I rely on Farming Chapter 12

Jiang Ning is divided into four areas in the two planting areas, cucumber and tomato on one side, soybean and sweet potato on the other side.

Although the power output was deliberately controlled, the four kinds of seeds under the new species still grew well, but they were green in three days.

Looking at the newly arrived metal pole, Jiang Ning was just about to take out the communicator when he heard a familiar knock on the door. When I opened the door, it was really Wan Xin and Tang Jin.

“You’re coming,” Jiang Ning leaned over and let them in.

Wan Xin answered absently, his sight was glued on the planting ground, and his eyes looked back and forth from left to right.

Tang Jin was also attracted to his attention, but he soon looked back and asked, “do you want to get a shed to cover it?” it was so clear that it was too test of will and easy to be known by others.

“Hmm?” Jiang Ning paused. “Let’s do this for the time being. When the credit point is enough, I want to buy plant protective covers.”

The function of the protective cover is very powerful. It can not only simulate sunlight and regulate temperature, but also protect and hide. It is one of the necessary lists for growers.

The only disadvantage may be that it is expensive. Jiang Ning is flustered by a series of zeros.

“Are you going to disclose your status as a grower?”

Tang Jin was a little confused about Jiang Ning’s idea. Looking at his previous actions, it seems that he has no such intention, but now… The neighborhood relationship of the whole 16 branch road is very harmonious. If it is not covered up, it is easy to be found by the neighbors who come to visit.

“When these crops grow, do you think you can hide it?”

Due to the small fuss of different planting frames, the promise of these two planting lands can meet the needs of the whole 16 branch roads. Instead of wasting time to sell privately, it’s better to let your own people enjoy preferential treatment.

Moreover, Jiang Ning is short of money, very short of that kind. Whether it is the lease of land or the purchase of planting machines, it needs credit points in 10000 units. Now she doesn’t even have a fraction.

Tang Jin was speechless. Three days was enough for him to see the vitality of these natural crops.

He didn’t know how long the planting cycle of other growers was, but what he saw was obviously much more than he expected. It’s only a few days. Plants are almost as tall as his legs.

“In five or six days, these natural crops will mature. I plan to ask Uncle Hu to help sell them around. He knows many people.”

The upper three districts are the key sites controlled by the nine district planting associations. With Jiang Ning’s current ability, entering the market rashly not only can’t eat meat, but also is very easy to get coquettish and even hurt bones and muscles.

But the next three zones are different, which is the most barren part of the whole security zone. Not to mention the giant planting Association, even ordinary planters don’t like it, let alone pay attention to it.

“Remember to call me and WAN Xin then. We can’t do anything else. It’s enough to run errands.” since Jiang Ning plans to disclose his identity as a planter, Tang Jin has nothing to object to.

“Do you think you can run? I don’t own these natural crops alone. You also have a share.”

These days, Tang Jin and WAN Xin come to help from time to time. Although Jiang Ning doesn’t say much, they all see it in their eyes. Naturally, they don’t mind giving up a little interest to bind them.

“Ha?” Tang Jin was stunned. For a moment, he was not sure whether the meaning in Jiang Ning’s words was what he thought. He wanted to ask but was embarrassed to ask.

Jiang Ning didn’t continue this topic, and then said, “your yard is also very open. Have you ever thought about reclamation into planting land? I’m going to lease land and increase planting area in the next step.”

Jiang Ning can’t afford to rent the whole plantation, but every family in the 16th branch road has a yard. Make good use of this part of the land, and the scale can’t be underestimated.

“I’m in charge of seeds and sensory stimulation for your unearthed land and daily care. I get 73% of the profit. How about me and you?”

In the environment where natural crops are priced by, the conditions given by Jiang Ning are extremely favorable. On the one hand, we want to make life easier for everyone. On the other hand, we want to avoid possible contradictions in the future through interest binding.

“I’d like to. It doesn’t have to be seventy-three points, either eighty-two, ninety-one or not,” WAN Xin interrupted. As long as you think that you can see a piece of green when you open and close your eyes every day, you are so excited and happy.

“Thirty percent is too high. Give me a line of achievement,” Tang Jin said.

The vacant land in the yard is also a waste without any cost. As for daily care, it’s much easier than going out to mine under the influence of radiation, and there’s no need to worry about where strange animals appear all the time.

“It’s agreed that 30% will be achieved. Don’t rush to refuse. There will be a lot of things to be busy at that time, and it’s not a one-time cooperation.”

Jiang Ning has great ambitions. In the future, in addition to becoming a big planter, he also wants to build 16 branches into a well-known planting base, and then spread out accordingly.

Seeing Jiang Ning’s firm attitude, Tang Jin didn’t say any more, but secretly decided to do his best in the future and deserve the share.

“Then I’ll repair the yard when I go back. If I plant it one day earlier, I can harvest it one day earlier.”

