I rely on Farming Chapter 14

The staple food is roast sweet potato, with fried cucumber, fried soybeans, and tomato soup.

If Jiang Ning was asked to comment on this lunch, there might be only eight words – neither fish nor fowl, very strange.

On the premise that the seasoning has only various flavors of nutrient solution, the specific taste can be imagined without Jiang ningduo’s description, which is completely different from the real delicacy.

But the few people in front of them are real steamed stuffed buns. These may be grass food in the eyes of the central star noble people, which is absolutely treasure for them. Each one was treated as the highest standard meal and ate with relish.

While eating, Jiang Cheng sweated at the tip of his nose, and still didn’t forget to greet Jiang Ning, “sister, eat quickly. Really eat well. Xiao Cheng ate so many delicious food for the first time.

Hu Li nodded, “don’t talk about you, even uncle for the first time. Four kinds of natural fruits and vegetables are still uncommon. I didn’t dare to think about them before.”

Even if Hu Li’s family is a little richer, he is not willing to be so extravagant. The natural vegetables he eats to resist radiation are cheap radishes and cabbage. Only when Hu Guo works in the cultivation garden can he have a change of taste.

This is especially true for WAN Xin and Tang Jin. In other words, the whole lower three districts and even nine districts are similar.

Appetite? What is this? They can’t guarantee their basic survival. It’s too far away to say that. Natural fruits and vegetables are not dishes or delicious, but medicine and life-saving medicine for them.

When they had enough to eat and drink, they made a burp with satisfaction, and then couldn’t help smiling at each other.

“Are all the disposable fresh-keeping boxes ready? If you don’t, please contact quickly. Wan Xin and Tang Jin are in charge of packaging. Xiao Ning, follow me this afternoon and I’ll show you some other road leaders.”

Hu Li also means to enter the market from the lower three districts, first low-key develop themselves, and then expand the planting area, and then others.

“Xiao Ning, if you can, you’d better plant popular vegetables such as radish and cabbage. These are in great demand.”

Cucumber and tomato taste better, but the price is also better. They are not suitable for the next three districts. If they are sold cheaply, they are likely to disrupt the market order. It is better to plant the most suitable natural fruits and vegetables according to the target customer group.

“Yes, I want to change my taste. Cabbage and radish must be the main products for external sales.” for example, in the cultivated land of Wanxin and Tangjin, Jiang Ning planted cabbage and radish. In the past day, it should grow seedlings.

“Brother Wan and brother Tang, how are the seeds you planted now?” Jiang Ning asked with concern about his own income.

“Oh,” WAN Xin patted his head, “you almost forgot if you didn’t ask. I came here to say this. It’s sprouting. It’s so high,” he said, comparing his index finger with his thumb.

Although he had predicted this moment for a long time, WAN Xin felt a lot of excitement when it really came. If he didn’t want to tell Jiang Ning the good news at the first time, he would like to have a pair of eyes still stuck on it.

Tang Jin followed: “at present, it is growing very well. The leaf buds are fresh and tender. We specially watered them when we went out.”

I don’t know if it’s psychological. Tang Jin got up early in the morning and felt that his breathing was different. He was especially fresh and his body felt good.

“Budding?” Hu Li said in surprise.

Previously, Jiang Ning said that Wan Xin and Tang Jin knew about the planting land. He thought it was in the reclamation stage. Unexpectedly, they all sprouted.

“Well, it’s all budding. It’s delightful. It’s green. When the wind blows, the small waves fluctuate. It’s really fascinating…” WAN Xin’s tone is unknowingly showing off.

“Let’s have a look?” Hu Li was curious and wanted to see Jiang Ning’s planting ability, so as to facilitate the subsequent planning of each planting area.

“OK,” said Jiang Ning. As for the sale, don’t worry about it. We’ll discuss it after reading it.

Wan Xin and Tang Jin live less than two kilometers from Jiang Ning’s house and can walk for more than ten or twenty minutes.

If it’s normal, the party must walk past and take a walk. But Hu Li can’t wait. When passing Hu’s door, he doesn’t care whether it will waste energy or not and directly asks people to get on the bus.

Hu vegetable was busy in the yard. When he heard the sound, he hurried out, “Dad? What are you doing?”

At this point, it must not be mining out of the safety zone, but go to zone 01 and take a bus. Isn’t driving a bus a waste of energy.

“I have something to do. I’ll tell you later.” although the planting land should be made public, it is known in a small scope for the time being. Hu Li is very clear about public and private, and won’t say more because he is his son.

“What’s the matter?” Hu vegetable looked at Jiang Ning and patted the dust on his body. “I’ll go too. More people and more power.”

“It’s not a big deal, you…” before Hu Li refused, Jiang Ning followed, “if brother Hu isn’t busy, follow him.”

Jiang Ning can trust Hu vegetable’s character. No accident, he may take over half of the 16 branches. Moreover, he has decided to plant the news publicly, so why not be generous from the beginning.

“This…” Hu Li subconsciously looked at Jiang Ning. Seeing that he was not polite, he nodded. This is also a rare experience for the two sons. Naturally, as a father, he would not object.

