig mines with Jiang Ning, but it was only a long time before the other party turned into a planter.

Grower, everyone dreams of becoming a kind of person.

“I’ll stay in the 16th branch road for the time being, and I’ll talk about it later.” Jiang Ning has had enough of running around in the end of the world. Now he just wants to settle down and live a leisurely life every day.

“Stay, stay?” Tang Jin didn’t think it would be this answer, and asked in an uncertain way for a moment.

It’s not that he despises 16 roads, but compared with zone 1, the 16 roads in zone 08 under zone 9 are really not comparable at all. Let alone planters, even ordinary people like them will choose to leave if they have a way.

Moreover, with an area as a springboard, Jiang Ning, as a planter, is likely to jump out of the barren star 3222 and become a resident of the central star. At that time, the fish will leap over the dragon’s gate, and the future will be completely different.

“Home is here. Where else can I go if I don’t stay?”

Jiang Ning likes 16 roads very much. If she can, she hopes to stay here all her life. As for the only drawback – poverty, let alone poverty, what is more exciting and challenging than witnessing the nine districts from extreme poverty to prosperity.

“Really stay,” his lips moved, and he didn’t say what he wanted to persuade.

If you think about the significance of leaving a planter for the 16 branch roads and even the whole nine districts with your fingers, you can almost foresee the great changes in the future.

Jiang Ning didn’t answer, so he picked his eyes and unconsciously touched Jiang Cheng’s round head.

Here is the beginning of the sunshine in her heart and the origin of her beautiful memory. She also hopes that this place can become better and better.

“Jiang Ning, what are you doing digging? Are you ready to plant? Let’s help, OK?”

Thinking of witnessing the planter planting with his own eyes and even having the honor to participate in it, WAN Xin’s excitement just calmed down soared again and beat with a bang.

“You… Have no other arrangements?”

“No, there are no arrangements. I’ll rest today,” WAN Xin replied quickly.

Jiang Ning looked sideways at Tang Jin again. Tang Jin nodded firmly, “there’s really no arrangement.”

At this time, even if there is a big arrangement, it will have to be postponed indefinitely. Seeing the planter planting, not everyone has a chance to meet it. It definitely deserves one of the big events in their life.

Moreover, no one will refuse to make friends with a grower, especially if they are still ordinary people.

“I’m going to plant natural crops on both sides of the wall. If you don’t have other arrangements, let’s turn the soil together. The soil is too hard and needs to be turned over to be conducive to planting.” Jiang Ning wanted to find help. Wan Xin and Tang Jin are trustworthy and naturally hit it off.

“Ploughing?” looking at the ploughed planting land, WAN Xin felt that he was competent. “Where do you want to plough? Let Tang Jin and I do the rough work. You are a good planter.”

Wan Xin seems careless, but his intuition is very sharp.

If Jiang Ning really plans to stay in the Ninth District, he must need a lot of help around him. This is more promising than digging a mine all his life. Even if Jiang Ning leaves one day, they may be able to find a job in the cultivation park by relying on this experience. No matter how bad it is, they just continue to dig.

“Dig all the way to the corner of the wall, the same on the other side.” seeing Wan Xin without saying a word, he took the shovel and started. Jiang Ning explained the precautions for turning the soil while returning.

Once born and twice cooked, this kind of pure manual work has no technical content. Wan Xin soon dug it up in a decent and consistent depth.

“Xiao Cheng, you go to the party. There are elder sister and your brother Wan and brother Tang. They will be finished soon.” with two powerful helpers, Jiang Ning is naturally reluctant to requisition his own child labor.

“Xiao Cheng also wants to help his sister work. He doesn’t want to play.”

“Hmm?” Jiang Ning looked up and saw that Jiang Cheng’s small face was serious, so he nodded, “OK, that little Cheng also left to help his sister.”

Let Wan Xin and Tang Jin turn the soil, while Jiang Ning and Jiang Cheng point pits, bury seeds, cover soil and water behind.

The three big and one small are hardworking people with good cooperation. Before noon, the planting land on one side of the wall has been even planted with soil turning belt.

Looking at the semi humid ridge, Jiang Ning spontaneously felt a sense of achievement. Especially when I think that I can eat natural vegetables other than cabbage and carrots in a few days, I feel more happy.

“OK?” wiped the sweat on his forehead. Wan Xin looked at everything in front of him and asked in a trance.

“Well, the planting land on this side is all planted,” Jiang Ning nodded. “Thank you and brother Tang today. If it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t be so fast.”

“We should thank you for what we say. This is the first time I’ve seen people grow it with my own eyes.”

And imagination have a lot in common, but more or different. Thinking of small, inconspicuous seeds that will one day grow into eye-catching natural fruits and vegetables under the support of the earth, WAN Xin feels that planting a line is amazing.

Jiang Ning didn’t say any more, but decided to distribute some to them when this batch of vegetables were harvested.


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