When the agreement was initially reached, Tang Jin and WAN Xin couldn’t suppress their inner excitement. Seeing the metal rods stacked on one side, they asked, “what’s this for?”

“The cucumber seedlings began to silk. I’m going to build a shelf for them to climb the vine.”

“Shelf? What kind, let’s do it.” now, they just need something to calm down their excitement.

“Just assemble these poles according to the spacing of cucumber seedlings, and then fix them.” Jiang Ning explained roughly. The specific difficulty is not big, but it takes time, but the cooperation between the three is also light.

Watching the silk rattan spit out by the cucumber seedlings winding around the rack, Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief and completed another thing today.

Later, they helped with some odd chores. Tang Jin and WAN Xin proposed to leave. They had to go back and speed up the repair of the yard. Jiang Ning was not idle. He took out the cabbage and carrot seeds left before and began to stimulate them with power.

The seeds of this world are lack of activity and need to be stimulated by growers or gifted people from time to time. This is what Jiang Ning is doing now. The released powers envelop each seed until the powers in his body are almost exhausted.

After Jiang Ning had stimulated all the seeds in stock, six days had passed, and the natural crops in the yard were mature.

“Sister, what is this?”

Looking at the green cucumbers and red tomatoes emerging from the layers of vegetable leaves, Jiang Cheng asked curiously.

“Cucumbers and tomatoes,” thought that Jiang Cheng had never eaten other natural fruits and vegetables except relatively cheap turnips and vegetables from childhood, Jiang Ning said and pulled down a cucumber.

He rubbed his body, then broke two sections, handed one to Jiang Cheng, and chewed the other.

Crisp, juicy, with a trace of sweetness, it is more delicious than the cucumber she planted in the end of the world.

In fact, the Grown Chinese cabbage and carrot taste good, but they can’t stand to eat every day during this period of time.

“Sister, eat well,” Jiang Cheng took another bite. How can there be such delicious natural ingredients in this world? You can eat them directly without cooking.

Jiang Ning smiled, took off a tomato, cut it into two pieces with his pocket knife, and handed a piece to Jiang Cheng, “come on, try this?”

“Hmm?” Jiang Cheng stared, but his mouth subconsciously bit the exposed fruit pulp wrapped with seeds.

Sour to good and sweet to good, this sour and sweet taste suddenly captured Jiang Cheng’s taste buds.

Oh, oh, how can it be so delicious? There is really no best food, only better. The cucumber in the left hand, the tomato in the right hand, and Jiang chengchai made delicious cry.

Small stomach, three or two times to eat a cucumber and a half, a tomato and a half. If Jiang Ning hadn’t worried about his bad stomach and stopped it in time, I’m afraid he could continue to eat.

“Go to Uncle Hu’s house and ask Uncle Hu to come over,” Jiang Ning said helplessly and wanted Jiang Cheng to digest it.

“Oh, OK,” wiped the juice on his hands, and Jiang Cheng was a little shy. It’s not his greedy, it’s his greedy mouth. Well, yes, that’s it.

The Hu family and the Jiang family are not far apart.

Hearing that Jiang Ning asked him to come over, Hu Li thought something had happened. Thinking again that Jiang Ning was absent from the mining team every once in a while, he followed without hesitation.

When the gate opened, Hu Li was attracted by the lush natural crops on both sides as soon as he entered. He was shocked and couldn’t find his voice for a long time, “this, this…”

“Uncle Hu,” Jiang Ning said after waiting for him to slow down for a while, “these natural crops are mature. Uncle, you know many people. Can you help sell them?”

With the charm and importance of natural fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to worry about endless sales, but how fast and accurate is something to consider. Unfortunately, she can’t afford to buy a light brain and has no deposit, otherwise it’s also a way to sell on the Star Internet.

“Did you plant all these?” Hu Li stumbled two steps and approached one side of the planting ground in a manner.

As the most knowledgeable and well-off person in the 16 branches, Hu Li knows more about natural fruits and vegetables than Wan Xin, Tang Jin and others.

Although they are all natural crops, the grade of tomatoes and cucumbers is much higher than that of radish and cabbage, the price is not the same level, and the radiation resistance effect is also better.

Looking at the cucumbers with long arms hanging from the metal rod and the tomatoes bigger than his fist, Hu Li looked at them at a good glance, as if he were in an illusion.

Jiang Ning came forward and pulled down the cucumber and tomato, “Uncle Hu, you taste it first.”

“How can this work? This is a natural tomato and cucumber. They are all good things,” Hu Li subconsciously shook his head and looked at Jiang Ning’s right hand with a sad face, as if this hand had done something bad.

“Uncle, there are many more. It’s OK to try. Moreover, when this batch is harvested, it will be planted again,” Jiang Ning said with a smile and directly stuffed it into Hu Li’s hand.


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