“What happened? You’re all weird.” Hu vegetable really wanted to do something, but when he got on the bus, he saw what was wrong with the faces of several people. It didn’t seem to be a bad thing, but a good thing?

Has anything good happened during this time? I scratched my head, but Hu vegetable didn’t remember.

“You’ll know when you get there. Don’t cry out then,” WAN Xin winked and wanted to look at the surprised look of Hu vegetable.

“Dad?” Hu vegetable turned to look at his father.

Hu Li thought of his excited appearance before. He was annoyed that he couldn’t stand things. He didn’t have the mind to kiss his son. He only perfunctorily said, “what’s the hurry? I can’t calm down at all.”

Hu vegetable: ”

Jiang Cheng pursed his mouth and snickered. He was about to open his mouth to solve Hu vegetable’s doubts. Next to Tang Jin, he quickly grabbed the person. His index finger stood in front of his mouth and made a secret gesture.

Jiang Cheng turned to look at Jiang Ning and saw her sister smiling at the bottom of her eyes. Well, she covered her mouth with her hands and nodded to show that she understood.

Strange and strange, Hu vegetable looked in the clouds. But he also knew that it was not a bad thing. He relaxed in an instant and waited for the answer to be announced.

When the bus stopped at Wanxin’s house, Hu vegetable didn’t ask any questions. When he saw everyone get off, he got off; when he saw everyone enter the yard, he followed him into the yard.

Just, what do you see in the corner of your eye?

Green natural plants?

Hu vegetable rubbed her eyes in surprise. Natural plants and wild plants can be easily distinguished by looking at the outside. Therefore, this is the conclusion that jumped out of her mind, which made Hu vegetable open her mouth in amazement and look at Wan Xin inconceivably.

“You, are you a planter?” Hu vegetable stammered.

At the same age as WAN Xin and Tang Jin, he has always had a good relationship. He never thought that his little partner was a planter. Then, when he thought of the significance of the planter, his emotion changed from shock to excitement. They told the planter in 16 branches.

The emergence of perception divides people into three, six and nine grades, especially the barren stars like them, and the proportion of capable and gifted people is even scarce. When you find that not only yourself prosper, but also the people around you benefit a lot.

Hu vegetable can almost imagine that when the news comes out, they will have more confidence in dealing with other branches. In the future, they are also people with people on them, so they don’t have to be afraid of unreasonable bullying by others.

“Cough,” WAN Xin didn’t dare to admit the credit. He moved aside and completely gave up Jiang Ning.

“I don’t have such a big skill. Xiao Ning is the planter. We ate a lot of natural fruits and vegetables at noon, including sweet potatoes, soybeans, cucumbers and tomatoes. They all taste great. They are definitely delicious you haven’t eaten.”

Speaking later, WAN Xin shamefully sucked away his saliva. In the past, he only thought that natural fruits and vegetables were used to resist radiation. Now, he knows how shallow his idea is – delicious food, which can fully deserve a major pursuit of life.

“Xiao Ning? But…” Hu vegetable stopped looking at the young seedlings on both sides of the yard.

Whether an old father’s heart is lost or not, Hu Li answered and explained, “Xiaoning is a planter, and the natural crops here are planted with Xiaoning’s help. In the future, every family in our 16th branch road may have such a planting land.”

“Ha?” Hu vegetable was completely stunned by the news revealed by Hu Li. It took a long time to find his voice, “don’t you go to preparatory school?”

Preparatory school is everyone’s dream. There are many mentors here who are specially responsible for teaching people to better understand their abilities, control their abilities, and even improve. When they graduate, they also provide more and better opportunities for future development.

“I’m going to stay in the 16th branch road for the time being. I’ll talk about it later,” Jiang Ning replied.

Hu vegetable frowned and looked at Hu Li. Seeing that his father had no objection, he swallowed his persuasion and asked, “what natural crops are these? They look good.”

“Brother Wan’s are all cabbage. Brother Tang’s is carrot. It will probably mature in seven or eight days.”

Thanks to the popularization of knowledge obtained from Hu Guo guangnao last time, Jiang Ning controlled the growth cycle of natural crops to about 10 days. This speed is middle and upper among growers, which is neither eye-catching nor delaying the next plans.

Tang Jin’s house is next door. After watching the cabbage seedlings, they go to see the carrot seedlings. They are sure to grow well. They are excited and looking forward to each other.

Hu vegetables are not tangled, Jiang Ning can’t go to preparatory school, and began to think about how to arrange these natural fruits and vegetables when they mature.

“Xiao Ning, I’m now in contact to discuss the sale of natural fruits and vegetables. You should think about your ideas, requirements and even the bottom line in advance. Don’t swing on the negotiation table at that time.”

Although all the people he contacted ensured that his character was ok, his brothers also settled accounts clearly. It was more conducive to the maintenance of a long-term relationship to speak clearly at the beginning.

“Uncle Hu, please contact me. I’ve thought about these problems for a long time, anytime,” Jiang Ning replied.


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