I rely on Farming Chapter 13

“It’s really a grower?” later, he realized Jiang Ning’s identity as a grower. In the future, he could grow as many natural crops as he wanted. Hu Li ate cucumbers and tomatoes with a small mouth and treasure.

By the light of the eldest son, Hu Li was lucky to have eaten these two natural crops before, so he could obviously feel that the taste of Jiangning was better. However, I didn’t care much. The planter personally planted and produced in large quantities in the plantation, which could not be compared equally.

“Is there any detection, and what is the perception level?” Hu Li asked.

Previously, I heard that Jiang Ning wanted to detect perception, but Hu Li only smiled and thought it was a young man’s whim. But now, looking at the bumper harvest of natural crops, he just wants time to go back. Even if he pays for it himself, he wants Jiang Ning to go to the test early.

Planter yeah, there’s never been a planter on their 16th branch. Hu Li could almost foresee how much sensation the meeting would cause when the news spread. At that time, the 16th branch road will stand out from many branches. The people of the 16th branch road will have more confidence whether they go out to dig mines or do anything.

“The specific perception level is not clear, but it should be a planter,” Jiang Ning looked at the planting sites on both sides.

“Yes, yes, it must be the planter who can grow so lush.” only the planter can plant and stimulate the activity of the seed period. Hu Li was excited to walk around in a small range.

“When are you going to report to the Preparatory School of zone 1? After entering the school, it is likely to be recommended to the central star military school or political school. The worst thing is to enter the planting Association. I asked Hu Guo to ask for leave to come back. He knows more about these things and let him tell you.” as he said, Hu Li took out his light brain and prepared to send a message to Hu Guo.

“Uncle Hu, no, I’m not going to the preparatory school. The 16 branches are very good. I want to stay all the time and wait for brother Hu Guo’s normal vacation.”

“No? What nonsense do you say? You should know how many people are not qualified to enter. This is a real opportunity for the fish to leap over the dragon’s gate. Are you worried about Xiaocheng? I’ll take it for you. It’s definitely fat for nothing.”

“Uncle,” Jiang Ning was a little moved. This is really a good person for her.

If she had not experienced the end of the world, she would have chosen to go without hesitation. But it happened that she witnessed the cruelty of the end of the world and realized the warmth of the 16 branches. Jiang Ning knew more what she needed.

Fame and wealth, or to be taller, to achieve their own value, are never as important as living. Now she just wants to enjoy the taste of living and make 16 roads richer and stronger.

other? Is it important? unimportance!

“Uncle, I think clearly and know what I want. It’s not an impulse. Moreover, with the identity of a planter, I can live well wherever I am. What’s terrible?”

“You…” Hu Li still disagreed. It can be seen that Jiang Ning looked firm and didn’t advise again.

Jiang Ning didn’t want to be on this controversial topic all the time, and then said, “uncle, can these natural crops be sold? Also, I want to increase the planting area. People who are willing in our 16th branch road can cultivate two planting lands in the yard. When I come to plant them, the rental fee will be offset by natural crops.”

“What?” Hu Li stared. As long as he thought about the picture, the whole person was very excited. If so, why don’t they worry about the development of their 16 roads? At that time, they may become famous in the whole nine districts or even the lower three districts.

“Uncle, can you?” Jiang Ning reminded Hu Li, who seemed to be immersed in fantasy.

“What’s wrong with this? Of course,” Hu Li replied subconsciously.

After a while, he frowned and said, “there must be no problem with the sale of natural crops. I promise to sell them all. But how much area can you plant on the planting land? This needs to be well arranged.”

Not few but uneven.

Hu Li has managed 16 branches for so many years and has always kept these seven words in mind. Therefore, the whole 16 branches are united. Although they are poor, they are very warm, and the neighbors get along well with each other. There are few disputes. If the planting land disturbs people’s hearts, Hu Li would rather cut it off from the beginning.

“I haven’t calculated the details, but there should be no problem with only one 16 lanes,” said Hu Li, and Jiang Ning guessed about it when he turned his head.

“If Uncle Hu is not at ease, he can reduce the planting area of each family and increase it a little bit later; or, instead of pursuing the growth cycle, he can slow down the growth rate.”

These are two solutions that Jiang Ning can think of.

Taking everyone to plant together, in addition to completing the early capital accumulation as soon as possible, Jiang Ning also sincerely wants to do something for 16 roads to thank everyone for taking care of their sister and brother during this time.

Jiang Ning understood Hu Li’s concerns and supported any of his decisions, even if he refused.

“Wait in advance. Don’t disclose it for the time being. I’ll discuss with others and be sure to come up with the most secure plan.” it’s about the future harmony of the branch road. Hu Li dare not be careless.

The last branch road leader handed the branch road to him before his death. He has the responsibility and obligation to guard the 16 branch roads and leave a good branch road for the next term, not a mess.

“OK, when Uncle Hu makes a decision, let me know. I can do it anytime. Er, by the way, WAN Xin and Tang Jin know I can plant, and I also told them about the planting land.”

“No wonder these two boys are absent from work. They haven’t been as active in mining these days. Here’s the root of their courage,” Hu Li had planned to take the time to ask, which saved a thing.

“They all know the importance and their mouths are strict. They can rest assured,” he said, but Hu Li decided to dial a communication reminder later.

Just thinking so, there was a knock on the door outside. Jiang Cheng trotted to open the door and said happily, “brother Wan and brother Tang.” during this time, WAN Xin and Tang Jin came almost the next day. Jiang Cheng had known them for a long time and liked them very much.

Seeing Hu Li, WAN Xin and Tang Jin were stunned and said hello when they reacted.

Immediately, they were attracted by the bright colored cucumbers and tomatoes. But two days did not come, the original nail size of the fruit has changed so much, really, really amazing.

“Why are these cucumbers and tomatoes different from natural fruit and vegetable stores? They are much bigger and half as fast,” WAN Xin asked as he looked at them one by one.

“It can be the same. Our growers planted it by themselves. In addition, natural fruits and vegetables are priced by each. There are really big ones. We have to pick them out in advance. Which round can catch up with us.”

“Taste the taste first,” Jiang Ning picked some tomatoes and cucumbers. He was full. He won’t be able to work until later.

They were not polite. They thanked and ate. At the beginning, there were some images. Eat carefully one mouthful at a time to prevent waste caused by juice splashing. But gradually, some ignored it and began to gobble it up.

It’s so delicious. They have never eaten such delicious natural fruits and vegetables.

Watching them eat and broadcast on the spot, Jiang Ning’s appetite began to move. He picked up a cucumber and gave it to Jiang Cheng, who was also greedy. He ate it one mouthful at a time.

When the five were full, Jiang Ning talked about the harvest. According to the current growth rate, this batch of natural crops must be harvested before the morning, otherwise it is easy to over mature, either keep the seeds, or explode or fall to the ground and rot.

This is the top event. Hu Li and the three couldn’t help but look at Jiang Ning. This still depends on the identity of Jiang Ning’s planter. Otherwise, he must be talked about. They should say such things as soon as they enter the door, otherwise they will delay time and lose much.

Then several people rolled up their sleeves. Hu Li took Tang Jin to dig sweet potatoes, WAN Xin to cut soybeans, and Jiang Ning and Jiang Cheng were responsible for picking cucumbers and tomatoes.

The planting land is seven or eight meters long and one and a half meters wide. The area is not large, but it can’t stand. Each plant grows very real, and the fruits are string by string.

Jiang Cheng is very careful. He gently takes off one and puts it into the basket. It’s not too troublesome to go back and forth. He makes his face red.

In contrast, Jiang Ning was much more rude and rolled over one by one. Sometimes the action is too fast. I don’t care if I pull out the pedicle. I just put it aside and prepare to eat it later.

On the other hand, since Hu Li dug the sweet potato into two pieces with a hammer, the speed can only be described as a snail. If not worried about the time, Jiang Ning had reason to suspect that the other party would pick it directly with his hands.

But Wan Xin next door may be due to his character and his actions are much more normal. Even if there are soybeans jumping out of the pod on the way, don’t worry and continue to cut soybeans.

“Uncle Hu and brother Tang, you let go of the digging. Let’s keep the broken sweet potato for ourselves,” Jiang Ning said.

“Yes,” Hu Li replied in a loud voice. The movement of his hand was the same as before.

Jiang Ning reluctantly shook his head. Fortunately, it didn’t matter if the sweet potato stayed for a while, so he didn’t say more.

It was not until 11 o’clock that the two planting fields were completed. Not only that, it was also sorted out so that the next batch could be sown at any time.

Looking at baskets of cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as piles of sweet potatoes and soybeans, their faces were full of smiles after harvest. Hu Li even had swollen eyes and wiped the corners of his eyes while no one paid attention.

“Stay here at noon and have a taste of sweet potato,” Jiang Ning said generously after moving his hands and feet to relieve fatigue.

Hu Li looked at the natural crops full of eyes. This time he didn’t postpone it. He said happily, “OK, let’s have a good meal with Xiao Ning’s light today.”

When Hu Li spoke, Wanxin and Tang Jin, who were already interested, would not object. They all looked forward to the coming feast.

Such rich natural fruits and vegetables serve as meals, not to mention the lower branch road of zone 08, which is the whole nine districts. I believe not many people enjoy it.


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